Chapter 699: Fortune from Misfortune

Chapter 699: Fortune from Misfortune

Just as La Pu had said, the Limit Sublimation Art was an extraordinary secret technique.

When his physical body and the soul were frozen, and only the power of the bloodline could be mobilized with his emotions, it was impossible to cast any spirit art.

In such an unusual state, the Limit Sublimation Art that Duan Qianjie had taught him was not restricted by the wards at all. He could continue to cultivate it in this strange state.

As an ice statue, Qin Lie could clearly feel a kind of mysterious power forming out of his body. Albeit minuscule, this power did exist, and was slowly nurturing his body.

He gradually recovered his senses.

The Limit Sublimation Art would not cause his spirit power to grow, would not cause his soul power to rise, and would not influence his Soul Lake and True Soul.

This was a secret method that developed the potential of the physical body, slowly uncovering the its secret, increasing one’s talent and also increasing one’s bloodline power.

Sealed in the ice and...

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