Chapter 700: An Opportunity

Chapter 700: An Opportunity

Qin Lie realized that after cultivating the Limit Sublimation Art day and night in this period of time, the potential of his body had been developed.

The potential caused his spirit power, body and consciousness to be wondrously enhanced.

This was an advancement of his innate talent!

“An increase in innate talent means an increase in the speed of gathering spirit energy, absorbing spirit stone energy, and replenishing power of body and bloodline. In battle, higher speed of spirit power circulation and enhanced range and penetrative ability of soul consciousness will greatly affect my combat ability! I really gained fortune from this misfortune of being frozen in this place. I was also able to cultivate the Limit Sublimation Art, for so long, reaping great benefits.”

Qin Lie was overjoyed.

He walked out of the ice seal and inspected his body...

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