Chapter 673: Merrymaking

Chapter 673: Merrymaking

The three crystalline war chariots drove freely through the skies above Hundred Palace City.

Many Dark Asura Hall martial practitioners were looking up to the sky. They thought that an important figure in Profound Heaven Alliance was showing off the might of a Copper rank force to them.

They had no idea that the drivers of the crystalline war chariots were juniors like Tu Ze and Zhuo Qian.

After playing around in the sky for a while, Zhuo Qian and Tu Ze gradually familiarized themselves with crystalline war chariot’s controls.

A while later, the duo was tired of playing, so they led Qin Lie towards a clump of buildings at the southwestern side of Dark Asura Hall.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Three rumbling crystalline war chariots landed at the front of the highest grayish-black-colored palace, alarming many people. The crowd all gathered around the chariots.

“Zhuo Qian, where did you get this flying spirit artifact?”

“This is a crystalline war chariot, right? I think Joyful Union Sect’s men had ridden on this when they came over? How did you come by one?”

“I heard that this thing is incredibly precious!”

Those people exclaimed.

“Kang Zhi! Han Feng! Look who’s here!” Tu Ze walked down from the crystalline war chariot and shouted towards a certain building.

Qin Lie grinned and laughed out loud.

It didn’t take long before little fatty Kang Zhi and the slim Han Feng walked out of the building together. They were both covered in sweat, looking like they had just ended their spirit technique training.

“Qin Lie!” The duo immediately cried out in joy.

Just like Tu Ze and Zhuo Qian, they immediately rushed towards Qin Lie and hugged him strongly.

“Long time no see!” Kang Zhi said excitedly.

“Yeah, long time no see!” Qin Lie exclaimed.

Han Qingrui was also present among the crowd. He was looking at Qin Lie from afar with a look of pleasant surprise and disbelief.

“Isn’t he being hunted by Profound Heaven Alliance?” Kang Zhi’s father, Kang Hui paled slightly and said urgently, “There’re too many people around here. It’s best if we hide him now before it’s too late for him to escape!”

“From today onwards, Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple will no longer treat Qin Lie as an enemy,” Tu Mo said from beside them.

Both Kan Qingrui and Kang Hui had once worked under Tu Mo back at Nebula Pavilion.

After all, Tu Mo was once the pavilion master of Nebula Pavilion.

“First young master, you mean… Qin Lie can walk openly on the Scarlet Tide Continent from here on out?” Kang Zhi exclaimed.

Han Qingrui also looked puzzled by this.

“That’s right,” Tu Mo smiled and said, “In fact… both Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple seem to be currying favor with Qin Lie. I’m not sure what happened, but I can tell that Qin Lie has the power to make both Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple submit right now.”

Both Han Qingrui and Kang Hui were stunned greatly when they heard this.

“Are you sure?” Kang Hui still couldn’t quite believe it.

“Song Siyuan and Xie Zhizhang had come together with Qin Lie, and the moment they showed up my father managed to win the Grand Hall Master election…” Tu Mo lowered his voice and explained everything that had transpired at Dark Asura Hall.

Only after they had heard his story that Kang Hui and Han Qingrui did they finally believe it was real.

“I never imagined that this kid would rise to power so quickly!” Kang Hui sighed.

“I remember clearly that Qin Lie was just a Refinement Realm martial practitioner back when he left the Ling Family and entered Nebula Pavilion.” Han Qingrui stared deeply at Qin Lie and sighed with emotion. “It feels just like yesterday, but that insignificant kid from before had actually grown up into a character that could make both Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple submit.”

Their eyes were filled with amazement.

“Hello, Uncle Han! How are you doing?” Qin Lie noticed them and called out to them.

“Hello to you too! Haha! We’re all doing okay!” Han Qingrui smiled gladly.

“Qin Lie, are these two crystalline war chariots big brother Tu and sister Qian’s?” Kang Zhi snorted and complained, “What about us? Do we get one for ourselves too?”

“Of course, of course!” Qin Lie laughed loudly.

And so Qin Lie took out another two crystalline war chariots under Hang Qingrui, Kang Hui, Tu Mo, and the others’ shocked gazes. He gifted them both to Kang Zhi and Han Feng, and then went on a lecture on how to ride them .

