Chapter 679: Getting Rich!

Chapter 679: Getting Rich!

Qin Lie’s entire body was completely submerged in bloodwater.

“Blub, blub!”

Blood-colored bubbles continuously emerged from the surface of the blood pool as turbulent waves of heat began to emanate outwards from within the blood pool, dramatically increasing the temperature of the cultivation room at a shocking speed.

The skin on the upper half of Qin Lie’s body was a fiery crimson red and was currently emanating an astonishing amount of heat.

As Lang Xie closely observed Qin Lie, his expression slightly changed as the glow in his eyes became brighter and brighter.

Qin Lie, with his eyes closed, took a deep breath and began to circulate the Blood Refinement Art, using the spirit energy contained within the bloodwater to cleanse and temper his flesh, while using his own blood to condense lifeblood essence at the same time.


Qin Lie felt his mind tremble as countless divine characters of “blaze” emerged from within his muscles, flesh, and bones after a short pause.

During this instant, Qin Lie felt as if a blazing volcano which was uncontrollably spewing lava had been created within him. It was incredibly terrifying.

It was his bloodline power being awakened!

“Pop, pop, pop!”

With Qin Lie at its center, the blood pool began to emit startling explosive sounds as bloodwater was being quickly vaporized due to the astonishingly high temperature.

Within the cultivation room, the temperature continued to climb as if the blood pool was filled with...

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