Chapter 684: Ghost Eye Race

Chapter 684: Ghost Eye Race

“Who are you?” the person behind the trees spoke using the Nether Realm’s language.

Qin Lie hadn’t answered him immediately. He thought seriously for a moment before raising the wooden sculpture in his hand and asked with the same language, “Do you recognize this?”

The person inside the forest fell silent for a moment.

He seemed to be a little surprised that Qin Lie was able to speak the Nether Realm’s language so fluently even though he was obviously a human.

“What is your relation to the Venerable One?” the person asked again.

The moment he said this, Qin Lie immediately confirmed that this evil spirit was probably a denizen of the Nether Realm. This made him relax a little as he answered, “My name is Qin Lie. Qin Shan… is my grandfather.”

A shocking aura abruptly burst from the forest. “You are the Venerable One’s grandson? His blood related grandson?!”


“Why have the Gray Wing clansmen and dragonmen chased you to this place?”

“I drove my crystalline war chariot through their territories, and so they decided to chase me down like madmen.”

“Ah, so you don’t know the rules of the Ruined Lands.” The person hiding behind the trees nodded. “Go inside while I deal with those people. I’ll come back right away.”


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