Chapter 656: Discarding a Pawn to Save the King

Chapter 656: Discarding a Pawn to Save the King

The eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood came from the eastern barbarians. The clans of the eastern barbarians had expended a huge amount of effort in order to accumulate eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood with at least a thousand years of age around their belt.

The eastern barbarians had brought the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood into the Graveyard of Gods for the purpose of ensnaring the thunder crystal beast inside the thunder lagoon and getting the pure soul springs and soul crystals for themselves.

The Thunderblitz Trees’ ability to absorb thunder and lightning had largely kept the thunder crystal beast’s power in check and prevented it from doing whatever it wanted.

After the battle at the Graveyard of Gods had ended and the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood were ultimately taken away by Qin Lie, he hadn’t spent much time to research the secrets of the Thunderblitz Trees.

The Thunderblitz Trees might contain a terrific amount of thunder and lightning, but it was too heavy and inconvenient to use. It was very difficult to use it as an offensive spirit artifact.

—After all, the enemy wouldn’t just stand there like a fool and waited to be attacked.

However, Blue Moon Valley’s Shield of Cold Moon was the sect’s great sect protecting formation. It was immobile and could only defend against attacks passively.

Its immobility was perfect for the Thunderblitz wood!

That was why the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood naturally played a role in this battle.

Inside the crystalline war chariot, Qin Lie’s expression was solemn and his eyes sparkled with electricity. His arms looked like they were entangled by thunder spirit snakes that slithered into the air dazzlingly after he swung them.

Every bolt of lightning contained a wisp of Qin Lie’s consciousness in them. These sparkling consciousness immediately ignited the violent thunder energy inside the Thunderblitz woods like a stimulant the moment they entered them.

All eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood were unleashing a crazy amount of thunder and lightning!

Dazzling lightning crawled all over the Shield of Cold Moon even as it was being blasted non-stop by thunder. It had shrank several times its original size in just a short moment.

Gradually, Blue Moon Valley was being exposed to the outside world because of the swift shrinkage of the Shield of Cold Moon.

The tip of the grandest buildings in Blue Moon Valley was among the first to lose the protection of the Shield of Cold Moon.

Qin Lie’s eyes lit up as the wisp of electricity in his eyes quickly focused onto the tip of those buildings.

“Boom boom boom!”

A dense downpour of thunder instantly blasted towards those exposed areas as if they had found a vent. Innumerable blue lightning blasted down from the sky along the tip of those buildings.

A series of crackling booms later.

The tip of the buildings that were no longer protected by the Shield of Cold Moon instantly shattered into bits of tiles, sands and stones. As electricity seeped into the building, the Miao Family defenders inside the buildings quickly escaped while yelling loudly.

“Qin Lie! It’s that Qin Lie again!” Miao Tai said through clenched teeth.

“Elder Wen!” Miao Yangxu urged.

Seeing that the situation was slowing spiraling out of their favor, the hidden Wen He had no choice but to walk out of the secret room with a dark look on his face.

A purple light flashed from deep within Wen He’s pupils, and his body instantly became wrapped by purple rings of light that formed a shroud of beautiful purple aura around him.

A light purple moon disc flew into the sky from the top of Wen He’s head and spun slowly. Many symbols that were difficult to distinguish cape out of the purple moon disc.

“Sky Sealing Purple Moon!” Wen He pointed at the Shield of Cold Moon above the sky.

The purple moon disc abruptly shrank in size.

The energy of cold moon the Shield of Cold Moon beneath the purple moon had accumulated for many years actually surged into the moon disc in an instant as if it was attracted by the purple moon.

The purple moon disc abruptly shone with dazzling divine light!

The essences of purple moon rippled out of the disc like sea waves, pushing the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood up to the clouds and away from the shield.

Suddenly, the steady flow of electricity in Qin Lie’s eyes abruptly fell into disorder.

In the next moment, eight ferocious waves of power rolled back towards him instead from the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood, and the fearsome and overbearing pressure nearly caused him to suffocate.

It was Wen He’s strength that was attacking him!

Hong Bowen and Meng Feng’s expression changed as they exchanged a glance with each other and abruptly appeared beside Qin Lie.

They placed their hand onto Qin Lie’s shoulders at the same time.

Two violent powers that stank of blood formed a thin blood colored film that wrapped around Qin Lie’s physical body.

The eight bolts of power of the Thunderblitz wood that had rebounded back at Qin Lie were all blocked by the blood colored film.

