Chapter 682: Blazing Flames!

Chapter 682: Blazing Flames!

The Ruined Lands consisted of almost a hundred of large and small desolate islands, and some of them were shrouded in thick eerie aura. This was because the former hiding spots of those evil spirits still contained many fearsome creatures that weren’t taken out during the sweep back then.

Evil spirit was actually a title given to all cultivators who cultivated the evil spirit art or to some cruel foreign races.

The Blood Fiend Sect martial practitioners who consumed human blood for cultivation were also called evil spirits once and disapproved by the mainstream forces.

The Asura Race clansmen who invaded the Land of Chaos and committed brutal slaughters on every continent were also called evil spirits and were attacked by everyone.

The martial practitioners who used corpses to cultivate by gathering corpse energy were also called evil spirits.

Any forces that weren’t acknowledged by the nine great Silver rank forces, be it foreigners or humans, were unanimously called evil spirits and forbidden from operating openly in the Land of Chaos.

After Blood Fiend Sect was hailed as evil spirits, they had no choice but to hide themselves and operate in secret.


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