Chapter 692: Negotiation

Chapter 692: Negotiation

After Bai Li had returned, the tendrils of frosty mist spreading from the Frost Island behind her had been contained within a specific area. They no longer leaked outside.

It was obvious that the holes Qin Lie and the seven godly lights had created were repaired by her.

Once these holes had been plugged completely, Qin Lie noticed that the frosty mist of Frost Island was no longer being drawn towards him when he circulated the Frost Arts.

Since the frost aura no longer spread, the seawater wouldn’t turn into ice and new glaciers.

Therefore, Frost Island wouldn’t be able to expand its domain.

This was the countermeasure these foreign races and evil spirits had employed in order to protect their interests.

Qin Lie had an idea what to do now.

“You are a white barbarian of the the three great eastern barbarians tribes, aren’t you?” Qin Lie asked randomly.

“What if I am? What if I’m not?” Bai Li’s eyes turned cold as she said hostilely, “This is the Ruined Lands and not the Land of Chaos or some other place! The Ruined Lands can handle all kinds of monsters. Are you going to tell me that it can’t fit a mere female white barbarian like me?”

She thought that Qin Lie was purposely bringing her identity up to attack her.

The eastern barbarians and the...

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