Both Kang Zhi and Han Feng looked so overjoyed they could faint. The second they learned how to use their crystalline war chariots, they immediately fiddled with the vehicles and drove it to the sky.

The duo actually left behind Qin Lie temporarily as they flew about in the sky cheerfully while letting out cries of excitement from time to time.

Dumbfounded by this scene, Qin Lie shook his head and couldn’t help but smile. Then, he walked to Han Qingrui’s and pondered for a moment. He passed a spatial ring to him and said, “Uncle Han, ths ring contains the gifts I have for you. I hope that they will be of use to you all.”

A moment of surprise later, Han Qingrui immediately shook his head and said, “Qin Lie, we’re doing pretty well in Dark Asura Hall. Both Hall Master Tu and the first young master are our former bosses, and they’ve taken good care of us. We’re not lacking cultivation resources or martial arts, so you don’t need to trouble yourself like this.”

“Just give it a look first, will you?” Qin Lie winked at him.

Han Qingrui was surprised by Qin Lie’s reaction. He accepted the spatial ring and probed it with his mind consciousness.

Three seconds later, Han Qingrui shuddered as the light of disbelief shone from his eyes. “Thes spirit materials and pills area all above Profound Grade! There are so many Earth Grade items too! There are even complete sets of spirit artifacts and Earth Grade spirit artifacts too?!”

Han Qingrui lost control and screamed involuntarily.

Beside him, Kang Hui felt his own face tremble in shock as his eyes gleamed at Han Qingrui’s exclamation.

Tu Mo himself was secretly shocked.

Normally speaking, a Black Iron rank force like Dark Asura Hall was only allowed to possess Profound Grade spirit materials, wield Profound Grade spirit artifacts and consume Profound Grade pills.

Only Copper rank forces like Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple were allowed to possess Earth Grade spirit materials and  spirit pills.

As for Earth Grade spirit artifacts, they were so rare that not even Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple were in possession of many.

The spatial ring Qin Lie gifted Han Qingrui not only contained many Profound Grade spirit materials, spirit pills, and spirit artifacts, it also had a small amount of Earth Grade spirit pills, spirit materials, and spirit artifacts!

Qin Lie had seized these items when Gold Sun Island had battled against Heavenly Sea Pavilion and Black Cloud Palace back at the Setting Sun Islands.

In fact, a part of it had been seized back when he headed to Heavenly Sea Pavilion and Black Cloud Palace’s territory and robbed them of their wealth.

The items in this spatial ring weren’t really precious to either Gold Sun Island or Blood Fiend Sect. The Profound Grade spirit materials especially were so common that they were of almost no value.

However, Gold Sun Island was a Copper rank force, and Blood Fiend Sect used to be a Silver rank force.

What they viewed as worthless was worth the absolute opposite for Han Qingrui and the others on the Scarlet Tide Continent.

“This is too precious! These items are way too precious!” Hang Qingrui sucked in a deep breath and exclaimed with a look of shock, “I’m pretty sure that even Han Pu hasn’t accumulated this many spirit materials even after so many years!”

“Is it useful to you all?” Qin Lie asked with a smile.

Han Qingrui nodded repeatedly like a chick pecking at rice on the ground.

“That’s good then.” Qin Lie grinned and passed a similar spatial ring to Tu Mo. “Please… accept this spatial ring, Pavilion Master Tu. This is an expression of my gratitude for taking good care of me during my days at Nebula Pavilion.”

Tu Mo shook.

“Back when I was trapped in the Nether Realm, the Tu Family had extended a helping hand towards both me and the Ling Family multiple times. Later on, when I was being hunted all over the continent by Profound Heaven Alliance, it was Tu Ze and Sister Qian who secretly sought out Xie Jingxuan and helped me deliver the message.” Qin Lie’s expression was sincere. “The items in these two spatial rings really aren’t worth that much to me right now, so please don’t turn this down.”

“Alright! I shan’t act like a stranger then!” Tu Mo nodded strongly.

He accepted the spatial ring and probed it with his mind consciousness. Just like Han Qingrui, he shook, his eyes overflowing with excitement.

During the next few days, Qin Lie was making merry with Tu Ze, Zhuo Qian, Kang Hui, and Han Feng in Dark Asura Hall. They chatted happily and reminisced the past.