A small tremor rippled through Qin Lie’s body eight times in a row before it finally subsided. When Qin Lie looked down at Wen He once more, his eyes were shining with the cold intent of murder.

He knew that his physical body would’ve been destroyed by the power that had rebounded from the Thunderblitz wood if Hong Bowen and Meng Feng hadn’t saved him today.

The power fired from the purple moon had landed on the Thunderblitz woods, causing them to ascend to the sky abruptly. He was already having a hard time controlling the Thunderblitz woods, and he became the first target of the attack because of his connection with the Thunderblitz woods.

His realm was just too far below Wen He’s. No matter how powerful his talent, there was no way he could’ve taken this blow head on.

“Wen He!” A bloody gleam flashed across Hong Bowen’s eyes, “How dare you attempt to kill a Netherpassage Realm junior. Do you have no shame?”

On the fire phoenix, the Gold Sun Island martial practitioners all wore dark expressions on their faces as they were joined in opposition to the same adversary.

However, the Miao Family clansmen in Blue Moon Valley didn’t look happy in the slightest. In fact, a lot of them were looking rather gloomy.

This was especially true for the five valley masters of the Miao Family.

Miao Yangxu, the leader of the valley masters was staring at Wen He looking very pale.

They noticed that the purple moon disc that had emerged from Wen He’s head had easily absorbed all of the energy of cold moon from the Miao Family’s great sect protecting formation in an instant.

What did this mean?

This meant that if Wen He decided to attack the Miao Family, not only was their Shield of Cold Moon unable to resist Wen He, it would even provide Wen He strength to slaughter the Miao Family however he wanted to!

The Shield of Cold Moon was a weapon that Wen He could use to attack or defend however he wanted!

However, the Miao Family was the one who spent a huge amount of time and innumerable amount of spirit materials to build it.

They had hoped to use the Shield of Cold Moon to evolve into a Silver rank force and escape the control of others.

“Sigh…” Miao Wenfan sighed deeply.

He finally noticed that there was no such thing as a free lunch in this world.

The Wen brothers had already paid the construction of Blue Moon Valley’s Shield of Cold Moon much concern back when they were constructing it. Wen He himself had visited them personally and provided many amazing ideas that enabled them to ultimately construct the Shield of Cold Moon. The shield was capable of absorbing moon energy, store them, and protect Blue Moon Valley.

Wen He’s goodwill was the reason the Miao Family had chosen to befriend him.

It was only today they finally realized that there was an ulterior motive behind Wen He’s goodwill.

It was true that the Miao Family’s Shield of Cold Moon had become a lot more powerful and outstanding thanks to Wen He’s assistance.

However, if they one day decided to betray the Wen brothers and go against their will, then not only would this Shield of Cold Moon fail to protect them, it would even become the weapon that would kill them all!

Wen He was already plotting this and tampered with the shield since the construction of the Shield of Cold Moon.

“Silver rank forces, Silver rank forces…” Miao Yangxu shook his head with gloomy eyes. Suddenly, he understood that the Wen brothers would most definitely appear and wipe them during the last moment of their ascension to a Silver rank force. Their hundred-year plan to become independent and grow into a Silver rank force was doomed since his interference.

“Hong Bowen! Meng Feng!” Wen He walked on air step by step until he was above the purple moon with his second stage Nirvana Realm cultivation and said, “Have you eaten a bear’s gall? Here lies Blue Moon Valley, a vassal force of Illusory Demon Sect. Who gave you the courage to invade this place? Did you ever imagine how big of a disaster your invasion have caused for Blood Fiend Sect?”

Before Hong Bowen and Meng Feng could say anything, Wen He continued, “The reason Blood Fiend Sect could survive to this day is all thanks to our aid! But not only did you not repay our kindness, you even bit the hands that fed you! I cannot believe that you’ve come to provoke Illusory Demon Sect right after surviving the attacks of Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families. Are you seriously that suicidal?”

“And you!” Wen He pointed at the Xing brothers and said eerily, “Did the two of you tire of living? Has Illusory Demon Sect openly admitted your departure? If not, then you’ve betrayed Illusory Demon Sect on your own accord, and Illusory Demon Sect will annihilate the lot of you in return!”

Wen He had denounced them overbearingly and imperiously the moment he appeared.

Everyone in Gold Sun Island and Blood Fiend Sect were wearing dark looks and angry emotions in their eyes as they listened to his scoldings.

