Chapter 690: Frost Island

Chapter 690: Frost Island

Frost Island was a famous place in the Ruined Lands.

The rumors said that a long time ago, there had been a martial practitioner that cultivated frost spirit arts that used Frost Island as a home, and gathered a considerable faction on Frost Island.

Yet for some unknown reason, suddenly, all of the martial practitioners that cultivated the frost spirit arts on Frost Island completely disappeared.

In the end, only their spirit beast steeds were left on the island to reproduce. A long time later, Frost Island became the paradise of frost-type spirit beasts.

After the Ruined Lands became the gathering place of the other races and evil spirits, many of the beings that lived in the Ruined Lands would frequently go to Frost Island to hunt spirit beasts. There was a portion of those that dug out ice caverns on Frost Island and cultivated the cold energy there.

However, Frost Island was never rebuilt.

Most of the rank...

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