Chapter 659: Returning to the Scarlet Tide Continent!

Chapter 659: Returning to the Scarlet Tide Continent!

With a flash of bloody light Qin Lie’s group was transported from Flaming Sun Island straight to the ultimate blood ground through the teleportation formation.

There were a dozen or so Blood Spear martial practitioners around the teleportation platform, and plenty of Blood Fiend Sect martial practitioners scattered across the place too. They were all using the ultimate blood ground to cultivate the Blood Spirit Art.

Ever since the teleportation formation was constructed many Blood Fiend Sect martial practitioners would come over to cultivate.

Therefore, the ultimate blood ground beneath the Scarlet Tide Continent hadn’t become desolate just because the Blood Spear had left. On the contrary, it had become even more lively than before.

Qin Lie even knew that Xue Li was currently cultivating somewhere in the ultimate blood ground.

“Instructor Feng, Elder Mo, Qin Lie…”

A Blood Spear martial practitioner immediately came forward and saluted them respectfully when he saw them exiting the teleportation formation.

The Blood Spear used to belong to Armament Sect. Mo Hai, Feng Rong and Qin Lie were former Armament Sect members. Thus, Blood Spear members addressed them the way they used to in the past.

“We’re going back up to the Scarlet Tide Continent for a bit,” said Feng Rong as she looked at this Blood Spear martial practitioner. “Scarlet Tide Continent’s martial practitioners didn’t attack the Nether Battlefield during this period, did they? And the Horned Demon Race of the Nether Realm probably didn’t try to charge up there by force, right?”

“No. Since that last battle, the Nether Battlefield had become incredibly peaceful. The evil races had all retreated back underground, and Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple hadn’t tried to invade the Nether Realm either,” the Blood Spear martial practitioner said respectfully.

“Good.” Feng Rong relaxed.

“You may go back to your posts. We’ll be returning to the surface and head for the Scarlet Tide Continent.” Qin Lie talked a little with the Blood Fiend Sect disciples.

Those Blood Fiend Sect disciples knew of Qin Lie’s respected status. They all nodded in acknowledgement.

And so, Qin Lie and his friends climbed up through the Nether Battlefield’s floors using the Heaven Stairway.

As the Blood Spear martial practitioner had reported, they didn’t encounter any Horned Demon warrior or martial practitioners of Profound Heaven Alliance or Eight Extreme Temple along the way. Their journey was smooth and unhindered as they made their way straight to the topmost floor of the Nether Battlefield.

At the topmost floor, there was a slim and tall woman dressed in purple clothes who was roaming a watery zone lazily while she was accompanied by a few Purple Mist Sea martial practitioners.

They were one of the guardian teams dispatched by Purple Mist Sea.

For the past few years, the evil races of the Nether Realm had kept their word and never entered the Nether Battlefield or advanced to the Scarlet Tide Continent even once during this period.

Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance had both received orders from Heavenly Sword Mountain not to slip into the Nether Realm or cause any trouble.

That was why the Nether Battlefield had suddenly become quiet after many years of war.

The forces of the Scarlet Tide Continent were unaware that Heavenly Sword Mountain and Nether Realm had come to an agreement and built a separate trading channel somewhere else. Even more so, they had no idea that the two sides had been benefiting through exchange of spirit materials.

Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance were both vassal forces to Heavenly Sword Mountain. Naturally, they had to listen to Heavenly Sword Mountain’s every whim. If Heavenly Sword Mountain ordered them to stay put, then they would have to stay put like an obedient servant.

However, they didn’t realize that Heavenly Sword Mountain and the evil races of Nether Realm struck a deal a long while ago. Therefore, they didn’t dare to let their guard down even though Nether Battlefield hadn’t seen war for many years.

Eight Extreme Temple had posted a few small squads at the floor leading towards the Scarlet Tide Continent just in case the evil races of Nether Realm had decided to cause trouble.

This squad was one of them.

“How boring.” The beautiful woman leading the squad roamed around idly and said, “It’s been too peaceful for the past few years in Nether Battlefield. Who knows why those evil races had suddenly ceased charging our defense lines.” she sighed. “That bastard Yi Yuan had suddenly disappeared too. I wonder where he’s hiding himself right now.”

“What can you do? There’s still another half a year before our service is done, Sister Cang Li,” a big man said helplessly.