“Before Guan Xian had invaded the Setting Sun Islands, he had homed in on Blood Fiend Sect’s hidden ground accurately and slaughtered all of our disciples there to the last!” Meng Feng’s face was completely red with blood as he exclaimed harshly, “Guan Xian had personally admitted that the news was released by Blue Moon Valley’s Miao Family clansmen! The only people who knew about Blood Fiend Sect’s hidden ground are Illusory Demon Sect and us. Today you are at this valley, so that information may have very well been leaked by you!”

Meng Feng wasn’t a kind person himself. The truth aside, he immediately accused Wen he of being the person who leaked the information so as to affirm the righteousness of their cause.

“I’ve only just arrived at Blue Moon Valley! Don’t you even think of slandering me!” Wen He’s expression was unchanged, “How did you know if Guan Xian’s words are true? He is an enemy of Blood Fiend Sect, and Blue Moon Valley had recently taken over Heavenly Sea Pavilion and Black Cloud Palace’s ore mountains. He held a grudge against you and purposely tried to drive a wedge between you and Blue Moon Valley. How could you have failed to see through such a simple trick despite your age? No wonder Blood Fiend Sect had fallen to the state they are!”

Meng Feng’s face was red with fury as he attempted to retort against Wen He’s words. It was at this moment Hong Bowen waved him away and spoke up.

“The Miao Family used to be Blood Fiend Sect’s vassal force. Now that we, the Blood Fiend Sect had risen once more, it is only natural that the Miao Family’s fate is decided by us!” Hong Bowen was full of smiles, but what he said nearly caused Wen He and the Miao Family clansmen to jump on their feet in anger.

“You say that they are still Blood Fiend Sect’s vassal force?” Wen He laughed loudly, “Who told you that?”

“It is Sect Master Yu, the sect master of you Illusory Demon Sect who told us that!” The smile on Hong Bowen’s face slowly faded, “Sect Master Yu had personally declared to us that Blue Moon Valley is our vassal force! You don’t believe me? You can leave and get confirmation from Sect Master Yu then! Today Blood Fiend Sect will be dealing with its internal affairs, and we advise you not to interfere with our business or face the consequences!”

The Miao Family clansmen paled upon hearing this.

Before Wen He could retort, Hong Bowen waved his hands and ordered, “Attack them!”

Xing Yumiao, Xing Yuyuan and Xiang Xi had been impatient since a long time ago. They immediately descended from the sky and attacked Blue Moon Valley without a word.

“Old Meng, you only need to help from the sidelines,” Hong Bowen told Meng Feng before closing the distance between him and Wen He in an instant. With narrowed eyes, he said, “I’m waiting for you to confirm this with Sect Master Yu right now!”

Wen He’s face was ashen.

He knew from the beginning that Yu Lingwei and Mo Lingye shared a close relationship with each other from the beginning. Anyone could see this from the fact that Yu Lingwei had taken Xue Moyan in as her disciple and her care for Blood Fiend Sect for so many years.

The Wen Family’s Wen Bin was in secret contention against Yu Lingwei, and he was currently still at a disadvantageous position right now. The matter would only take a turn for the worse if he were to ask confirmation from Yu Lingwei.

Wen He grudged Blood Fiend Sect for arriving too quickly. Blood Fiend Sect had acted so swiftly that they didn’t have enough time to make preparations, causing the battle to become one-sided from the beginning.

“The person who sent the news is Miao Family’s Miao Tai! We don’t know anything about this!” It was at this moment Miao Yangxu suddenly exclaimed and drew everyone’s attention, “Miao Tai is the only one within the Miao Family who knows where Blood Fiend Sect is hidden! He had captured Jiang Yan earlier and forced her to send the news to Black Voodoo Cult! The Miao Family had nothing to do with this!”

Everyone was stunned the second they heard this.

Even the Xing brothers who were about to begin their murder and Meng Feng himself were startled by this.

Right now, Xing Yumiao had stepped into the early stage of Nirvana Realm, and Meng Feng was at the second stage of Nirvana Realm too. There were also plenty of Blood Fiend Sect Fragmentation Realm experts mingled among the Gold Sun Island martial practitioners.

Even if the hidden Nirvana Realm expert of the Miao Family were to emerge and aid in their defense, they were fated to lose today no matter what.

The Miao Family would suffer greatly if the battle truly unfolded.

“P-Patriarch…” Miao Tai stared blankly at Miao Yangxu with a look of shock on his face. It was obvious that he found Miao Yangxu’s outburst difficult to accept.

