Chapter 666: Dark Fiend Valley

Chapter 666: Dark Fiend Valley

Pei Xiang looked in terror at Qin Lie.

A moment later, she screamed, “Had I known it was you, I would have never saved you!” Her expression was full of hatred.

Qin Lie frowned. “Why do you hate me?”

“You caused Granny Jiu’s death!” Pei Xiang gritted out hatefully. “Granny Jiu was very good to us! When Granny Jiu was alive, Dark Fiend Valley had status in the seven valleys and no one dared to bully us! At that time, the sisters in the valley could focus on their cultivation and did not have to worry about being harassed."

“After Granny Jiu’s death, Valley Master Shen took the position. She was... slightly vicious. But when she was at Dark Fiend Valley, our lives were not bad either. However, that didn’t last for long, because you appeared again! You caused Valley Master Shen to die as well. You caused Dark Fiend Valley to not even have a valley master up until now, and anyone can bully us!”

“If it wasn’t for you, the sisters of the valley would not be bullied by anyone today! It is all because of you!”

Pei Xiang’s expression was furious. She accused Qin Lie as her face turned cold.

“After Valley Master Shen’s death, Elder Shi prosecuted Senior Sister Lu. She was imprisoned in Black Jail Cavern and hasn’t been released yet.” Pei Xiang’s eyes were wide as she continued, “The sisters of Dark Fiend Valley were looked down upon by everyone after that. Many people propositioned us, and humiliated us...”

When she spoke of this, Pei Xiang’s eyes were teary and she did not continue speaking.

Qin Lie’s face was dark.

A long time later, he spoke, “Jiu Liuyu and Shen Meilan might have been good to disciples of Dark Fiend Valley like you, but they were not polite at all when they faced me. Back then, if Jiu Liuyu had taken a step back, I would not have killed her.”

“As for that Shen Meilan... she sought her own death! If she did not force Ling Yushi to marry Li Zhongzheng as a concubine, did not want to exterminate the Ling family, if she did not give pursuit, what reason would I have to kill her?”

“Jiu Liuyu and Shen Meilan died because of their wrong decisions!”

Pausing, Qin Lie looked at Pei Xiang and changed the topic. “Alright, the past is in the past. For Yushi, and because Lu Li saved the Ling family and had always treated Yushi well, I will go to Seven Fiends Valley to help Dark Fiend Valley get its freedom back.”

“You?” Pei Xiang snorted. “I’ve heard of you! Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance chased you all over the world to kill you. And now you dare to come out, aren’t you worried that will be killed? Also, with just you alone, you dare to go to Seven Fiends Valley to rescue Senior Sister Lu? Can you defeat Elder Shi? Elder Shi is now the Chief Valley Master! Even if you win against Valley Master Shi, Profound Heaven Alliance will not spare you!”

“Leave, don’t make trouble for Dark Fiend Valley, and don’t cause me to be labeled a traitor of Seven Fiends Valley!”

Qin Lie shook his head and said, “You worry too much.”

As he spoke, he grabbed Pei Xiang’s shoulder and forcibly lifted her onto the crystalline war chariot and activated it.

The crystalline war chariot soared into the sky in the direction of Seven Fiends Valley

“Where is Black Jail Cavern? Also, who is in charge of Seven Fiends Valley at present?” Qin Lie said impatiently.

The present Seven Fiends Valley was greatly diminished compared to the past.

Back then, the five major forces had attacked Armament Sect. In the end, Ouyang Sheng and Jiu Liuyu had died. Shi Jingyun had been captured and had his fingers cut off.

Not long after, Shen Meilan, Jia Songlin and Gu Tong were killed by Qin Lie. This meant that almost all of Seven Fiends Valley’s top experts were gone.

If Asura Hall, Cloud Sky Mountain, and Purple Mist Sea hadn’t received similarly heavy damage, Seven Fiends Valley might not have been able to continue to rule over the territories it had before.

All the powerful people died, and Seven Fiends Valley lost most of its experts. The new valley masters were not strong enough, and Shi Jingyun whose fingers had been cut off at Armament Sect received great fortune out of misfortune and became the true leader of Seven Fiends Valley—Chief Valley Master.

