Chapter 686: Found it!

Chapter 686: Found it!

“Please teach me what you can about bloodline powers!” Qin Lie said seriously.

“Of course.” La Pu nodded. “You hold the Venerable One’s keepsake. It is only natural for me to do my best to fulfill your wishes.”

While saying this, he gave the matter a serious moment of thought before passing a porcelain bottle to Qin Lie suddenly. The bottle was filled with a light green medicine that smelled like fresh grass and wood.

“Drink this medicine first. It will cause your emotions to fluctuate.” La Pu said.

Qin Lie accepted the bottle, but felt a trace of hesitation passing through his mind. He couldn’t claim that the medicine was absolutely harmless, and he was also afraid that La Pu was scheming to harm him.

He was no longer that simple youth he was before. He had become less trustful of people after experiencing the evils of a human’s heart.

La Pu noticed his worry and chuckled twice before saying with a low and raspy voice, “Caution is a good habit.”

He withdrew the porcelain bottle and poured one third of the medicine into a copper wine bowl. Then, he drank it all in one gulp.

Qin Lie watched him closely and made sure not to miss him swallowing the liquid. Then, he waited for fifteen minutes to see if there was any reaction. Finally, he gave La Pu an apologetic smile and drank the remaining liquid inside the bowl.

“There are three aspects you need to familiarize yourself with and master in order to grasp the power of bloodline. First, you need to be able to activate it, sense it, and express its hidden ancient power,” La Pu explained, “Then, you need to circulate this energy and use your god given talents in battle. Finally, you need to find a way to improve the power of your bloodline and strengthen your talent. This is so that it may grow continuously.”

Qin Lie listened carefully as his eyes glittered with high concentration.

The knowledge of bloodline La Pu was teaching him was the element he was missing and desired the most right now.

In this regard, neither Xue Li, Lang Xie, Mo Lingye, nor Li Mu could help him.

Only a foreign race clansman like La Pu who had researched this subject for thousands of years could answer the questions in his mind and teach him the true wonders of the bloodlines.

“The soul and the bloodline are two of the most mysterious things in the world. For billions of years, countless living beings had sought for the ultimate truth behind these two things, but to this day there are still none who would dare claim that they had figured out all of the secrets of the soul and the bloodline. These two things are the forbidden zones of all living beings in this infinite world. It feels as if we can use up all our knowledge and still fail to analyze these two things in full.”

“However, after numerous efforts, these people had discovered an extremely subtle relation between the soul and the bloodline.”

“For example, it is discovered that the activation of bloodline power requires the coordination of the soul in most cases. More specifically, it requires the coordination of one’s emotions. There are a lot of actual cases that proved that the majority of living beings who awakened their power of bloodline were emotionally completely out of control. They were experiencing either extreme irritation, extreme depression, extreme despair, extreme excitement, or extreme hate and so on…”

“The extreme fluctuation of emotions could normally trigger a change in one’s blood. It enabled the martial practitioner to express the secrets hidden inside their bloodline.”

“Therefore, the easiest way to activate your power of bloodline was to throw your emotions into turmoil. By allowing your emotions to go out of control, you’ll be able to identify the emotion that corresponds to your bloodline.”

“This medicine could make your normally controlled emotions go out of control. It will make you recall the past and make you feel crazy, irritated, or absolute despair.”

“Right now, what you need to do is to wait for the medicine to be slowly digested by your body so that it may take effect.”

La Pu’s expression turned calm as he observed Qin Lie quietly while talking. His eyes were dim as if he was pondering the next step.

At first, Qin Lie didn’t feel much feeling or discomfort after consuming the medicine.

But a while later, he suddenly felt as if his mind had become incredibly active. It became very easy for him to recall the past and remember those unforgettable memories.

“That’s right, that’s the state you should be in. Recall your most unforgettable past and deepest memories. These things can easily trigger strong emotional responses and make you lose control of your emotions!” La Pu guided patiently and systematically.

And so Qin Lie began to recall his past.

He recalled the time he was at Herb Mountain. He was muddle-headed at the time, and he spent all his time cultivating Heavenly Thunder Eradication in the state of Thoughtless Tranquility.

He had no friends at the time, and his grandfather Qin Shan would vanish occasionally.

At the time he felt incredibly lonely and empty, so lonely that he felt like he was the only person alive in the entire world.

The feeling of depression and gloominess was enlarged little by little, and his hung head looked incredibly lonely.

Later on, his grandfather left behind a letter and a wooden sculpture and left before he knew it. He had not seen him since.

The longer he lived, the more he felt that life was dull and boring. He couldn’t recall a single thing that warmed his heart or made him happy.

His emotions remained downcast.

La Pu observed him closely and saw no reaction from his bloodline whatsoever. It was obvious that depression and loneliness weren’t emotions that could activate his bloodline.

Qin Lie continued to recall the past.

A silent figure had appeared in his lonely gray world. Ling Yushi was like a ray of sunlight who had suddenly invaded his gray dark world.

Every time he came back from Herb Mountain after his cultivation, he would return to his stone house and find Ling Yushi talking or complaining about all sorts of things.

