Chapter 661: On The Verge of a Breakthrough

Chapter 661: On The Verge of a Breakthrough

Skypiercing Mountain.

Eight Extreme Temple’s Holy Master, Li Yi, was currently meditating inside a grand palace and cleansing his mind with holy light.

Li Yi was at the late stage of the Fragmentation Realm, and he didn’t dare to get lazy in order to be able to enter Nirvana Realm as soon as possible.

A ray of golden light shot into the palace hall.

Li Yi opened his eyes and frowned. “What is it?”

The golden light slowly condensed into the gold robed envoy Chang Qi. The man stood respectfully in front of Li Yi and reported, “I’ve received a report from Blue Feather Association claiming that a group of strangers had suddenly appeared at Ghost Isle. These people possessed a large number of crystalline war chariots, and they had left after splitting up into several groups.”

“A large number of crystalline war chariots?” Li Yi’s expression changed slightly.

There were plenty of Copper rank forces in the Land of Chaos who possessed crystalline war chariots. They were really precious.

Thus, the appearance of any crystalline war chariot on the Scarlet Tide Continent couldn’t be treated as a trivial occurrence. It represented a powerful force and astounding wealth.

“From what I heard, these strangers should be Song Tingyu, Xie Jingxuan and… Qin Lie!” Chang Qi said.

“Qin Lie!”

Li Yi inhaled deeply as his expression grew more and more serious. A trace of bitterness passed the center of his forehead.

Back then, Eight Extreme Temple, Profound Heaven Alliance, and Joyful Union Sect had joined hands and gathered at Herb Mountain in attempt to eliminate the evil races, Qin Lie and the Ling Family clansmen completely. However, they had suffered tremendous losses in that battle.

Li Mu was one who showed up to reconcile things and ultimately ended that bloody battle.

Despite having paid a heavy price, not only did Profound Heaven Alliance, Eight Extreme Temple, and Joyful Union Sect fail to obtain words of praise from Heavenly Sword Mountain, they were even warned severely never to raise a hand against Qin Lie and his people or invade the Nether Battlefield ever again.

Qin Lie was the first person to make Li Yi feel helpless in his whole life.

“It should be Qin Lie and those Blood Spear people!” Chang Qi said affirmatively.

“Let them do whatever they want.” Li Yi sighed and waved his hands. He said helplessly, “Just a month ago, Heavenly Sword Mountain had sent down a handwritten order that Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple are not to harm Qin Lie or Blood Spear no matter what, and that any transgression will be seen as an act of rebellion. That order had been signed by Luo Nan and Yan Baiyi themselves!”

Chang Qi couldn’t help but suck in a mouthful of cold air in shock. “How can this be?”

“This Qin Lie is like a fish in a water in the Land of Chaos. The acquaintances he made are all important figures we cannot afford to offend. In the future, Eight Extreme Temple would be… lucky to avoid his wrath. Therefore, we must not even think of provoking him, or we will suffer unimaginable consequences.” Li Yi’s eyes were bitter.

Chang Qi turned pale from shock.

Later on, he immediately sent a secret order to all of Eight Extreme Temple’s vassal forces and informed them that they were not to harm Qin Lie or Blood Spear under any circumstances. They also made a declaration and acknowledged Blood Spear’s existence on the Scarlet Tide Continent on their own accord.

This declaration meant that Qin Lie and all Blood Spear martial practitioners could walk openly on the soil of the Scarlet Tide Continent without fear from then on.


After Song Tingyu and Mo Hai had parted ways, Qin Lie drove a crystalline war chariot and flew away from Purple Mist Sea’s domain. He flew in Nebula Pavilion’s direction.

He didn’t encounter any Eight Extreme Temple martial practitioners along the way. Every martial practitioner within Eight Extreme Temple’s domain seemed to have gone blind all of a sudden and completely ignored his crystalline war chariot.

“So even the Eight Extreme Temple knows when to give in,” Qin Lie thought to himself.

Back when he was embroiled in a great war against Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance, they thought nothing of the Ling Family, the Horned Demon Race, and him at all.

It was because there existed countless people in Eight Extreme Temple who could kill him back then.

Several years went by, and he had entered the Scarlet Tide Continent once more. But although Eight Extreme Temple obviously knew of his return, they could only pretend that they hadn’t seen him even though he was wantonly driving the crystalline war chariot around their domain.

This was the power of intimidation brought by status and position!

Today, not only was he closely connected to Heavenly Sword Mountain, he even held a considerable amount of influence in Blood Fiend Sect. He controlled the eight god corpses and possessed enough power to stand his ground against an Imperishable Realm expert.

His strength was so great that Eight Extreme Temple didn’t even dare to touch him. One wrong move and they would be met with utter destruction!

