Chapter 663: Pretending To Be Dead

Chapter 663: Pretending To Be Dead

The divine characters that flew out of Qin Lie’s blood in his first bloodline awakening had a meaning—blaze!

“Blaze, Blaze, bla…”

In the state of Thoughtless Tranquility, Qin Lie repeated the word “blaze.” He thought of his own name and became entranced in thought.

The “lie” character in his name must have come from this divine character. This meant that the person who named him definitely knew that he had another race’s pure blood!

The divine characters “blaze” were the reason for his name, and they seemed to be representing a powerful and ancient race.

“Blaze” was an extremely deep imprint!

As he pondered, the divine characters that meant “blaze” were still flying out of his lava-like blood and continued to brand his limbs.

Qin Lie gradually found that his body that could be considered freakish was gradually unable to withstand the divine “blaze” brands.

His body slowly became burnt black, and under the strong burning fire, it seemed to almost become charcoal.

It seemed that the present him could not tolerate the terrifying power of his first bloodline awakening!

Even hiding in the state of Thoughtless Tranquility, his consciousness started to blur under the endless branding of the “blaze” characters. He gradually lost control of his soul and body.

He once again fainted.

He did not know that after he went unconscious, more “blaze” divine characters floated out of his skin. These ancient characters that contained a special meaning wrapped around his body like fiery ropes and unhurriedly burned his body as though they were refining a spirit artifact.

Sparks of fire sprayed out of his body like pure lava flames.

Flames appeared in this verdant green forest. The sparks of fire spread and soon after, the forest was drowned in flames.

“Crick crack!”

The forest was burning intensely. The fire spread in all directions and its range grew wider and wider.

Qin Lie was unaware of this.

Unconscious amidst the flames rampaging through the forest, he entered a strange state of sleep.

In this sleeping state, he did not feel any pain. He felt as though he was wrapped up in comfortable warmth and his entire body was relaxed.

He did not know what was happening outside.

He did not know that the forest he was in was in the territories of Seven Fiends Valley.

The strong forest fire caused the spirit beasts inside to scatter in terror. Due to this, many of the young martial practitioners of Seven Fiends Valley were disturbed, so they came over to see the situation.

Unfortunately for them, because the fire was still burning furiously, they could not go in too deep and had to wait at the outskirts.

They cut down trees on the periphery to stop the spread of the fire, and waited for the fire to weaken and naturally extinguish itself.

They waited for three days.

Subsequently, the fire at the center of the forest gradually calmed and the martial practitioners of Seven Fiends Valley finally dared to enter its depths.

After travelling for a day, they came to where Qin Lie was. With a glance, they saw the crystalline war chariot.

The crystalline chariot had been created with special spirit material that sparkled and gave off enchanting light under the sun. It had not been burned to dust by the forest fire.

The eyes of the Seven Fiends Valley martial practitioners lit up. They charged over with cheers.

They didn’t notice, that in the ashes there was a burnt black person, or that this person still gave off soul fluctuations.

“This is a flying spirit artifact! It is priceless!” one of them shouted.

“I’ve seen something like it. Two years ago when the people from Joyful Union Sect came to the Scarlet Tide Continent, they seemed to have been on this kind of flying spirit artifact!” a martial practitioner from Gold Fiend Valley was extremely excited. “I heard that even Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple don’t have a crystalline chariot like this. This thing can soar above the clouds and is extremely quick!”

The dozen of martial practitioners from Seven Fiends Valley gathered around the crystalline chariot, excitedly touching this and that, but not knowing what to do.

They had no way of activating it.

“Hm?” A young female dressed in the robes of Dark Fiend Valley suddenly shouted, “There’s a burnt body over there!”

The Seven Fiends Valley martial practitioners that were squeezed around the crystalline chariot suddenly reacted. They looked towards the blackened Qin Lie with changed expressions.

“It must have been him that set the fire!” a Gold Fiend Valley martial practitioner shouted.

“Pity he’s dead. Otherwise, we might have gotten something out of him.”

“Mn, if he wasn’t dead, we would have been able to ask how to use this flying spirit artifact!”

“Such a pity.”

They chatted and did not think anything of the “burnt corpse.” They were still studying the crystalline war chariot with interest.

Only that young female that had shouted left the circle around the crystalline chariot after a moment of thought and walked up to Qin Lie.

Qin Lie had actually woken up already.

When these martial practitioners from Seven Fiends Valley gathered from all directions, he felt their soul fluctuations was woken up.

These people were only in the Refinement and Natal Opening Realms. There wasn’t even one in the Manifestation Realm.

With such low levels even if he did not move, these people would not be able to harm him.

So he was not in a hurry.

Actually, even if he was, it would be useless.

He knew that he was already in the Fulfillment Realm and he could feel the changes in his body.

Probing with his mind consciousness, he found that his boiling blood had already calmed down. There were no “blaze” divine characters left inside his body.

