Chapter 669: Arrogance

Chapter 669: Arrogance

Shi Jingyun and the other six people were in bloody pieces.

Of the seven, Shi Jingyun was the Chief Valley Master of Seven Fiends Valley. The other six were the valley masters of Mystical, Gold, Earth, Wood, Fire, and Water Fiend Valleys and all had Netherpassage Realm cultivations.

The death of the seven meant that Qin Lie had killed all of the top martial practitioners of Seven Fiends Valley.

In the past, any Netherpassage Realm martial practitioner from a Black Iron rank faction was famed, and respected locally as a person that could control a region.

Today, Qin Lie could exterminate a Black Iron rank force kill a black iron force by himself!

“Terrible, terrible, it is terrible…”

Seeing Shi Jingyun and the six others killed, Han Wan was both surprised, joyed, and anxious as she continued to murmur to herself.

She was afraid of the bloody retribution that would come from Profound Heaven Alliance.

“Good!” Lu Li said in enjoyment.

The female disciples of Dark Fiend Valley were happy and secretly scared at the same time.

“What to do? In the future… what do we do?”

Just as everyone was in terror, many martial practitioners of Seven Fiends Valley who had been alerted by the commotion flew over from the other valleys.

In a short period of time, about a hundred martial practitioners gathered in Dark Fiend Valley. When they came over, they saw what was left of Shi Jingyun and others, and couldn’t help but scream.

“Chief Valley Master is dead!”

“Valley Master Gu is dead!”

“The six valley masters are dead!”

Every person that came felt cold shivers the moment they saw the bloody scene inside Dark Fiend Valley.

They looked around and quickly locked onto Qin Lie. Their expressions changed as they shouted in unison, “It’s him! This is the culprit! The person who drove the crystalline war chariot!”

“He’s… Qin Lie? It’s Qin Lie!”

Those who had once participated in the siege of Armament Sect recognized Qin Lie. This news terrified even more people.

“Report to Profound Heaven Alliance! Immediately!” someone reacted.

“Yes! We must report it to Profound Heaven Alliance!”

The relatives of the seven dead shouted and were about to get into contact with Profound Heaven Alliance through their own channels.

Han Wan’s expression was ashen white.

The disciples of Dark Fiend Valley felt hopelessness when they heard this. They shook, intimidated by the idea of a colossus like Profound Heaven Alliance intervening.

For them, Profound Heaven Alliance was the master of Scarlet Tide Continent and possessed absolute power.

Their lifelong dream was to enter Profound Heaven Alliance, to become a martial practitioner of Profound Heaven Alliance and to be acknowledged by Profound Heaven Alliance.

--They had never thought they would end up on the opposite sides.

“Qin Lie!” Lu Li’s expression changed as she said urgently, “Why aren’t you stopping them? If they successfully inform Profound Heavenly Alliance, we will be done for!”

“Do something, quick!” Pei Xiang was also full of urgency.

“Qin Lie! If you really have a solution, help us leave the Scarlet Tide Continent!” Han Wan screamed. “If we can escape the Scarlet Tide Continent, we will have hope for survival. Otherwise, if Profound Heaven Alliance’s Fulfillment or Fragmentation Realm experts come, we all will not be able to escape death!”

She, Lu Li, and Pei Xiang all became terrified.

This fear of Profound Heaven Alliance stemmed from the bottom of their hearts. The thought of fighting against them never crossed their minds.

“Have them spread the news.” Qin Lie’s eyes were calm as he said coolly. “If we want to resolve Dark Fiend Valley’s problems forever, Profound Heaven Alliance has to come out, we need someone that is important enough…”

Han Wan was shocked.

She could not understand what Qin Lie was saying.

“Let’s not worry about Profound Heaven Alliance right now.” Qin Lie frowned and pointed to the martial practitioners that were coming from all over. “Among these people, who had treated you badly… and should die alongside Shi Jingyun and the others?”

When the words were said, the martial practitioners that had hurried over suddenly retreated instinctively.

The people of Dark Fiend Valley were stunned.

A short pause.

A few seconds later, a young female of Dark Fiend Valley missing an arm suddenly showed great hatred in her eyes. She pointed at a middle-aged man from Gold Fiend Valley and said furiously. “If possible, please, please help me kill him! Even if I am burned and my ashes are spread to the wind, I still hope that he will die before me!”