“It’s too boring. I’m going to find Pang Feng and fight him again!” Cang Li suddenly turned excited.

Cloud Sky Mountain’s Pang Feng was also a leader of a squad stationed at this place. For the past half a year, he had been one of the few entertainments Cang Li had at this place, she would often seek him out to fight.

Pang Feng and Cang Li had fought each other many times, but since they were both at the late stage of the Manifestation Realm, they both score a few victories and losses. None of them was able to decisively defeat the other person.

“We have something!” The blue crystal held by the man that just spoke suddenly lit up. “The spirit detection crystal detected many life forces, and their souls are very powerful! They’re not far away from us!”

Cang Li’s expression changed as she ordered, “Contact Pang Feng immediately!”


A few minutes later, Pang Feng came with a few Cloud Sky Mountain martial practitioners while wearing a solemn expression on his face.

After they had met up with Cang Li, they immediately charged towards the direction where the spirit detection crystal had sensed the life forces.

There, at a swamp filled with Demon Cleansing Orchids, Qin Lie’s group had just entered the topmost floor of the Nether Battlefield. Xie Jingxuan and Yi Yuan were familiar with this area, and they were just about to identify a way back to the surface.

“Someone’s coming,” Qin Lie said carelessly.

Song Tingyu and the others looked as calm as ever. “It doesn’t matter who’s coming over. They will not be a threat to us. This is the Scarlet Tide Continent, this is our domain.”

Qin Lie smiled and looked just as calm as they were.

Currently, neither Profound Heaven Alliance nor Eight Extreme Temple would dare to do anything to him even if he were to tread on the Scarlet Tide Continent as himself.

After all, Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple were both vassal forces of Heavenly Sword Mountain.

As for him, he not only shared a close friendship with Li Mu, but also earned Luo Nan and Yan Baiyi’s goodwill through his choice to deliver the ancient elite remains to Luo Chen and Du Xiangyang.

Luo Nan and Yan Baiyi both wielded great power in Heavenly Sword Mountain.

Li Mu also told him once that both Luo Nan and Yan Baiyi had sent word to the Scarlet Tide Continent’s Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple. From that day onwards, he could do whatever he wanted on the Scarlet Tide Continent without fear, and Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple wouldn’t dare raise a finger at him.

Moreover, since he was currently at the peak of the Netherpassage Realm and was accompanied by both Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan, he seriously wasn’t afraid of anyone on the Nether Battlefield.

“Let’s meet these people.” Yi Yuan had also stepped into the early stage of the Netherpassage Realm. With a smile on his face he said, “There are currently no big battles on the Nether Battlefield, so whoever’s stationed at this place must be from Cloud Sky Mountain or Purple Mist Sea. Hehe, I’ve been stationed here for a period of time myself, so these people should be familiar faces.”

Yi Yuan’s realm had improved by leaps and bounds after he had journeyed around the Land of Chaos for a short period of time. He was now a Netherpassage Realm martial practitioner, and not the middle stage Manifestation Realm martial practitioner he used to be.

The reason he managed to improve so quickly was because the pressure he faced in the Land of Chaos was too huge. He had no choice but to cultivate hard and improve himself.

Moreover, the cultivation system in the Land of Chaos was a lot clearer and in depth. There were plenty of high rank pills and spirit arts in the Land of Chaos, and they could even obtain some special books on the subject of cultivation.

While Qin Lie was dominating the Graveyard of Gods, Yi Yuan was led by Li Mu into a safe place inside Heavenly Sword Mountain. He was fortunate to be able to bask in Qin Lie’s light.

That was why he was able to ascend to the Netherpassage Realm.

“Here they come.” Feng Rong looked towards the direction where the sounds of the rapid footsteps were coming from with great interest. Before long, two differently clothed squads appeared before their eyes.

“Pang Feng!”

“Instructor Feng!”

“Yi Yuan!”

“Cang Li!”

Everyone exclaimed and wore strange expressions on their faces when they stumbled upon each other.

Pang Feng’s eyes abruptly burst with the light of excitement when he saw Feng Rong, Mo Hai and Tang Siqi, but he quickly regained his cool and put on a mask of solemnity an instant later.

Pang Feng was originally an Armament Sect disciple. His talents caught Feng Rong’s eyes, and she was going to absorb him into Blood Spear.

