Chapter 654: Restless

Chapter 654: Restless

Qin Lie frowned a little as he watched Xue Moyan leaving with a relaxed expression that made her seem as if a heavy burden had been lifted off her chest.

He really did not harbor any improper thoughts towards Xue Moyan. The few times he extended her a helping hand was due to his promise to Xue Li and nothing else.

Moreover, neither Song Tingyu nor Ling Yushi paled in comparison to Xue Moyan, whether it be beauty or temperament.

Still… the fact that she came over this late at night and made it very clear that she had no intentions of getting involved with him made him feel a little uncomfortable.

Supposedly, Xue Moyan shouldn’t have participated in the annihilation operation against Blue Moon Valley because of her former status in Illusory Demon Sect.

She had insisted on coming even though both Mo Lingye and Mo Jun had advised her not to participate and stay at the Setting Sun Islands.

It was only after this dialogue that Qin Lie finally understood why. It was very likely that her the reason for that was to tell him these words.

“You don’t want to get too deeply involved with me, but I don’t wish to get tied down by Blood Fiend Sect either. That’s why your worries… are unfounded,” Qin Lie thought to himself.


A fire phoenix hovered above the clouds and beneath the dim moon.

Xue Moyan had returned to her tower.

She had just walked about a hundred meters or so after leaving behind Qin Lie’s wooden building when she saw a plump figure ahead of her.

“Uncle Hong,” Xue Moyan exclaimed.

Hong Bowen, a member of the Blood Fiend Ten Elders beckoned her to follow him with a kind smile on his face, saying, “Come and have a seat, will you?”

Xue Moyan nodded slightly.

She knew that Hong Bowen had loved her dearly since she was a child. Unlike Mo Jun and the others, Hong Bowen didn’t have any children, which was why he had treated her like his own daughter when Mo Lingye was deep in her slumber.

She respected Hong Bowen a lot too.

She quickly arrived at Hong Bowen’s temporary lodging.

After they sat down, Hong Bowen executed a restriction spell and isolated all sounds from exiting the wooden building. Only then did he ask, “Have you gone to meet Qin Lie?”

“Mn” Xue Moyan bowed her head slightly, but didn’t hide any of her internal thoughts before Hong Bowen. “I told junior brother Qin that I have someone I like, and that I don’t wish to become a tool of marriage. I told him that I don’t want to be joined with him.”

“I know that there’s no one you are interested in.” Hong Bowen sighed.

“I had to justify it somehow.” Xue Moyan thought for a moment, then said, “Junior Brother Qin is… too fickle in love. I just can’t accept it. I also know that he doesn’t desire me, and I don’t want him to agree to this marriage just for the sake of getting closer to Blood Fiend Sect. It won’t be good for me, him, or Sister Tingyu.”

“I know that you don’t want your marriage to become the sect’s tool.” Hong Bowen nodded slightly and rubbed his chin. “Let’s forget about that for a moment. Have you ever… felt anything for Qin Lie?”

Xue Moyan’s beautiful face suddenly turned completely red. She said in panic, “N-no.”

Hong Bowen stared deeply at her as an odd gleam flashed across his eyes. He pondered for several seconds and asked, “Are you worried that Qin Lie would agree to this matter only to get an important and proper status in Blood Fiend Sect, not because of his feelings? Would you dislike it from the bottom of your heart?”

“I…” Xue Moyan grew more and more panicky.

“Also, are you worried that this outcome would hurt Song Tingyu? Are you worried that she would resent you because of this?” Hong Bowen continued to ask.

Xue Moyan bit her bottom lips and didn’t answer.

“You are still a little too naive, my girl.” Hong Bowen sighed softly.

Hong Bowen had watched over Xue Moyan since she was a young girl. He knew that she was kind-hearted and had no experience in love.

Before Xue Moyan went to meet Qin Lie, she had been hesitating for a long time. It took her much self-encouragement before she finally gathered the courage to meet him...

Hong Bowen had been watching her in secret, and none of her actions had escaped his eyes.

He understood Xue Moyan, and he knew that this girl was always thinking for others. Therefore, she was extremely weak and passive when she had to face relationship dilemmas. She often made things worse without knowing it.

“Not all men are good. Even fewer are those right for you, and not all of them are whom you desire.” Hong Bowen shook his head. “There are things in life that you’ll come to regret once you let the opportunity slip. Therefore, when you find a man that fits all the criteria, you should fight for him regardless of whether he has a woman already! Take a look at that Song Tingyu girl. She knew that Qin Lie was close to another girl, but still she went on the offensive and successfully forced her way into his heart while the other girl was away. Now, she had become a part of him.”

After a pause, Hong Bowen continued, “If even she can snatch Qin Lie from someone else’s hands, then what do you have to be afraid of? Plus, that girl… she’s broad-minded. She may not necessarily care if there is a little something between you and Qin Lie.”

