Chapter 668: I Understand, But You Do Not!

Chapter 668: I Understand, But You Do Not!

“Lu Li! Have you gone mad!?”

Compared to Qin Lie’s liveliness, Han Wan’s expression was far more terrified. She watched as Lu Li walked out of Black Jail Cavern and stilled at Qin Lie’s declaration. She immediately screamed.

She didn’t want to imagine the horror that would await the disciples of Dark Fiend Valley after this matter had been finished.

This would anger Shi Jingyun and Gu Yang. After the matter, the retribution from these people would destroy Dark Fiend Valley.

That was a nightmare that Han Wan could not accept!

“Aunt Wan, from the moment I stepped into Black Jail Cavern, they never wanted to spare us.” Lu Li’s thin body seemed as if it could be blown away by the wind. The exquisite and beautiful face of the past had a layer of dust and was devoid of any light.

Her looks alone made people depressed.

And yet, her eyes were gradually brightening. So bright that others were unable to look directly at them.

“Qin Lie is responsible for Dark Fiend Valley ending up this way. He should help us resolve the calamity!” Lu Li’s words were firm.

But in Han Wan’s eyes, Lu Li had already gone mad.

—She didn’t believe that Qin Lie, who had come alone, could free Dark Fiend Valley from their terrible state and rescue all of their disciples.

She was terrified of the consequences.

“Little slut! You think that Qin Lie will be able to save you?” Shi Jingyun’s anger shot to his head.

Gu Yang’s expression also darkened.

The valley masters that had followed Shi Jingyun all had dark expressions and slaughter on their minds.

Because Lu Li wanted Qin Lie to kill all of them!

“Seven Fiends Valley will be erased starting today!” Qin Lie slowly put away his smile.

At the same time, an extremely dangerous aura started to rise from his body and grow stronger and stronger.

“Blood Dragon’s Roar!”

Five curved bloody lights shot out and quickly formed a bloodthirsty and savage dragon.

The body of the blood dragon was made from thick bloody light. It was nimble and also released a blood stench that could cause people to go mad.


The blood dragon twisted as it roared and headed with a vicious expression towards Shi Jingyun.

Shi Jingyun’s expression changed.

The blood dragon formed from blood energy gave off such a strong odor of blood once it manifested that it caused Shi Jingyun’s blood to broil.

Qin Lie’s aura which continued to rise gradually became vicious and quickly dominated the auras of himself and Gu Yang.

This meant that Qin Lie’s cultivation was equal to theirs!

How could Shi Jingyun not be shocked?

When he, Wu Tuo, and the others entered Armament Sect, Qin Lie had only been in the Manifestation Realm at best!

How long has it been?

Today, Qin Lie had cultivation that matched his. At least the peak of the Netherpassage Realm!

“Everyone, work together and use all of your power!” Shi Jingyun shouted.

The expressions of Gu Yang and the others changed.

There were seven Netherpassage Realm martial practitioners including Shi Jingyun and Gu Yang. Of them, Shi Jingyun had the highest cultivation, the peak of the Netherpassage Realm, Gu Yang was second, just in the late stage of the Netherpassage Realm. The remaining five were only in the early and mid stages.

The seven immediately reached an unspoken agreement. Seven Profound Grade Four spirit artifacts were released immediately.

A silk web covered in flames, a bright yellow copper mirror, a long whip made from the bones of a python, a glittering long spear, a blade, and two swords.

The seven spirit artifacts flashed with auras of different elements. Under the control of the seven valley masters, the weapons charged towards Qin Lie and the blood dragon.

“Never having left the Scarlet Tide Continent is the greatest tragedy of your lives.” Facing the ferocious aura of the seven spirit artifacts, Qin Lie coldly shook his head. “Never having seen the outside world means that you will never know how weak and useless you are in the eyes of others.”

“Blood Weeping Ghost Claw!”

His two hands forming seals, blinding bloody lights flew out and quickly formed a vicious blood claw.

Three crimson red claws suddenly landed between the seven spirit artifacts. The bloody claws raked back and forth like a predator clawing at prey.

Blood flew.

The spirit artifacts Gu Yang and the others released were sprayed with the bloody light. They lost their light, and their spirit energy disappeared as though they had been corroded by a strong acid.

The blood dragon that had been unleashed earlier suddenly broke through their defenses and headed straight for Shi Jingyun.

Shi Jingyun tried his best to gather spirit energy!

Three golden shields of light came out of his chest and formed around him. They seemed to be made of metal and were as strong as stone.

The blood dragon viciously hit the three golden shields of light. Threads of shattered blood light sprayed out.

“Bam! Bam! Bam!”

The three golden shields crumbled into pieces of golden light like glass crushed by a chariot.

Shi Jingyun’s face was flushed red. The astounding golden light in his eyes suddenly dimmed.


As though he was hit by an invisible hammer, Shi Jingyun suddenly flew out backwards uncontrollably. The clear sound of his bones breaking resounded from his chest.

After landing, Shi Jingyun’s mouth was filled with blood and his eyes shone with incomprehension.

He looked in shock at the other six people.

Gu Yang and the five others were not much better off than he was.

The spirit artifacts the six had released were being shredded to pieces by the three crimson blood claws. They were gradually losing their mighty sheen under the corrosion of bloody light, becoming scraps of ordinary metal.

Qin Lie suddenly appeared between the six people

“Icestone Twister!”

Around Qin Lie, air started giving off sounds of ice cracking. Under everyone’s stunned gazes, a windstorm formed by fragments of ice formed.

