Chapter 691: Sealed Island

Chapter 691: Sealed Island

The energy flooding him from the island’s direction contained an unstable magnetic energy that could distort the soul and destabilize a martial practitioner’s dantian spirit sea.

“Crack crack crack!”

As a result, the ice shell on the surface of his body instantly shattered upon impact.

And so did his ice shield.


Black flames condensed into a giant fist that soared to the sky, creating a giant pillar of black flames.

The glaciers surrounding Frost Island shattered one by one as a thick white fog surrounded the black fiery fist. It imbued the fist with a terrifying destructive power that seemed capable of destroying the sky itself.

Right before Qin Lie’s eyes, the black fiery first changed its course and flew at him. The space around him felt like it was being compressed. It actually couldn’t handle domineering power of that fiery fist.

He felt as if he was stuck in a deep sea, attacked by huge tides, in danger of drowning at any moment. He had the terrifying feeling that he was about to sink into a deep sea of energy.

It made Qin Lie fear for his life.

“Uooh!” Qin Lie suddenly let out a wild roar.

The roar caused the blood in his body to burn with lava-like flames.

A terrifying amount of fiery energy erupted from every pore of his body like a volcano. A tremendous power that could tear apart both sky and earth rose from inside his body under the urges of the Blood Spirit Art.

A scarlet dragon-shaped entity appeared in his hands. It spat fire from its mouth and caused rampant thunder and lightning to appear wherever it waved its claws.

The scarlet dragon rammed heavily into the giant fist of black flames.


The entire Frost Island seemed to shake a little. In an instant, lightning and fire scattered as black flames burned everywhere. A new type of flame containing a sulphuric smell and many divine characters landed on the nearby glaciers and rock formations.

The entire area succumbed to a terrifying energy storm of blazing flames and arcing lightning as if it was being attacked by the apocalypse.

The fist of black flames slowly melted under the blaze created by Qin Lie’s bloodline.

The crystalline war chariot beneath Qin Lie shattered as he got propelled towards the direction where he came from like a kicked ball.

The lizardman, dragonman, and female white barbarian had just arrived at this place after they heard of the shocking commotion.

Before they could react, they saw a burning Qin Lie flying towards them like a fiery cannonball.

The trio immediately noticed him.

They carefully probed the flames coming out of Qin Lie’s body with soul consciousness. Then, their eyes turned red as if they had been branded with a burning iron, causing them to let out a scream and move away in a hurry.

The moment they discovered that they couldn’t extinguish the flames with any art or spirit energy, they smartly chose to instantly roll out of the way.

While still burning and spinning in midair, Qin Lie passed right through the trio forcefully just like that.

The trio stared deeply at Qin Lie before turning around to check out Frost Island. Their expression turned extremely ugly.

“This damnable human junior!”

“He actually possesses quite a bit of destructive power!”

“He nearly made a hole there!”

The trio swore out respectively.

The fireball called Qin Lie flew for several hundred meters before he managed to stop himself and resummon a new crystalline war chariot in a hurry.


He calmed down his emotions and stopped the power of his bloodline. The burning flames swiftly withdrew themselves back into his body.

His entire body was sore and numb. Standing on top of the crystalline war chariot, he subconsciously took out a huge piece of dried meat from his spatial ring and bit into it fiercely. He also checked his own physical condition.

In just one strike, he had exhausted around thirty percent of his bloodline power and spirit energy.

He still didn’t know what those black flames were.

He only knew that it was a kind of barrier seal and judging by the scent of the seal, it was obviously handiwork of a foreign evil spirit.

It was absolutely not part of the frost power on Frost Island.

This meant that the black flames didn’t come from Frost Island, and were not the creation of Frost Island’s new master.

“Are those black flames a barrier you people applied to Frost island?” he came to realization.

The female white barbarian and two foreign race clansmen looked back at him with cold eyes from afar.

“An unknown change has occurred deep inside Frost Island. It caused the absolute frost aura of Frost Island to become incredibly invasive all of a sudden, and as the frost aura spread to the surroundings more and more glaciers had appeared around Frost Island. These glaciers quickly became a part of Frost Island, enabling Frost Island to swiftly expand its territory further and further towards its surroundings!”

