Chapter 699: Fortune from Misfortune

Chapter 699: Fortune from Misfortune

Just as La Pu had said, the Limit Sublimation Art was an extraordinary secret technique.

When his physical body and the soul were frozen, and only the power of the bloodline could be mobilized with his emotions, it was impossible to cast any spirit art.

In such an unusual state, the Limit Sublimation Art that Duan Qianjie had taught him was not restricted by the wards at all. He could continue to cultivate it in this strange state.

As an ice statue, Qin Lie could clearly feel a kind of mysterious power forming out of his body. Albeit minuscule, this power did exist, and was slowly nurturing his body.

He gradually recovered his senses.

The Limit Sublimation Art would not cause his spirit power to grow, would not cause his soul power to rise, and would not influence his Soul Lake and True Soul.

This was a secret method that developed the potential of the physical body, slowly uncovering the its secret, increasing one’s talent and also increasing one’s bloodline power.

Sealed in the ice and having all of his cultivation methods and arts rendered useless, Qin Lie concentrated on the Limit Sublimation Art and immersed himself in the cultivation.

He gradually lost track of time.

Some time later, when he was still cultivating the Limit Sublimation Art, he saw the elegant Ice Phoenix come from the outside and land on a crystal palace of ice.

The Ice Phoenix had clearly been in a fight.

Its beautiful and crystal feathers were covered in dust and scattered blood. Only its eyes were still cold and sharp.

After it returned in its phoenix form, its ice-like feathers retracted. They formed an enormous ball of ice that glittered with icy light.

After the ball shattered, the Ice Phoenix once again turned into a naked young human girl.

Qin Lie focused and found that this human body didn’t have any wounds.

This meant that the Ice Phoenix should have won the battle outside. Those dragonmen, lizardmen, and the subordinates of Forefather Dark Wind might have been frozen and turned into new statues to be sealed in other glaciers.

After the Ice Phoenix turned human, it walked around the frost palace naked and continued to learn to speak.

Qin Lie silently practiced the Limit Sublimation Art.

He found that in this special state, he could continue to practice the Limit Sublimation Art without worrying about being interrupted.

Originally, one had to exhaust themselves in battle to obtain a chance to cultivate the Limit Sublimation Art for a while.

One could not maintain the state of absolute exhaustion of soul power, spirit power and physical body. This meant that the cultivation of the Limit Sublimation Art couldn’t be sustained for long.

Since Duan Qianjie started to cultivate the Limit Sublimation Art, he had been going around challenging people stronger than him to push himself to his limits, just to be able to cultivate Limit Sublimation Art for a brief moment. He would then unleash his potential and enhance his cultivation talent, which ultimately allowed him to possess his current strength.

But Qin Lie could continue to cultivate like this without needing to fight.

He suddenly rejoiced.

If not for the Ice Phoenix’s unique seal of ice, if he hadn’t been put into such an unusual state, he would not have been able to cultivate this astounding Limit Sublimation Art for so long.

Time passed...

Qin Lie was still cultivating the Limit Sublimation Art in his frozen state.

One day, he felt Frost Island tremble violently again. He saw the frost palaces shake.

The Ice Phoenix once again flew out.

Several days later, the Ice Phoenix returned in the body of a human female. Her picturesque face showed hints of exhaustion.

On her back there were a dozen wounds of different severity, some of which were even bone deep.

Qin Lie watched as she walked into an ice palace.

In the following days, it did not come out of the palace, and did not move around in its naked state nor try to practice the human language.

She was recovering.

Before she managed to recover from her wounds and leave the frost palace, Frost Island shook violently once again.

This time, even Qin Lie who was frozen in ice at the bottom of Frost Island felt a wave of trepidation inside.

He knew that someone truly strong had come to Frost Island.

The Ice Phoenix changed into its original form and once again spread its wings, elegantly leaving through a crack in the ice above.

“Not good…” Qin Lie shook his head inwardly.

He knew that the Ice Phoenix that had not healed from its wounds yet would face a great opponent this time.

The Ice Phoenix might be heavily injured or killed.

It was as he had expected.

After the Ice Phoenix left the frost palace, he felt that Frost Island was constantly tremuring. The terrifying vibrations caused several of the palaces deep in the Frost Island to shatter.

The violent tremors continued for an hour and then suddenly stilled.

A short amount of time later, the Ice Phoenix landed on the ice crystal palace covered in blood. When she landed, she immediately changed into the shape of young human female and then fell at the feet of the enormous ice sculpture of Ice Emperor.

