Chapter 696: Ice Phoenix

Chapter 696: Ice Phoenix

Three lifeblood essences alone were enough to create a burst of flames so terrifying that it could turn an entire rank fix Giant Frost Crystal Alligator into ashes.

Qin Lie’s eyes glittered with divine light as he backed off a small distance and turned around to look at the Silver Snake of Profound Ice that had whipped him earlier.

That spirit beast was currently embroiled in a fierce battle against Lu Heng.

Lu Heng’s Greenflame Longblade was dragging many fiery dark green tails of flame as he swung the weapon at the spirit beast.

These flames contained the power of frost and decay. It was imbued with a strange venom, and it could transform into the shapes of many foreign beasts according to Lu Heng’s wishes.

The Silver Snake of Profound Ice spat out many bright silver threads that looked as translucent as icy threads as it streaked through the air. The threads not only contained a terrifying will of frost, but were also immeasurably sharp.

The two combatants were equally matched.

Meanwhile, Qing Luo, Hui Jia, and Bai Li were all executing their own techniques and fighting a Silver Snake of Profound Ice each.

Although all four Silver Snakes of Profound Ice were rank six spirit beasts, their powers differed from one another.

Looking at the snakes’ size and the shape of the cold air that entangled their bodies, it would appear that the Silver Snake of Profound Ice that was embroiled in a fierce battle against Lu Heng was the strongest among them all. On top of that, the Silver Snake of Profound Ice was able to perform beyond its usual standards because it was fighting in this cold ice cave. It could probably unleash the power of a rank seven spirit beast.

A rank seven spirit beast was the equivalent of a Nirvana Realm martial practitioner. Even in the Ruined Lands, all Nirvana Realm martial practitioners were reputable people.

Thankfully, Lu Heng was obviously a Nirvana Realm martial practitioner. He suddenly began chuckling strangely as he wielded his Greenflame Longblade.

Clumps of green flames suddenly appeared out of nowhere, transforming into many terrifying dark green-colored heads.

The heads were of varying sizes and shapes. There were dragon heads, human heads and aqua dragon heads. There were actually sixteen clumps of flames in total.

These sixteen lifelike heads of green flames floated in midair and each fired a ray of green light several meters long from their eyes. The heads themselves were sparkling with green starlight as they joined to form a strange ancient formation.

“Uuuu, ooong, aaah…”

Many cries, screams, howls and ear-piercing abuses resounded from the mouths of the sixteen heads of green flames.

The sixteen types of soul auras turned into sixteen types of eerie strange negative auras such as chiliness, malice, fear, or hatred. They all struck the Silver Snake of Profound Ice.

The rank six Silver Snake of Profound Ice was bound by sixteen beams of green flames right after it was shaken by the negative bursts. Its twisting body slowed down obviously in midair.


The Silver Snake of Profound Ice twisted every joint in its body and caused a series of melodious crackle to resound in the air. A dazzling silver light shone from the Silver Snake of Profound Ice like a beam of cool moonlight.

Wherever the silver light went, a rich aura of absolute frost followed. The green flames were being extinguished one after another.

Lu Heng screamed fiercely as he swung his Greenflame Longblade. It was as if he had gone crazy for an instant.

Almost at the same time, the other three Silver Snakes of Profound Ice had struggled out of Qing Luo, Hui Jia, and Bai Li’s control and tore their way towards Lu Heng.

Three more beams of silver light flew through the air with seemingly enough power to freeze even space itself.

Wherever the silver light went, the suspended icicles nearby actually moved of their own accord and flew towards Lu Heng like sharp ice spears.

The Silver Snakes of Profound Ice had high intelligence, and they noticed that Lu Heng possessed the strongest cultivation out of all the combatants. His battle power was also the greatest of them all. That was why they had joined their powers in attempt to kill Lu Heng first.

The rest of the frost type spirit beasts grew restless as they began attacking the lizardmen, the dragonmen, and Lu Heng’s subordinates to stop them from supporting Lu Heng.

A will of absolute frost that could freeze heaven and earth itself appeared at the perfect timing to drop the temperature inside the ice cave to its absolute lowest point.

Lu Heng’s face became twisted in fear.

The combined strike of the four Silver Snakes of Profound Ice, the spirit beasts’ crazed charge, and the will of extreme force that had descended out of nowhere actually made him feel helpless.


At a critical moment, a strange light abruptly appeared from Qin Lie’s fingertip and become suspended above Qin Lie’s head. It was none other than the Demon Sealing Tombstone.

Seven rays of colorful, divine light streaked towards seven directions with Qin Lie at the center like the chains of gods.

The seven godly lights stabbed into the ice holes where the spirit beasts came from.

“Crack! Crack!”

The wide ice cave and the solid ice walls suddenly shattered violently and caused the entire ice mountain itself to shake violently.

The cultivators frozen inside ice sculptures were instantly crushed into frozen flesh bits and dealt a swift and horrible death.

The will of absolute frost that had descended suddenly was completely crushed and dispelled under the sudden attack of the seven godly chains.

The wild charge and momentum of all frost type spirit beasts suddenly came to a halt.

The strange energy that had restrained their soul, controlled them and forced them to obey a certain someone’s will seemed to have dissipated in this instant.

The four Silver Snakes of Profound Ice that were charging towards Lu Heng suddenly slowed down.

A painful, struggling look appeared in the tiny, silvery pupils of these intelligent Silver Snakes of Profound Ice as they twisted their bodies non-stop as if they were resisting against something.


The seven godly lights stabbed into the ice holes and sank all the way to the bottom of the glacier like giant drills.

A worldshaking explosion resounded from the glacier itself.

The entire body of the mountain shook intensely as the crowd inside it discovered that a huge hole had appeared on the ground at the center of the cave. It went straight underground.

