Chapter 689: La Pu Trapped

Chapter 689: La Pu Trapped

For Qin Lie, life immediately became simple.

Each day, other than constantly consuming dried beast meat, he was recovering in order to eat even more.

His stomach seemed to have become a bottomless hole that could never be filled.

And yet, he could clearly feel that the exhaustion and weakness of his body was slowly disappearing through the simple action of eating meat.

He could feel the power of the bloodline wondrously recovering.

He was reassured by this and continued to eat.

La Pu would come back every few days after going out. Each time, he would return with some rank five or six spirit beasts for Qin Lie’s continuous feasting.

After a dozen days passed like this, Qin Lie’s feeling of weakness disappeared completely. He was filled with power again. Each tendon, muscle and blood vessel seemed to be filled with even more refined power.

He immediately realized that through complete draining of the bloodline power...

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