Chapter 667: Who Do You Want Dead?

Chapter 667: Who Do You Want Dead?

Qin Lie’s quick agreement caused Lu Li to still and look with shock at him. “You dare to kill Shi Jingyun?

“Why not?” Qin Lie asked.

After a moment of thought, Lu Li said, “Shi Jingyun is the present Chief Valley Master of Seven Fiends Valley.”

“So what?”

“Are you able to kill him?”


“And you will not care if Profound Heaven Alliance finds out?”

“Not afraid.”

The two’s conversation suddenly stopped here. Lu Li did not continue to press on, Qin Lie did not respond.

They were mutually silent.

After a while, Lu Li had a strange expression. She said softly, “I’ve never thought that there would be day that I would beg you...”

Qin Lie’s expression was cool. “There is nothing in this world that is absolute. In the past when you came to Ling Town and gave me a Natal Ordering Pill, I only wanted to one day openly walk into Dark Fiend Valley and take Yushi away. I did not think that I would come to Dark Fiend Valley to free it.”

“Qin Lie, I admit that I was wrong back then.” Lu Li had a wry expression. “I had not expected that a youth who wasn’t even in the Natal Opening Realm would kill two Dark Fiend Valley Masters a few years later, beating Dark Fiend Valley down. And I never would have thought that this little martial practitioner would create such great waves in the Scarlet Tide Continent. Profound Heaven Alliance, Eight Extreme Temple, and Joyful Union Sect could not do anything to you.”

When she thought back to the past, Lu Li was full of emotion. She felt that she completely failed at predicting how all of this would unfold.

“Why do you hate Shi Jingyun? Because he imprisoned you here?” Qin Lie asked.

“Not just because he imprisoned me.” Lu Li’s eyes were filled with murderous intent, and her tone was cold. “The reason that Valley Master Shen wanted to marry Yushi to Li Zhongzheng as a concubine was because of Shi Jingyun’s machinations. For his grudge of his finger being cut off, he hated all of the Ling Family, and also hated Dark Fiend Valley. After Valley Master Shen’s death and my imprisonment, the female disciples... many of them were forced to become playthings for the disciples of other valleys. Dark Fiend Valley only exists in name now. It is a joke in Seven Fiends Valley.

The hatred on Lu Li’s face grew more evident.

“When I was imprisoned, the elders of Gold Fiend Valley and Fire Fiend Valley bore malicious thoughts toward me.” She paused slightly, her eyes filled with pain. “I know, Aunt Wan... endured it for me. If it wasn’t for Aunt Wan, even if I was in Black Jail Cavern, I wouldn’t be able to escape their grasp.”

Lu Li’s gaze harshened as she said, “Since you dare to kill Shi Jingyun, then help me kill Fire Fiend Valley’s Gu Yang as well!”

Looking deeply at her, Qin Lie nodded without hesitation. “Alright!”

From Lu Li’s words, her expression, and the hatred in her eyes, Qin Lie knew just how bad Dark Fiend Valley’s situation had been all these years.

The Dark Fiend Valley that used to rank near the top endured grievous things after their power had been dramatically reduced and because they were all young and beautiful females.

And it just had to be Shi Jingyun who became the Chief Valley Master of Seven Fiends Valley.

This caused Dark Fiend Valley’s fate to become even harsher.

Just as Qin Lie and Lu Li were talking, Shi Jingyun, Gu Yang and the other valley masters finally arrived.

When he arrived, Shi Jingyun’s eyes landed on that grand crystalline war chariot.

“What is going on?” Shi Jingyun looked coldly at Han Wan.

Han Wan’s face suddenly turned ashen white as though she was bitten by a poisonous snake. Her curvaceous body shook lightly in terror.

The Dark Fiend Valley females who had been chatting before suddenly turned silent and trembled when they saw Shi Jingyun, Gu Yang, and the other major personages of Seven Fiends Valley.

These past few years, people in positions of power in the mountain valleys would come to Dark Fiend Valley frequently. They would use the excuse of helping the females cultivate to pick young and beautiful females as targets of obscenity.

Anyone that would try to resist would be whipped, slapped, and beaten all over.

The female disciples of Dark Fiend Valley feared Shi Jingyun, Gu Yang, and the others as if they were demons. Seeing them appear, the female disciples trembled all over.

It was fear that stemmed from the bottom of their hearts..

Without Jiu Liuyu’s protection, without Shen Meilan present, and after Shi Jingyun’s actions targeting Dark Fiend Valley after he had taken the seat of power, the disciples of Dark Fiend Valley experienced their darkest days.

For them, this was a long nightmare.

“Han Wan! Chief Valley Master is asking you a question!” Gu Yang snorted.

Han Wan started. She took two steps back in panic and then took a deep breath before she murmured, “Yes, yes...”

“Yes what?” Gu Yang’s expression was dark. His gaze moved around Han Wan’s curvaceous body, his gaze overflowing with lust. He thought to himself, “This woman’s body is still so tempting. It seems that when I have the time, I should come back and taste her again...”

A year ago, he had been the one to come with others with the intention of acting against Lu Li.

But Han Wan had put her life on the line to stop him. She sacrificed herself to satisfy Gu Yang’s appetite and allowed Lu Li to escape.

Whenever Han Wan thought of Gu Yang, she would feel disgusted and unconsciously want to wash her body.

