Chapter 689: La Pu Trapped

Chapter 689: La Pu Trapped

For Qin Lie, life immediately became simple.

Each day, other than constantly consuming dried beast meat, he was recovering in order to eat even more.

His stomach seemed to have become a bottomless hole that could never be filled.

And yet, he could clearly feel that the exhaustion and weakness of his body was slowly disappearing through the simple action of eating meat.

He could feel the power of the bloodline wondrously recovering.

He was reassured by this and continued to eat.

La Pu would come back every few days after going out. Each time, he would return with some rank fix or Six spirit beasts for Qin Lie’s continuous feasting.

After a dozen days passed like this, Qin Lie’s feeling of weakness disappeared completely. He was filled with power again. Each tendon, muscle and blood vessel seemed to be filled with even more refined power.

He immediately realized that through complete draining of the bloodline power and replenishing it over a long period of time, both his body and the bloodline had undergone a thorough transformation.

After that, he tried to adjust his emotions according to the method La Pu taught him in order to get angry and thus activate his bloodline’s power.

After the bloodline was activated, he could channel the power of the bloodline into different spirit arts and master new ways of fighting.

On the nameless island, a certain desolate area became Qin Lie’s corner to master the bloodline power. He was beginning to feel familiar with it.

In this period of time, after he used up his bloodline power, he would continue to eat in order to recover.

La Pu would frequently go out and hunt spirit beasts for him. Each haul, he would bring back enough meat for Qin Lie to eat for the next few days. Then, Qin Lie would then roast the meat with him, learn more about bloodlines, ancient languages, the God Race, and the secrets of the ancient families.

La Pu would answer all of Qin Lie’s questions without keeping anything back.

When he was familiarizing himself with how to channel the bloodline power, Qin Lie gradually gained a new understanding of many ancient mysteries.

The Spirits of Void and Chaos popped up a few times and consumed spirit materials of the six attributes. Qin Lie also asked La Pu about the wonders of the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

However, La Pu didn’t know anything about the Spirits of Void and Chaos, so he wasn’t able to help Qin Lie.

Fortunately, La Pu had all kinds of spirit materials of various elements on his island.

Originally, Qin Lie did not have enough spirit materials for the Spirits of Void and Chaos. After telling La Pu about his concerns, La Pu took out some of the spirit materials he had gathered throughout many years of adventuring to help the growth of Spirits of Void and Chaos.

The unpicky Spirits of Void and Chaos began to feast like Qin Lie had been until recently.

Time passed rapidly. In a blink of an eye, half a year had passed.

Qin Lie was not in a hurry to go to the Heavenly Silence Continent. He stayed on this island in the Ruined Lands, and slowly familiarized himself with and mastered the power of the bloodline. When he rested, he would consume the meat of beasts to recover his energy.

His cooking skills were improving daily.

On this day, Qin Lie cooked and ate the remaining half of a rank five dragon python. After even drinking the juices, he looked into the dusky sky and frowned.

“Seven days, he still hasn’t come back. Did he encounter some trouble?” Qin Lie murmured.

In the past half year, La Pu would go out every few days and return three to five days later. He would never leave for longer than that.

This time, it had been seven days since La Pu had gone out. He started to worry.

After being in contact for half a year, he and this elder from the Ghost Eye Race had unconsciously developed a kind of relationship.

La Pu would do his best to explain whatever Qin Lie was puzzled about, and would go out to hunt and kill spirit beasts for Qin Lie’s bloodline maturation. The two would frequently roast meat together and talk about the world, becoming friends across generations.

Seeing that La Pu had not returned for seven days, he naturally grew worried that something had happened to La Pu.

These were the Ruined Lands after all.

All kinds of experts from other races, humanoid evil spirits, and the strongest of the major forces would appear here.

La Pu said himself that he was not the strongest in the Ruined Lands and could not do as he pleased.

That meant that even he could be in danger.

“Let’s wait and see,” Qin Lie thought.

Five more days passed and La Pu still had yet to return or send any news.

Qin Lie finally couldn’t sit still.

He stopped furthering his mastery over the power of= bloodline. He decided to leave the island and find news of La Pu.