Unfortunately, the invasion of the five great forces happened before Pang Feng could take on more trials of Blood Spear. For his sister’s, Pang Shishi’s sake, and because he discovered that Armament Sect’s destruction was inevitable, Pang Feng had resolutely cut ties with Armament Sect and returned into Cloud Sky Mountain’s embrace.

When he was at Armament Sect, he was even secretly in love with Tang Siqi and had fought Qin Lie once in an intense battle because of it.

Now, a few years had passed by, and they met each other once more inside the Nether Battlefield.

“You’re still alive, Yi Yuan?” Cang Li purposely asked in an odd tone.

“I’m not only alive, but leading a very good life too. Heh, I didn’t think that Purple Mist Sea would send you to replace me after I walked out of this place.” Yi Yuan narrowed his eyes and stared at her with a lazy expression on his face. “The late stage of Manifestation Realm? Not bad. Too bad you’re still a little bit slower than me.”

“You’ve entered the Netherpassage Realm!”

Yi Yuan laughed brightly in response.

A Netherpassage Realm martial practitioner was absolutely not to be trifled with for a mere Black Iron rank force like Purple Mist Sea.

This was especially true since Purple Mist Sea had suffered huge losses when they attacked Flame Volcano and lost many of their Netherpassage Realm martial practitioners.

Now that Yi Yuan had entered Netherpassage Realm, he was definitely going to be put at an important position, if he were to choose to return to Purple Mist Sea that is. He might even become an overseer of an entire Purple Mist Sea’s territory.

As long as Yi Yuan was willing to keep working hard for Purple Mist Sea, he might very well become the next master of Purple Mist Sea!

However, a small Black Iron rank force like Purple Mist Sea was no longer worthy in Yi Yuan’s eyes. This was especially true after he had seen the destructive abilities of Imperishable Realm experts like Jiang Zhuzhe, Pu Ze, Duan Qianjie and the Gongye brothers.

“Long time no see, Pang Feng,” Qin Lie spoke up of his own accord.

Pang Feng looked a little surprised as he stared deeply at Qin Lie and nodded. “Long time no see.”

After a pause, Pang Feng looked at Feng Rong and Mo Hai. A moment of hesitation later, he bowed slightly and said sincerely, “I’m very glad to see the two of you again, Instructor Feng, Elder Mo.”

“Hmph, how dare you claim that you’re happy to see us?” Lian Rou smiled coldly and ridiculed him. “Back when Armament Sect had been facing a great calamity, not only did you choose to run away from your responsibilities, you even returned to Cloud Sky Mountain and came with them to watch the destruction of your former sect. You’re heartless, you know?”

Pang Feng didn’t look disturbed by her accusation. He simply kept quiet without refuting her words.

“Let it be, Lian Rou.” Yi Yuan sighed. “Back then, Armament Sect’s fate looked about as hopeless as you could imagine. Forget Pang Feng, even I… didn’t believe that they would survive.”

Lian Rou immediately shut up after hearing Yi Yuan’s words. After a moment’s thought, she too fell silent.

“We’re going to return to the Scarlet Tide Continent. You guys… aren’t think about stopping us, are you?” Qin Lie smiled.

A moment of startlement later, Pang Feng immediately retreated a few steps and made it clear that he was giving way.

Purple Mist Sea’s Cang Li looked a little hesitant.

“You’re not trying to stop me, are you, Purple Mist Sea?” Song Tingyu looked at her smilingly.

“Of course I wouldn’t dare to stop you, but…” Cang Li looked at Qin Lie and the others, “They are the remnants of Armament Sect.”

“Not anymore from here on out.” Song Tingyu raised her eyebrows. “I guess Purple Mist Sea hasn’t heard anything from Eight Extreme Temple. Well, that makes sense. You are just one of their many vassal forces, so it’s only natural that Eight Extreme Temple wouldn’t tell you everything.”

While saying this, Song Tingyu led at the front and walked away with her friends.

“You may report to Purple Mist Sea that you’ve seen us today and then inform Eight Extreme Temple about it through them,” Song Tingyu added.

“Just let us through.” Yi Yuan smiled faintly. “Cang Li, the times have changed already. Now, you wouldn’t find even a blind man who would dare provoke Qin Lie and his people.”

Both Pang Feng and Cang Li were stunned at this remark.

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