Chapter 686: Found it!

Chapter 686: Found it!

“Please teach me what you can about bloodline powers!” Qin Lie said seriously.

“Of course.” La Pu nodded. “You hold the Venerable One’s keepsake. It is only natural for me to do my best to fulfill your wishes.”

While saying this, he gave the matter a serious moment of thought before passing a porcelain bottle to Qin Lie suddenly. The bottle was filled with a light green medicine that smelled like fresh grass and wood.

“Drink this medicine first. It will cause your emotions to fluctuate,” La Pu said.

Qin Lie accepted the bottle, but felt a trace of hesitation passing through his mind. He couldn’t claim that the medicine was absolutely harmless, and he was also afraid that La Pu was scheming to harm him.

He was no longer that simple youth he was before. He had become less trustful of people after experiencing the evils of a human’s heart.

La Pu noticed his worry and chuckled twice before saying with a low and raspy voice, “Caution is a good habit.”

He withdrew the porcelain bottle and poured one third of the medicine into a copper wine bowl. Then, he drank it all in one gulp.

Qin Lie watched him closely and made sure not to miss him swallowing the liquid. Then, he waited for...

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