Chapter 649: Resistance!

Chapter 649: Resistance!

Everyone could see Jiang Zhuzhe’s face turn serious.

As more and more mysterious characters on the skin of the eight god corpses lit up, the whirlwinds that spun furiously around the god corpses condensed and held more and more power.

Qin Lie looked towards Jiang Zhuzhe.

The multiple whirlwinds of power immediately found a vent. The whirlwinds that could tear apart metal gave off piercing shrieks as they suddenly moved toward Jiang Zhuzhe.

Almost at the same time, the eight god corpses gave off angry shouts, beating their chests and stamping their feet as though they were deities going to punish mortal souls. They shouted as they charged at Jiang Zhuzhe.

The eyes of the god corpses gave off dark red flames, the unknown characters continuing to increase their aura.

The Demon Sealing Tombstone floated at the center of the eight god corpses.

The tombstone was like the divine needle that anchored the sea. It seemed to have a connection with the eight god corpses and gathered their power into one.

Jiang Zhuzhe’s gaze jumped past the god corpses and suddenly landed on Qin Lie.

He tried to give off soul pressure.

“Don’t force me to act!” Duan Qianjie said coldly.

Jiang Zhuzhe’s expression became even darker.

After Duan Qianjie said this, he truly did not dare try to kill Qin Lie using his destructive two-level Soul Altar soul pressure.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Stepping on the enormous waves, the eight god corpses charged towards the island Blood Fiend Sect elites were on. The whirlwinds of power around them flashed with light and gave off world-shaking ripples.

“Go!” Xue Li ordered.

On the island, the martial practitioners of Gold Sun Island and Blood Fiend Sect retreated with alarmed gazes.

Jiang Zhuzhe did nothing to stop them.

The reason for that was that the eight god corpses gave off sixteen prismatic rays of light out of their eyes.

Like sixteen rainbows, the light flashed with flickering ancient characters that held great power capable of shackling souls.


Among hundreds of bloody light, Jiang Zhuzhe’s blood jade two-level Soul Altar appeared again.

The sixteen rainbow rays that came from the eyes of the eight god corpses wondrously broke through Jiang Zhuzhe’s bloody light seal and fell onto the several hundred meter wide two-level Soul Altar.

The whirlwinds roiled as they broke through to the endless blood colored barrier around Jiang Zhuzhe.

In a flash, the prismatic lights exploded as they hit the island with a resounding boom that could shatter the world.

The blinding light resembled a sun exploding, sending billions of rays of prismatic light into the surroundings. 

The aftermath looked as if an oil painting had been torn to shreds. The island turned into several patches of land floating in different directions.“Aooo!”

The eight god corpses roared like deities asking the heavens how to break the chains of fate as they gave off a world-dominating aura.

Jiang Zhuzhe’s body shrank into a blood-colored speck of light.

The bloody speck of light twisted and rippled furiously. Afterwards, it suddenly exploded and expanded to become an enormous and savage blood demon.

When the island shattered, the bloody light and the rainbow lights crossed. The eight god corpses that had become ten times more powerful started to wrestle with the blood demon that Jiang Zhuzhe turned into.

That area was being barraged by berzerk power. The deadly lights of spirit energy that shot out caused many to dodge in terror.

Qin Lie looked at the fight with a strange expression.

“Are these eight god corpses mentally connected to you?” Duan Qianjie suddenly asked.

Qin Lie nodded in response. “After the Graveyard of Gods had shattered, the heads of the eight god corpses and the remains of the ancient elites flew out together. When the god corpses came from afar and the heads landed on the corpses, I developed a connection to the god corpses through the Demon Sealing Tombstone.”

“The eight god corpses are true warriors. Before they recovered their battle soul crystals, they haven’t realized their true power.” Duan Qianjie’s expression was grave. “The return of the battle soul crystals had caused their comprehension of the martial way and power to quickly recover. These eight god corpses may have not completely recovered, but right now, when they move against Jiang Zhuzhe in unison, he won’t have a chance to focus on anything else.”

“The eight of them can win against Jiang Zhuzhe?” Qin Lie’s expression shook.

“If Jiang Zhuzhe wanted to win against them, he would need to pay a significant price. I think that Jiang Zhuzhe will leave soon.” Duan Qianjie nodded.

Qin Lie’s eyes suddenly lit up.

He knew that on the Setting Sun islands, only Duan Qianjie could make Jiang Zhuzhe stop. However, Duan Qianjie had come only because of his promise to protect him.

Duan Qianjie did not want to interfere with Blood Fiend Sect’s internal conflict

If that was the case, Xue Li, the Blood Fiend Ten Elders, and everyone on Gold Sun Island added together wouldn’t be a match for Jiang Zhuzhe.

If Jiang Zhuzhe wanted to take the remains of the Blood Progenitor, Xue Li could only docilely accept. The defeat that the Blood Fiend Ten Elders had suffered previously showed that they posed no threat to Jiang Zhuzhe.

Qin Lie had thought that Blood Fiend Sect would be crushed by Jiang Zhuzhe this time.

He never expected that the blood essence he had formed, which was later absorbed by the Demon Sealing Tombstone, would summon the battle soul crystals of the eight god corpses.

After the eight god corpses received this great boost in power, their strength grew enormously, and Jiang Zhuzhe couldn’t help but be restrained by them.

Qin Lie immediately realized that Blood Fiend sect’s calamity had passed.

The reality was as Duan Qianjie expected.

In a short fifteen minutes, Jiang Zhuzhe learned the true power of the eight god corpses. Realizing that the eight god corpses were a threat to him, his bloody eyes glared angrily at Xue Li, followed by a deep look at Qin Lie before screaming.

