Chapter 687: Ancient Divine Language

Chapter 687: Ancient Divine Language

La Pu’s eyes shined as he looked at Qin Lie, his face filled with astonishment.

He realized that the Blood Spirit Art, Heavenly Thunder Eradication, and Records of Geocentric Magnetism within Qin Lie’s body had all combined together with Qin Lie’s bloodline.

To him, this was the most astonishing discovery. In fact, he couldn’t even believe what he was seeing.

In general, the biggest issue faced by a martial practitioner who practiced various different spirit arts would be the conflicts that could ensue.

Normally, as multi-art practitioners cultivated and broke through, the conflicts between their various spirit arts would become more and more disastrous in result, eventually barring them from any further improvement!

As a result, for practitioners who cultivated two or more different attributes of spirit arts, breaking through would become nigh impossible after reaching a certain point.

Their different spirit arts not clashing could already be considered the greatest fortune.

As for combining them?

It was something that these practitioners wouldn’t dare think about even in their wildest dreams.

Only the strongest practitioners who had reached the farthest limits of cultivation and gained the deepest comprehension of each attribute, those who had touched upon the laws and formed their own interpretations of different energies, would try to combine different spirit arts.

These were experts who had already reached at least the late stage of the Imperishable Realm. Only then… would they even dare to try.

Yet Qin Lie was merely at the early stage of the Fulfillment Realm.

La Pu looked at Qin Lie as if he were a monster.

However, Qin Lie didn’t know the thoughts running through La Pu’s mind as he remained in a world of his own and continuously utilized the “blaze” divine characters within his bloodline and assimilated them with his spirit arts of varying attributes, releasing more and more energy.

A long time later, Qin Lie finally felt his body’s exhaustion as the power surging out from his bloodline continuously weakened.

He also finally calmed down, constantly adjusting his mood and maintaining a calm mind.

The violent blaze bloodline power also gradually faded.

“I feel so tired. This is physical exhaustion, but there has not been a large expenditure of spirit energy.” Upon regaining his composure, Qin Lie furrowed his brows as he commented on his current state.

“When expending a lot of bloodline power, it is natural for the body to become tired. This is extremely normal.” La Pu’s seven eyes all glowed with a strange glint. “As long as the body recovers, bloodline power will similarly recover. There is nothing to worry about.”

“So using my bloodline power expends my own body’s energy…” Qin Lie thought to himself.

“To control a bloodline, you must know how to activate it, and how to use circulate it. It seems like you have already learned both, and approximately know the methods.” La Pu continued, “The last part is strengthening the bloodline. However, the method for this is quite simple. All you need to do is continuously temper and refine your body, strengthening your body and soul. As your vessels contain more blood, muscles contain greater amounts of energy and your bones become increasingly tough, your bloodline will naturally strengthen alongside it.”

“Tempering the body is the easiest way to strengthen the bloodline?” Qin Lie’s eyes lit up.

“As far as I know,” La Pu responded with a nod.

Qin Lie had a revelation.

For as long as he could remember, he had been bitterly cultivating Heavenly Thunder Eradication in Herb Mountain. This extreme method of cultivation had not only enhanced his ability to absorb thunder in his dantian’s spirit sea, but had also tempered his body to an unbelievable state.

This was something which most spirit arts failed to do.

In fact, most of the high level spirit arts on the Scarlet Tide Continent, and even in the Land of Chaos, did not contain any tempering of the physical body.

Instead, they mostly focused only on the accumulation of spirit energy as they believed that as long as the spirit energy was dense and pure enough, it could condense to form a shield to protect the body.

It was apparent that Heavenly Thunder Eradication was extremely different from other mainstream spirit arts.

In the past, Qin Lie had never understood why his grandfather had him cultivate only one spirit art, and such a torturous one at that, forcing one to be struck by thunder and lightning and experience the pain which could only be endured in the state of Thoughtless Tranquility.

However, as his pool of knowledge expanded and his cultivation rose, as he experienced more and more, respect he felt for his grandfather began to increase as well.

His grandpa had known from the start that his body contained a foreign bloodline!

From the beginning till now, his path of cultivation had always been on the right path and never strayed the slightest!

By following the carefully constructed path of cultivation set for him by his grandfather, he had managed to set the most stable foundation for his future cultivation during those hazy five years!

His grandpa had created a plan just for him which was extremely effective and also suited for his innate gifts.

The foundation for his vast future prospects had been firmly laid during those five years.

”Ah, that’s right. There is one more way to strengthen a bloodline which has an even greater effect and benefit!” La Pu said while Qin Lie was lost in thought. “By repeatedly stimulating your body’s potential and keeping your blood, bones, muscles, and cellular fibers in their most excited states, you can pull out the potential hidden in the deepest parts of your body and more easily excavate the secrets of your bloodline.”

Qin Lie became shocked.

