Chapter 694: The Terror that Came from the Blood

Chapter 694: The Terror that Came from the Blood

“Supposedly, the Graveyard of Gods was the place the God Race used to train their descendants. Each of the seven forbidden lands inside has spirit guarding it. The ice spirit is an ice type being responsible for guarding the Forbidden Land of Ice!”

Qing Luo was a mix of the giant dragons and humans. His race still had the records the giant dragons left behind. Through those records, he gained a relatively vast knowledge about the Heaven Fighting Race that called themselves “gods.”

“A while ago, the rumor was that the Graveyard of Gods exploded. Not long after, Frost Island gained a new master! Judging by the time, it is very likely that the new master of Frost Island is that ice spirit!” Qing Luo said.

Originally, Lu and Hui Jia, and even Bai Li doubted Qin Lie’s words.

After Qing Luo’s explanation and thinking it through, they trusted Qin Lie’s words more.

“Boy, how do you know about the ice spirit?” Lu Heng said.

Qin Lie smiled softly. “Apologies, I cannot…tell you this.”

Lu Heng’s expression turned cold.

“I can try to help you find the location of the ice spirit.” Qin Lie observed the ice glaciers in front of him.

The icy mountains were not tall and were covered in thick pieces of ice. From afar, they were clear and bright like perfect crystals of ice.

Inside the ice mountains was icy energy, around them was thick frosty mist, and the air was filled with wind wailing piercingly in his ears.

The environment was extremely similar to the environment of the Forbidden Land of Ice.

Probing with his mind, he found that the cold energy of this place surpassed the land of frost and Forbidden Land of Ice. These icy mountains seemed to contain even more cold energy.

Some of the glaciers seemed to have had avalanches occurring on them in the past, apparent from thick pieces of ice piled up and burying the middle of many mountains.

According to Bai Li, there had been enormous caverns up in the middle of those ice mountains. Many martial practitioners that cultivated frost and ice spirit arts and spirit beasts lived in those ice caverns.

When the avalanches occurred, the ice caverns would be buried by ice and stone, completely covered up.

And so, the martial practitioners that cultivated frost spirit arts and the spirit beasts disappeared.

La Pu was among them.

“If the ice spirit is the master of Frost Island, it is not within the glacier. It would be under Frost Island.” Lu Heng frowned. “In the last few days, we tried to open a passage into the mountain. However, we found that the ice the mountain is made of is unusually hard, and the rate at which we shatter the ice is much, much slower than we had predicted. Thus, even though we know where the ice spirit is, we have no way of getting to it soon.”

“Boy, from the aura of your body, you cultivate a frost type spirit art.” Qing Luo added. “Maybe you can adapt to the extreme cold and survive here. However, if you want to help us open the glacier and the passageway to go down, you need to cultivate fire power or be someone who possesses many high level flames and spirit stones.”

“Normal fire crystal stones and Fiery Solar Jade won’t work. It has to be at least Heavenly Flame Crystal or other spirit stones of fire attribute that can ignite and then melt the ice,” Jia Hui lamented.

Qin Lie was slightly shocked.

“It’s like this.” Bai Li grimaced. She took out a Fiery Solar Jade and tried to burn it with flint in front of Qin Lie.

Just as the flint gave off a few sparks, they were quickly extinguished by the cold air waves.

The flames couldn’t ignite the Fiery Solar Jade.

If this was outside, just a tiny spark would cause the Fiery Solar Jade to immediately burn.

“I can ignite the Fiery Solar Jade but it will not burn for a long time. It will be affected by the cold energy and quickly extinguish.” Hui Jia of the Lizard Race most likely cultivated a fire spirit art. He held a piece of Fiery Solar Jade and crimson red flames appeared in his palm.

The jade ignited, but after Hui Jia stopped channeling power, it was quickly extinguished.

“We have all tried. The ice here is extremely hard, and it will take a long time to use tools to dig through. Only fire type spirit stones of high quality like the Heavenly Flame Crystal will not be extremely affected after being lit up and burn to melt the ice,” Qing Luo said helplessly.

“I have some Heavenly Flame Crystal,” Qin Lie said as he rubbed his chin.

When he said this, the eyes of the other people lit up. Lu Heng who had an unfriendly attitude all this time showed joy in his eyes. He said, “Then come over here!”

Qin Lie followed.

Soon after, under Lu Heng’s guidance, Qin Lie followed them to the middle of a glacier.

There was a large hole in the ice that was several dozen meters deep which appeared in Qin Lie’s view. “Come in.” Lu Heng stepped in first.

Qin Lie walked into the depths of the cavern. He found that the cavern was still in the process of being excavated. Shattered ice was everywhere.

“If we dig about fifty or sixty meters deeper, we should find a group of people that were buried inside.” Lu Heng’s tone was certain. “I searched using a secret art. I can sense their life force. This means that while they are frozen, they have not died yet.”