“Recently, Han Pu and Tu Shixiong of Asura Hall have been fighting intensely. We need to pay more attention and see if there are any chances.” Shi Jingyun summoned the six valley masters and was discussing important matters. “Han Pu has secretly contacted me and hopes that I will support him. After the matter... he will be greatly thankful!”

“After Yuan Tianya’s death, Third Hall Master Han Pu became Chief Hall Master of Asura Hall. After Cao Xuanrui’s death, his great commander Tu Shixiong became Second Hall Master.” The new Fire Fiend Valley master, Gu Yang, spoke, “After Fu Zhuohui successfully entered Profound Heaven Alliance, Asura Hall’s Grand Hall Master position became empty. Han Pu and Tu Shixiong will not spare any effort to win this position. However, I think that we should support Tu Shixiong and not Han Pu.”

“Why?” Shi Jingyun snorted.

“Tu Shixiong is more vicious, and has greater foresight. I feel that his chances of winning are higher,” Gu Yang said.

“The higher ups like Han Pu better!” Shi Jingyun frowned and said, “Tu Shixiong was connected to the Ling Family before, and also had unclear relationship with the survivors of Blood Spear. Many people in Profound Heaven Alliance do not like this! This time, Tu Shixiong will undoubtedly lose. We do not need to waste time on him!”

“Of course we will listen to Chief Valley Master!” Gu Yang bowed his head.

The other valley masters spoke in agreement.

As these people discussed matters, a crystalline war chariot moved directly toward Dark Fiend Valley’s Black Jail Cavern from far away.

Many martial practitioners of Seven Fiends Valley screamed when they saw that glittering crystalline war chariot in the sunlight.

“What is going on?” Shi Jingyun snorted.

“The gatekeepers saw a crystalline war chariot charging toward Dark Fiend Valley. Many people followed out of curiosity!” someone responded from outside the door.

“Crystalline war chariot? Toward Dark Fiend Valley?” Shi Jingyun frowned.

“Dark Fiend Valley has been calm these past years, their disciples have been docile, why would a crystalline war chariot suddenly go there?” Gu Yang said in puzzlement.

“Let’s go see for ourselves.” Shi Jingyun stood up.

The elites of Seven Fiends Valley also stood up and moved toward the nearby Dark Fiend Valley.


The crystalline war chariot that shone under the sun grandly charged into Dark Fiend Valley and landed at the center of the valley. It caused many of the buildings in the valley to shake.

All of the female disciples of Dark Fiend Valley gathered from all directions and looked over.

“Pei Xiang!”

“Pei Xiang, you, how come you have returned on a high-level flying spirit artifact like this? Who is the man beside you?”

“Pei Xiang, did you strike it rich and get on with a noble person? Pei Xiang, do not forget us, us sisters have had hard days.”

“Pei Xiang, who is he?”

Once they landed, the female crowd started to talk like a flock of birds.

Among them was a beautiful matron about forty years old. She looked deeply at Qin Lie with puzzlement as though she was trying to think back to something.

She was Han Wan. Many years ago, she and Jiu Liuyu had come to Ling Town together and she had met Qin Lie once.

In the past, Qin Lie was much thinner and smaller than now, and not eye-catching at all. He did not have such an intimidating aura, unlike now, when every one of his movements was filled with heart-shaking charisma.

At that time, Qin Lie was simply too young.

“Aunt Wan, why do you have that expression? You recognize this person?” A young female beside her noticed her state and couldn’t help but ask.

“He’s very similar, similar to that person...” Han Wan nodded slightly. “But it probably is not him. That person... hates Dark Fiend Valley very much. He should not appear here.”

“Who is the person you are talking about?” The young female was shocked.

After getting off the crystalline war chariot, Qin Lie looked around at the females of Dark Fiend Valley. When his gaze landed on Han Wan, he paused slightly with shock in his eyes.

In the past decade, he had changed so greatly that Han Wan did not recognize him.

But Han Wan had not changed too much.

Qin Lie recognized with a glance that this female had come to Ling Town. She had been next to Jiu Liuyu’s carriage and had examined him from afar.

After a pause, Qin Lie nodded at Han Wan in a greeting.

Han Wan paused. After an instant of hesitation, she asked uncertainly, “You are?”

“Qin Lie.”