Everything seemed to have returned to normal.

However, because of his bloodline awakening, because of the “blaze” characters being branded onto his limbs and organs, all the moisture in his body had evaporated. He was like a mummy, in a strange state of fake death.

He was unable to move.

He desperately needed water to replenish for himself!

He could not open his eyes but he could feel someone coming close. He gathered all of the power he could gather and called out in a tiny voice, “Water, water, water...”

The young female from Dark Fiend Valley finally walked closer.

There was a shriveled body laying in the wood ashes. It was motionless and horrific to look at. It had clearly been burned for a long time.

The young female’s eyes widened when she glanced at the spatial rings on the hand of the burnt body.

Her eyes suddenly lit up.

In Black Iron rank force like Seven Fiends Valley, only those valley masters and elders were so rich as to have spatial rings. Normal disciples like her could not possess something so valuable.

Because he needed a place to put away the crystalline war chariots, Qin Lie had three spatial rings. While the three spatial rings were black and dim, the young female still recognized them with a glance.

Her heart beat rapidly as she used her narrow back to block the eyes of her senior brothers at the crystalline war chariot so that they could not know what was going on here.

The young female was cunning. She wanted to take the three spatial rings for herself so she silently got closer.

When she finally got close and leaned down to take the three spatial rings, she heard an extremely weak voice.

“Water, water...”

The young female was stunned.

Her shoulders trembled lightly. She gritted her teeth as she fought inside.

Should she take out her waterskin to pour water into this person’s mouth or kill this person and take the three spatial rings for herself?

She fought herself inside.

In the distance, the Seven Fiends Valley martial practitioners on the crystalline war chariot were still trying to figure out how to activate it.

One of them accidentally touched the control and activated the power of the spirit stones.

The chariot suddenly shot into the air with the Seven Fiends Valley martial practitioners on top.

They immediately started to cheer in joy.

This, no one noticed the young female and her inner conflict.

“Water, water...” Qin Lie continued to call, his voice so weak it was almost imperceptible.

Because the young female was close, she heard it closely. Her eyes were locked onto the three spatial rings as she wavered.

A long time later, she finally gritted her teeth and said in a low voice, “I hope that I won’t regret this!”

As she spoke, she finally took out the waterskin and moved it to Qin Lie’s dry lips.

Drops of water flowed out of the waterskin and into Qin Lie’s mouth.

Wondrously, as the first drops of water entered his mouth, a strong wave of vitality seemed to come into Qin Lie’s weak body.

The drops of water were ordinary but seemed to contain endless power at this time.

The drops of water seemed to be the sweetest power in Qin Lie’s mouth. They nourished Qin Lie’s dry mouth and flowed into his body.

Qin Lie’s dried body quickly recovered its vitality like the first rains after a drought.

Soon, Qin Lie drank the entire bag of water the young female took out.

At this time, Qin Lie could finally open his eyes. He looked at the unfamiliar female and said, “Give me more water, please!”

“A weirdo!”

The young female muttered. She took another waterskin from her belt and poured the clean water into Qin Lie’s mouth.

After Qin Lie took a long draw, he said, “Is there any more?”

“There is a stream right there, full of water. If you want to drink, go yourself,” the young female said impatiently.

“I’m temporarily unable to move.” Qin Lie’s eyes were distressed. He begged, “If it is not too much trouble, could you bottle some for me?”

If he had five more bags of water, he could recover some moisture in his body and move on his own.

“Who are you? Why are you here? Why do you have a crystalline war chariot?” the young female did not immediately agree but asked first. Her expression gradually became wary.

Qin Lie frowned inwardly. He carefully examined the young female. From the robes of the young female, he gradually recognized her identity—a disciple of Dark Fiend Valley.

Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan had cultivated under Granny Jiu, they had been core disciples of Dark Fiend Valley.

Lu Li was also a member of Dark Fiend Valley.

A string of thoughts flashed through his mind. Qin Lie suddenly said, “I am friends with Lu Li.”

“You know Senior Sister Lu?” The young female was startled. Her expression changed slightly and she said in a small voice, “Senior Sister Lu had been imprisoned for several years, how can you know her?”

“Why was she imprisoned?” Qin Lie was shocked.

“Senior Sister Lu told and helped the Ling Family escape the pursuit of Seven Fiends Valley. She caused her Valley Master Shen and Gold Valley Master Jia Songlin to die. After the matter, the valley prosecuted her and imprisoned her. It has been many years,” the young female replied.

Pausing, the young female said, “Are you really a friend of Senior Sister Lu?”

Qin Lie nodded.

“Alright then, I will help you get water!” The young female gritted her teeth and said, “Senior Sister Lu treated me very well before. For Senior Sister Lu, I will help you once! Do not move, continue to play dead! This way, those people will not notice you!”


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