It was only then that he discovered that a ray of warmth had entered his life. He began looking forward to seeing Ling Yushi everyday after he returned, hoping to listen to her long-winded prattle everyday.

His depression receded silently as his heart turned lighter. It was as if his gray world had been painted with a layer of bright colors.

The sunlight in his life made him feel optimistic as he began to experience and understand the various wonders of life.

La Pu had opened his seven eyes once more and paid close attention to Qin Lie. He hadn’t opened his eighth eye and shot that scanning beam, however.

He examined Qin Lie closely, and discovered that the emotion of happiness still wasn’t the trigger that would activate his power of bloodline.

Qin Lie continued to recall the past.

His happy emotions were destroyed by Du Jianglan and Du Fei. The Du Family mother and son entrapped and ridiculed Ling Yushi. They humiliated her and made her suffer terribly.

When Ling Yushi was bullied, anger slowly burned in his heart. He began to grow irritated even as suppressed what felt like a turbulent flame.

Later on, the Du Family’s recurring taunts, numerous covert or overt attacks and display of all kinds of treacherous and murderous methods added fuel to fire and caused the anger in his heart to grow stronger and stronger.

“Found it!” La Pu suddenly exclaimed excitedly. He sucked in a deep breath before exclaiming, “Irritation and fury is the key to activating your bloodline!”

“Boom!” A tremor suddenly jolted Qin Lie’s mind.

In the next moment, he discovered that his blood vessels were unleashing a shockingly high amount of temperature that felt like burning lava. It caused the surrounding temperature to climb incessantly.

One could vaguely see many tiny divine characters within his boiling blood. It was as if these divine characters of “blaze” in his entire body had been triggered and discharged, looking like bubbles evaporating from his blood vessels.

An unstoppable power seemed to have connected with his spirit energy instantly and discharged boiling heat out of every one of his pores as a result.

The lifeblood essences he had refined using the Blood Refinement Art grew especially violent and intense. They were like blazing fireballs that continuously urged his bloodline power to burn brighter and stronger than ever.


He circulated Heavenly Thunder Eradication and caused blue lightning the size of a baby’s arm to fly out of his palm.

This bolt of lightning actually contained many rays of dazzling flames. They looked like a tail of a flaming falling meteor and carried the sulfuric scent of lava.

When the lightning erupted, countless beams of flames and light flew towards every direction as the imperishable blaze inside the divine characters spun like tiny stars and burned everything, regardless of whether it could be burned or not. They instantly ignited La Pu’s entire forest.

“That’s the way! The power of bloodline can be fused with almost all spirit arts. Once the power of bloodline has been activated, you can execute the energy bursting inside your bloodline through a spirit art and use it to your heart’s content!” La Pu yelled.

However, Qin Lie could no longer hear La Pu’s voice.

The irritation in his heart had been ignited fiercely, and he continuously circulated his spirit arts and executed all kinds of techniques such as the Blood Dragon’s Roar and the Blood Weeping Ghost Claw. He also used the power of the earth and created many bolts of lightning, icicles, and ice shields.

He unleashed all the offensive techniques he was familiar with while his bloodline power was still surging.

The blood dragon created from Blood Dragon’s Roar had blazing flames and countless tiny divine characters flowing inside it. As a result, its power had skyrocketed by leaps and bounds.

The Blood Weeping Ghost Claw was the same.

The earth wall he created with his earth spirit energy also contained many fiery dots of flames. At closer inspection, these fiery dots were in fact burning “blaze” divine characters, and they made the wall look completely red and bright with color.

Unconsciously, he began to circulate the only spirit art he remembered from his past memories, the Spirit Arts Fusion.

The “blaze” divine characters in his bloodline easily fused with the Blood Spirit Art, Heavenly Thunder Eradication and the Records of Geocentric Magnetism. However, the fire instantly evaporated the icicles and ice shields he created when it was fused with the frost spirit art.

The only spirit art the divine character that carried the meaning “blaze” and the bloodline energy inside his body couldn’t fuse with was the frost spirit art.

Fire and water were naturally incompatible with each other.

Qin Lie roared under La Pu’s astonished gaze as he fused all kinds of spirit arts and unrestrainedly unleashed the power of his bloodline.

La Pu was absolutely speechless.

He knew that it was very easy for the power of bloodline to fuse with a martial practitioner’s spirit art. But Qin Lie had just learned how to activate the power of his bloodline. For whatever reason, he was able to fuse the power of his bloodline with his spirit arts perfectly as if he had mastered this technique many years ago.

This was almost impossible.

Even an exceptionally talented inheritor of an ancient bloodline would need a lot of time to get used to fusing the two elements when they had just grasped the way to circulate and execute their bloodline’s power.

For a powerful foreign race with a long lifespan, this period might be as short as three to five years or as long as tens of years. This wasn’t a strange occurrence at all.

But Qin Lie was able to fuse the power of his bloodline and his spirit arts without any pause or flaws. He didn’t look inexperienced at all. This shocked La Pu greatly.

Moreover, what caused him even greater shock was that Qin Lie’s spirit arts couldn’t fuse with just the power of his bloodline, but also with themselves!

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