“Whore! You’re f*cking crazy!” that person shouted as he unhesitatingly flew back. He used all of his power, and tried to leave this place as fast as possible.

Qin Lie’s eyes squinted into a line and flashed with killing intent. He said, “As you wish!”

He picked up a sharp sword that lay next to his foot. Qin Lie channeled pure frost spirit power, turning the sword into an ice crystal. It shot out like a sharp icicle.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Accompanied by an ear-piercing howl, an icy light passed through the cracks in the crowd.

The sharp sword pierced into the back of the person fleeing and caused his body to fly up into the air. Before his corpse fell to the ground, his innards had already been frozen solid.

“That person! That person! Help me kill him, please!”

Another young female of Dark Fiend Valley called out. She had a vicious scar on her snowy white neck—a sharp weapon had been used to disfigure her.

She pointed at a shrivelled old man of Fire Fiend Valley as she sobbed.

That old man’s expression was dark and his eyes flashed with viciousness. Seeing the situation go back, he immediately prepared to flee.

“Crack crack!”

A ball of blinding lightning flew out of Qin Lie’s hands. As though it was intelligent, the lightning accurately hit the old person’s chest and exploded.

The old person with the vicious gaze had a large bloody hole in his chest. Blood gushed out, he died immediately.

“That person!”

“That one from Earth Fiend Valley!”

“And him!”

The Dark Fiend Valley female disciples started to scream as though they had been freed of their restraints.

These females all had outstanding appearances. They had once been picked by the people from other valleys who had special tastes and were humiliated.

Qin Lie could see wounds on their bodies and could feel the poor state of their bodies.

It was clear that they had all endured inhuman things.

They knew that they would not escape Profound Heaven Alliance’s punishment in the end, so they wanted to at least see the ones they hated the most die in front of them.

And so, a series of explosions rang out!

Expressions of the martial practitioners that had come from the other valleys shifted as they fled in panic at even faster speeds.

Like a cruel demon that had been released from hell, Qin Lie turned into a bloody light that flashed through Dark Fiend Valley and chased after the martial practitioners that had been pointed out.

In but a moment, Dark Fiend Valley was filled with wails and cries.

As the ones pointed out had their heads and bodies separated, the females of Dark Fiend Valley wore expressions of satisfaction as their revenge had been obtained. They also couldn’t help but start to sob.

Therefore, all kinds of wails, cries, roars, and curses were mingled in Dark Fiend Valley.

Qin Lie was still embroiled in slaughter.

Most of the martial practitioners were in the Manifestation Realm. For the current him, they were just lambs waiting for the slaughter, they could not escape his hands.

After his breakthrough to the Fulfillment Realm, his mind moved to his will, and he had a wondrous feeling that his spirit power would follow his thoughts like a shadow.

Suddenly, he got an idea. He glanced at one escapee and channeled lightning power.


A blinding bolt of lightning instantaneously flew thousands of meters and penetrated the target.

Another martial practitioner from Earth Fiend Valley tried to execute an earth movement art to escape underground.

Qin Lie stamped his foot.

A thick earth power suddenly surged and turned into a gravitational field. That martial practitioner that tried to burrow into the ground bled from his orifices due to the backlash of the great earth power, dying instantly.

Blood Spirit Art, Heavenly Thunder Eradication, Frost Arts, Records of Geocentric Magnetism, four spirit arts of different elements did not conflict with each other any longer. He could use them to his will, they would display their power with just a thought.

After his bloodline awakening, countless divine characters that meant “blaze” had been branded onto his body.

He had yet to figure out how to use the power of his bloodline and release the power of the characters, but he knew that the bloodline awakening had him undergo a complete transformation.

He needed to carefully reflect on it and learn how much this transformation would help him.


As the last person that tried to escape was pierced in the neck from behind with an ice spear, the only sound left in the Dark Fiend Valley was quiet joyful sobbing of the female disciples who had gotten their revenge.

The Seven Fiends Valley martial practitioners who still lived didn’t dare to move.

They stood like puppets, terror written all over their faces. They were afraid one unintentional flinch would attract Qin Lie’s bloodlust.

At this time, they celebrated that they had not been pointed out by those female disciples of Dark Fiend Valley.

They rejoiced that they had controlled their desires when Dark Fiend Valley had declined and hadn’t harmed those of their own sect.

“Good, this is good, this is good…”

After everything was over, Han Wan strangely calmed down as she murmured.

