Chapter 660: Their Status Today!

Chapter 660: Their Status Today!

Pang Feng, Cang Li and the others simply watched as Qin Lie and his group left the place, not daring to stop them.

This was because Profound Heaven Alliance’s Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan were both invited by Heavenly Sword Mountain to enter the Land of Chaos’ Trial. As a result, their status in the Scarlet Tide Continent had soared to the point where no one dared to underestimate them.

Eight Extreme Temple was a vassal force of Heavenly Sword Mountain, and they couldn’t imagine what the consequences might be if the martial practitioners of Cloud Sky Mountain and Purple Mist Sea who were their vassal forces were to offend them.

“The world is constantly changing I see,” Cang Li said quietly with an odd expression on her face. “Just a few years ago, Qin Lie and these Blood Spear fellows were rats on the streets, hunted by everyone. Back then, Eight Extreme Temple, Profound Heaven Alliance, and Joyful Union Sect had laid down an unanimous order to hunt them down throughout the entire Scarlet Tide Continent.”

Cang Li let out a soft sigh before continuing, “Who knew that these people would return in just a few years’ time, and looking at their posture… it would seem that they are no longer afraid of Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple’s threats.”

Pang Feng said with a steady look on his face, “The two Missus of Profound Heaven Alliance and Qin Lie were all seeds chosen by Heavenly Sword Mountain to participate in the Trial. I believe Zhao Xuan and Zhang Chendong were among them too. If we look at the time, the Trial should have ended by now. Zhang Xuan and Zheng Chendong haven’t returned yet, but these three people had suddenly shown up.

Cang Li looked surprised for a second when she recalled something abruptly. The color of her face changed as she exclaimed, “Are you saying that… Zhao Xuan and Zhang Chendong had failed to pass through the Trial and perished there? But the two Missus of Profound Heaven Alliance and Qin Lie had survived the Trial?”

“The truth is right before our eyes,” Pang Feng said calmly.

Shock appeared in Cang Li’s eyes as she exclaimed, “Those who have passed through the Trial would be acknowledged by Heavenly Sword Mountain, and there’s a high chance that they would be accepted into Heavenly Sword Mountain as core disciples too! Does this mean that Qin Lie and the two Missus of Profound Heaven Alliance are Heavenly Sword Mountain disciples now?”

“That is very likely,” Pang Feng said.

Those Cloud Sky Mountain and Purple Mist Sea martial practitioners were all shocked when they heard their conversation and recalled the way Qin Lie and his group had carried themselves.

“I see...” Cang Li’s expression was bitter as she said enviously, “Cloud Sky Mountain and Purple Mist Sea has to listen to Eight Extreme Temple’s orders, but Eight Extreme Temple... has to listen to Heavenly Sword Mountain’s orders. Now that they are disciples of Heavenly Sword Mountain, who could stop them even if they were to cause havoc on the Scarlet Tide Continent?”

The look in Pang Feng’s eyes was equally complicated.

Just a few years ago, him, Qin Lie, and Yi Yuan were all outer sect disciples of Armament Sect. In fact, he had entered Armament Sect a little earlier than both of them.

Back then, both his realm and his status in Armament Sect were higher than Qin Lie’s or Yi Yuan’s, who had just entered the sect.

A few years passed in the blink of an eye, but although his cultivation had improved at a relatively quick rate, he realized that he was now far, far behind Qin Lie, be it in terms of realm or status.

When he had conversed with Qin Lie, he had secretly tried to perceive what heights Qin Lie reached in his cultivation.

However, he discovered that Qin Lie was like a bottomless pond whose depths were impossible to fathom no matter how hard he tried.

Back then, he and Qin Lie were evenly matched. He had even said that he wished Qin Lie would fight him another time.

However, Qin Lie hadn’t expressed such a desire from the beginning to the end.

Pang Feng knew very well that it wasn’t because that Qin Lie was afraid of him. It was because Qin Lie knew that he, Pang Feng, would no longer be at his level. There was simply no need for Qin Lie to fight him.

Before he realized, Qin Lie had walked far ahead of him. Moreover, this distance might grow bigger and bigger as time went on.

