Chapter 683: Setting Off Landmines Everywhere

Chapter 683: Setting Off Landmines Everywhere

Pitch black beams soared to the sky from every corner of the island like beacons before homing on Qin Lie’s direction.

For a time, the whole island sounded like hundreds of wailing ghosts.

After Qin Lie concentrated on his surroundings from inside the crystalline war chariot, he quickly discovered that a dozen or so old Gray Wing Race clansmen and a lot more black-cloaked martial practitioners riding on spirit birds were flying toward him.


The old Gray Wing man who had summoned reinforcements yelled loudly while pointing at Qin Lie, asking the island’s inhabitants to kill him.

Seeing that the situation had gone awry, Qin Lie didn’t dare show off his abilities and hurriedly activated all of the energy of the spirit stones plugged into the chariot before the reinforcements managed to encircle him.

He himself was also pouring all of his spirit energy into the crystalline war chariot.

Since the chariot was of pretty high quality, it quickly transformed into a prismatic beam that streaked towards the inner depths of the Ruined Lands.

Behind him, the Gray Wing clansmen and the black-robed martial practitioners were hooting loudly and chasing him with all they had.

“You won’t escape, brat!” A hooded black-robed martial practitioner spoke with a dark voice that sounded as shrill as a needle.

“What a terrible luck.” Qin Lie swore inwardly and ignored the black-robed martial practitioner’s threats, charging forward.


After escaping the desolate island and passing over the sea, the crystalline war chariot appeared on another island..

“Do not enter my domain, you gray-feathered birdmen!” An incredibly shrill voice rang from the island beneath Qin Lie. It was so sharp that Qin Lie felt like his eardrums were going to bleed.

Qin Lie trembled as a humming sound buzzed in his head. He couldn’t help but look down beneath him.

This particular island had many bald mountains, and among them there were a couple of gigantic caves with several dragon heads poking out of them. This foreign race consisted of large beings with humanoid bodies and oily green skin. There seemed to be some sort of sticky liquid constantly secreting out of their pores.

The dragonman that had yelled in the human language had scaly armor all over his large arms, and he was apparently holding two leg bones that were completely drenched in blood. He was yelling and swinging the blood drenched bones at the same time, and Qin Lie could see that his two sharp rows of teeth were covered in blood too.

It was obvious that this dragonman was eating, and the food in his hands… seemed to be a human’s legs.

He was eating them raw, too.

The Gray Wing pursuers and the black-robed martial practitioners immediately looked hesitant when they heard the dragonman’s roar.

After a moment’s consideration, they stopped chasing and stared hatefully at Qin Lie from afar.

“Foolish human!” The black-robed martial practitioner sneered.

Just as Qin Lie was puzzling over the guy’s words, a sense of danger suddenly sprung to his mind. His expression abruptly changed as he saw what was going on beneath him.

“More fresh meat has shown up at our doorsteps, everyone!” The dragonman yelled.

A dozen or so dragonmen let out strange laughs before they suddenly tossed the fleshy bones they were chewing on at Qin Lie. They crackled in midair, obviously carrying a tremendous amount of power behind them.


The crystalline war chariot Qin Lie was riding on was struck by three bones and instantly rendered useless as if it was cut by three sharp blades.

And so, the second crystalline war chariot started falling towards the ground.

The dragonmen were all moving their heads about and licking their lips unconsciously. Their eyes were filled with terrible hunger.

The biggest dragonman among the group was probably going to enter the Fragmentation Realm soon. The aura flowing out of his body caused even Qin Lie to feel fearful on the inside.

“You can’t even get a break in this bloody place!”

Qin Lie swore loudly and took out another crystalline war chariot from his spatial ring before he crashed into the ground.

After he had jumped onto the new crystalline war chariot, he looked deeply at the strange dragonmen before flying at full speed towards another island.

“Chase him!”

The leader of the dragonmen howled angrily and pushed his feet off the ground and soared into the sky like a cannonball.

A terrible and violent aura locked onto Qin Lie and caused the air in front of him to turn solid, creating many wind walls along his escape route.


Qin Lie conjured two ice blades in his hands and swung them repeatedly. Simultaneously unleashing many ice beams, he furiously slashed at the walls.

The wind walls didn’t get a chance to completely solidify before they shattered under his full-powered attacks.

This furious onslaught allowed his crystalline war chariot to pass through unhindered.

A dozen or so seconds later, Qin Lie’s chariot finally escaped the island where the dragonmen were at and flew even deeper into the Ruined Lands.

“Chase him!” The onlooking Gray Wing Race and black-robed men cried out again after they saw him flying away from the dragonmen’s island.

Qin Lie swore loudly on the inside.

Behind him, the Gray Wing Race, black-robed men, and dragonmen were chasing after him together like mad dogs.

Because he was a newcomer and knew nothing of this place’s rules, he was being pursued by three different forces even before stepping into the depths of the Ruined Lands.

Even Xing Yuyuan knew little about the secrets of the Ruined Lands. He didn’t know that these islands were in fact inhabited by many evil spirits.

At the Ruined Lands, weak cultivators should do their best to avoid the islands inhabited by powerful evil spirits and avoid provoking their ire as well as they possibly could.

Qin Lie had driven his crystalline war chariot across the Gray Wing Race, black-robed men and dragonmen’s territories. His actions had hit their bottom line, which was why they had acted immediately to hunt him down with all their might.

The bloody battles between evil spirits at the Ruined Lands almost never needed a reason.

