Chapter 684: Ghost Eye Race

Chapter 684: Ghost Eye Race

“Who are you?” the person behind the trees spoke using the Nether Realm’s language.

Qin Lie hadn’t answered him immediately. He thought seriously for a moment before raising the wooden sculpture in his hand and asked with the same language, “Do you recognize this?”

The person inside the forest fell silent for a moment.

He seemed to be a little surprised that Qin Lie was able to speak the Nether Realm’s language so fluently even though he was obviously a human.

“What is your relation to the Venerable One?” the person asked again.

The moment he said this, Qin Lie immediately confirmed that this evil spirit was probably a denizen of the Nether Realm. This made him relax a little as he answered, “My name is Qin Lie. Qin Shan… is my grandfather.”

A shocking aura abruptly burst from the forest. “You are the Venerable One’s grandson? His blood related grandson?!”


“Why have the Gray Wing clansmen and dragonmen chased you to this place?”

“I drove my crystalline war chariot through their territories, and so they decided to chase me down like madmen.”

“Ah, so you don’t know the rules of the Ruined Lands.” The person hiding behind the trees nodded. “Go inside while I deal with those people. I’ll come back right away.”

Once these words have been said, a dark shadow shrouded by thick aura of nether demonic energy flew out of the forest like a hidden owl. He unleashed a dark and eerie aura only a Nether Realm denizen could possess and departed swiftly.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh…”

The forest covered the entire island and constantly emitted thick nether demonic energy. There were plenty of plants unique to the Nether Realm growing lushly at that place, and together they constituted a tremendous evil life force.

“Uuuu! Let’s go! The seven-eyed old demon has come out to kill us!”

“Run quickly!”


Outside the island, the Gray Wing clansmen, dragonmen, and the evil spirits with human heads and fish bodies that had been chasing relentlessly after Qin Lie immediately let out frightened screams and retreated the second they saw the dark shadow emerging from the island.

Those who were slow quickly let out shrill cries as though they were being torn to shreds.

A second of confusion later, Qin Lie actually returned to his crystalline war chariot and flew above the lush leaves instead of going deeper into the forest. He sat above the island once more.

He stared at the intense battle from afar.

The slim and small shadow who was wrapped in nether demonic energy charged into the evil spirits like a lion who had entered a flock of sheeps. He swung the Nine Hell Nether God Claw recorded in the Nine Hell Evil Scripture, killing many evil spirits with ease.

The Nine Hell Nether God Claw was as sharp as the sharp blades of evil gods or the claw and teeth of ancient beasts. The claws tore through flesh and blood as though they were tofu.

Flesh and blood was being splattered all over the sky as decapitated corpses and bodily fluids fell from the sky, creating a rain of flesh and blood.

The entire scene looked incredibly bloody and ruthless.

The slaughter only lasted for a few dozens of seconds.

Those foreign evil spirits who failed to react in time and didn’t manage to escape at first notice had all been turned to shredded corpse parts. Once they were thoroughly crushed, they all landed on the island or fell into the seawater.

Those who reacted in time vanished without a trace in the blink of an eye.

The small dark shadow circled around the island once letting out shrill demonic howls enhanced with its exceptional energy, seemingly trying to intimidate certain people far away from his island.

It had only taken him a few dozens of seconds to deal with Qin Lie’s pursuers, but he spent a lot more time unleashing those demonic roars across the sea surface.

He circled around the island continuously and waited for a moment. When he saw that no one had come to him, he finally confirmed that none of these pursuers were exceptionally important, and that their deaths hadn’t triggered the anger of these races’ leaders.

And so the dark shadow transformed into a dark beam and returned to the center of the dense forest once more.

Qin Lie obediently withdrew his crystalline war chariot too and floated back down to the ground while still gripping the wooden sculpture.

This dark shadow’s bloody methods, violence and ruthlessness were even scarier than the methods Xue Li used when he had slaughtered the invading five forces back at Armament Sect.

Although he couldn’t determine this shadow’s true realm, Qin Lie dared not let his guard down based on his cruel killing methods alone.

“Come in,” the dark shadow beckoned him from the forest.

Step after step, Qin Lie ultimately entered the forest.


He accidentally crushed a piece of white bone beneath his foot, and a white smoke slowly rose to the air as a result. It slipped into his nose and mouth as if it had a mind of its own.

After inhaling this smoky air, Qin Lie actually felt an ache in his chest that was similar to choking. His entire body felt weak all of a sudden.

He frowned and circulated the frost spirit art in silence. The absolute frost concept appeared and washed through his body again and again like waves of cold stream.

The weakness and discomfort instantly vanished. His eyes had also regained their original clarity.

“Every white bone in this place has already been refined by me, so they’re all more or less been tainted with toxins. My name is La Pu. I am a member of the Ghost Eye Race.” Amidst the forest, the dark shadow gave away his identity.

Qin Lie adjusted himself a little while La Pu was speaking and finally entered the depths of the forest.

What he found there were a dozen or so ancient trees tens of meters tall. They had leaves as wide as banana tree’s, and they completely covered up the sky , not letting a wisp of sunlight reach the ground.

Rich and pure nether demonic energy in the air was respired by many scary-looking Nether Realm plants, and they filled up every inch of the area.

Beneath the ancient trees, there were a couple of wooden buildings that took up very little space. Strange vines unique to Nether Realm were crawling on their walls, looking like slithering black snakes.