“Thanks, kid!” Lu Heng nodded at Qin Lie.

“Down there!” Bai Li exclaimed.

Everyone lowered their heads to look at the hole that had appeared inside the ice cave.

Beneath the glacier, at the bottom of Frost island, an empty world of ice crystals revealed a tiny corner of its true appearance.

Through that corner, the crowd was able to see many magnificent ice palaces, ice sculptures of spirit beasts, and lifelike experts. There were also many ice crystals that were engraved with all kinds of strange pictures and lines.

A will that could freeze the entire world and every living being inside it was swimming at the frost kingdom beneath the caves.

The ice sculpture of a giant stood tall amid those frost palaces. The ice giant stood as straight as an ice sword and gave off an aura that made it feel like the ruler of frost itself.

A mysterious cold stream flowed inside the pupils of the ice sculpture and drew many different shapes. It was as if its purpose was to open the mysterious door to the domain of absolute frost.

Qin Lie looked at the ice giant’s pupils, the cold stream flowing deep inside it, and the bizarre scenes that appeared due to the conjuring shapes of the cold screams.


The cold stream flowing inside the ice giant’s pupils actually flew out after Qin Lie had matched eyes with the giant.

A river of light mingled with the concept of absolute frost and billions of tiny ice light strands shot out of the giant’s pupils.

It went straight for Qin Lie’s forehead!

Qin Lie abruptly shuddered.

He immediately realized that the Frost Concept Diagram hidden deep inside the second space of the Soul Suppressing Orb had suddenly came alive.

The Frost Concept Diagram was covered in brilliant, interweaving webs of icy threads!

This Frost Concept Diagram seemed to have become a gigantic, mysterious web of attraction as it pulled the mysterious cold stream inside the giant’s pupils towards it.

“The Ice Emperor!” A thought entered Qin Lie’s mind.

He immediately ascertained that the ice sculpture of the giant was created in the image of the Ice Emperor. The frost concept flowing inside the ice giant’s pupils also came from the Ice Emperor!

The Frost Concept Diagram inside the Soul Suppressing Orb came from the land of absolute zero, and stemmed from inside the Eye of Frost.

Not only was the land of frost created through the Ice Emperor’s frost concept, the Eye of Frost was also an item that was left behind by the Ice Emperor.

It was obvious that this land where countless magnificent frost palaces were hidden beneath Frost island also had an inseparable connection with the Ice Emperor!

This meant that the Soul Suppressing Orb’s Frost Concept Diagram and the frost stream inside the ice giant’s eyes were of the same vein. This also meant that they both came from the same person—the Ice Emperor!

“Crack crack crack!”

The seven godly lights continued to open a path and widen the giant ice cave beneath them. They were overturning the frost palaces hidden beneath Frost Island little by little.

While everyone was paying attention to the anomalies beneath them, they also noticed that the terrifying cold stream inside the ice giant’s eyes was swimming into Qin Lie’s forehead like an ice river containing many tiny ice bits and tendrils.

The aura of absolute frost emanating from the ice river caused even Bai Li, a cultivator who cultivated a frost type spirit art, to feel fear.

Everyone who stood a little too close to Qin Lie subconsciously moved further away in fear that they would be frozen into ice by the cold stream inside that ice river.

The cry of a phoenix abruptly resounded from deep inside those magnificent palaces. At the same time, many terrible cold streams surfaced to the air.

An elegant looking ice phoenix flew out amidst those cold streams. It extended its translucent, icy wings, swung them and fired countless frost beams of light that looked like meteors towards Qin Lie.

“That is mine!” A tremendous will surfaced from the ice phoenix’s body as her cry resounded throughout the entire Frost Island.

“The Ice Phoenix! It’s the true body of the ice spirit!” Qing Luo exclaimed loudly.

“It is the new master of Frost Island!” Hui Jia also recovered himself.

“Take it down!” Lu Heng ordered.

The lizardmen, dragonmen, Lu Heng’s subordinates, and the quartet themselves unleashed their exquisite spirit arts and racial talents at once.

Hundreds of dazzling energy beams interweaved to form a gigantic, dense web of light. There were giant hammers, longswords, bone spears, disks, jade pillars, and all kinds of strange spirit artifacts mingled within the web of light. There were thirty or so spirit artifacts glittering with beautiful spirit light as they smashed onto the Ice Phoenix’s body all at once.

“Out of my way!” The Ice Phoenix let out a fierce soul cry.

It flapped its icy wings and conjured many terrifying icy tornados into existence. These tornados seemed to be made of ice blades as they erupted from inside and engulfed every direction.

The energy beams and strange spirit artifacts were all crushed into pieces when they fell into the tornados of ice.

Hundreds and thousands of ice pieces scattered from the tornados and stabbed towards the crowd.

Many dragonmen and lizardmen were instantly penetrated by the sharp blades and turned into ice instantly before they could bleed.

Lu Heng and the others were letting out strange battle cries as they flew towards the frost palaces at the bottom and attacked the Ice Phoenix.


A frost palace dozens of meters high was actually pulled from the ground and disintegrated in midair under the Ice Phoenix’s cold streams.

The interior of the frost palace was shining with countless bright runes imbued with the frost concept. They scattered everywhere like snow, and immediately froze Lu Heng and the others in ice the moment they landed on their bodies.

The Ice Phoenix cried again as murderous intent shone from its icy eyes.

After suppressing Lu Heng, Qing Luo, Hui Jia, and everyone else, this elegant Ice Phoenix transformed into an ice beam and charged towards Qin Lie.

It was obvious that it was trying to interrupt the river of ice intent flowing into the space between Qin Lie’s brows and absorb the Ice Emperor’s inheritance for itself.

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