Chapter 682: Blazing Flames!

Chapter 682: Blazing Flames!

The Ruined Lands consisted of almost a hundred of large and small desolate islands, and some of them were shrouded in thick eerie aura. This was because the former hiding spots of those evil spirits still contained many fearsome creatures that weren’t taken out during the sweep back then.

Evil spirit was actually a title given to all cultivators who cultivated the evil spirit art or to some cruel foreign races.

The Blood Fiend Sect martial practitioners who consumed human blood for cultivation were also called evil spirits once and disapproved by the mainstream forces.

The Asura Race clansmen who invaded the Land of Chaos and committed brutal slaughters on every continent were also called evil spirits and were attacked by everyone.

The martial practitioners who used corpses to cultivate by gathering corpse energy were also called evil spirits.

Any forces that weren’t acknowledged by the nine great Silver rank forces, be it foreigners or humans, were unanimously called evil spirits and forbidden from operating openly in the Land of Chaos.

After Blood Fiend Sect was hailed as evil spirits, they had no choice but to hide themselves and operate in secret.

Otherwise, every force in the Land of Chaos could work together to attack and slaughter their people as much as they liked. There was absolutely no mercy to be spoken of here.

This time, it was only thanks to the combined acknowledgement of Terminator Sect, Illusory Demon Sect, and Heavenly Sword Mountain, as well as the silence of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Celestial Artifact Sect that the ominous title was wiped off from Blood Fiend Sect’s name. That was why they dared to head to the Setting Sun Islands publicly and stand against Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families.

Although those people who cultivated the evil or deviant secret arts that largely deviated from normal evil arts weren’t acknowledged by the nine great Silver rank forces, there were some tenacious people who continued to cultivate them in secret.

There were even many reputable people in the nine great forces who cultivated such arts in secret too.

However, those people would never appear publicly. Even they could only hide themselves and cultivate in secret.

Every time they executed those evil arts in a battle, they would absolutely kill all witnesses to prevent their identities from being exposed. This was so that they wouldn’t draw trouble unto themselves and be expelled from their sect.

Evil spirits normally wouldn’t operate openly on the five great continents. Even if they were to appear somewhere else, they would still very cautiously conceal themselves in fear of being exposed, chased and ultimately killed.

There were only a few places in the Land of Chaos where evil spirits dared to operate openly without disguise or any fear whatsoever.

The Ruined Lands were one of them.


Qin Lie used the fox skin mask he got from Song Tingyu to change his appearance and summoned Yao Tian’s face once again. At the same time, he steered the crystalline war chariot streaking across the sky of the Ruined Lands.

The blue crystalline war chariot appeared at a red-and-black island containing a pile of dried bones and many rivers.

The rivers were either as black as ink or as red as blood. They gave off a disgusting stench and filled the entire island with a dark and oppressive atmosphere.

Qin Lie looked down curiously at the sceneries below. He subconsciously slowed the crystalline war chariot’s speed.

The crystalline war chariot flew slowly across the nameless island as Qin Lie released his soul consciousness and probed around for activity.

A pond that stank to the high heavens suddenly entered Qin Lie’s eyes. When he concentrated on the pond, his soul consciousness also went inside.

Suddenly, a brutal soul vibration erupted from the bottom of the pond.

The gray pond water rippled in a bizarre fashion before it actually transformed into a ghost’s face.

This face was eerie, ugly, and scary. It seemed to be looking at Qin Lie riding on his crystalline war chariot in the sky.

The ghost face suddenly gave him an eerie smile.

Qin Lie felt a chill from the bottom of his heart.

Dozens of tentacles suddenly shot out of the pond’s surface and swung wildly at high speed. The air seemed to crack and pop as the tentacles flew towards him.

The tentacles were greenish purple in color and about as wide as a baby’s arm. They looked as soft as cotton, and if one looked closely enough, one would even notice that these tentacles were embedded with many pearl-like objects. The pearl even seemed to be rolling on their own.

Upon closer inspection, Qin Lie discovered that these “pearls” were in fact human eyeballs. They glowed with a kind of dim blue light that made them look like wraiths of the inner depths of hell. They gave off an extreme chilliness.

At the same time, many strands of icy and evil consciousnesses that looked like eerie snakes let out ghastly howls and surged suddenly towards his mind.

Dozens of greenish purple tentacles touched the crystalline war chariot and actually held it in place like they were suckers.

The tentacles abruptly exerted strength.

The crystalline war chariot shook intensely, and despite all of his efforts Qin Lie wasn’t able to stop it from plummeting to the pond.


The evil mind energy coming from the eyeballs was also howling in ghastly fashion inside his mind in an attempt to break his mind.

Qin Lie’s pupils shrank.

A bit of electricity erupted from deep within his pupils, and a roar of lightning later all of the evil thoughts that had invaded his mind were completely destroyed.


Just as he was about to cut those tentacles into pieces, a terrifying force twisted and crushed the crystalline war chariot into pieces.

Qin Lie fell towards the horrible smelling pond.

On the pond surface, the terrifying ghost face was chuckling excitedly as if it was waiting for the moment Qin Lie entered the pond.