The female white barbarian with a veiled face explained with a frigid expression.

“The Ruined Lands consist of many islands, with vast sea between them. However, the frost aura of Frost Island easily turned this seawater into glaciers and enabled it to expand to its surroundings.”

“Frost Island’s expansion has threatened our interests on the surrounding islands, which is why we had no choice but to try and seal away Frost Island to stop the frost aura from breaking through the barrier. We are stopping it from continuously transforming more seawater into glaciers.”

“Not only would your audacious entry earn you a swift death, it could even cause a new hole to appear in our barrier!”

Qin Lie frowned in secret.

“Stop wasting words with him and help us fill up the gaps already. That prismatic energy from earlier had caused seven holes to appear in the defense line we’re responsible for. There’s no way this kid could’ve escaped this easily if it wasn’t for the holes, and he would’ve been crushed by the fist formed by ‘Du Luo’s Fire’ already.”

The dragonman also nodded again and again. “Bai Li, our foremost priority is to ensure that there are no holes in the barrier!”

“Watch him closely, you two!” the female white barbarian called Bai Li glared coldly at Qin Lie once before saying, “If he dares to enter again, kill him immediately!”

While saying this, Bai Li hastily charged to the area enveloped in black flames and closed her eyes, circulating her spirit art.

Clumps of black flames containing an eerie and evil aura appeared from Bai Li’s palms.

The black flames swiftly flew towards Frost Island and transformed into many wisps of dark light that landed on many dark colored areas.

Bai Li was repairing the hole in the barrier.

Meanwhile, the lizardman and dragonman were baring their teeth and blocking Qin Lie’s way from in front and behind him. They were preventing him from acting recklessly.

“Is La Pu trapped inside right now?” He didn’t attack them immediately, and instead asked after pondering for a moment. “If you reseal Frost Island, wouldn’t the people trapped inside be unable to get out?”

“La Pu? Your so-called senior is the Seven Eyed Monster?” The lizardman’s expression changed a little.

The other foreign race member with a dragon head and a human body looked a little discomforted by the revelation too. A hint of awe and respect appeared in his eyes.

A person who could own an island that was named after his own name, “Seven Eye Island”, in the deeper regions of the Ruined Lands was obviously a powerful individual of extraordinary status in this place. It meant that he was no ordinary small fry.

Qin Lie could see this from the duo’s expression alone.

“That’s right. I’m here to look for La Pu,” Qin Lie answered.

The two foreign races exchanged a glance with each other before answering with a slightly better attitude than before, “The Seven Eyed Monster was hunting spirit beasts on Frost Island previously. When we decided to seal away Frost Island, he had also helped us construct several defense lines. Our seal over Frost Island is targeted at the master of Frost Island. It is to prevent him from freely expanding his territory. Since the Seven Eyed Monster’s choice to hunt spirit beasts at Frost Island is in line with our own interests, naturally we have no reason to stop him from entering and exiting the barrier freely,” the lizardman paused for a moment before adding, “We have nothing to do with him being trapped at Frost Island. It’s probably work of Frost Island’s master.”

“Five days ago, there was a snow avalanche in the deeper regions of Frost Island. An air stream of absolute frost had enveloped the entire island, and since then plenty of people who used to operate around the island had suddenly disappeared,” the dragonman added.

“Our men are currently trapped on Frost Island, and we are attempting to find the cause and communicate with Frost Island’s master.” the lizardman thought for a moment. “If we see the Seven Eyed Monste, we will of course save him from whatever trouble he’s in. That’s because the old monster is on our side.”

“As for you, there is no need for you to enter at all. You would be of no help even if you went inside,” said the dragonman.

The two foreign race members’ attitude had improved by a lot after they learned that Qin Lie had come for La Pu’s sake. However, they still thought nothing of Qin Lie’s strength and didn’t believe that he could play a role at Frost Island.

“Please let me enter Frost Island. I have some… special insights regarding Frost Island!” Qin Lie said seriously.

“What special insights?” Bai Li had finished restoring the seal and was coming over right at this moment. She stared coldly at him.

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