“I’ve heard people say that Old Monster Duan’s Limit Sublimation Art is exactly this kind of spirit art which can activate a body’s potential.” La Pu’s eyes were filled with admiration as he continued, “In fact, the potential and secrets hidden away within a body can be considered as talent. According to rumors, Duan Qianjie’s cultivation talent was extremely subpar until he began to gradually increase his body’s potential and awaken his body’s secrets through the Limit Sublimation Art. In fact, his talent for cultivating was even worse than an ordinary practitioner’s. Only after this tempering did he become a cultivation genius and reach the stage he is at today.”

“He is absolutely one of the most terrifying geniuses of the Land of Chaos. This kind of potential-tapping technique which can forcefully increase cultivation talent is something which is practically unheard of even in the places that contain Gold rank forces.”

“Such techniques are truly heaven-defying.”

La Pu praised Duan Qianjie, then said, “If you could temper your body, raise your potential, and awaken the secrets hidden within your body with the Limit Sublimation Art, the growth rate of your bloodline would also increase, allowing you to experience the secrets of your race hidden within your bloodline even earlier. It might even allow you to discover some of your own origins through your bloodline. You might be able to observe some powerful existences of some glorious former era or the tyrannical spirit arts of some ancient, powerful force.”

Qin Lie’s shoulders both trembled.

He suddenly realized that the reason he was able to awaken his bloodline on the Scarlet Tide Continent after the bloody fight at the Setting Sun Islands was definitely related to Duan Qianjie’s Limit Sublimation Art which he had imparted to him!

In the past, he could somewhat notice his blood boiling, but whenever he checked his blood vessels for any abnormalities, there was nothing that stood out.

However, during the bloody battle on the Setting Sun Islands, he had constantly been forced to overcome his limits as Duan Qianjie purposefully forced him to clash with practitioners from Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families. During those clashes, he had killed until his spirit energy ran dry and his body’s potential had been completely exhausted. He had unknowingly cultivated the Limit Sublimation Art.

This cruel self-cultivation stimulated his body’s potential, and had allowed him to finally awaken his bloodline.

“Limit Sublimation Art, stimulating the body’s potential, forcefully increasing one’s talent, developing the bloodline…” As Qin Lie silently thought to himself, his respect for Duan Qianjie greatly increased.

Of course, he was not going to reveal his relationship with Duan Qianjie and the Limit Sublimation Art to La Pu.

He was going to keep it a secret like his Soul Suppressing Orb.

“The most crucial three aspects of bloodline power is stimulating, circulating, and continuously developing.” La Pu thought for a moment, then continued, “With my help, you have discovered how to activate your bloodline. However… while your ability to circulate is quite good, you need to continue improving the strength of your bloodline. Based on the strength of your body, you should not need me to teach you how to do so. Thus, all you need to do right now is continue to familiarize yourself with your bloodline and wait for your body to recover. Then, once you are recovered, you should try to activate your bloodline without using any medicines to stimulate it.”

After he was, La Pu turned into a shadow and flew into the sky like a huge bird.

He tried to extinguish the blazing fire.

However, after trying for a while, he realized that nothing could extinguish the fire, regardless if he used water or something else.

Even when he used nether demonic energy to envelop and cover it, he could only somewhat offset the violent energy within the flames.

It seemed like it was near impossible to forcefully extinguish the flames. He could only wait for them to exhaust all of their energy and disappear by themselves.

However, La Pu would rather use his own power than wait. Thus, he began to clash head on with the flames, trying to use his energy to make them disappear faster.

A while later, an ugly expression appeared on La Pu’s face as the price it took to finally extinguish the flames created by Qin Lie was much higher than he had originally expected.

“Boy, next time tell me before you try to activate your bloodline so that I can take you to a place with no vegetation.” La Pu said after returning, an ugly expression on his face as if the flames had annoyed him. “As your bloodline grows stronger, the flames produced by it will strengthen as well and become even more terrifying. Also, those flames seem to contain some kind of strange symbols, only they were too small so I couldn’t make them out. Could you write them down for me to look at?”

“Sure.” Qin Lie agreed without hesitating. He quickly picked up a branch and drew the divine character for blaze on the ground.

The character was like a cluster of flames and contained the characteristics of a flickering fire.

“This…” La Pu crouched down and carefully analyzed the character. It was a long time later when he suddenly said in astonishment, “This is the ancient divine language! It’s a language which was only used by the ancient God Race!”

“God Race?” QIn Lie asked, dazed.

“The Heaven Fighting Race!” La Pu explained, “I am certain that this is the ancient divine language. In the past, I was trapped in an ancient ruin just so I could obtain a corpse of a member of the God Race. During the seven hundred years I had been trapped, I had nothing to do so I began to research their language. I can still precisely remember this divine character, it is ‘blaz’’! It represents a once glorious ancient family. This ancient family was called Blaze! This divine character is one which is unique to them! It can be considered their symbol!”

“Ancient divine language, God Race, Blaze Family, family symbol…”

As La Pu explained everything, word after word began to enter the depths of Qin Lie’s mind, causing loud echos to reverberate in his head.

Under the stimulation of these words, memories which had been sealed by an unknown power seemed to begin to fiercely struggle, trying to break through this seal and emerge.

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