The gray colored pond had taken on a scary greenish purple color before he knew it, and he could vaguely see many broken limbs and rotting corpses at the edge of the pond.

A single glance of this scene could cause a cowardly martial practitioner to suffer at least half a month of nightmares.

It was obvious that a cultivator who cultivated a certain evil art was hiding beneath the pond.


Thick, cold mist abruptly burst out of Qin Lie’s body as he fell down towards the pond. Layers of ice enveloped him and sealed him at the center.


The ice crystal that enveloped Qin Lie landed heavily on the pond and sank to the inner depths of the pond in an instant.

Inside the ice, Qin Lie frowned as he surveyed his surroundings with a frigid look on his face.

Broken limbs, floating corpses, rotting heads and many, many more eerie white skeletons could be found inside the pond.

There was a deep and dark cave at the bottom of the pond, and it was devouring the objects around it like a devil’s mouth.

The broken limbs, corpses, bones and heads floating around the water all surged towards the dark cave. The terrifying sound of something being chewed actually resounded the second those things entered the cave.

After Qin Lie had fallen into the pond, his ice-encased body was also sucked towards the dark cave.

“Zzt zzt zzt!”

Dozens of greenish purple tentacles stretched out of that dark cave once more as they attempted to trap him like several hundred meter long water snakes.

“Blood Art: Explode!”

Eight lifeblood essences that looked like translucent bloody jades suddenly flew out of the icy crystal and flew agilely into the cave like eight bloody beams.

The bloody lights ignored the pond’s bizarre power and entered the cave in the blink of an eye.

“Pwack! Pwack! Pwack!”

All eight lifeblood essences exploded at the same time as a terrifying energy that could detonate all living beings’ blood and body shot out from deep inside the cave!

At the same time, the ‘blaze’ divine characters instantly unleashed a terrifying amount of heat and burned with a temperature that could melt even stones.


Inside the dark cave, crackling explosions and turbulent flames appeared.

The moment the flames appeared, the whole greenish purple pond began to burn at a shocking rate like an ignited fryer. There was also the sound of explosions and the sound of flesh and blood being blasted into bits.

The pond water was being evaporated at a shocking rate as though it had been turned into lava, looking like it could burn everything to dust.

An uncontrollable scream of pain suddenly resounded from inside that dark cave. The scream was filled with infinite hatred as this unknown cultivator swore and howled at Qin Lie using an unknown language.

Qin Lie’s face was indifferent. As the flames inside the pond burned stronger and stronger, he took out a new crystalline war chariot and escaped the scene.

He flew back into the sky and looked down at the burning pond from above. He touched his chin and pondered.

After the eight lifeblood essences had exploded, the ripple of energy and blood that appeared in an instant could cause many martial practitioners to lose control of their blood or simply detonate a lower realm martial practitioner like a bomb.

But this wasn’t their most scary trait.

What was scary was that the ‘blaze’ divine characters inside his lifeblood essences would also burn and transform everything into terrifying flames that seemed capable of burning anything to dust.

Even now, the flames were still burning the pond water that had been transformed by the cultivator’s evil art, causing it to evaporate it swiftly.

He stared calmly at the scene from the sky above without moving, but he could feel that the divine characters inside his eight lifeblood essences weren’t fully unleashed yet and were still burning.

A short while later, the entire pond had been entirely evaporated, leaving behind only a scorched pitch black hole.

It was only eight lifeblood essences, but the ‘blaze’ divine characters inside them had successfully evaporated a pond that was hundreds of meters wide. Even now he could see some tiny sparks burning tenaciously inside the black hole.

The tentacles that had stretched out of the dark cave and attempted to trap him had long since been burned to dust. In fact, not even its dust could be seen now.

The vague howls and swearings of the unknown cultivator deep inside the cave gradually subsided.

Qin Lie pondered and watched as he waited for the cultivator to show up.

A while later, when the eight lifeblood essences had used up all their energies, when the giant cave no longer burned with flames, a violent but weak howl resounded from the black cave.


A pitch black light flew out of the cave. It was a Gray Wing Race old man with gray wings. A large majority of his wings were scorched black, and it cut a sorry figure when it appeared.

Beneath the giant hole, the dark colored remains of a foreign beast that was almost a hundred meters long slowly grew clearer to Qin Lie’s eyes.

Judging from its frame, Qin Lie thought that this huge “pet” the Gray Wing Race old man was raising looked a little like the Soul Devouring Beast he had once killed.

However, since this foreign beast was burned to death by Qin Lie’s flames, the only thing that was left was its skeleton. He wasn’t really able to identify it just from its pitch black skeleton alone.

“Uuah, uuah…”

The Gray Wing Race clansman wore extremely hateful eyes as he flapped his wings and swore angrily at Qin Lie using a foreign language.

“You wanted so much to charge into your death that even I wasn’t able to stop you. I had no choice,” Qin Lie said calmly.

“Uuah! Uuah!” The Gray Wing Race old man was still howling angrily.

Just as Qin Lie grew impatient and was about to speak, his expression suddenly took a change.

Echoing howls began to rang from the other parts of this supposedly desolate island. Very soon, many eerie auras crawled up from deep underground, heading in his direction.

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