She felt that even if Dark Fiend Valley was destroyed by Profound Heaven Alliance, as long as everyone who deserved to die was killed, it was worth it.

—she was one of the victims.

She knew very well that the young females who had endured the same torment as her had hoped they would one day get revenge.

Today, Qin Lie’s arrival not only changed Seven Fiends Valley, it also helped them vent their hatred and helped them get revenge.

She felt that this was enough.

“Thank you,” Pei Xiang said softly.

Many of the Dark Fiend Valley disciples raised their heads to look at Qin Lie as they cried. Their eyes were filled with great gratitude and relief.

Qin Lie returned to the center of the group covered in blood.

He suddenly sat down silently and closed his eyes. He did not look at the surroundings anymore.

“Qin Lie, you do not have to mind us, you can leave. With your present power, you may be able to escape.” Lu Li suddenly said after looking at him deeply.

“I said I would help you get freedom.” Qin Lie did not open his eyes.

Lu Li’s gaze was shocked. “You have fulfilled your promise. After the deaths of these people, we are… freed. We have gotten our revenge.  Even if we die, I think that we can die in peace.”

“What kind of freedom is that?” Qin Lie frowned.

“Then what is the freedom you speak of?” Lu Li was stunned.

“All of you will be able to live, you will be able to live here peacefully in the future, and not be threatened by any others,” Qin Lie said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Everyone who heard these words shook.

“Is it possible? Is it… really possible?” Pei Xiang murmured to herself. She didn’t dare to believe, and didn’t dare to imagine that there would be a day like that.

The females of Dark Fiend Valley felt it was incomprehensible.

“Wait for the people from Profound Heaven Alliance to arrive.” After saying this, Qin Lie fell silent as though he was in meditation.

People looked in shock at him. They didn’t know what he was planning.

The survivors from the other valleys were all uncertain and puzzled.

“Is he about face off with Profound Heaven Alliance? Is he so strong that he can kill whoever comes from Profound Heaven Alliance?” they thought inside.

No one could guess Qin Lie’s thoughts.

The only thing  they could do was wait silently for the martial practitioners of Profound Heaven Alliance to arrive.

Han Wan looked at Qin Lie with a complicated expression. She had a strange feeling as though she was in a dream. She still remembered when she saw Qin Lie come out of Herb Mountain back at Ling Town.

At that time, Qin Lie had a thin and small body. He only had a cultivation of the  Refinement Realm, and he was being fostered by the Ling Family.

No matter how great her imagination was, she would not have expected that there would be a day that Qin Lie could reach such a level, and have such  a terrifying power that he could destroy all of Dark Fiend Valley.

“If Granny Jiu was alive, if she knew that Qin Lie would one day reach such heights, might… she would regret it?” Han Wan thought.

Dark Fiend Valley became silent again.

In two hours, more martial practitioners gathered. These latecomers had relatively low cultivations, and didn’t qualify to pick female disciples from Dark Fiend Valley in the past years so the valley didn’t see another bloodbath unfold.

When they saw the ground covered in corpses and gory pieces of flesh, their faces turned ashen.

After asking in soft voices, they learned what had happened. They learned that all the experts of Seven Fiends Valley were slaughtered. When they looked at Qin Lie again, their eyes were filled with terror.

They didn’t dare to leave.

Due to this, all of the latecomers were standing where they were in silence as they looked at Qin Lie sitting in a puddle of blood.

They were also waiting.

Time slowly passed.

Two hours passed, and then another two hours.

After the sixth hour had passed, sound of flying spirit artifacts moving at fast speeds came from the clouds above their heads.

Hearing the sound, Qin Lie who had closed his eyes to recover his spirit power lifted corners of his mouth, revealing a strange smile...

Because that sound came from the crystalline war chariots.

“It’s Lord Song Siyuan!”

“Lord Song Siyuan has come!”

“And Lord Xie Zhizhang!”

“It seems that the Song Family and the XIe Family places great importance on this matter!”

Many martial practitioners of Seven Fiends Valley raised their heads to look into the sky and found that Song Siyuan and Xie Zhizhang had come in person.

In the present Profound Heaven Alliance, the Nie Family had been expelled, and only the Song and Xie Family were left in control.

Song Siyuan was the younger brother of Song Yu, Xie Zhizhang was the younger brother of Xie Yaoyang. The arrival of the two meant that they were paying attention to the changes in Dark Fiend Valley.

