Chapter 697: Frozen

Chapter 697: Frozen

The Ice Phoenix’s beautifully lined ice wings flapped elegantly.

Another grand ice palace beneath i was pulled into the air and smashed into pieces.

The crystalline runes embedded inside the ice pillars were like the stars made of the Ice Emperor’s frost consciousness. As the frost palaces shattered, an entire sky of cold, starry light fell like a downpour of frost stars spilling from a flooded river of stars.

Lu Heng’s subordinates,lizardmen, and dragonmen were shocked beyond imagination when they saw the frost stars falling down from the cave’s ceiling.

They all scattered in an attempt to escape.

However, the frost stars numbered over tens of millions. They were touched by the frost stars no matter where they hid.

And so, many new ice sculptures were formed when the frost stars landed on their shoulders, heads and arms.

Except for Qing Luo, Hui Jia, Lu Heng, and a few other people, most of the martial practitioners on the ground had turned into ice.

When Lu Heng and the others recalled the many ice sculptures they saw everywhere within the frost palaces, their faces grew heavier and heavier.

It would appear that those ice sculptures were living beings just like their subordinates before they were touched by the frost runes and turned instantly into ice sculptures.

As more and more frost lights fell from the sky like fireflies, Lu Heng and the others could only defend themselves passively. They could no longer threaten the Ice Phoenix.

The Ice Phoenix let out a cry and overlooked Lu Heng’s group entirely. Its small, chilly eyes were focused completely...

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