Chapter 696: Ice Phoenix

Chapter 696: Ice Phoenix

Three lifeblood essences alone were enough to create a burst of flames so terrifying that it could turn an entire rank five Giant Frost Crystal Alligator into ashes.

Qin Lie’s eyes glittered with divine light as he backed off a small distance and turned around to look at the Silver Snake of Profound Ice that had whipped him earlier.

That spirit beast was currently embroiled in a fierce battle against Lu Heng.

Lu Heng’s Greenflame Longblade was dragging many fiery dark green tails of flame as he swung the weapon at the spirit beast.

These flames contained the power of frost and decay. It was imbued with a strange venom, and it could transform into the shapes of many foreign beasts according to Lu Heng’s wishes.

The Silver Snake of Profound Ice spat out many bright silver threads that looked as translucent as icy threads as it streaked through the air. The threads not only contained a terrifying will of frost, but were also immeasurably sharp.

The two combatants were equally matched.

Meanwhile, Qing Luo, Hui Jia, and Bai Li were all executing their own techniques and fighting a Silver Snake of Profound Ice each.

Although all four Silver Snakes of Profound Ice were rank six spirit beasts, their powers differed from one another.

Looking at the...

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