Chapter 680: Building a Sect!

Chapter 680: Building a Sect!

It had taken Profound Heaven Alliance around two hundred years of development and accumulation to possess their current wealth.

But Qin Lie had used only a dozen or so years to grow from a nobody to a public figure.

This was already ridiculously quick.

No one even considered that Qin Lie could amass such a tremendous amount of wealth and all sorts of spirit materials in just two years time.

To Song Yu and Xie Yaoyang, Qin Lie was like an upstart who obtained a wealth of spirit materials they took hundreds of years to accumulate.

They were extremely stunned by this.

They expected that Qin Lie had risen in status and become wealthy before they came to the Setting Sun Islands.

However, not only had Qin Lie attained an astonishing level of status, he even possessed a terrifying amount of wealth and resources right now. This was something they could have never imagined.

This meant that Qin Lie could swiftly transform Flaming Sun Island into a Copper rank force like Profound Heaven Alliance as long as he could recruit a few Fulfillment Realm and Fragmentation Realm experts into his fold.

“This is too quick. This is so quick it’s unbelievable. The speed of his growth has far exceeded our expectations,” Song Yu exclaimed inwardly.

Xie Yaoyang looked just as shocked.

“Blood Fiend Sect sure is generous.” Xie Jingxuan’s eyes were filled with surprise too.

“Qin Lie, you promised to take my father and Uncle Xie to Gray Island and pick ancient elite remains,” Song Tingyu smiled cheerfully.

She chose to bring up the matter while Qin Lie was full of cheer.

As she expected, Qin Lie cheerfully agreed, “Let’s go to the Gray Island!”

Song Tingyu’s eyes lit up, and Xie Jingxuan also looked pleased. Meanwhile, Song Yu and Xie Yaoyang had instantly grown excited upon hearing this.

The three crystalline war chariots rumbled and arrived at Gray Island a dozen or so seconds later.

“Go choose one on your own while I head down there to take a look. Tell me after you’ve come to a decision.” Qin Lie charged towards Gray Island after he said this. He arrived at the limestone tower Mo Hai and Tang Siqi were at.

Mo Hai was currently arranging lodgings for the newly arrived Armament Sect disciples. They were busy tidying the many spirit materials inside the warehouses and storage rooms. Some of them were busy happily managing every minute change occurring inside their furnaces.

He could see that they were extremely satisfied with Gray Island’s environment and felt a true sense of belonging towards this place.

“Blood Fiend Sect is really generous.” Yi Yuan suddenly appeared out of nowhere and said to Qin Lie lazily, “If they hadn’t given you Flaming Sun Island, Gray Island, and Blood Island, we would not have felt a sense of belonging and treated this place as home.”

Qin Lie nodded lightly.

It was true that he hadn’t felt anything special when he first arrived at the Setting Sun Islands. He simply thought of it as a place to stay.

In the future, if he had found a better place and a better environment, he would have even considered taking his people away from his place.

But now it was different.

When Flaming Sun Island, Gray Island and Blood Island had officially become his, when he was called “Island Master Qin” and saw the many limestone towers that had been constructed at these islands, and when he saw Blood Spear and Armament Sect had put down roots at this place, he realized that before he knew it, his perspective on this place had changed.

He now thought of it as another home.

“Gray Island’s spirit material warehouses are a lot richer than the old Armament Sect’s.” Yi Yuan sighed. “Gray Island also has a lot of artifact forging furnaces. I’m not sure where Blood Fiend Sect found them, but they are all of exceptional quality. Even the great elder wouldn’t stop praising them.

“The world’s spirit energy at Gray Island is a bit stronger than even on Flame Volcano back then.”

“What’s even more surprising is the fact that the island’s scripture tower contains a lot of books on artifact forging. Although these books are all copies, the knowledge they contained is extremely valuable. They were probably something Blood Fiend Sect had collected in the past, copied recently and put into the tower.”

“These scriptures of artifact forging scored many sighs of admiration from the great elder. He said that it had opened up a whole new world to him.”

Qin Lie was secretly moved.

Blood Fiend Sect was a veteran Silver rank force that had lived on for several thousand years. They had eliminated many smaller forces and collected all sorts of scriptures through countless bloody wars.

Some of these scriptures contained knowledge about the cultivation of spirit arts, and some contained knowledge about artifact forging and medicinal creation.

All the scriptures regarding artifact forging had been rewritten and put inside Gray Island’s scripture tower so that the artificers inside could study them. It was yet another massive stroke of expenditure by Blood Fiend Sect.

Artificers like Great Elder Mo Hai, Tang Siqi and Lian Rou were swiftly falling in love with Blood Fiend Sect after seeing these artifact forging scriptures.