After he was baptized by the Land of Chaos, Qin Lie finally realized that he had been lacking in knowledge and experience. After he had returned to the Scarlet Tide Continent, he finally understood that there was a strict status quo between forces, and that there was an almost insurmountable wall between the superior and inferior forces.

He also understood that lower ranking forces could do nothing but to obey the rules that had been set down by their superiors.

However, the truly powerful forces and characters could set the rules themselves!

Back then, the reason Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple were able to do whatever they wanted on the Scarlet Tide Continent was because they were the rule maker and the strongest forces around.

However, a single handwritten order and a single message from Heavenly Sword Mountain were enough to instantly tear Scarlet Tide Continent’s rules to shreds!

This was because, to the two strongest forces on Scarlet Tide Continent, the Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple, Heavenly Sword Mountain was the rule!

Under such a strict status quo, they had no choice but to obey Heavenly Sword Mountain’s orders unconditionally, or be met with a very real threat of annihilation.

Atop the crystalline war chariot, Qin Lie’s eyes began to flash with lightning as his True Soul became pure as if it had been cleansed by invisible divine water after he had completely understood this principle.

At the same time, his dantian’s spirit sea began to grow turbulent as nine natal palaces abruptly overflowed with energy.

In that instant, the cyclones of ice, electricity, and bright yellow geocentric energies abruptly filled up his spirit sea and became entangled with one another. A terrifying pain that felt like tendrils being twisted into a knot assaulted his senses.

“I’m on the verge of a breakthrough…”

When Qin Lie realized this, he clenched his teeth and randomly chose a direction. Then, he drove the crystalline war chariot straight into a dense forest.


The crystalline war chariot crashed heavily into the ground and broke several ancient trees so wide that it would take several people holding hands to hug around its trunk. Qin Lie had jumped off the crystalline war chariot beforehand and landed between the unharmed branches of other ancient trees. He immediately concentrated and tried to sort out his spirit sea and separate the mingled spirit energies.

His nine natal palaces contained the power of thunder, frost and earth. Normally, they were clearly separate and minded their own respective businesses.

However, for whatever reason, they had suddenly unleashed their powers all at once and were spiralling out of control inside his spirit sea. The mess made his head dizzy.


Seated on top of the tree, he focused his mind and attempted again and again to withdraw the different elements of spirit energy back into their respective natal palaces.

However, these three normally docile and easily controllable energies had become unbelievably violent for whatever reason.

They didn’t heed his orders at all!

Inside his spirit sea, there was rampaging blizzard, with violent lightning bolts dancing about. The blizzard was firing innumerable ice beams and frosty mists with the temperature of absolute zero towards the surroundings, while the weakest power of earth had conjured many bright yellow shields and defended itself against the attacks passively.

This was the second time his spirit sea was in great chaos!

Qin Lie once heard from Li Mu that martial practitioners who cultivated different spirit arts would often encounter all kinds of storms of fiendish rebound when they were breaking through to a new realm.

The more spirit arts they cultivated, the scarier the storms would be.

It was only today that Qin Lie finally understood what he meant.

Just as he was fighting to regain control, to no avail, he sorrowfully realized that the blood inside his blood vessels was growing restless as well.

Dark tendrils of blood flowed in reverse from his veins into his spirit sea and formed the fourth front. Like countless bloody dragons, they joined the battle for supreme control of Qin Lie’s spirit sea!

In that instant, the pain grew so sharp that Qin Lie nearly fainted on the spot. The four kinds of violent energies tormented him with immeasurable pain.

At times, his body would become encased in ice, and at times lightning would shoot and shatter the ice to bits.

Wisps of bloody mist also poured out of every pore in his body as it grew thicker and thicker around Qin Lie.

It didn’t take long before the conflict between thunder and ice shattered this blood-colored mist into nothingness too.

Qin Lie felt like he was being stabbed with thousands of blades as he passively endured the intense battle rampaging throughout his body. He let out an animalistic roar of pain inside the quiet forest.

He attempted to enter the state of Thoughtless Tranquility through the Soul Suppressing Orb at a critical moment.

Unfortunately for him, the thought had just appeared when he blacked out completely.

The battle hadn’t ended just because he fainted.

His blackout didn’t last very long either. He was jolted back to consciousness by the pain just a few dozens of seconds later, and he realized immediately that the pain inside his spirit sea had actually climbed to another level!

The Demon Sealing Tombstone that should’ve been inside his spatial ring had magically appeared inside his dantian’s spirit sea. The blank tombstone positioned itself right at the place where the conflict was the greatest.

In that area, thunder rampaged, blizzard erupted, and bloody beams roared like giant dragons.

This place was at the center of the nine natal palaces!

The nine natal palaces were like nine dazzling suns that continuously unleashed their power and gathered towards that area.

These different powers seemed to be trying to obtain something of critical importance as he was ascending to Fulfillment Realm.

That was why they had gone all out!

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