Chapter 693: Meetup

Chapter 693: Meetup

Bai Li soon returned from the outside.

“Go, I will take you into the island to meet those who have entered!” Bai Li came over and spoke.

“Meet? Meet with who?” Qin Lie stilled.

“The Lizard Race, the Dragonman Race, and Forefather Dark Wind’s subordinates,” Bai Li explained. “The expansion of Frost Island affects those three parties the most. So the ones that sealed Frost Island and are about to attack the new master here will be people from these three factions!”

“Why do we have to meet up with them?” Qin Lie frowned.

“Because it will be almost impossible for you and me to do anything on Frost Island with our strengths. We can only reach our goal through being with them and helping each other in Frost Island!” Bai Li said coldly.

Qin Lie rubbed his chin and thought before saying, “Lead the way.”

Bai Li had Fragmentation Realm cultivation and could fly using spirit energy. However, when she saw that Qin Lie was riding a crystalline war chariot, she hesitated and then landed on it. She pointed in a certain direction. “Over there!”

Qin Lie didn’t say a word. He added ten pieces of earth rank spirit stones to the the chariot’s drive and then activated the chariot.

The crystalline war chariot immediately howled.

Qin Lie observed Frost Island and also Bai Li beside him. His eyes flashed with glowing ice light.

He was silently channeling Frost Arts.

After going deep into Frost Island, he found the degree of cold here was many times higher than outside.

On the island, big slabs of ice could be seen everywhere. The ground looked like a frozen pond.  Giant snowflakes danced in the sky. It was a world of ice and snow.

The only thing in his field of view was snowy white land.

Beside him, Bai Li also adjusted her power. An icy aura was released from her body.

The aura was similar to the one that Jia Yue exuded in the past. It appeared that their spirit arts could be of the same origin.

Qin Lie noticed that there were faint scars on the neck under Bai Li’s white veil. The scars were very faint. If he was not close, if Qin Lie wasn’t looking closely, he would not be able to see them.

“The scars on your face...”

Qin Lie noticed that this Bai Li most likely was wearing the veil over her face due to similar markings on her face. It might be more serious than on her neck so she had concealed it.

“What are you doing?” Bai Li’s eyes suddenly turned cold and sharp.

“Nothing.” Qin Lie smiled casually.

“You want to know my appearance?” Bai Li smiled coldly.

Qin Lie shook his head. “I’m just curious.”

“Let me show you!” Bai Li pulled off the veil over her face.

Qin Lie looked and couldn’t help but make a sound of surprise. He said, “Your face...”

After taking off the veil, Bai Li’s face suddenly became twisted. Thick scars climbed like snakes all over her face, causing it to be indescribably scary

Bai Li had an elegant and tall body. She appeared to be in her thirties and her eyes were bright. When she had been wearing her veil, Qin Lie had even fantasized that the face under the mask would be a beautiful one.

He now felt as though he was frightened.

“Someone used a blade to ruin my face, and also put a special medicinal fluid on the blade. My face will never be able to recover.” Bai Li’s tone was frighteningly flat. “In the first few years, I was in great pain, and felt hopeless. I even tried to commit suicide. Later, I gradually got used to it. I used the veil to cover my face and came to live in the Ruined Lands, here in Frost Island. However, because I do not dare to show my true appearance to others, this restrains my heart, and I have not had a breakthrough in my cultivation.”

“Only when I finally accepted myself and was not affected by this face, and dared to move through the Ruined Lands without the veil did my cultivation which had stilled for so long finally increase.”

“Right now, I use the veil to cover this face, not because of any mental burden, but because the scars will hurt on Frost Island as the ice energy permeates them. The veil is a defensive barrier to prevent my scars from being in pain.”

Bai Li explained in a cold tone and then put the veil back on. “I didn’t only satisfy your curiosity, you won’t have any more fantasies either. Will you be able to focus on the actual matter now?”

Qin Lie smiled awkwardly.

“Jia has to call me Aunt. Before I left the clan, I had great affection for her. I hope to help her,” Bai Li said calmly.

Qin Lie nodded and said, “I will do my best to help her get free.”

“You?” Bai Li twisted her mouth. “What reason do you have to help her?”

“She is the beloved of my good brother!” Qin Lie said seriously.

“She has a beloved? A person from the Land of Chaos?” Bai Li was startled.

“You could say that,” Qin Lie said.

Bai Li did not press further. Her expression was slightly complex as though she was thinking of something.

Qin Lie did not speak any further. He drove the crystalline war chariot and moved towards the depths of Frost Island following the direction she had pointed in.

Fifteen minutes later.

Under Bai Li’s guidance, the crystalline war chariot came in front of a not particularly tall glacier.

“Bai Li! Why did you come in?” From atop the glacier, a member of the Lizard Race shouted loudly as his long tail waved.

There were dozens of people of the Lizard Race gathered in that direction with the dragonmen and human martial practitioners who were dressed in blue-green robes.

Those people were mostly in the Fulfillment and Fragmentation Realms but there were also some in the Nirvana Realm.