Other than Song Siyuan and Xie Zhizhang, there were also martial practitioners of the Song and Xie Family that were giving off intimidating auras on the crystalline war chariots.

This caused the expressions of the Seven Fiends Valley martial practitioners to change.

Han Wan, Pei Xiang, Lu Li and the others had terrified expressions as they sighed inside.

Song Siyuan, and Xie Zhizhang were in the late stage of the Fulfillment Realm. The ones that had come with them were also Fulfillment Realm experts. With so many people here, Qin Lie probably wouldn’t be able to escape.

They became deeply worried.

What these people did not notice was that the crystalline war chariots that Song Siyuan and the others were travelling on were exactly the same in both shape and size as the one that Qin Lie had.

They did not know what this meant.

“Lord Song, Lord Xie, you finally came!” A martial practitioner of Mystical Fiend Valley finally dared to move. He shouted urgently as he moved forward. “Qin Lie has committed a massacre here, and killed Chief Valley Master Shi, and the other six valley masters! Also, the martial practitioners that came from the other valleys, thirty six people in total, had been killed by Qin Lie! It is terrible, look, look at this bloody scene!”

“Lords, you must get justice for Seven Fiends Valley and kill this boy!”

“Please, Lords, help us!”

“You must punish the culprit!”

The martial practitioners of Seven Fiends Valley started to shout, united in their hatred towards a common enemy. They wanted to tear Qin Lie to pieces.

Song Siyuan, Xie Zhizhang, and the group walked off their crystalline war chariots. They grimaced at each other and then walked over helplessly.

They did not pay attention to the people shouting. These major personages that came from Profound Heaven Alliance walked directly in front of Qin Lie.

The excited martial practitioners of Seven Fiends Valley followed them with red eyes as they shouted. They wanted Qin Lie to be cut into thousands of pieces.

These people had excited expressions as though they suddenly possessed endless power and wanted to see how Qin Lie met his death.

The female disciples of Dark Fiend Valley had calm expressions, as if they had already accepted their fate.

Song Siyuan and Xie Zhizhang stopped five meters away from Qin Lie. Looking at Qin Lie who had returned after two years to the Scarlet Tide Continent, Song Siyuan and Xie Zhizhang had complicated expressions.

After a moment of silence, Song Siyuan grimaced. “Was there a need to make such a ruckus?”

Qin Lie finally opened his eyes and grinned. He said, “Long time no see.”

“Ah, you…” Xie Zhizhang shook his head in pain and grimaced. “When Tingyu and Jingxuan said you left alone, I just knew something bad was about to happen. Wherever you appear, you will always be accompanied by chaos or a storm of blood, you are an inauspicious star!”

Qin Lie was speechless.

The Seven Fiends Valley martial practitioners that had been shouting loudly with flushed faces and followed Song Siyuan in order to kill suddenly stilled.

Han Wan, Lu Li, Pei Xiang and the others also had shocked expressions. They felt that this scene was not real.

Song Siyuan, Xie Zhizhang, these two noble personages from Profound Heaven Alliance hadn’t come in person to kill Qin Lie, or to tell him what the consequences of committing a slaughter were?

Why did they look more like old friends meeting up to talk?

Everyone was dumbstruck.

“Well I killed everyone, just do what you want!” Spreading his hands, Qin Lie looked shameless, having committed the crime and yet challenging people to do something to him.

“You killed them, what is so serious about that?” Xie Zhizhang sighed. “Profound Heaven Alliance has dozens of Black Iron rank forces like Seven Fiends Valley, what difference does one make?”

“If you want to vent your hate, vent it all at once, just don’t do it frequently.” Song Siyuan nodded and turned back to look behind him. “If you don’t like any of these people, just take care of them now and clean up anything you need to. I only beg of you, after the matter of Seven Fiends Valley is settled, don’t continue washing the Scarlet Tide Continent in blood.”

When the words were said, the yelling martial practitioners of Seven Fiends Valley were astounded, and had the terrifying feeling that the heavens were playing with them.

Han Wan, Lu Li, Pei Xiang, and the others had disbelieving expressions on their faces, their bodies trembling in excitement.

After getting their revenge and losing all hope, the female disciples of Dark Fiend Valley that had been prepared for death regained the flames of hope in their eyes.

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