Han Wan covered her mouth as she exclaimed. Her face was filled with disbelief and her eyes were terrified and anxious.

—She thought that Qin Lie had come to Dark Fiend Valley for revenge!

“Don’t be nervous.” Qin Lie saw Han Wan’s fear from her face and said loudly, “After these many years, Jiu Liuyu, Shen Meilan, I killed them both. I don’t bear any grudge against Dark Fiend Valley. I have come to free Lu Li...”

Pausing a beat, he added, “And also to help Dark Fiend Valley become free!”

Han Wan was dazed.

“W-who is he?”

“Such an arrogant boy! He said that he killed Granny Jiu and Valley Master Shen? How is that possible?”

“It’s him! He is Qin Lie, he seemed to have been engaged to Senior Sister Ling!”

“He’s right! Granny Jiu and Valley Master Shen both died because to him!”

The crowd in Dark Fiend Valley suddenly started to shout.

“Where is Black Jail Cavern?” Qin Lie frowned and asked Pei Xiang who was behind him. “I do not have time to waste!”

“Over there!” Pei Xiang pointed at a gray mountain.

At the middle of the mountain, there was a large bottomless black cavern that looked like an open mouth of a nether beast.

“Lu Li is imprisoned in Dark Fiend Valley?” Qin Lie was shocked.

“Valley Master Shi sent the order, we... do not dare to disobey.” Han Wan calmed down gradually and explained to him. “After the death of Valley Master Shen, Dark Fiend Valley did not appoint a new valley master. We could only listen to Valley Master Shi. You... cut off Valley Master Shi’s finger. He always hated you, and he hated the Ling Family. Lu Li helped Yushi and the Ling Family so...”

“So that’s how it is.”

Nodding, Qin Lie did not pay any more attention to the female disciples of Dark Fiend Valley and walked towards the black cavern.

He quickly reached the entrance.

There were more than a dozen Dark Fiend Valley disciples standing guard in the dim black cave. These people had learned Qin Lie’s identity from those above. Because they knew that Qin Lie had killed Jiu Liuyu and Shen Meilan, they didn’t dare to stop him. Qin Lie passed through and reached the depths of the cavern.

“Where is Lu Li being kept?” Looking at the singular stone rooms constructed in the cavern, Qin Lie was too lazy to search them one by one and shouted.

“The deepest one to the south!” someone informed softly.

Qin Lie moved quickly.

Dozens of seconds later, through the bars of a dark stone room, Qin Lie saw Lu Li.

Dressed in dirty and worn gray clothing Lu Li’s wrists and ankles were bound by chains. She was leaning with her back to the cold rock wall. Her expression was dim. Her past proud and beautiful eyes were dim.

“Qin, Qin Lie?” Lu Li’s voice was as cold as usual.

A light came into her dim eyes. She seemed to recover some energy. She focused on Qin Lie and her expression gradually turned disbelief. “Qin Lie? Is it really you?” Lu Li’s voice wavered.

“Long time no see.” Qin Lie sighed.

In the next moment, his spirit power rippled. A wave of furious power smashed the doors to the stone room.

Lu Li was startled.

“I’m letting you out.” Qin Lie explained. Then he moved next to Lu Li and broke the chains on Lu Li’s hands and feet. He said, “Come with me.”

“Why should I come with you?” Lu Li said coldly.

She did not move.

“You killed my master and caused Dark Fiend Valley to decline to its current state, you think I will be grateful to you? Grateful that you have rescued me today?” Her eyes were filled with disdain.

“I don’t need your gratitude.” Qin Lie’s expression was calm as he said coolly, “You once helped the Ling Family escape the pursuit of Seven Fiends Valley, helped the Ling sisters. Just for that, I must save you.”

“So what if you get me out?” Lu Li was silent for a moment as she looked hard at Qin Lie. She suddenly said, “Yushi and Xuanxuan were once disciples of Dark Fiend Valley, no matter if you admit it or not. If you truly have good intentions, you don’t need to mind me, help Yushi and Xuanxuan, help Dark Fiend Valley.”

“You and Dark Fiend Valley, I will free both,” Qin Lie said coolly.

Lu Li’s dim eyes finally lit up. “You truly mean it?”

“I do.”

“Then kill Shi Jingyun for me!”


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