Chapter 679: Getting Rich!

Chapter 679: Getting Rich!

Qin Lie’s entire body was completely submerged in bloodwater.

“Blub, blub!”

Blood-colored bubbles continuously emerged from the surface of the blood pool as turbulent waves of heat began to emanate outwards from within the blood pool, dramatically increasing the temperature of the cultivation room at a shocking speed.

The skin on the upper half of Qin Lie’s body was a fiery crimson red and was currently emanating an astonishing amount of heat.

As Lang Xie closely observed Qin Lie, his expression slightly changed as the glow in his eyes became brighter and brighter.

Qin Lie, with his eyes closed, took a deep breath and began to circulate the Blood Refinement Art, using the spirit energy contained within the bloodwater to cleanse and temper his flesh, while using his own blood to condense lifeblood essence at the same time.


Qin Lie felt his mind tremble as countless divine characters of “blaze” emerged from within his muscles, flesh, and bones after a short pause.

During this instant, Qin Lie felt as if a blazing volcano which was uncontrollably spewing lava had been created within him. It was incredibly terrifying.

It was his bloodline power being awakened!

“Pop, pop, pop!”

With Qin Lie at its center, the blood pool began to emit startling explosive sounds as bloodwater was being quickly vaporized due to the astonishingly high temperature.

Within the cultivation room, the temperature continued to climb as if the blood pool was filled with lava. The fierce, violent heat scorched Qin Lie’s surroundings and caused space to continuously explode.

Lang Xie’s face suddenly changed color.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Streaks of fiery light containing the mysterious and unpredictable divine characters that meant “blaze” and carrying the scent of sulphuric lava suddenly burst outwards in all directions.


Under the bombardment of the streaks of fiery light, the cultivation room crashed down with a loud explosion.

Lang Xie got buried by the limestone.

Atop the island, numerous Blood Spear martial practitioners heard the dreadful noise and smelled the scent of sulfuric lava, resulting in them all gathering near the cultivation room.

All they saw was the now collapsed cultivation room.

“There is nothing for you to see here. All of you, leave!” Lang Xie’s cold voice resonated out from the depths of the limestone pile. Suddenly, the rocks began to explode, gradually revealing Lang Xie’s body.

Crawling out from within the rocks, Lang Xie glared at the Blood Spear practitioners and said in annoyance, “Scram!”

Intimidated by Lang Xie’s fierceness, the Blood Spear members quickly dispersed.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!”

The sound of flames burning came out from within the now ruined cultivation room as the blocks of limestone became a scorched crimson color similar to that of smelted iron. It seemed as if liquid lava was in the process of seeping out from within the cultivation room.

A while later, the limestone blocks became unable to bear the dreadfully high temperatures and melted into liquid lava.

A thick, pungent stench of blood permeated the surroundings. Suddenly, Qin Lie shouted as he rushed out from within the crimson bloodwater to beside Lang Xie.

After a moment of silence, Qin Lie stuck out his left hand, revealing the single droplet of condensed lifeblood essence in his palm.

The drop of blood was reminiscent of a fire crystal.

Similar to fire jade, the lifeblood essence was clear and constantly emitting an astonishingly high temperature, as if an inextinguishable fire was fiercely burning within. However, if one looked closely enough, they would be able to see countless starlike divine characters that contained an indescribably miraculous beauty.

This drop of lifeblood essence was fundamentally different from the ones he had condensed before.

After all, this was the first drop of blood essence which he had condensed following the awakening of his bloodline power. Compared to the ones he had created before, this drop contained the divine characters of “blaze”, causing it to enclose an incredibly high temperature of nearly a thousand degrees, the temperature of lava.

Furthermore, the amount of energy contained in this drop of lifeblood essence was also unparalleled, causing even Qin Lie to be surprised.

“The blood in your veins is different from ours, so the lifeblood essence you have condensed is different from ours as well.” Lang Xie looked at the drop of blood essence with a sense of awe as he could sense the fantastical characteristics contained within. He then continued, “When Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan hid within the poisonous bog and cultivated in my domain in the past, I discovered that their bloodlines were also very strange...”

Lang Xie paused for a moment, then said, “Your blood is similar to theirs. You have the bloodline of a powerful ancient race.”

Taking a deep breath, Qin Lie absorbed the drop of lifeblood essence back into his body and slowly calmed himself down. Looking at Lang Xie, he said, “About this, please help me keep it a secret.”