Sometimes, powerful evil spirits would go on a rampage and slaughter anyone they caught when they were feeling unhappy.

When they lacked spirit materials, they would go on a rampage. When they lacked food or simply felt like consuming some flesh and blood, they would also go on a rampage

This place was a gathering of madmen after all.

If Qin Lie was powerful enough, if Qin Lie’s cultivation was at the late stage of the Nirvana Realm, he only needed to unleash his tremendous aura and be able to do whatever he wanted on those three forces’ islands. Not only would they not slip a fart, they would hide themselves as quickly as they could in fear that they would draw Qin Lie’s ire.

Those who possessed sufficient power would be able to do whatever they want and move about unhindered in the Ruined Lands.

Unfortunately, Qin Lie was just an insignificant early stage Fulfillment Realm martial practitioner. The fact that he was flying on a crystalline war chariot proved that he couldn’t fly on his own.

Death was the only price they would accept from a weakling who dared to taunt them and fly over their islands!

Not long after Qin Lie had entered the Ruined Lands, he had already lost two crystalline war chariots and was being pursued by three different forces. He didn’t even have a chance to learn the customs of this place.

He had finally learned a little about the Ruined Lands from his past mistakes, and he no longer flew above the other islands even though he was still charging towards the Ruined Lands.

He entered a reef area.


Many translucent water pillars shot out of the water and slammed fiercely into Qin Lie’s crystalline war chariot.


His third crystalline war chariot exploded just like that.

A dozen or so foreign people with human heads and fish bodies looked up to the sky coldly from the reef area. They wielded spirit blades and forks, and they exposed half of their bodies from the water.

Qin Lie fell down again from the sky.

He took out a fourth crystalline war chariot.

When he looked back behind him, he finally realized why the Gray Wing Race, black-robed men and other pursuers had adjusted their flight direction slightly when he had ventured into this reef area. He finally realized why they were willing to take a longer route and surround him from another direction.

It was obvious that he had stepped on another landmine.

“Kill him!” The person with a human head but a fish’s body ordered coldly.

When Qin Lie sent out his soul consciousness and discovered that this foreign man was actually no weaker than a middle stage Fragmentation Realm martial practitioner, he had no choice but to escape with his tail between his legs yet again.

And just like that, a newcomer flew blindly across the Ruined Lands while dragging a long tail of provoked evil spirits behind him.

Thankfully, none of those evil spirits had the power to kill him instantly or prevent him from making an escape. That was why he was still able to swear and venture even deeper into the Ruined Lands.


Suddenly, he felt a twinge in his mind as he sensed a familiar ripple of energy that he hadn’t felt for a long time from the wooden sculpture inside his spatial ring.

He eyes immediately lit up.

By now, seven different races of evil spirits had been ordered by their leaders to hunt him down with all their might.

They seemed to be intent on chasing him to the ends of the world.

He gradually made his way into the depths of the Ruined Lands and saw even more islands on the horizon. He also understood that the evil spirits he would encounter in the future would only be scarier than the ones chasing behind him.

The evil spirits and foreign races deep inside the Ruined Lands were the true bosses of these lands. Compared to them, the pursuers behind him were small fries at best.

That was why the evil spirits behind him had grown more and more cautious as they attempted to catch him. They had even stopped shouting.

These pursuers had also noticed that they were venturing deeper and deeper into the Ruined Lands and getting really close to truly terrible powers. Even they were getting scared.

Occasionally, an evil spirit from the inner depths of the Ruined Lands would go crazy for a moment and slaughter their way through a particular direction.

They often got dragged into a mess like this.

Another island appeared before Qin Lie’s eyes. This island was hundreds of meters wide and completely enveloped in strange-looking trees. The inner depths of the island were crawling with a terrifying and eerie aura.

Qin Lie’s expression changed yet again after he probed the island for a moment. “That’s… nether demonic energy!”

He pondered for a moment and took out the wooden sculpture his grandfather had left behind from the spatial ring. Then, he adjusted the direction of his sixth crystalline war chariot and quickly flew towards this island.

Behind him, all the evil spirits who were chasing him suddenly paled at the sight of Qin Lie charging head first into this tree-covered island.

Every single one of them came to an abrupt halt and didn’t dare to step within a hundred meters of this island. They simply looked at the island from afar as if they were waiting to hear the news of Qin Lie’s death.

“Whoosh, whoosh!”

The crystalline war chariot flew slower as Qin Lie focused all of his attention on his surroundings. With an expression of utmost seriousness, he carefully approached the island.

He grasped the wooden sculpture tightly with one hand.

As of this moment, the wooden sculpture was emitting dark green halos as a strange, unknown energy radiated and spread towards the surroundings.

The islands’ trees were a dozen or so meters tall and had leaves thick enough to block the sky itself. Therefore, he couldn’t see what was beneath them.

Hiding his hesitation, Qin Lie carefully controlled the crystalline war chariot to gradually descend onto the island.

He passed through a slightly big gap amid the leaves plunged through the trees, and landed on the island.

All kinds of carcasses could be found on the forest’s gray brown soil. Most of the remains belonged to ancient beasts or foreign races, and there were only very few that belonged to humans. They were all gray white in color without a trace of spirit energy left in them.

Qin Lie’s eyes turned chilly as he grew more and more wary towards his surroundings.

“Who are you?” A cold voice suddenly rang from inside the forest. He spoke the Nether Realm’s language.

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