From their mouths, Qin Lie learned that their lives in the past two years had actually been pretty poor.

This was because Profound Heaven Alliance’s Song Family no longer supported them in secret and caused Tu Shixiong to lose countless bouts in the secret battle against Han Pu. In result, they had lost a lot of their previous privileges.

Meanwhile, they had learned of Qin Lie’s many experiences in the Land of Chaos and just how interesting that place was.

They partied and drank themselves into sleep everyday as if they had returned to the days where they were together at Nebula Pavilion.

In a blink of an eye, seven days passed by just like that.

Today, Qin Lie had sat down together with Tu Mo, Hang Qingrui, Zhuo Qian, and a few familiar faces under Tu Shixiong and Zhuo Duo’s invitation. Everyone was gathered in one place, and the tables were filled with delicacies. The purpose of the feast was to congratulate  Tu Shixiong for being elected as the Grand Hall Master, and to welcome Qin Lie officially.

A moment of eating and drinking later.

While playing with his wine goblet, Qin Lie suddenly fell silent before everyone’s eyes.

“Big Brother Tu, Sister Qian, and Uncle Han and everyone… have you ever thought of leaving the Scarlet Tide Continent?” Qin Lie suddenly asked after a moment of thought.

Everyone suddenly fell silent.

“Uncle Tu.” Qin Lie looked to Tu Shixiong and said seriously, “You’re now at the late stage of the Netherpassage Realm, and you’re not far away from reaching the Fulfillment Realm. With your current cultivation, no one in Dark Asura Hall is your match. However, your battle strength is average at best and if you become a member of Profound Heaven Alliance your future growth will be just as limited as Fu Zhouhui’s.”

“The Land of Chaos is different, however. Unlike the Scarlet Tide Continent where two Copper rank forces keep everyone in check, the situation over there is complicated. Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance are also vassal forces of Heavenly Sword Mountain, so no matter how terrible of a situation occurs, it will never descend into an uncontrollable war.”

“Compared to the Land of Chaos, this place is too peaceful and too… boring.”

Every former Nebula Pavilion martial practitioner present at the table fell silent.

“I believe you’ve already learned about the place and environment I’m at through Big Brother Tu and Sister Qian,” Qin Lie continued, “There are obviously more opportunities to be seized there than here at Dark Asura Hall. Of course, there will be unpredictable risks, and some of you… may even lose your lives as a result.”

“But what I can say for sure is that your realms will improve much, much faster in the Land of Chaos! I should be able to acquire all the materials, precious pills, Earth Grade spirit materials and spirit artifacts, and high grade spirit techniques and spirit arts that you cannot get from Profound Heaven Alliance!”

“I can bring you away from this place!”

Tu Shixiong listened very seriously to his persuasions. After Qin Lie was done speaking, he quietly drank a cup of wine, thought for a moment and said, “It’s a little too early.”

Qin Lie looked surprised.

“From your description, it would seem that not even Profound Heaven Alliance would be able to establish themselves in the Land of Chaos if they were to head over there,” Tu Shixiong’s eyes were calm as he said, “We’re different from the Blood Spear martial practitioners like Lang Xie. They cultivate the Blood Spirit Art and are kindred spirits to Blood Fiend Sect, which is why they were easily accepted by Blood Fiend Sect.”

“But we are different. We are not only outsiders, but outsiders who are so weak that we are of no help to them at all.” Tu Shixiong sighed softly. “Qin Lie, if we were to head over right now, we would only become a burden to them, and you.”

Qin Lie fell silent.

“The spirit materials, spirit pills, and spirit artifacts you brought us are incredibly useful to us. I believe that we will be able to increase our strengths swiftly in a short period of time,” Tu Shixiong looked a little moved, “We will swiftly become stronger. Once I’ve ascended to the Fulfillment Realm, once the others have’ve all improved by a great realm, we will definitely come to look for you at the Setting Sun Islands!”

“Uncle Tu, your plans are more long-sighted than mine,” Qin Lie sighed.

“I know that the ultimate blood ground is at the bottommost floor of Nether Battlefield, and I know that Blood Fiend Sect’s people are there too. It won’t be hard to find you when we are ready.”

“That will work.” Qin Lie nodded.

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