Chapter 677: Island Master Qin!

Chapter 677: Island Master Qin!

At the center of the spatial transportation formation on Flaming Sun Island.

Countless lines of blood intersected, forming a net. The net released power that twisted space and grew increasingly stronger.

A long time later, the spatial power gradually calmed and the blood net slowly disappeared.

On the transportation stage, under the gazes of more than a dozen Blood Fiend Sect martial practitioners, the figures of Qin Lie’s group gradually condensed and appeared.

“Island Master Qin!”

“Island Master Qin has returned!”

The Blood Fiend Sect martial practitioners had respectful expressions as they bowed towards Qin Lie.

Qin Lie who had just returned from Scarlet Tide Continent stilled. “Island Master Qin?”

Hong Bowen of the Blood Fiend Ten Elders laughed, and turned into a streak of bloody light, flying from afar and suddenly appearing by Qin Lie’s side. He said loudly, “Yes, from now on, you are the island master of Flaming Sun Island, so you are called Island Master Qin!”

Mo Lingye and the Blood Fiend Ten Elders had spent great effort to establish Qin Lie’s status.

Even though he cultivated the Blood Spirit Art and had a close relationship to Xue Li, strictly speaking, Qin Lie could not be considered a member of Blood Fiend Sect—he had not gone through the admittance ceremony, he had no one leading him in, he did not have a master.

Most important of all, Qin Lie himself did not seem to want to be restrained by Blood Fiend Sect.

Not a member of Blood Fiend Sect, and not a martial practitioner of Gold Sun Island, Qin Lie’s status on the Setting Sun Islands was slightly strange. There was also a problem that people of Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island had no idea how to address him.

Yet in both Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island, Qin Lie was an important figure, his words carried an enormous weight.

The eight god corpses that were deep under the sea were the primary defense of the Setting Sun Islands. If Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island wanted to establish themselves on the Setting Sun Islands, they had to rely on Qin Lie.

So, they had to give Qin Lie an appropriate identity.

The island master of Flaming Sun Island was the identity they arranged for Qin Lie after discussion.

They did not consider Flaming Sun Island to belong to Gold Sun Island nor did they see it as an asset under Blood Fiend Sect.

It was a territory that was independent and also on an equal level to them.

“In the future, everyone on Flaming Sun Island belongs to you!” Hong Bowen shouted.

Qin Lie shook and then said with a smile, “Including the spatial transportation formation that Blood Fiend Sect has built here?”

“Yes!” Hong Bowen nodded and then said, “Not just the spatial transportation formation, even the ultimate blood ground that is connected to it belongs to you! The members of our Blood Fiend Sect owe you for being able to cultivate on the ultimate blood ground, and we will pay you back accordingly!”

Qin Lie’s eyes lit up.

The expressions of Song Tingyu, Song Yu and the others who came with him, as well as the martial practitioners that used to be from Armament Sect such as Mo Hai and Feng Rong changed into ones of excitement.

Mo Hai, Feng Rong, Tang Siqi, Yi Yuan, Liang Rou and the others stemmed from the Scarlet Tide Continent and had no connection with Blood Fiend Sect or Gold Sun Island.

Everyone would live together on Flaming Sun Island, but they did not want to be restrained by or subordinate to Blood Fiend Sect.

They hoped more for a mutually beneficial partnership with Blood Fiend Sect.

Previously, they had felt that they were outsiders on the Setting Sun Islands. They felt that their relationship with Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island was too vague and they did not know their identity and status.

They constantly worried that they would be taken in by Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island, losing the freedom they so desired. That was not something that was pleasing to Mo Hai or Feng Rong.

In the past, the reason why Armament Sect decided to fight to the death when attacked by the five forces was that they did not want to become subordinates of Profound Heaven Alliance or Eight Extreme Temple.

“What about Lang Xie and Blood Spear? Which faction do they belong to?” Qin Lie asked.

Hong Bowen smiled slightly and said, “We, Blood Fiend Ten Elders, discussed it with sister-in-law. We decided that Lang Xie was free to choose. He could choose to formally return to Blood Fiend Sect and become its core member, or he could choose to stay at Flaming Sun Island and be independent of Blood Fiend Sect.”