Lang Xie nodded.

He still remembered when the Ling Family had discovered their bloodline powers in the past. Ling Yushi had undergone an astonishing change as due to the stimulation of her bloodline, her soul energy had been increasing dramatically every day.

As for the other members of the Ling Family, they all also experienced similarly drastic changes, resulting in their abilities and power soaring after their bloodline powers had been awakened.

Thus, Lang Xie began to try and discover the secrets of bloodlines by himself.

He took a long period of time to study the books of Armament Sect as well as some ancient books which he personally found. To his dismay, however, he discovered that with his knowledge and the records of the Scarlet Tide Continent which he was able to study, he was unable to unearth any of the mysteries of bloodline powers.

Nonetheless, because he cultivated the Blood Spirit Art and had a deep comprehension towards blood, he was able to create a method to sense the presence of a foreign bloodline after a period of time.

But he was still clueless as to why the bloodlines of the ancient races were able to miraculously meld into the blood pool and increase the purity of bloodwater.

“Lord Lang Xie, just how much do you understand about bloodline power?” Qin Lie focusedly asked.

Lang Xie shook his head and sighed. “The Scarlet Tide Continent’s history is just too short, and I am unable to find any books or scriptures which discuss bloodlines. Although I have been studying bloodlines for a while now, my efforts have all been in vain. I believed that through the Blood Refinement Art, I would perhaps be able to make use of an ancient race’s bloodline, but…”

Looking at the ruined cultivation room, collapsed of blood pool, and evaporated bloodwater, Lang Xie continued, “It has yet to work.”

His understanding of bloodline power was just too shallow, preventing him from discovering any of the secrets of bloodlines. For him to want to try to utilize bloodlines to cultivate Blood Spirit Art was simply impossible.

“Your bloodline power is too tyrannical. It’s simply impossible for it to merge with the bloodwater within the blood pool. It seems like when you tried to do so, the bloodwater incited your bloodline to surge out of control, resulting in the destruction you see around us.” Lang Xie pondered for a moment, then commented, “It seems like you still haven’t found a proper method to use your bloodline power.”

Qin Lie bitterly smiled and then nodded.

“I somehow awakened my bloodline power when I was still on the Scarlet Tide Continent, right before I broke through to the Fulfillment Realm…” Qin Lie explained his circumstances. He continued, “Afterwards, I tried to utilize my bloodline’s power several times, but I was never able to figure out how to trigger it. In fact, even though I managed to stimulate my bloodline power just now, it is still a complete anomaly to me. Moreover, I cannot control it, and thus I am afraid that I might harm others, or even myself.”

“Compared to the Scarlet Tide Continent, there are many more ancient forces and sects who might have a deeper understanding of bloodlines in the Land of Chaos,” Lang Xie reminded, “Perhaps you can ask the people from Blood Fiend Sect about it.”

Qin Lie’s eyes brightened.

“That’s right. Lord Lang Xie, based on my interpretation of Hong Bowen’s words, as long as you officially joined Blood Fiend Sect, you would definitely become the sect master in the future. Why did you give up such an opportunity?” This question had been on Qin Lie’s mind for quite some time, and one he desperately wanted to know the answer to.

“I don’t like to take the easy path,” Lang Xie murmured.

“So it was like this.” Qin Lie chuckled, then turned his attention towards the newly constructed base of Blood Spear and said, “In that case, this island now belongs to you and Blood Spear.”


Riding the crystalline war chariot, Qin Lie left the island and made his way to the island where Blood Fiend Sect was.

A couple minutes later, he arrived at the island where Blood Fiend Sect presided. Under the guidance of the Blood Fiend Sect’s martial practitioners, he arrived at the hall where Mo Lingye and the Blood Fiend Ten Elders were conversing.

“I’d like to thank seniors for the kindness you have showed me.” Upon entering, Qin Lie bowed and earnestly thanked them.

After all, Blood Fiend Sect had given him the Flaming Sun Island and two others to serve as his base while also helping him build some smaller scale pavilions, cultivation rooms, forging rooms, scripture towers, and spirit material storage rooms. They had even provided the basic supplies necessary for his daily life for him so that he could easily begin living there.

On top of that, Blood Fiend Sect had also provided many types of spirit materials. Qin Lie was unable to find any flaw in these conditions and the other benefits they provided.

He was extremely satisfied with Blood Fiend Sect’s sincerity.

