Chapter 662: Bloodline Awakening

Chapter 662: Bloodline Awakening

Qin Lie was tortured until he wanted to die.

In his spirit sea, energies of different attributes fought one another and caused him to endure inhuman torment. He wasn’t even able to enter the state of Thoughtless Tranquility to escape it.

His nine natal palaces resembled suns, constantly giving off potent elemental energy.

Also, without any reason, the Demon Sealing Tombstone also appeared in the spirit sea. It was also the fiercest of all the powers, which astounded Qin Lie.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Suddenly, seven blinding lights floated out of the tombstone.

The prismatic divine light moved through his spirit sea like an enormous hand. It released vast, ancient, and mind-shakingly mysterious vibrations.

Suddenly, Qin Lie seemed to hear that unknown divine language, and his mind lost focus.

The pain in his spirit sea was greatly increased when those mysterious voices sounded.

The lightning snakes, the ice frost storms, and the rays of bloody light seemed to feel something and calmed for a while.

“Glub glub!”

The blood inside his body seemed to be ignited and boiled like hot oil.

The terrifying burning feeling came from every blood vessel in his body. The destructive heat seemed to want to burn everything.

Qin Lie was astounded.

In this moment, the burning that appeared in his blood vessels gave him more torment than the fight that had previously occurred in his spirit sea!

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Seven blinding divine lights came out of the Demon Sealing Tombstone and shot around his spirit sea.

Soon after, the light broke through the spirit sea barrier and appeared inside his body. It continued to release a vast and ancient aura. Seven rays of divine light were like catalysts, catalyzing something.

In great pain, Qin Lie managed to gather his focus that had not collapsed yet to and tried to inspect the mysterious process his blood was undergoing.

His mind consciousness penetrated the blood vessels and went deep into his blood…

In an instant, he was so shocked by the mysteries of the blood that he couldn’t help but scream.

The crimson red blood that flowed within each blood vessel seemed to have become boiling hot lava.

Inside the boiling blood were ancient characters that jumped out and flashed away.

He gathered all of his consciousness to look!

He found to his shock the mysterious characters that jumped out were like ancient imprints of his blood vessels. They covered his organs, bones, cells and tendons!

The imperishable ancient imprints that seemed to have been there since his birth had now been awakened by Demon Sealing Tombstone.

That was a power that he was far from being able to completely withstand—the power of the bloodline!

His blood boiled like the hottest lava that existed in the world. Among the burning waves of heat, mysterious characters that represented the same meaning jumped out of his boiling blood. They were like imprints of life that had been branded over his body.

This torment was hard to endure!

He found to his shock that those ancient characters flew out of his blood channels into his dantian’s spirit sea.

When the mysterious characters entered the spirit sea, the restless and rebellious spirit powers of different attributes suddenly became gentle.

The power of thunder, frost, earth and blood stopped battling, and became docile.

The nine natal palaces stopped releasing violent energies.

Strangely, the three thunder natal palaces, three frost natal palaces, and the three great earth natal palaces that resembled balls of lightning, ice, and earth started to move toward one another.

Qin Lie found to his shock that the three thunder balls were merging together, the three ice balls gathered together, and the three earth balls also became one.

The merging of natal palaces that were the same attribute caused the nine natal palaces to become three natal palaces.

The blood spirit power that had entered the spirit sea docilely entered the characters after they arrived.

The chaos of the spirit sea immediately calmed after the mysterious characters appeared.

However, the enormous pain inside Qin Lie’s body did not lessen.

His spirit sea was no longer chaotic, but the pain brought by the mysterious characters that steamed out of his burning blood vessels, spread through his body, branded his bones, organs, and sinews surpassed the fight over his spirit sea by far.

Despite that, when the battle in the spirit sea concluded and he tried to enter the state of Thoughtless Tranquility, he easily entered it.

When both his spirit sea and his body had been dominated by one voice and one power, he could finally enter the state of Thoughtless Tranquility.

That piercing pain he could not endure under normal circumstances had now become bearable.

His soul consciousness floated into the Soul Suppressing Orb as he observed the transformation his body was undergoing as if he was an outsider.

He saw every blood vessel, the lava-like blood inside, and the mysterious characters that continued to float out.

Those characters burrowed into his bones, organs, mind, fingers, every tiniest fiber of his existence.

He watched silently.

Suddenly, he realized that he could recognize these mysterious characters. These ancient characters meant “blaze!”

This was the bloodline power that was imprinted in his blood!

The most ancient and strongest races could pass down their inheritance through their blood.

For many elite ancient beings, their pure blood was the biggest treasure they had. The pure bloodlines would be imprinted with the orthodox and oldest inheritances of their race. These inheritances would grow along with the bearer. The things rooted deep in the blood would slowly awaken and be displayed.

The pureblood descendants of the strongest races did not need to worry about having no way to cultivate or being unable to see the secrets of their own body.

All the strongest cultivation arts of their race, their race’s long history, the secret arts, they had already been imprinted onto their blood the moment they were born!

For those ancient and mysterious races, blood was like a library for humans. It recorded all the mysteries of this race.

If a descendant was of pure blood, as they grew stronger, they could awaken their bloodline and discover the mysteries of their race through their blood.

This was why strong races rarely declined.

For a race like that to truly disappear, all the clansmen would have to be killed.

Otherwise, when this race had a newborn, a child of pure bloodline, and they grew up, grew stronger, their bloodline would naturally awaken, reveal all the mysteries of their race, and guide them back onto the path to the top.

Any race that could imprint their inheritance onto blood was powerful. Such a race would be considered blessed by the heavens.

“So I’m the same as Yushi. Even if I am not completely of another race, inside my body flows the purest blood of another race.” Qin Lie realized.

The evil race blood in Ling Yushi’s body was the pure bloodline of the Dark Nether Race. After her bloodline had awakened, she changed so much that Qin Lie could barely recognize her.

Her purple blood allowed her soul to become incredibly strong. The stronger she grew, the more she could extract from her blood.

Even if she did not go to search for the Dark Nether Race, when she reached a certain level of power, she could reconstruct and understand the past from her blood.

This was the special power that the heavens gave the strong races!

The pure bloodline recorded everything. The descendant of a strong race could excavate their race’s mysteries after becoming strong.

Qin Lie finally knew why he felt his blood boiling many times when he was cultivating the Blood Spirit Art, forming his blood essence, or when he was impatient and savage.

It was the power of his bloodline moving, struggling and trying to awaken.

Unfortunately, perhaps it was because his cultivation had been too low before, or the method was not right that he had not managed to awaken that power earlier.

This time, he had experienced the slaughter on the Setting Sun Islands, he had endured stimulating his potential with Duan Qianjie’s Limit Sublimation Art, and he had also broke through to the Fulfillment Realm. He finally stepped onto the path of his bloodline awakening!

He perceptively felt that the Limit Sublimation Art played a major part in the awakening of his bloodline, and the Demon Sealing Tombstone acted as a catalyst.

This gravestone that was closely connected to the eight god corpses and Graveyard of Gods seemed to have a close connection to his bloodline as well...

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