“Oh?” Qin Lie’s expression changed. “How did Lang Xie choose?”

Hong Bowen’s smile was slightly forced. He said with a sigh. “Lang Xie chose to remain at Flaming Sun Island.”

When the words were said, Qin Lie, Feng Rong, Mo Hai and the others were startled inside and felt overjoyed.

They had not expected that Lang Xie would not be willing to become a member of Blood Fiend Sect.

“We did not expect it either.” Hong Bowen’s expression was distraught. “Sister-in-law and us ten elders personally discussed with Lang Xie. We promised that if Lang Xie was willing to formally join Blood Fiend Sect, he would eventually become the sect master of Blood Fiend Sect!” Shaking his head, Hong Bowen said regretfully, “We hadn’t expected that he would not agree, ah…”

Hearing him say this, everyone felt even more amazed, and they were puzzled by Lang Xie’s choice.

“Come onto the crystalline war chariot, let’s scout the area from the sky..” Hong Bowen thought and the said with a smile, “Flaming Sun Island is not just this island, even the two closest islands are a part of Flaming Sun Island’s territory. One island is where the ancient elite remains are being stored, the other island belongs to Xiang Xi. He has agreed to give it to you. Right now, Blood Spear members are cultivating there.”

Everyone became excited.

“Let’s take a look before discussing!” Song Tingyu’s beautiful eyes were glittering.

Other than those who just came from the Scarlet Tide Continent, and the members that had belonged to Armament Sect, both Song Tingyu’s group and Mo Hai’s group took out their crystal chariots and hurriedly got on the crystal chariots. Under Hong Bowen’s direction, they flew into the sky and started to take a viewing with Hong Bowen.

“Oh, were gone for just a month, yet there’s been such great changes!” Lian Rou said in amazement.

“Many towers have been built!” Tang Siqi was overjoyed.

“Not bad, not bad at all.” Song Tingyu’s face was covered in a smile as she chuckled.

Qin Lie was also glowing, and excited inside as he looked at Flaming Sun Island and the nearby two islands.

In a short span of just a month, dozens of sturdy limestone towers had been built on the Flaming Sun Island. They spread outwards from where Qin Lie had stayed at before, and seemed to be arranged into a small town.

For martial practitioners of high cultivation, although it was a waste of their talent and spirit energy, it was fairly easy to erect buildings. Only a dozen or so Fulfillment Realm martial practitioners and a week of time were required to build this small town from scratch.

Of course, the buildings built in such a short time did not have any sense of beauty. They did not have artistry that would cause people’s eyes to light up, nor any terrifying defensive ability.

They could only be used as residences or to cultivate.

On Flaming Sun Island, the dozens of limestone towers were divided into cultivation rooms, storage rooms and scripture towers that could hold spirit arts. Towers’ interior had everything needed to live and had been designed to accommodate hundreds of people.

There were a few plazas in front of these limestone towers where martial practitioners could spar with their spirit techniques and refine their physical bodies.

Looking down from the sky, Flaming Sun Island was all ready to accommodate new people.

This was Flaming Sun Island.

The other island was of a different style due to Lang Xie and Blood Spear. Other than the limestone towers that were about the same, the most distinguishing feature was the existence of blood pools. The blood pools were dug deep and divided into many sectors. If blood water was added, one would be able to cultivate blood spirit crystals in there directly.

Looking at that island, Qin Lie could see traces of the previous Blood Spear cultivation ground. It was clear that Lang Xie and Blood Spear already thought of it as their new home.

The third island had been where the ancient elite remains had been placed. Originally, Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan had been cultivating there, but now many limestones towers of unique appearances had been erected.

If one looked closely, they would find that there were many gutters dug under those limestone towers, and all kinds of forging cauldrons had been placed in the rooms.

Forging rooms, spirit material rooms, settings for fire sources, all kinds of pools to cool off steaming hot newly-forged artifacts. All of these could be seen in every corner of the island.

“Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island also have some artificers,” Hong Bowen explained with a small smile. “We don’t know much about what kind of rooms and buildings artificers need, but they do. With our artificers’ help, we have built this island specifically for the former Armament Sect. If there are any problems, I hope that you can solve it yourself, as that’s all we can do.”