There were also six black and sticky looking ponds in front of these buildings. The ponds had pitch black water that emanated a disgusting, foreign stench.

Besides that, the whole forest was filled with bones as far as the eyes could see. Some of these bones were sparkling, some were translucent, an obvious indicator that their spirit energy hadn’t been completely used up yet.

The dark shadow no longer hid its appearance behind a thick wall of nether demonic energy after he returned to the forest. He revealed his true appearance to Qin Lie.

He was a man less than one and a half meters tall. His skin was dark greenish in color, and his body looked wizened. His appearance was similar to that of a human except that he had seven eyes instead of two.

On his wizened face, this Ghost Eye clansman had three eyes. Another four could be seen just above his two knees and elbows.

The two eyes at his knees could look up from below, whereas the eyes above his elbows could look behind him.

All seven eyes were dark green in color. They glowed with a frightening eerie light.

“The Ghost Eye Race…” Qin Lie thought to himself.

Similar to the Horned Demon Race who categorized their strength by the number of horns they possessed, the Ghost Eye Race categorized their strength by the number of their eyes.

As a member of the three strongest races in the Nether Realm, the more eyes a Ghost Eye Race clansman possessed, the stronger they were.

This tiny old man had a total of seven eyes on his body. This meant that he possessed the strength of a Nirvana Realm human martial practitioner.

Qin Lie also noticed that the old man was clad in a soft animal skin, and there were holes in the skin where his eyes had grown.

The old man’s belly button was also exposed. Judging from its odd shape, it might very well grow into a new eye in the future.

He had lived with the Horned Demon Race’s Ku Luo for a time, so he knew a bit about the Ghost Eye Race. He knew that the eighth eye of the Ghost Eye Race appeared at their belly button.

A Ghost Eye clansmen with eight eyes were true experts. Their strength rivaled an Imperishable Realm martial practitioner, and they were incredibly terrifying.

The reason why this Ghost Eye clansman named La Pu had hidden himself in the Ruined Lands and worked hard on his cultivation seemed to be to grow his eighth eye.

While Qin Lie was examining La Pu, the old man was also examining Qin Lie with his seven eyes.

The Ghost Eye Race had a natural born advantage when it came to seeing through others. Their new eyes weren’t just there for show.

La Pu stared at Qin Lie with his seven eyes.

Qin Lie suddenly had the terrifying feeling that he had been undressed, put on a sacrificial altar, had his stomach and heart cut open and had his muscles, flesh, blood and bones researched in detail.

And this was just because La Pu was staring at him.

“According to the strength categorization of most races, you are at the early stage of the Fulfillment Realm. You possess three types of spirit energies inside your dantian’s spirit sea, and they are thunder, frost and earth spirit energies. You also possess Blood Fiend Sect’s blood spirit energy. Your physical body has evolved multiple times through some exceptionally unique method, and if we were to judge purely on the basis of physique you are stronger than most human martial practitioners of your rank. At the same rank, you are also capable of fighting against races of powerful physique such as the Asura Race. However… your physique is still a little inferior to theirs.”

La Pu voiced all of the observations he garnered from his seven eyes as he observed Qin Lie.

His observation hadn’t ended yet.

“Eh?” He suddenly exclaimed.

As he cried out, a weak green light appeared from his belly button. The green light seemed to possess even stranger powers as it penetrated deep into Qin Lie’s blood upon reaching his body.

La Pu suddenly shuddered, and his small body began to shake strongly.

It was as if using the eighth eye he hadn’t really grown yet was an extremely risky move and too much for his body to handle.

However, albeit weak, the green light continued to shine from his belly button.

La Pu sweated heavily.

Qin Lie stood unmoving and didn’t circulate his spirit energy, but he could feel his blood boiling and burning of its own accord. The “blaze” divine character that had been engraved into every part of his body began to stir.


An extremely powerful heat wave mixed with the terrifying temperature of lava abruptly erupted from Qin Lie’s blood vessels. The mysterious characters inside his blood sparkled.

La Pu’s shaking body actually retreated backwards as if he was struck by an invisible energy.

Every time he retreated, he stomped heavily on the ground and caused the entire island to shake. The surrounding ancient trees shook strongly in response.

La Pu retreated nine steps in total!

Nine steps later, he finally stopped himself as all seven eyes on his body, including the eighth that hadn’t completely emerged yet, actually closed on its own.

With all of his eyes closed, La Pu slowly adjusted himself as a rich amount of nether demonic energy surged wildly into his body. He greedily absorbed all of it like a sponge.

Qin Lie himself had turned completely red in color as a shockingly high temperature emanated from his blood vessels. He felt as if boiling lava was flowing through his body, threatening to burn the world.

No matter how he tried to circulate the frost power, he couldn’t dispel the high temperature inside his body.

A certain violent and destructive power hidden deep inside his bloodline seemed to have been awakened by La Pu’s inspection, and it seemed to be urging him to burn the person who taunted him to dust.

Qin Lie had no choice but to inhale deeply and cool down his mind again and again so that his bloodline power wouldn’t erupt at this time.

A long time later, he gradually calmed down and felt the flames inside his blood subside.

“What a terrifying bloodline power!” La Pu suddenly exclaimed.

When he looked at Qin Lie again, a hint of fear actually appeared in his eyes. Unfortunately, you haven’t truly understood your own bloodline power and figured a way to use it yet. Otherwise, my body and my soul would’ve been burned to dust already by the violent flames inside your blood.”

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