When she saw Gu Yang appear, she felt uncomfortable all over. She was so frightened that she wasn’t even able to speak.

“Who rode this crystalline war chariot?!” Shi Jingyun ran out of patience. His cold eyes moved around the crowd and then landed on Pei Xiang who was closest to the chariot. He said harshly, “You, talk!”

“I, I don’t know...” Pei Xiang’s lips trembled.

Shi Jingyun’s expression became even darker. “It seems that Dark Fiend Valley is colluding with outsiders. We must show you the consequences! Let me ask again, who rode this crystalline war chariot? I will count to three, if no one answers, I will kill a Dark Fiend Valley disciple!”

Pointing at Pei Xiang, Shi Jingyun said coldly, “You will be the first!”

Pei Xiang was terrified.


Shi Jingyun quickly counted to three. He didn’t wait for Pei Xiang to react before a golden spike appeared out of his right hand and shot towards Pei Xiang’s chest.

He clearly wanted to kill Pei Xiang first to intimidate the group.

“Qin Lie! It’s Qin Lie!” Han Wan screamed. “Don’t kill Pei Xiang, I beg you, don’t kill Pei Xiang!”

“Qin Lie!” Killing intent multiplied in Shi Jingyun’s eyes. The golden spike that charged towards Pei Xiang’s chest did not stop, but went even faster in his anger.

The spike charged like a golden light towards Pei Xiang.


A metallic sound came from Pei Xiang’s chest as the golden spike hit a shield of ice.

The golden spike suddenly lost momentum and fell to the ground.

That ice shield that suddenly appeared still stood motionless in the air.

Qin Lie and Lu Li appeared next to each other at the mouth of Black Jail Cavern as they looked at Shi Jingyun and the other people in Dark Fiend Valley. Qin Lie, who had been watching secretly for a while, nodded and said softly, “It will not be a pity for Shi Jingyun to die.”

When Shi Jingyun just entered the mountain valley, he and Lu Li had hurried to the mouth of Black Jail Cavern to look down.

He wanted to see what Shi Jingyun, the person whose finger he had cut off and yet had benefited from the calamity to become the Chief Valley Master of Seven Fiends Valley, had become.

Now he truly saw the vicious face of Shi Jingyun.

“Old Shi, long time no see?” Qin Lie flew out of the mouth of Black Jail Cavern and jumped down towards Dark Fiend Valley like a sharp sword being stabbed down.


When Qin Lie’s built body hit the ground of Dark Fiend Valley, all of Dark Fiend Valley seemed to shake.

Grinning at Shi Jingyun and deliberately staring at his stub of a finger, Qin Lie asked with a cruel smile, “Old Shi, did losing a finger affect your spirit art? When you grip spirit artifacts, do you feel inconvenience or discomfort?”

“Qin Lie!” Shi Jingyun roared like a wild beast. “You dare to come to Seven Fiends Valley! You dare to come to me! Good! Very good! Today, if I do not kill you, I am not a man!” His eyes flashed with a mad light as the words Qin Lie said lit up the greatest anger in his heart.

Gu Yang and the other valley masters’ expressions changed when they saw Qin Lie suddenly appear.

The female disciples of Dark Fiend Valley were anxious and were frightened by the madness on Shi Jingyun’s face.

Han Wan wanted to cry.

She didn’t know how great the calamity Qin Lie would cause for Dark Fiend Valley if he completely angered Shi Jingyun.

“Ouyang Sheng, Jiu Liuyu, Jia Songlin, Sheng Meilan, Gu Tong,...” As he spoke each name, Qin Lie had a cold smile on his face. He shook his head, tsked and said, “Too many people from Seven Fiends Valley died by my hands. Without the death of these people, would there be Chief Valley Master Shi? Hah, this is good. I will cleanse Seven Fiends Valley again and completely remove Seven Fiends Valley from the Scarlet Tide Continent!”

“Qin Lie! You do not have Xue Li, Lang Xie, or the evil races of Nether Realm today!” Shi Jingyun laughed madly. “All this time, you had always relied on other people, or the Terminator Profound Bomb! You think that even without anything to rely on, you can still act unbridled, with just your power? You are delusional!”

“Oh?” Qin Lie laughed and nodded. He said, “Alright, then I will let you see if I can make your Seven Fiends Valley fall today with my own power!”

“Alright! Hahaha! I want to see how you continue to act all high and mighty!” Shi Jingyun howled.

Glittering golden sheen was suddenly released from his body. His aura started to rise astoundingly. His strength at the peak of the Netherpassage Realm was completely displayed!

“Not bad, the peak of the Netherpassage Realm is considered the strongest among Black Iron rank forces.” The smile on Qin Lie’s face did not fade. He still looked calmly at Shi Jingyun and gave him more time to gather power. “Ah, but your progress has been too slow. I have left the Scarlet Tide Continent for about two years, and you have only just taken one step forward.”

As he spoke, he pointed at Gu Yang. He ignored Shi Jingyun gathering power and said, “I promised Lu Li that you will die as well.”

He lifted his head and looked towards Lu Li who was walking off the mountain and asked, “Who else? Who else do you want to die?”

“Everyone who has entered Dark Fiend Valley today!” Lu Li gritted her teeth.

“Alright!” Qin Lie promised easily.

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