Chapter 691: Sealed Island

Chapter 691: Sealed Island

The energy flooding him from the island’s direction contained an unstable magnetic energy that could distort the soul and destabilize a martial practitioner’s dantian spirit sea.

“Crack crack crack!”

As a result, the ice shell on the surface of his body instantly shattered upon impact.

And so did his ice shield.


Black flames condensed into a giant fist that soared to the sky, creating a giant pillar of black flames.

The glaciers surrounding Frost Island shattered one by one as a thick white fog surrounded the black fiery fist. It imbued the fist with a terrifying destructive power that seemed capable of destroying the sky itself.

Right before Qin Lie’s eyes, the black fiery first changed its course and flew at him. The space around him felt like it was being compressed. It actually couldn’t handle domineering power of that fiery fist.

He felt as if he was stuck in a deep sea, attacked by huge tides, in danger of drowning...

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