“I, I just can’t be like Sister Tingyu,” Xue Moyan answered with a voice that sounded as soft as a mosquito.

“That doesn’t mean you should be in a hurry to burn all the bridges, does it?” Hong Bowen shot a glance at her and said in frustration, “Whatever thoughts Qin Lie might have had for you are all gone after what you said today, you know?”

“I…” Xue Moyan looked downcast.

“Even if you won't take the initiative, at least don’t try to run away before the fight even began, okay? Just allow it to come naturally in the future.” Hong Bowen instructed.

“Okay.” Xue Moyan nodded slightly.


It was early in the morning, and the sky slowly grew bright.

The Miao Family clansmen in Blue Moon Valley had all woken up very early and had begun honing their spirit techniques and physical bodies at various training fields that had been established inside the valley.

The five valley masters of the Miao Family had stopped cultivating late at night and accompanied a person who hailed from Illusory Demon Sect all this time.

“The great battle between Blood Fiend Sect and Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families had ended last night. Due to Jiang Zhuzhe’s appearance, Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families have not only failed in their mission, but also sustained heavy losses. They shouldn’t be able to organize a new wave of attack in the near future.” said Wen He, a martial practitioner that looked about sixty years old.

Wen He was Wen Bin’s younger cousin and a Illusory Demon Sect’s expert. He shared a close relationship with Blue Moon Valley for many years.

The Wen Family used to be a Copper rank force beneath Illusory Demon Sect. They were a powerful family.

After Wen Bin had entered Illusory Demon Sect, he gradually revealed his outstanding talent and accumulated a considerable force. As a result, many Wen Family clansmen were able to bask in the light of his glory and earn a place in Illusory Demon Sect.

Miao Yangxu and the others wore heavy looks on their faces as they listened to Wen He’s narration.

“What a disappointment Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families turned out to be. They actually failed to eliminate Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island even though they had sent out two of their second-in-commands and gotten Pu Ze involved!” Miao Wenfan snorted.

“Wasn’t Jiang Zhuzhe at odds with Xue Li all this time? Why had he showed up when Blood Fiend Sect was attacked after he had been hiding for so many years?”

“We can talk about what has already happened later.” Wen He frowned as he stared at the Miao Family clansmen. “I received news that may be… detrimental to you, the Miao Family!”

Miao Yangxu’s face changed the moment he heard this. “What news?”

“Before Guan Xian had departed for the Setting Sun Islands, he received a news and learned where Blood Fiend Sect had been hiding for the past one thousand years. The news caused Guan Xian to make a split second decision and send his experts to kill all of the old, weak, sick and disabled people left behind at that place. He even eliminated the remaining martial practitioners on Gold Sun Island too.” Wen He looked at the group and said, “Guan Xian had said with his own mouth that this news had come from Blue Moon Valley.”

The five Miao Family valley masters turned deathly pale as they exclaimed in shock.

“Impossible! We absolutely haven’t leaked any news to them!”

“Plus, we don’t even know where Blood Fiend Sect was hiding!”

“There is no way this is true! Guan Xian must be slandering us!”

Wen He stared at them and said, “Miao Tai knows where Blood Fiend Sect was hiding.”

“Miao Tai? Ah?” Miao Wenfan nearly jumped to his feet, “He captured Jiang Hao’s daughter Jiang Yan not long ago, and he had been fooling around with her all this time. Jiang Yan also used to work as a messenger of Black Voodoo Cult. He couldn’t learn this information from Jiang Yan, could he?”

“That is very likely!”

“Oh no!”

“Summon Miao Tai over now!” Miao Yangxu exclaimed.

Outside, some Miao Family experts departed quickly and brought Miao Tai over in a very short time.

“Why have you come, Senior Uncle Wen?” Miao Tai immediately exclaimed in pleasant surprise when he saw him.

Wen He kept a dark face and didn’t answer.

“Miao Tai, answer my question. Have you learned of Blood Fiend Sect’s hiding ground and told Black Voodoo Cult about it through Jiang Yan? This matter is of the utmost importance. You must answer me honestly!” Miao Yangxu said with a chilly expression.

“I did!” Miao Tai didn’t refute it. He laughed fiercely. “Blood Fiend Sect’s Qin Lie had humiliated me horribly, so I want them all dead! I want them to pay the price for my humiliation!”

The five valley masters of the Miao Family wore ugly looks on their faces when they heard his admittance.

If Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island had been slaughtered to the last and put down fiercely by Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families, then Miao Tai’s transmission would have been irrelevant.

This was because Blood Fiend Sect wouldn’t have the strength to investigate into the matter.

However, not only had Blood Fiend Sect won the battle, they had preserved much of their strength too. They absolutely had means to settle the score with the Miao Family.

This caused the five valley masters to feel restless.

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