They were standing in the middle of a glacier. They seemed to be digging a hole with spirit artifacts and were going to go into the inside of the glacier.

“I do not want to wait outside!” Bai Li answered and motioned for Qin Lie to drive the crystalline war chariot over. “This young human has a connection to the Seven Eyed Monster. He has come for him.”

“He knows La Pu?” A thin human man dressed in blue-green robes with mid stage Nirvana Realm cultivation examined Qin Lie with narrowed eyes. “I’ve never heard of La Pu being close to someone. Also, that monster is clearly from the Ghost Eye Race, how can he be related to a young human?”

“That may not be so.” A dragonman shouted and said, “A while ago, our close relatives, the aqua dragonmen, were chasing a young human around the perimeter of the Ruined Lands. In the end, the young human fled into La Pu’s Seven Eye Island. Not long after, La Pu charged out and killed half of the people around Seven Eye Island. Then that young human who was being chased never left Seven Eye Island.”

“You are that young human?” a large dragonman race shouted.

“Yes.” Qin Lie nodded.

“Why didn’t La Pu kill you and cut your body into pieces to study physical structure of your race?”

“I cannot answer this question.” Qin Lie gave a small smile.

“Let me introduce you,” Bai Li said.

At this time, Qin Lie’s crystalline war chariot had already landed amidst this group of foreign races’ clansmen and evil spirits. When Bai Li spoke, she first pointed at the thin human. “This is the follower of Forefather Dark Wind—Lu Heng.”

Then she pointed at the dragonman. “Qing Luo of the Dragonman Race.” Then Bai Li pointed to a member of the Lizard Race. “This is Hui Jia!”

“Lu Heng, Qing Luo, Hui Jia...” Qin Lie had a surprised expression.

He found that the names of the other races in the Ruined Lands were strange to the ear and much more unfamiliar and hard to speak compared to the names of the martial practitioners from the Land of Chaos.

“Lu Heng represents Forefather Dark Wind, Qing Luo is the representative of the dragonmen, and Hui Ji is the representative of the Lizard Race. They have entered Frost Island to search for their clansmen and they wish to kill the master of this place,” Bai Li added in the end.

“And you? What are you called?” Lu Heng was human but his eyes were dark green. He clearly cultivated an eerie spirit art.

“Yao Tian,” Qin Lie responded casually.

“Bai Li, even if this Yao Tian is related to the Seven Eye Monster, why did you bring him in? What can he do?” Dragonman Qing Luo asked in puzzlement.

The other two also looked over in suspicion.

“He...” Bai Li was slightly uncertain. “He said that he knows the origins of the new master of Frost Island. He said he can help us, help us find the new master.”

“You believe that?” Lu Heng snorted.

Bai Li gritted her teeth. She thought and then said, “He said that the new master of Frost Island is the ice spirit that came out of the Graveyard of Gods. I don’t know if it is true or false.”

“Ice spirit? What’s that?” the human, Lu Heng, asked coldly.

Hui Jia of the Lizard Race also had a puzzled expression.

Only the dragonman Qing Luo stilled before his entire body trembled. “Ice spirit? Graveyard of Gods had been constructed by the God Race. Ice spirit was used to guard the Forbidden Land of Ice and the entities of ice attribute. The ice spirit is usually a spirit beast whose attribute is purely ice! A spirit beast that can be called an ice spirit is definitely a spirit form of pure ice and also has an extremely high intelligence and great power!”

“Qing Luo, how do you know so much?” Lu Heng said in shock.

“Our Dragonman Race is a mix of the giant dragons and humans. My race has a portion of the Dragon Race’s records and has some records on the God Race.” Qing Luo’s dragon-like face showed an expression of terror. “From those draconic records, I know that the God Race is terrifying. They would frequently go to other worlds and secret realms that giant dragons live in, and then have a massive hunt of the enormous dragons. Therefore, the Dragon Race fears them race and knows more about them.”

“A large scale hunt of the enormous dragons?” Lu Heng was astounded.

“I heard that the elites of the God Race can eat several enormous dragons a day. The strongest of that race will have several private auxiliary worlds and secret realms. They rear large amounts of enormous dragons and other similar high level spirit beasts there. They have servants that help them kill and cook them, to help them recover their physical power,” Qing Luo said in fear.

The expressions of Lu Heng, Hui Jia and Bai Li changed when they heard Qing Luo’s explanation.

Qin Lie had a different expression.

In the past, he had felt that La Pu had exaggerated when he had told him about how the God Race had hunted enormous dragons and other high level races to use the blood of dragons as milk and use the flesh of dragons as food to help the pureblood descendants grow.

Now, when Qing Luo who had the blood of dragons spoke of these past events from the records left behind by the dragons, Qin Lie finally confirmed that La Pu spoke the truth.

It seemed that the Heaven Fighting Race once did hunt high level ancient beasts like dragons to use as a cooking ingredient.

“Race of madmen.” Qin Lie said with an odd tone of voice.

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