He could never have imagined that Miao Yangxu would act so decisively at a critical moment and throw him away to avoid this battle.

“Miao Tai is your clansmen! How is the Miao Family to be absolved of all ties?” Hong Bowen’s face was dark.

“He may carry our surname, but he doesn’t count as a Miao Family clansmen,” Miao Yangxu’s expression was calm, “He had grown up in Illusory Demon Sect and cultivated the secret arts of Illusory Demon Sect, and his master is Great Elder Wen Bin of Illusory Demon Sect. From the day he entered Illusory Demon Sect and became the great elder Wen Bin’s disciple, Miao Tai no longer counted as a Miao Family clansman.”

After that, Miao Yangxu said resolutely, “Miao Tai’s actions are the result of his own choice, and not a move by the Miao Family! Therefore, this matter has nothing to do with the Miao Family. If you insist on pursuing this matter, then you may do what you wish with the culprit, Miao Tai! The Miao Family and I will not stop you!”

“Patriarch!” Miao Meiyu lost control and exclaimed.

Miao Tai’s face was white. For a time, he looked like he couldn’t accept this outcome at all. He stared blankly at Miao Yangxu as a great reluctance flowed out of his eyes.

He looked at the other valley masters such as Miao Wenfan and Miao Kang.

All four valley masters had turned their heads away and avoided his gaze. It was obvious that the decision was unanimous—they were all going to discard him!

In the end, Miao Tai looked at Wen He.

Wen He frowned slightly and thought for a moment with quiet eyes. Suddenly, he said, “Miao Tai’s actions have nothing to do with my cousin. It is the result of his own choice. Therefore, he shall bear the consequences of his actions, if it is true, himself!”

“No!” Miao Tai yelled in despair.

He finally realized that he was a pawn that could be discarded anytime the family wanted when they were faced with a life and death scenario. He finally realized he wasn’t as important as he thought.

This battle was obviously a result of Wen He’s mistake for miscalculating the speed at which Blood Fiend Sect would show up, causing them to lack the experts to resist Blood Fiend Sect.

Since Qin Lie had used the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood to aid Hong Bowen and Meng Feng in destroying the Shield of Cold Moon, the two Blood Fiend Sect elders hadn’t expended too much of their strength. It was obvious that Wen He wasn’t confident that he could fight both of them alone.

—he had no intentions of gambling his life for the Miao Family.

The five Miao Family valley masters knew that this battle was disadvantageous for them. That was why they wanted to avoid it at all cost and had decided to use him as the sacrifice.

“Miao Tai was the one who caused all of these. The Miao Family will not protect him. Do what you want,” Miao Yangxu said indifferently.

Hong Bowen and Meng Feng exchanged a glance with each other.

After pondering for a moment, Hong Bowen nodded heavily and said, “Miao Yangxu, you’re even more ruthless than your father! There is a sound reason behind the Miao Family’s ability to swiftly grow to their current strength today!”

As he said this, he stretched a hand at Miao Tai from afar.

A Blood Weeping Ghost Claw abruptly fell down and landed on Miao Tai’s body. Miao Tai let out a fearful scream, and the bloody ghost claw tore him into shreds in an instant.

“Let us leave!” Hong Bowen exclaimed.

The crystalline war chariots that had zoomed downwards returned to the fire phoenixes once more. Every Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island martial practitioners reluctantly returned to the sky, but they never stopped staring hatefully at Blue Moon Valley’s Miao Family clansmen.

“This Miao Yangxu is no simple man,” Meng Feng messaged Hong Bowen, “Should we find a random excuse and wipe them all out? The Miao Family’s five valley masters are even more ruthless and united than the former Miao Family patriarch. They may become a huge threat to us in the future!”

“No, there’s no need,” Hong Bowen shook his head secretively and replied in secret, “The Miao Family’s Shield of Cold Moon was tampered with by Wen He, and every Miao Family valley master knows about this now. Miao Tai was Wen Bin’s disciple, but the fact that they had discarded him without hesitation meant that they were no longer friendly to the Wen Family. There is a crack between the two families, and the only thing that ties them, Miao Tai is now dead. Their relationship with the Wen Family will never be mended again.”

“The Miao Family may very well be discarded by Wen Bin! If that is the case, then the Miao Family wouldn’t have any support nearby. Without Illusory Demon Sect as their shield, their situation could only be terrible in the future! When the Setting Sun Islands grows stronger, and when Blood Fiend Sect regains their vitality, these people may yet choose to return to our embrace.”

Hong Bowen had his own plans.

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