Chapter 694: The Terror that Came from the Blood

Chapter 694: The Terror that Came from the Blood

“Supposedly, the Graveyard of Gods was the place the God Race used to train their descendants. Each of the seven forbidden lands inside has spirit guarding it. The ice spirit is an ice type being responsible for guarding the Forbidden Land of Ice!”

Qing Luo was a mix of the giant dragons and humans. His race still had the records the giant dragons left behind. Through those records, he gained a relatively vast knowledge about the Heaven Fighting Race that called themselves “gods.”

“A while ago, the rumor was that the Graveyard of Gods exploded. Not long after, Frost Island gained a new master! Judging by the time, it is very likely that the new master of Frost Island is that ice spirit!” Qing Luo said.

Originally, Lu and Hui Jia, and even Bai Li doubted Qin Lie’s words.

After Qing Luo’s explanation and thinking it through, they trusted Qin Lie’s words more.

“Boy, how do you know about the ice spirit?” Lu Heng said.

Qin Lie smiled softly. “Apologies, I cannot…tell you this.”

Lu Heng’s...

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