“If we find them and wake them up, we should be able to learn what had happened to them, and who was the culprit!” Hui Jia said.

“Yao Tian, take out your Heavenly Flame Crystals and see if you can help,” Bai Li pleaded.

Qing Luo pointed towards the end of the cavern. “Start there, ignite the Heavenly Flame Crystal. After melting the ice there, you can speed up.”

“Give the Heavenly Flame Crystals to Jia Hui. The power he cultivates can use the Heavenly Flame Crystals to better effect,” Lu Heng said.

“Give them to me. I can release all the power in the Heavenly Flame Crystal,” the lizardman Jia Hui reached out.

“No, I’ll do it.” Qin Lie walked towards the depths of the cavern.

Everyone frowned.

“Boy, you cultivate a frost spirit art. If you activate the Heavenly Flame Crystal, you will waste a portion of the flame power in the Heavenly Flame Crystal, I think you…” Lu Heng’s expression was not pretty. He was extremely dissatisfied.

However, before he could finish, he was stopped, his eyes betraying his shock..

Inside the cavern, Hui Jia, Qing Luo and Bai Li were also looking with shock and complex expressions at Qin Lie.

A strong surge of heat appeared from Qin Lie’s body like a ten thousand year old volcano about to erupt.

Qin Lie used the power of the bloodline.


After Qin Lie used the power of the bloodline, the dragonman Qing Luo suddenly let out an abrupt dragon roar and instinctively moved back.

For some reason, he felt instinctive terror at the aura Qin Lie was giving off.

Qing Luo’s body had the blood of the giant dragons. While it was extremely thin, it was still dragon blood. Strictly speaking, Qing Luo had the bloodline of a dragon.

It was that extremely thin dragon blood in his body that caused Qing Luo to tremble all over. He felt terrified in both body and mind. He only wanted to get away from Qin Lie as fast as possible and hide far away.

This was the deep terror imprinted in the bloodline of the giant dragons.

Strangely, even the lizard Hui Jia couldn’t help but make a sound after Qin Lie awakened the power of the bloodline.

Just like Qing Luo, Hui Jia also stared at Qin Lie and moved back step by step.

Hui Jia also instinctively felt terror!

They were not the only ones. The dragomans and the lizards that had come in with the two of them were slowly retreating out of the cavern like the two.

Only Lu Heng, Bai Li, and the other humans did not feel anything after Qin Lie activated the bloodline power. They stood inside the cavern.

“What is going on?” Lu Heng quickly noticed the strangeness of Qing Luo and Hui Jia. “What are you… retreating for? Did you feel something in the cavern?”

Bai Li also became puzzled. “Did you feel the presence of the ice spirit?”

Lu Heng and Bai Li all thought that the unusual actions of the Lizard Race and the dragonmen were because of the possible presence of the ice spirit deep in the ice cavern.

They knew not to underestimate these other races. Many of the other races had superhuman perception and senses. They could sense many special auras.

“It’s not because of the ice spirit,” Qing Luo’s voice trembled slightly. He pointed at Qin Lie and said, “It’s him. His aura makes us… instinctively want to flee.”

Hui Jia and the members of the Lizard Race nodded.

Lu Heng and Bai Li looked with deep astonishment at Qin Lie.


At this time, fiery flowing light appeared out of Qin Lie’s body. In the rays of fire were mysterious characters that were difficult to make out with the naked eye. They contained a terrifying aura that could burn the world and turn it to ashes.

“Snap snap snap!”

The Heavenly Flame Crystal in Qin Lie’s hand suddenly exploded. The Heavenly Flame Crystal turned into a fireball that released the fire power in a short burst.

The ice walls deep in the cavern gradually melted. Large amounts of mist that steamed inside the cavern gradually shrouded Qin Lie’s body.

The humans and other races that were outside the cavern were unable to see how Qin Lie’s body was moving due to the steam.

They only felt that Qin Lie seemed to be a volcano brimming with lava and fire and was releasing wild heat outwards.

“Retreat!” Qing Luo shouted.

The dragonmen and the lizards were no longer able to withstand the terrifying aura Qin Lie was giving off a long time ago and hurriedly fled from the cavern.

Only Lu Heng and the humans were still inside.

“Why is it like this? What is the aura that we are afraid of?” Qing Luo’s expression was puzzled.

The lizard Hui Jia also had a grave expression. “This young human has a special bloodline. What we fear is the aura that comes from his blood.”

“Could it be some ancient and powerful race’s blood?” Qing Luo was astounded.

“I don’t know.” Hui Jia shook his head.

“There were many strong races in the ancient era, the ancient giant dragons were one of them. I have dragon blood inside of me. While the dragon blood is thin, it is still dragon blood! My instinctive terror comes from the dragon blood. There seems to only be one race that the ancient giant dragons were afraid of.” Qing Luo took a deep breath and organized his thoughts. He shouted, “The bloodline of the Heaven Fighting Race!”

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