Qin Lie was truly impressed by Blood Fiend Sect’s methods in winning the people’s hearts.

“If they had spent this much on Gray Island, then I can only imagine how filled with benevolence the Blood Island where Lord Lang Xie is at will be.” Yi Yuan smiled. “This way, not only would everyone look at this place as their new home, they would even do their best to protect this place. This greatly solidifies our alliance with Blood Fiend Sect.”

While the duo was talking with each other, Mo Hai and Tang Siqi came out of the scripture tower after getting news of Qin Lie’s arrival. They were both smiling with great satisfaction.

“How is this place?” Qin Lie asked smilingly.

“It’s good, it’s very good, it’s very, very good!” The normally stoic Mo Hai nodded repeatedly and smiled like a child. “I cannot find any flaws at all! Even I had never imagined that after Armament Sect’s demise we would one day possess a cultivation environment that’s far better than former Armament Sect’s!”

“The only thing it lacks is a Flame Volcano and an endless supply of earthfire, but it is superior to the former Armament Sect in every other way!” Tang Siqi said excitedly.

“That’s great.” Qin Lie relaxed.

“Qin Lie! We’re done choosing!” Song Tingyu’s shout rang from afar.

“I’ll come back right away.”

It didn’t take long before he appeared at Song Yu and Xie Yaoyang’s location. They were staring with shiny eyes at a dead five hundred meter long python’s carcass.

“I would like to have this beast’s remains!” Song Yu said.


“I would like that ancient beast’s body.” Xie Yaoyang pointed towards a different direction.

He pointed at Gray Wing Race clansman’s remains that were entangled inside gray currents of air. Its skin was crumpled into wrinkly patches.


Without asking any questions or showing any hesitation at all, Qin Lie took out the Demon Sealing Tombstone and unsealed both remains. Then, he left the area and went back to Mo Hai.

Qin Lie nodded inwardly when he saw the Armament Sect disciples settling into their new homes and being assigned to different areas.

He suddenly realized that he had fulfilled Ying Xingran’s dream through a different method. He had helped rebuild Armament Sect in a whole new light and planted its roots in the Land of Chaos.

Mo Hai, Tang Siqi, Lian Rou, Yi Yuan and Lang Xie were all former Armament Sect disciples.

Back at the Scarlet Tide Continent, when he killed Ying Xingran and the three great reverends, he had nearly indirectly destroyed Armament Sect and cut off all of their hopes for a rebirth.

However, he had created a new environment for Mo Hai and the others and granted them a pure land.

As of that day, the Gray Island and Blood Island had possessed a wealth of spirit materials and combat power that surpassed the former Armament Sect.

In the future, Gray Island and Blood Island would leave the former Armament Sect in the dust while making themselves famous in this vast world called the Land of Chaos.

“I’ve unintentionally realized your dying wish,” he said quietly in his mind.

He hadn’t left Flaming Sun Island in a hurry.

During the next couple of days on Flaming Sun Island, he focused on refining lifeblood essences and stabilizing his realm. He also analysed the gigantic spider web in the third space of the Soul Suppressing Orb and mastered three new middle grade spirit diagrams.

These three middle grade spirit diagrams were called Materialization, Illusory Form and Realization. He gradually mastered these three new spirit diagrams through countless spirit board inscriptions.

Materialization, Illusory Form and Realization were meant to be used with Soul Sealing. After a soul had been sealed into a spirit artifact, Materialization could cause the artifact’s soul to manifest itself, while Illusory Form could cause it to transform into many different forms. Meanwhile, Realization enabled an artifact’s soul to come out of the artifact and manifest physically into existence.

These three spirit diagrams were to be used with an artifact soul. He hadn’t peered deep into its exact uses yet.

However, when he was inscribing the three new types of spirit diagrams onto the spirit boards he discovered, much to his pleasant surprise, that his True Soul’s power was growing at a pleasing rate.

When he was inscribing these three spirit diagrams, he slowly gained an indescribable understanding of the minute details of a soul.

His own True Soul felt as if it was being washed clean through some mysterious method.

He swiftly stabilized his early stage Fulfillment Realm cultivation, and he discovered that he had achieved an incredibly obvious breakthrough in both spirit energy and mind.

The only thing that still eluded him was the way to activate the power of his bloodline. He had grown massively in all other aspects.

“Flaming Sun Island now possesses a tremendous wealth of spirit materials and resources. Do you have any thoughts on how to distribute them in the future?”

Inside Qin Lie’s pavilion, Song Tingyu was lying on top of Qin Lie as she drew playful circles on his chest with her fingers. She asked softly with a lazy expression and a seductive blush on her beautiful face.

