Chapter 688: Extreme Hunger

Chapter 688: Extreme Hunger

Qin Lie felt as if his mind was being tortured with sharp blades. The sharp, stabbing pain had exceeded the limit of his endurance as he uncontrollably began to scream in agony.


As Qin Lie was severely exhausted to begin with, he immediately fainted amidst the screams.

La Pu remained silent as he carefully observed Qin Lie. Once he was certain that Qin Lie had indeed become unconscious, he finally walked over and began checking Qin Lie’s body with his bony hands.

La Pu was extremely detailed in his examination as he took advantage of this period where Qin Lie’s bloodline was weakened and unlikely to release such a strong repulsive force again. He even utilized his unfinished eight eye again.

A faint green light with the miraculous ability to directly examine every nook and cranny of a human body pervaded Qin Lie’s vessels.

La Pu’s other seven eyes also continued to observe Qin Lie from their various angles.

“It’s different. Event though Qin Lie has the bloodline of the God Race, his flesh is still that of a mortal,” La Pu murmured. “Then he must be a half-blood...”

After an hour of examination, La Pu’s understanding of Qin Lie’s body had perhaps exceeded even Qin Lie’s own understanding.

Not too long afterwards, Qin Lie slowly regained consciousness, only to experience a head-splitting headache. His body was also extremely weak.

“You’ve tried using the power of your bloodline too many times after just awakening it, so your body is extremely exhausted. You need to rest for a period of time and also eat some food to replenish your body’s energy.” La Pu looked at Qin Lie, then threw a couple pieces of dried meat to him. “This dried meat is made from the meat of a rank fix or Six spirit beast. It contains an extremely thick vital essence, which will help you recover.”

“Thanks,” Qin Lie said as he received the dried meat. This time, he didn’t hesitate at all and began to eat with big bites.

La Pu hadn’t harmed him while Qin Lie had been in his slumber. This meant that La Pu was someone he could trust, at least for now. Thus, he was no longer cautious around La Pu.

“I’ll leave you to recover then. I will wait until you are almost fully recovered before I tell you about the God Race, the ancient divine language, and that ancient family.” La Pu said.

“Alright.” Qin Lie nodded.

Thus, for the time being, Qin Lie remained on this nameless island in the middle of the sea.

He had originally believed that his recovery would be simple and easy, and that it would at most take him one or two days to regain his strength.

However, it turned out that he had wrongly estimated the severity of completely exhausting his bloodline power for the first time.

In the end, he stayed on the island for seven whole days as he gradually regained his strength through eating the dried meat which La Pu delivered. The amount he was eating every day greatly surpassed the amount he normally ate in the past.

During these seven days, he followed La Pu’s plan for recovery, eating as much as he could every day and then resting.

Even so, he only managed to recover approximately sixty percent of his strength by the end of the seven days.

“Bloodline power is very mysterious. Once it’s exhausted, you must eat incredible amounts of food to recover it. Because it was your first time releasing bloodline power, and because you slightly overdid it by releasing all of it in one go, the period of recovery is a bit longer.” La Pu explained.

“So eating is the only way to recover bloodline power? It cannot be recovered through spirit stones or consuming spirit pills?” Qin Lie asked in surprise.

“Spirit stones replenish spirit energy. The main purpose of a vast majority of spirit pills is to quickly recover spirit energy. Thus, neither can be used to recover bloodline power,” La Pu explained patiently. “Consumption of energy within the flesh requires nourishment from meat full of vital energy. As such, the stronger the spirit beast, the easier its meat can help your body recover and replenish your bloodline power. In fact, many powerful spirit beasts similarly eat copious amounts of food to recover after expending too much energy. If what they consume includes other high rank spirit beasts and the flesh of some more powerful martial cultivators, they can recover even quicker.”

“From this perspective, those who possess bloodline powers recover in a way which is quite similar to wild beasts.”

“Powerful martial practitioners of the human forces enjoy hunting spirit beasts to obtain the best beast cores for the energy within, and to use them as spirit materials. However, for those who possess bloodline power, the flesh of high rank spirit beasts is also a great supplement, making it just as valuable as any other material that can be obtained from a spirit beast.”

“Of course, powerful spirit beasts also enjoy eating practitioners of high cultivation. The stronger the practitioner’s body, the denser their vital energy, and the more beneficial it is to the beasts.”

“The flesh of strong practitioners is necessary for spirit beasts to obtain more powerful bodies. This will increase their physical power, which is their biggest advantage when fighting.”

La Pu explained carefully.