Amidst the scream, endless bloody light wrapped around the two-level blood jade Soul Altar. He turned into a sea of blood and then floated away.

The eight god corpses roared but could only watch as he left and disappeared along with his Soul Altar.

After Jiang Zhuzhe left, all the martial practitioners of Blood Fiend Sect, Gold Sun Island, and Scarlet Tide Continent sighed in relief. They felt as though a had been lifted off their hearts.


The Demon Sealing Tombstone that had flown away came back and stopped in front of Qin Lie’s chest.

Qin Lie reached out and lightly tapped its surface. The Demon Sealing Tombstone immediately disappeared into the spatial ring. Subsequently, Qin Lie mentally passed orders to the god corpses.

The eight god corpses that seemed as though they had not enjoyed themselves enough reluctantly sank back into the sea under his orders.

“Count the wounded and the dead.” Mo Lingye’s comforting voice came from another island.

Many of the Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island’s martial practitioners that could still move became busy and moved around to see how many people had died this time.

“Old Duan, bring Qin Lie up for a chat.” Li Mu passed using his soul.

Duan Qianjie nodded. Without wasting his breath, he grabbed Qin Lie and flew into the sky.

And thus, under the shocked gazes of Lang Xie and the others, Qin Lie was taken away by Duan Qianjie and disappeared in a blink.

Seconds later, Duan Qianjie appeared in the depths of the cloud layer with Qin Lie, amidst which a floating island was suspended.

Li Mu smiled faintly. He stood at the front of Floating Island and beckoned to Qin Lie and Duan Qianjie.

Stepping onto the thick cloud layer, Duan Qianjie got onto the Floating Island. He frowned. “Is that woman from Illusory Demon Sect still here?”

“Sect Master Yuleft long ago,” Li Mu said with a smile.

“Good.” Duan Qianjie nodded.

“Uncle Li, why are you still here?” Qin Lie said in surprise.

“Haha, I never actually left.” Li Mu smiled. “You, boy, never cease to amaze me. I’m curious now, really curious about your origins.”

“You don’t know where he came from?” Duan Qianjie stilled.

He did not know much about Qin Lie. In reality, before coming over today, Li Mu had never said anything about Qin Lie to him.

He only knew that Qin Lie had helped those enormous beasts under the Land of Frost get free and helped him fulfill a promise. That’s why he decided to come and save Qin Lie’s life.

Other than this, he knew almost nothing about Qin Lie.

“Qin Lie... he doesn’t have any memories before the age of ten. He doesn’t know where he is from,” Li Mu said with a sigh.

Duan Qianjie suddenly became silent.

“Qin Lie, tell what you experienced in the Graveyard of Gods to Old Duan,” Li Mu ordered.

Qin Lie did not hesitate and detailed what he had experienced in the Graveyard of Gods.

Duan Qianjie listened intently. He would occasionally ask questions along the way. He clearly was paying great attention to the situation inside the Graveyard of Gods.

After a while when Qin Lie finished narrating all of his experiences, Duan Qianjie’s expression became grave. “So when the Graveyard of Gods shattered, not just did these eight god corpse heads and the remains of the ancient elites leave, but the ice spirit and the body of the Voodoo Progenitor also disappeared?”

Qin Lie nodded. “That’s right.”

“Old Duan, what do you think?” Li Mu asked.

“What is inside the Voodoo Progenitor’s body is the Viridian Blood Toad, the first voodoo creature that the Voodoo Progenitor managed to refine. It is what Black Voodoo Cult worships, and it cannot be dismissed.” Duan Qianjie became silent. “That voodoo creature definitely took the body of the Voodoo Progenitor back to Black Voodoo Cult!”

“I also think the same,” Li Mu said.

Duan Qianjie frowned and did not continue speaking.

“Jiang An must be receiving profound inheritance from the Voodoo Progenitor through the first voodoo creature. The voodoo creature is quickly recovering through Jiang An. If we let it continue, after Black Voodoo Cult lays low for a period of time, they will definitely take action, ones that will surely create ripples,” Li Mu said with a sigh.

“Why are you telling me this?” Duan Qianjie’s face was dark.

“I hope that you will not go challenging Old Monster Terminator so soon. When you are defeated and the old monster is wounded, he won’t be able to face Jiang An in his best condition.” Li Mu rubbed his chin and smiled uncertainly. “Of course, it would be best if you changed your goal and challenged Jiang An to learn the limits of his power.”

“This is a matter between you big factions, it has nothing to do with me!” Duan Quanjie shook his head. Then, his expression turned cold as he said, “Also! How do you know that I will definitely be defeated?”

“I’m just saying.” Li Mu wore an expression of helplessness.

“Since you want to maintain the calm of the Land of Chaos so badly, why not let Jiang Zhuzhe have the body of the Blood Progenitor?” Duan Qianjie snorted. “After Jiang Zhuzhe has the body of the Blood Progenitor, his power will skyrocket. Blood Fiend Sect and Black Voodoo Cult have irreconcilable hatred between them. With Jiang Zhuzhe present, even if Jiang An and the first voodoo creature worked together, even if they recovered and became strong, they would need to waste much energy on Jiang Zhuzhe. Have Jiang Zhuzhe and Jiang An fight, what’s stopping you from just standing by and watch?? After their fight is over, just clean up the situation. Isn’t that your specialty?”

Li Mu grimaced. “One Jiang An is troublesome enough. If Jiang Zhuzhe really got the body of the Blood Progenitor, he would be more troublesome than Jiang An.”

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