Chapter 683: Setting Off Landmines Everywhere

Chapter 683: Setting Off Landmines Everywhere

Pitch black beams soared to the sky from every corner of the island like beacons before homing on Qin Lie’s direction.

For a time, the whole island sounded like hundreds of wailing ghosts.

After Qin Lie concentrated on his surroundings from inside the crystalline war chariot, he quickly discovered that a dozen or so old Gray Wing Race clansmen and a lot more black-cloaked martial practitioners riding on spirit birds were flying toward him.


The old Gray Wing man who had summoned reinforcements yelled loudly while pointing at Qin Lie, asking the island’s inhabitants to kill him.

Seeing that the situation had gone awry, Qin Lie didn’t dare show off his abilities and hurriedly activated all of the energy of the spirit stones plugged into the chariot before the reinforcements managed to encircle him.

He himself was also pouring all of his spirit energy into the crystalline war chariot.

Since the chariot was of pretty high quality, it quickly transformed into a prismatic beam that streaked towards the inner depths of the Ruined Lands.

Behind him, the Gray Wing clansmen and the black-robed martial practitioners were hooting loudly and chasing him with all they had.

“You won’t escape, brat!” A hooded black-robed...

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