Through interacting with La Pu in the past half a year, he obtained vast knowledge of the Ruined Lands. He knew many of the rules unique to this place, and knew that there were many terrifying evil spirits hiding deep within the Ruined Lands.

The more he learned, the more wary he was of the Ruined Lands, and the more he felt how dangerous his first day’s rampage had been.

This time, he was very cautious.

It was noon, the time when the sun was hottest. He flew out of La Pu’s Seven Eye Island, and drove the crystalline war chariot to fly towards a marketplace in the Ruined Lands.

Certain strong races and evil spirits of the Ruined Lands that cultivated secret arts disliked the sunlight.

La Pu was the same.

He would choose to leave when the sky had just turned dusky and the night was about to come. He would also return in nighttime.

Evil races of the Nether Realm that had reached La Pu’s level of power could cover their bodies completely with thick nether demonic energy which could block the sunlight, and so they would not be exposed to the strong sun, but they still instinctively disliked it.

Therefore, travelling at noon meant that Qin Lie could avoid many dangers or meeting evil demons with strange habits.

There were many marketplaces in the Ruined Lands. Many other races and evil spirits gathered there. The things sold there were eerie and of various origins. Some were bloody, some were taboo. Their common trait was that they could be seen everywhere.

After gaining a basic understanding of the Ruined Lands along with some experience, Qin Lie managed to safely reach a marketplace called “Dark Prison” safely— also known as Dark Prison Island.

In the daylight, Dark Prison Island was not very populated. The beings that Qin Lie saw appeared to be humans and also beings of races that were not afraid of sunlight.

Dark Prison Island would only be busy under the cover of night.

He drove the crystalline war chariot and took a while to look at Dark Prison Island from the sky. He found that the island was covered in all kinds of strange buildings. Round and cone-shaped towers, pagoda-shaped ancient houses tall towers that had sharp tips, buildings made from crystal, houses that were extremely cold, and little houses that were carved from enormous shells.

Many races were living together on Dark Prison Island so the construction on the island was filled with different styles.

Qin Lie came in front of a building that was made from an enormous turtle shell. He got off the chariot and walked directly into the room. Without even thinking, he took out Earth Grade spirit stones from his spatial ring. “I want to know the location of Seven Eyed Monster La Pu!”

In the oval house, an old Sea Race man that carried a turtle shell and had white eyebrows that reached the floor was resting with his eyes closed.

Hearing Qin Lie’s shout, he opened his eyes and glanced at Qin Lie. He said in the language used among humans, “Three thousand Earth Grade spirit stones.”

“No problem.” Qin Lie nodded and poured a pile of Earth Grade spirit stones in front of the old man.

“Stupid.” The Sea Race man muttered and put the spirit stones Qin Lie took out away. Then he said neutrally, “The Seven Eyed Monster is being trapped on Frost Island.”

“Frost Island?” Qin Lie frowned.

He had heard of such a place from La Pu. Frost Island was an island in the Ruined Lands. This island was cold and icy all year around as though it was sealed by thick ice. It was filled with teeth-chattering cruel cold energy.

Yet there were many spirit beasts that liked the cold on Frost Island. On top of that, some evil spirits and people of various races that cultivated ice- attribute secret arts dug out ice caverns in Frost Island and hid in there to cultivate.

Frost Island was not a place that was usually in chaos. With La Pu’s strength, how could he be trapped there?

“Seeing how brisk you were, I’ll tell you a piece of information. The present Frost Island is not the same as before.” The old Sea Race man did not open his eyes. “Frost Island now has a mysterious owner. He can channel all of the frost energy on Frost Island and is extremely powerful. All the ice spirit beasts on the island have submitted to the new master. La Pu went to hunt spirit beasts. It was only natural that their master would target him. It wasn’t just La Pu. Many people who thought they were strong are currently being trapped on Frost Island.”

Qin Lie was shocked inside.

“Thanks.” He did not continue to talk. After learning where La Pu was trapped, he did not stay on Dark Prison Island any longer, flying away on his crystalline war chariot.

He was headed in the direction of Frost Island.

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