Chapter 688: Extreme Hunger

Chapter 688: Extreme Hunger

Qin Lie felt as if his mind was being tortured with sharp blades. The sharp, stabbing pain had exceeded the limit of his endurance as he uncontrollably began to scream in agony.


As Qin Lie was severely exhausted to begin with, he immediately fainted amidst the screams.

La Pu remained silent as he carefully observed Qin Lie. Once he was certain that Qin Lie had indeed become unconscious, he finally walked over and began checking Qin Lie’s body with his bony hands.

La Pu was extremely detailed in his examination as he took advantage of this period where Qin Lie’s bloodline was weakened and unlikely to release such a strong repulsive force again. He even utilized his unfinished eight eye again.

A faint green light with the miraculous ability to directly examine every nook and cranny of a human body pervaded Qin Lie’s vessels.

La Pu’s other seven eyes also continued to observe Qin Lie from their various angles.

“It’s different. Event though Qin Lie has the bloodline of the God Race, his flesh is still that of a mortal,” La Pu murmured. “Then he...

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