Hong Bowen looked sincerely at Mo Hai and Tang Siqi.

In his eyes, Mo Hai and Tang Siqi who could forge Blazing Profound Bombs were extremely important. He knew that Blood Fiend Sect had to rely on these two people in the future so he always had a humble attitude when facing them.

The great majority of martial practitioners in the Land of Chaos would have such a humble and polite attitude when they faced artificers that possessed actual ability.

Mo Hai, Tang Siqi, and Lian Rou looked in amazement from the crystalline war chariot. Their faces were rosy as they looked at the forging ground that had been built specially for them with joyful surprise in their eyes.

“Good, very good, although a few things require work, this island will do just fine.” Mo Hai nodded and then looked deeply at Hong Bowen. He said, “Elder Hong has worked hard.”

“As long as you are satisfied.” Hong Bowen’s smile could make people feel comfortable all over.

“The three islands belong to Flaming Sun Island, one for Lang Xie and Blood Spear to cultivate, one for Master Mo Hai and Miss Tang to forge.” Hong Bowen looked at the group and continued to explain. “The main island, Flaming Sun Island, is for you, Qin Lie. In the future, who lives here will be determined by you. Blood Fiend Sect will not interfere.”

Qin Lie, Mo Hai and the others were very satisfied, and felt great comfort at the goodwill Blood Fiend Sect was showing.

“In the future, you, Qin Lie, are the master of Flaming Sun Island. You will manage these three islands, and you will be sustaining them.”

“You have provided the spirit materials to build that spatial transportation formation, and you were the one who found the ultimate blood ground. It’s only fair that it should belong to you. In the future, if members of Blood Fiend Sect go to the ultimate blood ground to cultivate the Blood Spirit Art, we will pay an appropriate price in spirit stones to Flaming Sun Island. We can discuss the fee in the future.”

“As for Blazing Profound Bombs and the new spirit armor that Master Mo and Miss Tang had devised, as well as other spirit artifacts, Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island will trade using an equivalent of spirit materials and spirit stones. We will not slight you.”

“Also, you are free to sell things such as Blazing Profound Bombs to other forces, like Illusory Demon Sect. Blood Fiend sect will definitely not interfere.”

“If Lang Xie and the martial practitioners of Blood Spear accompany Blood Fiend Sect to go fighting with Gold Sun Island against the surrounding forces, all of the spoils including mines and territories will be divided fairly based on their contribution.”

“In other words, starting today, Flaming Sun Island is completely independent of Blood Fiend Sect. It is not like Gold Sun Island, it is not subordinate to Blood Fiend Sect.”

“In the future, you are allies of Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island. We can move together and fight against enemies, but we will rule our own territories and not interfere.”

Qin Lie’s eyes grew brighter and brighter.

Hong Bowen suddenly remembered something and then said, “Oh, right, there are large amounts of spirit materials, spirit stones, pills and artifacts in the large storage rooms in towers of Flaming Sun Island. First, you helped Gold Sun Island force Black Cloud Palace and Heavenly Sea Pavilion back. Gold Sun Island obtained many spirit materials and pills from pillaging the corpses.”

“Then, when the three families and Black Voodoo Cult invaded, Duan Qianjie came because of you, and helped us destroy the Soul Altar of that Imperishable martial practitioner. After that, your eight god corpses helped Big Brother Xue fight off Jiang Zhuzhe. In that battle, you were crucial.”

“The appropriate amount of treasures such as chariots, ships, and spirit artifacts has been already given to Blood Spear’s Lang Xie.”

“A portion of the spirit materials and pills we obtained during our trip to Black Cloud Palace and Heavenly Sea Pavilion is in these storage rooms.”

“We also took a portion of the Blazing Profound Bombs that Miss Tang and the others forged. We have paid an equivalent amount of spirit materials and stones.”

“Oh, I also forgot something. We are still organizing the mines that we obtained from Black Cloud Palace and Heavenly Sea Pavilion. After they are accounted for, we will give a corresponding share to Flaming Sun Island.”

Hong Bowen talked and clearly laid out the accounts. He had stored the things that Qin Lie should get into the spirit material warehouses and storage rooms on the three islands.

“Haha, you can go stocktake now and see how much you have,” Hong Bowen said with a laugh.


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