Chapter 698: Transform

Chapter 698: Transform

Knowing that he could still see and think did nothing to help his current situation though.

—After all, he was still stuck inside a block of ice with no way out.

For the next ten days, all he could do was to stare straight ahead of him while being frozen, unable to do anything.

The Ice Phoenix never emerged since the day she went into that grand frost palace. It would appear that she was comprehending the Ice Emperor’s inheritance she had just acquired.

The lizardmen, dragonmen, and scouts sent by Forefather Dark Wind had all been turned into ice sculptures, shackled inside the frost palaces.

There were no latter reinforcements.

The glaciers had regained their former appearance, and the broken ice wall above the frost palaces was sealed too. The frost palaces at the bottom of Frost Island were covered up once more.

Qin Lie had already been forgotten.

Inside this absolutely quiet frost palace, the frozen Qin Lie tried again and again to break through the ice and free himself from this frozen state.

His muscles, bones, and blood were all frozen. His dantian’s spirit sea was also frozen. Even his Soul Lake and True Soul had been turned into ice. He tried many times to free himself, but discovered that he couldn’t seem to find even a shred of energy from his body to break out of this ice.

He could think, so he could change his emotions. He could feel anger and violent if he wanted to, and he had tried to activate the power of his bloodline like this.

He made a couple of attempts and was pleasantly surprised to find that he...

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