Qin Lie thought for a moment as he unconsciously caressed her firm butt with his hands. Then, he said with a headache, “I’m not good at these things.”

“Flaming Sun Island, Gray Island, and Blood Island may accumulate more spirit materials and spirit stones in the future. They will be welcoming more recruits as well.” Song Tingyu turned serious. “Whether those spirit materials and spirit stones should be invested into Blood Island to enhance Blood Spear’s strength, or into Gray Island to support Master Mo and his artificers’ research of artifact forging is a difficult question. How should we split the ratio of our investment is also a difficult question. The management of these things needs the hand of a professional or it’ll cause many troubles.”

Qin Lie frowned.

“Also… would Gray Island and Blood Island listen to your commands? Would they really submit to your control?” Song Tingyu asked again.

Qin Lie frowned worriedly, “I’ve never thought about such things.”

“You may not have thought about them, but that doesn’t mean these problems do not exist. Flaming Sun Island could be considered a new force now, and there is a need to arrange the distribution of resources and manpower properly. This is the only way we can prevent unnecessary troubles from occuring,” Song Tingyu said gently as she bit her lips. “It’s fine if you don’t understand, but you should at least pass these matters to someone you trust. Only then can you do other things without worry.”

Qin Lie gradually understood what she meant.

“I’ve talked with my father. From now on, I’m… no longer a member of Profound Heaven Alliance. I won’t be returning to the Scarlet Tide Continent all that often either.” Song Tingyu’s eyes were bright. “I’ll be staying at Flaming Sun Island for a long time.”

“I’m not sure how to communicate this with Elder Mo and Lord Lang Xie,” Qin Lie sighed.

How could he not understand Song Tingyu’s meaning after she had laid it so plainly for him to understand? However, he was still nominally the island master, and he possessed real authority in Flaming Sun Island, Gray Island, and Blood Island. Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island would acknowledge him only, but he wasn’t yet prepared to seriously treat Flaming Sun Island as a separate faction.

He was always respectful towards Mo Hai and Lang Xie. He found it very difficult to see them as subordinates.

Moreover, he wasn’t sure if Mo Hai and Lang Xie were willing to submit to others; to him. He wasn’t sure if they would truly think of him as this so-called “Island Master Qin”.

If everyone were to maintain the way they were, if everyone were to share an equal status like they used to, and if he were to pass down all authoritative power of Flaming Sun Island, Gray Island, and Blood Island’s spirit materials and resources to Song Tingyu, he had no doubt that he would draw the ire of Mo Hai and Lang Xie’s men.

This was something he didn’t wish to see.

“Actually, Elder Mo Hai and Lang Xie have come to communicate with me about this while you were focused on training this past month,” Song Tingyu smiled.

Qin Lie looked surprised.

“Be it Elder Mo or Lord Lang Xie, they both understand that Flaming Sun Island had become an actual force. Since it is a faction of its own, it must have a leader, orderly rules and regulations, and clear division of labor. It needs a cohering force and a specialist to split all the resources.”

Song Tingyu smiled at him and said, “They accept you, Island Master Qin, from the bottom of their hearts. This is because everything Blood Spear and Armament Sect had gained, every piece of land they now stand on, and every respect and acknowledgment they received from Blood Fiend Sect were won by you.”

Qin Lie was stunned by her declaration. It was a while later that he asked again, “What about the distribution of resources then?”

“They think that I’m the most suitable candidate.” Song Tingyu blushed and said charmingly. “They’re not idiots, of course they knew about our relationship. Plus, they knew that I used to handle such tasks back at Profound Heaven Alliance, and I’m sure I’ve done a pretty fantastic job, don’t you think?”

Song Tingyu was full of confidence and brimming with ambition. It made her look more and more fascinating.

Qin Lie was truly surprised by this revelation. He stared deeply at her and pondered for a moment. Then, he said, “You haven’t been idle for the past month, have you? You went to Elder Mo and Lord Lang Xie and figured out their thoughts, wishes, and bottom line. With that as the basis, you decided to integrate all three islands’ resources and make a push for the evolution of Flaming Sun Island into a real force. Did you really do all these things on your own?”

“You can say that.” Song Tingyu smiled softly.

“If even Lang Xie and Mo Hai have no qualms with you distributing the resources of Flaming Sun Island, then how could I possibly say otherwise?” Qin Lie hugged her tightly and sighed. “I guess I don’t need to worry about anything with you around. I only need to focus on my own things.”

“A man like you needs a woman like me to take care of your trifles behind your back.” Song Tingyu’s smile was sweet. “I am very glad that… I’m the one who showed up first, and not anyone else.”

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