There were countless icicles, ice blades, ice pieces, and ice arrows that flashed with cold light and glittered inside the twister.

As the twister turned, an extremely cold power was being released! Accompanied by the sound of ice cracking, the icy energy spread in all directions.

The sharp and furious wave carried an extremely frost concept that caused the six valley masters’ souls to leave their bodies.

“Snap snap snap! Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

The chunks of ice hidden inside the windstorm exploded, turning into numerous smaller fragments of ice that covered the area the six were in.

Gu Yang and the others had no choice but to gather their spirit energy and form thick bright yellow, red, and dark green barriers to wrap around their bodies.

They didn’t have the ability to fight back.

“Are you able to withstand it?” Qin Lie smiled.

Thunder and lightning started rampaging in the center of the icy twister. Round balls of lightning were the size of watermelons. They carried blinding electricity and unstoppable explosiveness as they rolled towards Gu Yang and the other five.

“Boom boom boom!”

A wave of thunder resounded.

It was like there were hundreds of fireworks being set off at the same time around Qin Lie. The deafening roar was so loud that it echoed throughout the Dark Fiend Valley, as well as the other nearby valleys.

Han Wan, Pei Xiang, Lu Li and the others of Dark Fiend Valley could not withstand such savage thunder and covered their ears.

At this time, all the female disciples of Dark Fiend Valley had shocked and joyful expressions.

They didn’t dare to believe that Qin Lie who was about the same age as them was able to beat Shi Jingyun, Gu Yang, and five others to the point they could only try to endure without a chance to fight back, with his own power, no less!

Han Wan’s eyes were bright. She couldn’t help but look at Lu Li and her shoulders started to tremble in excitement.

She finally realized that the Qin Lie of this day and time was not the youth back at Ling Town. He had transformed into a major personage that could dominate the Scarlet Tide Continent and make Shi Jingyun and Gu Yang not able to move.

Lu Li’s eyes showed a strange gleam as well.

She knew that after so many years, Qin Lie who dared to come alone to Dark Fiend Valley to aggressively break her restraints must have become strong.

But she had not expected Qin Lie to be this strong!

They had not met for several years, and Qin Lie was able to completely overpower Shi Jingyun and the six others. In her view, this was unimaginable.

“As expected of Yushi’s man,” Lu Li said inwardly.

Pei Xiang was even more emotional.

She had not expected that the person she accidentally saved in the forest had such great power that evil beings like Shi Jingyun could only just barely manage to survive and not have a chance to retaliate.

“Qin Lie! You dare to treat us so, but did you think about how Profound Heaven Alliance will pursue you?” Gu Yang suddenly shouted with a harsh expression. “Immediately get out of Dark Fiend Valley and the territory of Seven Fiends Valley! We will pretend we never saw you! Otherwise, we will immediately report to Profound Heaven Alliance, they will send a Fulfillment Realm, and even a Fragmentation Realm expert to kill you!”

He already realized the state of the situation.

One against seven, the strong power Qin Lie showed, that intimidating soul aura caused Gu Yang to understand that the present Qin Lie could definitely slaughter them.

Because he could not see hope, he mentioned Profound Heaven Alliance, and wanted to use Profound Heaven Alliance to get Qin Lie to retreat.

“Qin Lie! Profound Heaven Alliance will not spare you!” Shi Jingyun said harshly.

Han Wan’s face turned white again.

To her, Profound Heaven Alliance was like a great mountain, a divine existence.

All of the martial practitioners that dared to become enemies with Profound Heaven Alliance on the Scarlet Tide Continent would die without a grave. They didn’t have any hope of escaping alive.

When Shi Jingyun and the others brought up Profound Heaven Alliance, Han Wan became terrified again. The hope that had just risen up was ruthlessly extinguished.

Yes, so what if Shi Jingyun was killed?

Profound Heaven Alliance would come sooner or later!

At that time, she, Pei Xiang, Lu Li, all the female disciples of Dark Fiend Valley, who among could escape death?

In front of Profound Heaven Alliance, a monster that had ruled the Scarlet Tide Continent for many years, she didn’t feel hope, but helplessness.

“Q-Qin Lie...” Han Wan gritted her teeth and suddenly said, “Spare them, and leave alone. Profound Heaven Alliance... is not something that you can win against. If something happens to them, we will all be killed and you will not be able to escape!”

“Hahaha!” Gu Yang laughed. “Seven Fiends Valley does not have any Fulfillment Realm practitioners, but Profound Heaven Alliance does, as well as Fragmentation Realm experts! So what if you are strong? Will you be able to block the attacks of Profound Heaven Alliance’s Fragmentation Realm elites? You believe you will be able to survive?”

“Why aren’t you releasing us? You really think Profound Heaven Alliance will not dare to kill you?” The valley master of Earth Fiend Valley ranted.

“Qin Lie! You are alone, you cannot survive on the Scarlet Tide Continent!” Shi Jingyun snarled. “Can’t you see? In this world with strict ranks, only people that have close relationships with strong forces can survive. Only by following the will of the world can one enjoy the world!”

“I understand.” Qin Lie smiled and shook his head. He then said, “But you do not.”


More balls of lightning came out and mixed themselves with streaks of bloody light and sharp ice blades that battered at the seven.

The seven valley masters that had just become smug were drowned by this furious sea of spirit energy. They were ground into gore, their heads separated from their bodies.

“In the present Scarlet Tide Continent, no one would dare to pursue me, including Song Yu and Li Yi!” Qin Lie snorted.

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