Blood slowly seeped out of her body. In the cold air, the blood immediately turned into blood crystals of ice.

From far away, it looked as though a red crystals had wrapped around her body. She seemed to have sealed herself in.

Her eyes were tightly closed, and her long eyelashes didn’t tremble at all. Her soul aura also became weak and subdued.

She seemed to have gone unconscious from her serious injuries.

The cracks that had opened on the ice wall above the ice palace seemed to slowly heal under the influence of the cold energy.

This ice palace once again returned to a sealed state.

Wisps of white cold mist with flashing symbols mixed within came out of the ice walls, pillars, and shattered pieces of the ice palace. A visible ice seal slowly formed.

Entire frost palace was shrouded in the white cold mist.

Qin Lie noticed that the extremely cold energy flowing from the walls, pillars and stones turned into mysterious ice power that wrapped around the walls of the palace.

Under the effect of the ice power, the outer walls of the frost palace became colder and stronger.

Qin Lie immediately realized that the Ice Phoenix was wounded gravely this time. Before she became unconscious, she used a secret technique to activate the strongest ice seal of the ice palace, and used the remaining wards that the Ice Emperor had left to seal this palace.

She knew that she could no longer fight back so she made sure no one could invade this palace when she was unconscious.

During her slumber, Frost Island once again became full of action.

The people that came into Frost Island seemed to be searching for an entrance all over the island hoping to find her. As a result, they were destroying the glaciers all over.

After the initial shock, Qin Lie calmed down and continued to cultivate the Limit Sublimation Art.

“Zzt zzzt zzt!

Tiny flows of electricity formed in his muscles, bones, flesh and organs. They seemed to be cleansing his flesh, and using a mysterious method to nourish his body and excavate his potential.

He could feel the blaze divine characters imprinted on his bones and flesh suddenly become unusually lively.

The bloodline power that had recovered by almost three tenths started giving off waves of heat.

The blood that had been frozen slowly started to melt under the help of the blaze divine characters.

Time slowly passed.

After an unknown period of time, he suddenly stopped being able to practice the Limit Sublimation Art he had been able to cultivate all this time.

At this time, he found that his frozen blood started to wake and surged wildly!

The terrifying aura that carried the smell of sulphur awakened, turning blood in his veins into burning lava..

His bloodline power was rising!

The cold power that had frozen his body, soul, and spirit sea quickly melted as his blood boiled and the blaze divine characters became active.

Seconds later, Qin Lie suddenly shook. He felt as though his soul had woken up. His soul consciousness could spread outwards. The spirit power in his spirit sea felt as though it was filled to the brim and moved towards his soul.

“Snap snap snap!

Wondrously, when he woke up, popping sounds came from his meridians, each of them seemingly filled with joy.

“Drip! Drip!”

After the ice melted, it dripped off his body. The icy water carried the aura of the blazing flames and steamed.

He didn’t feel any cold in his body.

His spirit sea, bones, flesh, Soul Lake, and True Soul immediately recovered to their usual state.

He was not in a hurry to move. He first calmed his emotions, suppressing the savage anger to stop the power of the bloodline from producing the blazing waves of heat.

After calming down, he retracted the burning flames back into his body like tongues of flame. The blaze divine characters returned and imprinted themselves on his bones and flesh.

He regained feeling in his limbs.

He was still in the early stages of the Fulfillment Realm. His cultivation had not grown. It didn’t change at all.

However, he felt as though he had been completely changed, his body reformed.

He found that his mind was clear, his thinking had become faster. He was even able to solve multiple problems at the same time as though he could multitask.

Stretching out his soul consciousness, he immediately that its range and penetrative ability had greatly increased. Even his perception had been enhanced.

Circulating spirit power was akin to controlling a surging river through many channels. Now, the channels had been broadened, increasing the amount of spirit power they could hold, thicker, and even the speed at which the spirit power circulated had increased!

After a moment of thought, he took out piece of dried rank five spirit beast meat and swallowed it.

He carefully inspected the changes in his body.

Gradually, his eyes became brighter, and his expression more joyful.

He found that his stomach was now able to hold even more food, and his ability to digest had also been enhanced.

This meant that he could eat more food in one sitting and absorb it even faster!

This meant that the recovery of his physical body and his bloodline would increase in speed as well!

He knew that other than the lack of change in his cultivation, he had undergone a complete transformation!

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