Chapter 685: Survivor

Chapter 685: Survivor

“Do you know about the power of bloodlines?” Qin Lie looked moved.

Visiting the Heavenly Silence Continent to fulfill his promise to Chu Li and meet Forefather Terminator was just one of his objectives.

Meeting the Asura Race to ask about the Spirits of Void and Chaos and the power of bloodlines was the other objective of his trip.

Qin Lie valued the latter objective more, and it was also the true reason he was willing to travel thousands of kilometers to Terminator Sect.

Ever since he awakened his bloodline, he had been troubled by his lack of knowledge on how to activate it.

Lang Xie, Mo Lingye, and the others couldn’t help him because they were all humans. Humans hadn’t researched the power of bloodlines too deeply, so they couldn’t aid him in the discovery of his powers.

According to Mo Lingye’s explanation, the only way he could really learn about the power of bloodlines was to seek help from ancient races that possessed a terribly powerful bloodline just like him.

This La Pu was a foreign race and a Ghost Eye clansman. He sounded like he had some understanding of bloodline powers. This discovery was a sudden glimmer of hope to Qin Lie.

“I understand a little about it.” La Pu’s expression...

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