“It was all well-deserved. You don’t need to thank any of us. Moreover, we do not deserve any of it.” Mo Lingye lightly laughed. “The help you provided Blood Fiend Sect with and the care you gave my family, your contributions are so great that we do not know how to repay you. In the future, we hope that all of us living together at the Setting Sun Islands can build strong friendship and alliance between us as we continue to help each other out.”

Qin Lie nodded without hesitation.

He then conversed about matters pertaining to Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island with Mo Lingye and the Blood Fiend Ten Elders for a while.

Finally, right before he left, Qin Lie asked his true question, “Senior Mo and other esteemed seniors, how much do you all know about the bloodlines of the ancient races? Do you know anything about awakening it and stimulating it or perhaps how to unearth any of its secrets or mysteries?

“Why are you asking about this?” Shadows suddenly appeared in Mo Lingye’s eyes.

“Just curious.” Qin Lie appeared to be nonchalant.

The Blood Fiend Ten Elders appeared to be in deep thought as they all remained silent and lowered their heads.

“Pertaining to the bloodlines of the ancient races, we of Blood Fiend Sect don’t know too much either. In fact, all the human forces within the Land of Chaos don’t have any deep understandings of foreign bloodlines,” Mo Lingye answered.

“Then who knows the most?” Qin Lie asked again.

After a moment of thought, Mo Lingye smiled and replied, “You should probably go visit Terminator Sect then. There are always people of the Asura Race residing there year round. If you are able to encounter any of the more powerful martial practitioners of the Asura Race there and directly ask them your question face to face, I believe you will find the answer you want.”

“Questions about the bloodlines of the ancient races can only be answered by the foreign races themselves.”

“As for us?” Mo Lingye shook her head and apologized, “We truly cannot help you because we are humans just like you. We are completely unfamiliar with them. Thus, our understanding is very shallow.”

“Ah, so it is like this. In that case, thanks.” Qin Lie stopped speaking, nodded his head, and then left.

After he left, Meng Feng asked in surprise, “Why does this kid care so much about the bloodlines of ancient races?”

“I’ve heard that his soulmate, a girl named Ling Yushi, has a foreign bloodline running through her body,” Mo Lingye explained. “I think he might be asking about their mysteries for that girl.”

As she spoke, a strange light flickered through Mo Lingye’s bright eyes.

“Could it be that the rumors about the Graveyard of Gods… are actually true? That the Graveyard of Gods is a cultivation land that the Heaven Fighting Race prepared for its descendants?” As Mo Lingye quietly thought to herself, the strange light in her eyes become brighter and brighter as more and more thoughts gradually crossed her mind. “This kid, just how many secrets are hidden on him?”

“Qin Lie! Guess how much spirit materials is stored on Flaming Sun Island and Gray Island?”

As soon as Qin Lie appeared above Flaming Sun Island in his chariot, Song Tingyu suddenly emerged, her beautiful face exuding a stunning brightness and her eyes bright as she shouted excitedly up at Qin Lie.

“How much?” Getting off the crystalline war chariot, Qin Lie’s face appeared to be surprised.

“A total of one hundred and twenty-six kinds of spirit materials, weighing a total of more than fifteen thousand kilograms. There are also thirty-seven bottles each of various spirit pills, and sixty Profound Grade and seven Earth Grade spirit artifacts. Moreover, there are also ten high-grade spatial rings which each containing five hundred thousand Earth Grade spirit stones!”

“As for Blood Spear’s side, there aren’t too many spirit materials, but there are three huge flying spirit artifacts, thirty or so crystalline war chariots, and seven large sea vessels!”

Song Tingyu was clearly extremely excited. Her face was quite red, yet still exuding charm and grace, and her jade-like hands were waving energetically.

Qin Lie couldn’t help but also exclaim in surprise.

From Hong Bowen’s words, he had guessed that Blood Fiend Sect had been very generous this time. But he had never imagined that such a shocking number of spirit materials and spirit artifacts had been transferred over onto these three islands.

“The total amount of spirit materials and items possessed by Flaming Sun Island, Gray Island, and Blood Island is already greater than the amount that Armament Sect had in the past, and is not too far away from the amount possessed by my Profound Heaven Alliance.” Song Tingyu’s beautiful eyes shined brightly. As she spoke, she proudly glanced in Song Yu’s direction.

Song Yu and Xie Yaoyang were both deeply shocked.

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