Chapter 701: Scheming

Chapter 701: Scheming

“It would be best if you temporarily stopped trying to release the Demon Sealing Tombstone. Otherwise, in my present state, it will quickly seal me after it’s released from the ice.”

The Ice Phoenix uncurled and slowly stood up.

She was still naked. Her youthful skin was covered in mysterious phoenix patterns, which made her flawless beauty look eerie.

The crystal drops of blood that had spilled from her body slowly receded back into her body as she slowly stood up.

Her weak aura was recovering, and the cold energy around her grew stronger.

Qin Lie’s face became serious. Looking at the Ice Phoenix whos aura was strengthening, he didn’t dare to relax at all.

He was not sure if the Ice Phoenix was speaking truth or lying.

“The three that are coming are not the same as before. They are very strong. I… cannot win against them, I am severely injured.” The Ice Phoenix’s gaze was full of urgency as she said, “The walls of the palace contain the frost power of the Ice Emperor but it will not stand for long. They have already found it. There will be a day when the walls will crumble under their attacks....

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