Chapter 671: Wealth!

Chapter 671: Wealth!

“Greetings, Lord Song!”

“Greetings, Lord Xie!”

On the Dark Asura Hall plaza, the martial practitioners saw the arrival of Song Siyuan and Xie Zhizhang. They immediately moved forward and saluted respectfully.

The battle between Tu Shixiong and Han Pu had been stopped temporarily. All eyes landed on Song Siyuan and Xie Zhizhang.

“In the future, both Armament Sect and Blood Spear can move unhindered on the Scarlet Tide Continent,” Song Siyuan continued what he was saying, “Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple will not think of them as enemies. You must… abide by Profound Heaven Alliance’s decision, are we clear?”

“Clear!” Everyone hurriedly nodded.

In the past, the five factions attacking Armament Sect had been secretly led by Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple.

Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple had felt great pressure because Armament Sect had been growing larger and larger, and Blood Spear’s Lan Xie’s cultivation progress had been astonishingly fast.

They did not want a third Copper Rank force to appear on the Scarlet Tide Continent which was why they secretly ordered for Armament Sect to be met with calamity.

Then, the battle between Profound Heaven Alliance, Eight Extreme Temple, Armament Sect, and the evil race had continued for a long time on the Scarlet Tide Continent.

Subordinate factions such as Dark Asura Hall naturally followed the two big Copper rank forces and also participated in the fighting.

They knew the complex relationship between Profound Heaven Alliance, Eight Extreme Temple, Armament Sect, and Qin Lie.

They had originally thought that Qin Lie would not dare to even come back after leaving the Scarlet Tide Continent, let alone coming back to create a storm.

No one had expected that after two short years, when Qin Lie once against stepped onto Scarlet Tide Continent, what he was met with wasn’t Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple’s wrath but… compromise.

Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple showed weakness.

Subordinate factions like Dark Asura Hall and Seven Fiends Valley did not qualify to participate in the battles of the higher ranks, or even know of them.

They could only obey, or be forced to..

This was the chasm between the ranks.

“Announce the final result of the competition,” Xie Zhizhang urged.

When these words were said, the noise on the plaza quickly calmed down.

The other three hall masters, and the head of the Department of Internal Affairs gathered together and discussed privately.

The martial practitioners of Dark Asura Hall suddenly became nervous.

Tu Shixiong frowned with a dark expression. He knew that his chances in this competition to become Grand Hall Master were not high.

“Don’t worry. Sometimes, even near the finish line, the tables can turn, and the result can change.” Song Siyuan suddenly came over and comforted with a small smile, “You might not lose.”

Tu Shixiong stilled.

Because the Tu Family had been close to Qin Lie, after the fight between Profound Heaven Alliance, Eight Extreme Temple, the evil race and Qin Lie had finished, Tu Shixiong gradually lost the support of the Song Family.

Even Song Siyuan who had always had a high opinion of him had temporarily stopped secret communication with him for various reasons.

He knew that that these were the consequences of his choices.

In the past, when Seven Fiends Valley had targeted Ling Yushi, he had stood up, and used his status as the Second Hall Master of Dark Asura Hall to suppress Seven Fiends Valley so they would not go over the line.

Later on, he had sent some of his commanders to enter the territories of Seven Fiends Valley with Tu Ze to receive the Ling Family in Dark Asura Hall.

Not long after, the Ling Family’s status as one of the evil races had been exposed. Because Tu Shixiong had helped the Ling Family multiple times, the Song Family had been dissatisfied.

Consequently, in this competition against Han Pu, the Song Family did not support him and their silence could be said to have been silently recognizing Han Pu as the next Grand Hall Master.

Tu Shixiong knew all this.

Now Song Siyuan had come and spoke to him to tell him not to worry. There were words within words, and Tu Shixiong was startled by the remark.

Because this was the first time Song Siyuan had spoken to him first in the last two years!

“Qin Lie! Where did you go?”

“I thought I would never see you again!”

Tu Ze and Zhuo Qian did not care about the tense atmosphere of Dark Asura Hall. They tightly hugged Qin Lie and then punched Qin Lie’s shoulders a few times.

“You knew to come back?” The two’s eyes were slightly red.

Qin Lie balled his fists as well. He said, “I wouldn’t dare to forget you guys!”

Tu Mo looked at the trio from the side with a faint smile at the corner of his mouth. He nodded.

“Where is Kang Zhi and the others?” Qin Lie asked.

“They are fine. They are all in Dark Asura Hall. However, the matter of choosing the Grand Hall Master is important and they do not qualify to come here.” Tu Ze laughed loudly. “Later, when the results are out, I’ll take you to see them!”

“Tsk tsk, it seems that you’ve been doing good?” Zhuo Qian examined the crystalline war chariot, envy clear in her eyes. “This thing is a treasure.” She looked at the spatial ring on her hand. ”I heard the value of one is worth ten spatial rings of this quality. That is almost ten thousand Earth Grade spirit stones!”

The quality of the spatial ring she wore was ordinary, and belonged among the rudimentary ones but even so, she still had to beg her father to get it.

She felt that Qin Lie’s crystalline war chariot’s worth was most likely more than ten times that. She was calculating this using the Scarlet Tide Continent’s prices.

In reality, because the Scarlet Tide Continent was not skilled enough in refining spirit stones, their ranking of spirit stones was chaotic.