One day, he might have to look up to Qin Lie’s achievements when he meets him once more.

Pang Feng couldn’t help but feel dejected, helpless, and stifled when he thought of such an outcome.


“Siqi, did you know that Pang Feng used to like you a lot? It was rumored that he admired you for a very long time,” Lian Rou said softly.

She spoke softly to Tang Siqi at the back of the group while they were walking towards the exit.

“What? There was no such thing. Stop talking nonsense…” Tang Siqi scolded her softly.

“It’s true! You just didn’t know about it!” Lian Rou let out a soft laugh and subconsciously looked back at where Pang Feng and Cang Li was with a sigh. “Looking back at the past, it’s only now that I realize just how acute your intuition was. Qin Lie… is way, way, way more successful than Pang Feng.”

This day, Pang Feng was just a core martial practitioner in a Black Iron rank force, Cloud Sky Mountain. There were countless late stage Manifestation Realm martial practitioners on the Scarlet Tide Continent.

Qin Lie on the other hand, was a key figure in Blood Fiend Sect. He could control the eight god corpses and was friends with Imperishable Realm experts like Li Mu and Duan Qianjie.

On top of that, even the number one practitioner in the Land of Chaos, Forefather Terminator, seemed to think quite highly of him and hoped to take him in as a direct disciple.

Qin Lie himself was at the peak of the Netherpassage Realm, and he was just a tiny step away from the Fulfillment Realm.

Be it in terms of realm, strength, wealth, or influence, Qin Lie had long since surpassed Pang Feng on all fronts.

In a Black Iron rank force like Cloud Sky Mountain, their strongest martial practitioners were at best at the peak of Netherpassage Realm. Considering that Qin Lie could kill a Fulfillment Realm martial practitioner by himself, he alone was enough to destroy Cloud Sky Mountain several times over!

The gap between Pang Feng and Qin Lie was like a chasm already, and this gap would only grow wider over time.

“Yi Yuan may not be as bright as Qin Lie is, but he definitely isn’t lacking in insight.” Lian Rou pursed her lips into a smile and said, “He had already become acquaintances with Qin Lie back when Qin Lie had first stepped into Armament Sect. A few years ago, he resolutely gave up a wonderful future in Purple Mist Sea just to enter the Land of Chaos with me. He may not compare to Qin Lie, but he is still much, much better than Pang Feng…”

“Your Yi Yuan is your Yi Yuan, but Qin Lie… isn’t my Qin Lie, you know?” Tang Siqi stared grudgefully at the people in the front.

Right now, Qin Lie was chatting happily with Song Tingyu at the front of the group.

“You need to fight to get a good man!” Lian Rou swung her fist into her palm heavily and encouraged Tang Siqi. “Look at Miss Song! She brazenly chased after Qin Lie while the Ling Family’s Ling Yushi was not by Qin Lie’s side, and she had even stepped into the Graveyard of Gods with him. She ultimately succeeded in capturing Qin Lie’s heart, didn’t she?!”

Lian Rou clenched her teeth and said, “Your problem is that your skin is too thin! You must take the initiative if you wish to get someone like Qin Lie! You need to force him into action and stop him from running away!”

Tang Siqi’s beautiful eyes shone with a dazzling light as a blush turned her cheeks rosy red. After a moment’s thought, she said softly, “I’ll try to be more active in the future.”

“That’s the way!” Lian Rou giggled. “Look at Yi Yuan, that bastard. Have I not trained him into a perfectly obedient man? He’ll head east if I want him to head east, and he’ll head west if I want him to head west!”

“You’re most impressive, Sister Rou.” Tang Siqi was very envious.


Inside a huge, dry well at an island known as Ghost Isle on Purple Mist Sea, a rustling sound could be heard.

A group of martial practitioners slowly appeared from inside the dry well under cold moonlight as they walked out of the well entrance.

“We’re finally home!” Song Tingyu stretched her back, an unbelievably attractive curve appearing around her chest.

The dozens of martial practitioners stationed on Ghost Isle all let out cries of surprise when they saw the group who had emerged out of nowhere.