Qin Lie was very surprised.

In the past when the eight god corpses didn’t have heads and were buried in the depths of the sea, they would unconsciously call storms, actively killing creatures and then devouring them.

Later on, even though the eight god corpses fought for him numerous times after their heads flew out from within the Graveyard of Gods and recombined with their bodies, they never gave up on eating the flesh of fallen practitioners.

Could it be that their vital energy was also very weak? Were they gradually recovering through eating flesh?

As he thought about it more deeply, he wondered, could it be that the eight god corpses also possessed bloodline power?

Could it be that when the first voodoo creature, which had occupied the body of the Voodoo Progenitor and hid within it, devoured Ye Yihao and Huang Zhuli’s voodoo insects, it was also recovering through eating?

Did the first voodoo insect also have bloodline power then?

An expression of being lost in deep thought emerged on Qin Lie’s face.

“In the future, as you strengthen your bloodline power, you will need consume even greater amounts of flesh to quickly recover after using it. When that time comes, just know that higher the rank of the spirit beast, the faster it will help you recover your vital energy. If you survive long enough, someday you might even need to roast a dragon or cook an ancient colossal beast to recover your vital energy faster.” La Pu continued in a natural manner.

Qin Lie silently listened without moving.

“However, it’s not something to be too surprised about. In ancient times, it was extremely normal for powerful existences and races to travel to auxiliary worlds and hunt dragons and other creatures to bring home. They ate the flesh of dragons and other colossal beasts every day.”

“For example, the God Race. They were very particular about the food which their pure-blood descendants ate from the moment they were born. They specifically studied what kinds of spirit beast flesh should be consumed during the different stages of bloodline growth. Their most powerful descendants, because of their natural strength, were able to absorb more powerful energy. Thus, even when they were still infants, they would drink the blood of ancient beasts instead of milk. From there, they would gradually begin to eat the flesh of dragons, qilins, heavenly snakes, and black tortoise, in increasing quantities.”

“This method of nourishment allowed their descendants’ bodies to be capable of destroying mountains even when they were still young.”

“Moreover, in their eyes, those descendants who could eat more and bear eating flesh of higher rank spirit beasts were considered of purer blood. Thus, those descendents were thought to have superior and boundless latent talents, and were being looked after better.”

As La Pu continued his explanation, Qin Lie had devoured another dozen or so pieces of dried meat, yet he still felt hungry.

He immediately realized that La Pu was right.

Following the awakening of his bloodline, his appetite had clearly increased. This was especially apparent following his recent expenditure of a drastic amount of bloodline power, as his body’s demand for food had become even greater.

Currently, there was always a feeling of extreme hunger within him, as if his body wanted him to eat more meat. It seemed like this feeling of hunger would not disappear until his body fully recovered.

“Your bloodline is more powerful than you think. I didn’t expect your bloodline to be so strong either, and thus didn’t prepare enough food. My stock of dried meat has also been almost all consumed by you, so I will have to leave to go and hunt more spirit beasts.” La Pu thought a bit, then said, “As long as you stay on this island, nothing should happen. Although there are countless foreign races, evil spirits, and crazed bloodthirsty murderers in the Ruined Lands, very few are brave enough to intrude my territory. As for those evil spirits who possess sufficient strength to dare step onto my island, they have no interest towards it. Thus, you should be safe here”

“I understand,” Qin Lie nodded.

Qin Lie knew that the only reason La Pu was going out was because of how explosively his appetite had increased. Qin Lie needed even greater amounts of vital energy containing flesh to recover.

“Remember, try to not use bloodline power before you fully recover. After awakening it for the first time and completely exhausting it, this relatively long period of recovery is beneficial for both your body and your bloodline. However, if you use your bloodline power again during this period, you may never reap the benefits from this first recovery,” La Pu said sternly.

Qin Lie carefully remembered La Pu’s words.

“Then I shall take my leave now.” After a short goodbye, La Pu enveloped himself in a thick layer of nether demonic energy, transforming into a shadowy streak, and left the island. It was as if a pitch-black demon had flown out from the island.

This large sea island was dark during the day, and even darker at night. It was completely covered with skeletons and terrifying plants from the Nether Realm, giving it an aura of darkness and strangeness.

This was the most well known forbidden area of the local lands. Very rarely would an evil spirit be brave enough to intrude.

Thus, Qin Lie was able to peacefully stay there and slowly recover his strength with the dried spirit beast meat that La Pu had left him. As he did, he began to sense the slight changes occurring in his body, and also thought about everything La Pu had explained to him.

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