Chapter 695: Silver Snake of Profound Ice

Chapter 695: Silver Snake of Profound Ice

“Heaven Fighting Race, the race that fights against heaven itself! They truly are a race that sports extreme arrogance and might!”

Hui Jia of the Lizard Race wore a dark expression on his face, sparks flying off his dark red pupils. “I have the blood of giant lizards flowing inside my body, and although giant lizards couldn’t compare to giant ancient dragons, they had their glorious time. The blood of the giant lizards is also why I felt instinctive fear towards him. It would appear that the Heaven Fighting Race had not only hunted down high rank living beings such as the giant ancient dragons, but also our ancestors, the giant lizards as well!”

“They are the prey and food that the Heaven Fighting Race enjoyed regularly. Therefore, their experts had raised them as food for their descendants… our elders and ancestors were their food,” Qing Luo said solemnly.

The two race leaders didn’t try to keep their voices down. Therefore, their clansmen had heard everything they said.

The lizardmen and dragonmen couldn’t help but stare at the ice hole with fierce eyes after hearing the ancient secrets their leaders had spoken off.

“How dare a human with the blood of the Heaven Fighting Race show his face in our territory! My lord, how should we deal with this fellow?” a dragonman exclaimed.

Qing Luo frowned deeply as he fell silent for a moment. Then, he said, “For now, we still need his power to find the ice spirit!”

Hui Jia nodded and added, “We shall pretend as nothing had ever happened!”

Their conversation had happened outside the ice hole.Therefore, Lu Heng and Bai...

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