There were plenty of male martial practitioners who immediately grew spirited and lustful the second they saw her astounding beauty and throat-parching curves.

They were all martial practitioners of vassal forces under Eight Extreme Temple.

“Who are you people?” A Blue Feather Association martial practitioner immediately walked over with obvious lust in his eyes. He looked like he could wait to press his face into Song Tingyu’s firm and round breasts.

“We’re someone whom you cannot afford to provoke.” Song Tingyu gracefully made a grabbing gesture with her hand.

Five colorful rays of prismatic light appeared and wrapped around that martial practitioner like ribbons. They abruptly tightened around the man.

The martial practitioner immediately cried out loudly in fear and shock.

The man’s screams grew louder and louder as the light gradually contracted. The corner of his mouth was quickly stained by blood.

“I guess it’s been too peaceful for the past few years in the Nether Battlefield since my Profound Heaven Alliance hasn’t sent anyone over. All these defenders must be insignificant small fries; I can’t believe they didn’t even recognize us anymore.” Song Tingyu shook her head and smiled softly at Qin Lie and Xie Jingxuan.

“Alright, stop teasing them already,” Qin Lie didn’t waste any time. He rubbed his spatial ring and summoned several crystalline war chariots immediately.

Crystalline war chariots were small-sized flying spirit artifacts that were relatively common among Land of Chaos’ Copper rank forces.

Because flying spirit artifacts like crystalline war chariots were quite small, they could be put directly into a spatial ring, making them extremely convenient and practical vehicles.

When Gold Sun Island had fought against Black Cloud Palace and Heavenly Sea Pavilion, they had gotten a lot of crystalline war chariots as loot.

Later on, when Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families had attacked the Setting Sun Islands, fought an intense battle against Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island, and ultimately lost, they left behind even more crystalline war chariots for the winners.

Before they had come to the Scarlet Tide Continent, the reason Qin Lie had acquired a spatial ring with twenty or so crystalline war chariots was exactly because they would make their travel easier.

“Sister Tingyu, Sister Jingxuan, you two will get a crystalline war chariot each. As long as you put high-grade spirit stones in as fuel, they won’t fall too far behind your Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly in terms of speed. You girls can return to Profound Heaven Alliance very quickly on the crystalline war chariots.” Qin Lie gave them two crystalline war chariots before turning to Feng Rong, Mo Hai and Tang Siqi, saying, “I’ll give you five crystalline war chariots, and you guys can go either to the poisonous bog or Armament Sect’s Flame Volcano. Try to seek out and invite those reliable former Armament Sect artificers if possible.”

“Won’t Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance target us on purpose if we go around so ostentiously?” Feng Rong asked worriedly.

They hadn’t brought any Blood Fiend Sect experts with them this time. Feng Rong herself was only at the Fulfillment Realm, and Mo Hai’s realm was pretty average too.

“Both Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance had been warned by Heavenly Sword Mountain not to act against us, so there’s no way they’d dare to act recklessly. As for their Black Iron rank forces, they’ll only bring trouble upon themselves if they try to fight you, so there’s nothing to be worried about,” Qin Lie said smilingly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll talk to father with Jingxuan after we return to Profound Heaven Alliance later and guarantee that their vassal forces won’t dare to raise a hand against you.” Song Tingyu consoled Feng Rong.

“That’ll be the best.” Feng Rong was finally at ease upon hearing this.

“What about you?” Song Tingyu looked back at Qin Lie with a dazzling smile on her beautiful face. “Are you going to act alone?”

“I’m going to meet some old friends before meeting up with Elder Mo at the poisonous bog.”

“That’s fine. Hehe, this is Profound Heaven Alliance’s domain. As long as you’re not purposely trying to hide yourself, it should be quite easy for Jingxuan and me to find you.”

After a short discussion, the group quickly ascertained their destinations and departed from the scene on their respective crystalline war chariots.

The Ghost Isle guardians could only watch as the expensive flying spirit artifacts flew away one after another. They were all scared out of their wits.

“Report to the Holy Temple! Report this to the Holy Temple! Quickly!”

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