“Girl, the crystalline war chariot is worth almost fifty of your spatial rings.” Song Siyuan had been standing next to Tu Shixiong. Hearing Zhuo Qian’s words from behind him, he laughed and then added as he turned his head.

Zhuo Quan turned to stone. “Fif-fifty…”

She didn’t dare to imagine it.

Tu Shixiong, Tu Mo, Zhuo Qian’s father Zhuo Duo, and the others’ eyes sparkled as they looked at the crystalline war chariot and Qin Lie who had come on it.

“Sister Qian, you like this crystalline war chariot?” Qin Lie smiled.

“Of course I like it! A thing that can fly into the sky, who wouldn’t like it?” After her shock, Zhuo Qian calmed down and said teasingly, “What? Are you going to gift me one?”

“Yes.” Qin Lie laughed.

“Don’t joke around.” Zhuo Qian shook her head lightly.

Zhuo Duo, Tu Shixiong and the others all had amused expressions. They all thought that Qin Lie was joking.

Even Song Siyuan and Xie Zhizhang thought this.

“Joke?” Qin Lie was speechless. “Isn’t it just a crystalline war chariot? What is that?”

As he spoke, he touched his spatial ring. In a ball of bright light, two similar crystalline war chariots came out, and were placed next to the one that he had come with.

“Hmm, I cannot be unfair to Big Brother Tu, I’ll give you to you too.” Qin Lie laughed as he pulled the petrified Tu Ze and Zhuo Qian into the crystalline war chariot. “Come, I’ll teach you how to control these things. It’s simple, you’ll learn once I show you.”

Tu Ze and Zhuo Qian mechanically followed him onto the crystalline war chariot.

Their expressions gradually turned from wooden to overjoyed. They suddenly exploded. “Qin Lie! You, you are really giving us two crystalline war chariots?”

On the Dark Asura Hall plaza, all the martial practitioners that had been waiting for the results of the Grand Hall Master competition were attracted by the shouts of the duo.

In a flash, Qin Lie became the subject of tens of thousands of stares. Many people even forgot what the real purpose of the gathering was.

Tu Shixiong and Zhuo Duo exchanged a look. From each other’s eyes, they saw mad excitement.

That was two crystalline war chariots!

In the past, Zhao Changsheng of Joyful Union Sect had come on a crystalline war chariot like this. Joyful Union Sect was a Copper rank force, Zhao Changsheng was also the vice sect master of Joyful Union Sect.

In other words, only people with a background similar to Zhao Changsheng qualified to possess a crystalline war chariot!

But what background did Tu Ze and Zhuo Qian have? The two little Manifestation Realm martial practitioners managed to have crystalline war chariots given to them by Qin Lie and were able to fly in the sky as they wished?

The sky; that was the area that Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners ruled!

However, as long as Tu Ze and Zhuo Qian had crystalline war chariots, they could also fly into the sky and travel one thousand miles a day.

This was a great blessing to them!

Song Siyuan and Xie Zhizhang wrly at each other.

Be it wealth or history, the two great Copper rank forces of the Scarlet Tide Continent were far from being a match for the equally ranked forces of the Land of Chaos.

Due to this, even though the two of them had significant positions in Profound Heaven Alliance, if they wanted to possess crystalline war chariots, they would need to bleed.

The crystalline war chariot that they were riding came from Xie Jingxuan.

They hadn’t expected that, after just two years, Qin Lie could easily give out wondrous things like the crystalline war chariots. This meant that Qin Lie had astounding wealth!

Qin Lie’s next words proved their speculation…

“I have more than a dozen of these crystalline war chariots. No need to feel embarrassed, I don’t think they’re that valuable.” Qin Lie smiled. “In the Land of Chaos, after fighting against several Copper rank forces, I obtained many crystalline war chariots like this. Before departing, I took some with me to give them to you.”

When he said that, the martial practitioners present felt as if their minds were incapable of comprehending these words..

Song Siyuan and Xie Zhizhang also inhaled inwardly.

“You have a lot?” Zhuo Qian reacted. “Really, a lot?”

“Really a lot.”

Seeing that she still didn’t believe him, Qin Lie helplessly shook his head and rubbed the spatial ring again.

Ball of blinding light came out, and then new crystalline war chariots appeared in the empty space behind Tu Shixiong, one after another. More than a dozen came out.

Everyone collectively turned to stone.

“I told you there were many.” Qin Lie smiled, and then moved between the crystalline war chariots to put them away.

“Alright! I will accept this chariot! Ha ha ha!” Tu Ze was the first to laugh and patted Qin Lie’s shoulder hard. He said, “Brother Lie, you really got rich! Good, very good, this old brother will just benefit a bit from you, haha!”

“Boy, you are just showing off!” Zhuo Qian glared at Qin Lie before walking happily to a crystalline war chariot with an expression of joy that could not suppressed.

At this time, the figures of the trio attracted all the gazes on the plaza.

The choice of Grand Hall Master of Dark Asura Hall seemed to become meaningless after the crystalline war chariots appeared.

Han Pu and Tu Shixiong immediately became secondary characters.

However, Han Pu, the side character, felt extremely dissatisfied and discomforted.

Tu Shixiong roared with laughter and his face was flushed as though he would not be angry even if he lost the Grand Hall Master competition after Tu Ze and Zhuo Qian accepted the crystalline war chariots.

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