Chapter 647: A Favor

Chapter 647: A Favor

“What are you worried about?”

Li Mu walked down from the floating island and appeared beside the shadow Yu Lingwei created in a flash.

From this angle, they could see the battle between Jiang Zhuzhe and Gongye brothers even clearer.

The blood demon on top of the blood jade two-level Soul Altar let out an earthshaking roar as thick clumps of bloody clouds soared to the sky like giant dragons and shattered the natural clouds on the sky. The malevolent, cruel aura unleashed by the blood demon made many feel as if a terrifying sea of blood was about to break out and flood the very sky itself.

Li Mu had to concentrate his power slightly to protect the clouds around them from being affected. This was so that they could continue to hide their tracks.

“Thank goodness Jiang Zhuzhe hadn’t gotten the Blood Progenitor’s remains from the Graveyard of Gods.” Yu Lingwei sighed quietly.

Li Mu had suddenly fallen silent too.

“Jiang Zhuzhe had already constructed two levels of his Soul Altar, and his soul is as vast as the horizon. If he acquired the Blood Progenitor’s body, then he would be able to fuse with its seven-level Soul Altar in just a hundred years.” Yu Lingwei continued. “If a Jiang Zhuzhe with a seven-level Soul Altar were to appear in the Land of Chaos right now, the consequences… would be unthinkable.”

“So… what do you want to do?” Li Mu frowned.

“Jiang Zhuzhe may have claimed to have come with the intention of helping Blood Fiend Sect survive, his real goal should be the Blood Progenitor’s body. To him, Blood Fiend Sect’s ultimate treasure Bloodthirsty Dragon and the Blood Progenitor’s body are the fastest shortcuts he could get to improve his strength and realm swiftly. There is no way he would let them escape his grasp.”

Yu Lingwei’s shadow continued to flicker. “Jiang Zhuzhe isn’t really cold and ruthless. We know this from the fact that he hadn’t killed Lingye or eliminated Xue Li immediately back then. However, this doesn’t stop him from doing anything that is necessary to achieve his goals. He had shackled Xue Li at first, then eliminated half his soul and his physical body so that Xue Li couldn’t stand in his way and obstruct his plans. However, Xue Li had still gotten the Blood Progenitor’s body through Qin Lie. Given enough time, Xue Li will eventually fuse with the Blood Progenitor’s body and stand on the opposite side of Jiang Zhuzhe. This will prevent Jiang Zhuzhe from ever unifying Blood Fiend Sect.”

Li Mu nodded.

“The Gongye brothers cannot beat Jiang Zhuzhe. Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families are not his Blood Drinkers’ match either. This means that Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families are fated to return with empty hands.” Yu Lingwei’s voice was calm and unhurried. “After Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families go away, Jiang Zhuzhe will definitely act to snatch the Blood Progenitor’s body from Xue Li. Right now, no one among Blood Fiend Sect on the Setting Sun Islands can stop him. If there is no external interference and nothing unexpected happens, then Jiang Zhuzhe will definitely obtain the Blood Progenitor’s body for himself. Once he succeeds, a calamity will eventually descend upon the entire Land of Chaos.”

Li Mu smiled faintly. “You really do share a close relationship with Mo Lingye. In the end, you just want to help the Xue Li and Mo Lingye, don’t you?”

“That is one of the reasons, although my main concern is ultimately the state of affairs of the Land of Chaos. I’m worried that this relatively peaceful place will be engulfed in endless bloodbath in the future.” Yu Lingwei sighed.

“With Sect Master Yu’s strength, there is no way Jiang Zhuzhe will be able to obtain the Blood Progenitor’s body, provided you decide to show up,” Li Mu said leisurely.

“You know it’s inconvenient for me to act in this situation,” Yu Lingwei said helplessly.

“I represent Heavenly Sword Mountain. Do you think it is any less inconvenient for me to act?” Li Mu countered.

“Of course I know that you can’t act either” After a pause, Yu Lingwei said, “But Duan Qianjie does not belong to any force. He isn’t restricted by the unwritten rules between the large Silver rank forces. However, I am incapable of… influencing Duan Qianjie. You are.”

“You want me to ask Duan to act?” Li Mu said smilingly. “Do you know how troublesome it is to owe Old Duan a favor?”

“If this is a favor, then…” Yu Lingwei thought for a moment before saying, “I’ll owe you a favor too in replacement for that favor you will owe Duan Qianjie. What do you think?”

Li Mu was astonished.

He knew that Yu Lingwei and Mo Lingye shared a very close relationship with each other, but he never imagined that Yu Lingwei could go this far for Xue Li and Mo Lingye.

At their level, a favor might be more precious than a Copper rank force or a slightly small continent.

With this favor, he could arrange any junior he wanted into Illusory Demon Sect as a core disciple. He could also demand rare spirit materials that only Illusory Demon Sect possessed and couldn’t be purchased on the outside market no matter how much spirit stones one was willing to pay.

In fact, he could even head to Illusory Demon Sect and seek refuge in case he was in danger.

“How do you know I wouldn’t help Blood Fiend Sect?” Li Mu suddenly asked.

“You share no ties with Blood Fiend Sect whatsoever. The only reason you came today is because of Qin Lie,” Yu Lingwei immediately answered. “The reason Duan Qianjie showed up was also to protect Qin Lie. Although I am unsure why you value Qin Lie so highly, I do know that you don’t care if Blood Fiend Sect perishes or survives. You care only for Qin Lie, don’t you?”

“That’s right.” Li Mu smiled and admitted her assumption frankly. After thinking for a moment, he asked again. “Tell me, today you would rather owe me a favor just so I can ask Old Duan to stop Jiang Zhuzhe. Between the Land of Chaos’ peace, and Mo Lingye and Xue Li, which one is the bigger factor behind your actions?”

“It’s half half,” Yu Lingwei answered.

Li Mu nodded, “Okay then. You have my word.”

“Thank you.” Yu Lingwei said no more. Once she thanked him, her shadow slowly faded into nothingness.

Meanwhile, Li Mu contacted Duan Qianjie.

On the Setting Sun Islands, Duan Qianjie was staring at the intense battle between Jiang Zhuzhe and Gongye brothers on the sky, just like the Scarlet Tide Continent crowd.

Suddenly, his countenance moved a little.

He narrowed his eyes and communicated with Li Mu through his soul consciousness. It was a while later before he finally nodded with reluctance.

An hour passed by before anyone realized.

Two black tornadoes encircling two Soul Altars and giant voodoo insects suddenly escaped towards Black Voodoo Cult’s direction.

A shrill howl also resounded from inside the tornado.

Every Black Voodoo Cult disciple turned deathly pale after they heard the howl. They immediately ditched their opponents and escaped.

That howl was Black Voodoo Cult’s retreat signal.

The three great families also retreated on the crystalline war chariots and large flying spirit artifacts without hesitation the moment they saw Black Voodoo Cult escaping. They followed at Black Voodoo Cult’s tail.

In the Setting Sun Islands’ sky and waters, the intense stalemate which still existed fifteen minutes ago quickly calmed.

As Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families’ flying spirit artifacts and ships retreated, many Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island martial practitioners collapsed on the ground in exhaustion.

The Blood Drinkers that had came along with Jiang Zhuzhe were the only ones who were still hunting down Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families’ martial practitioners spiritedly.

The voodoo poison that surrounded the area was also purified slowly by the sea wind after the voodoo insects had scattered.

On the three corpse-littered islands, the martial practitioners who were holding themselves in light shields finally dispelled the shields and breathed in a mouthful of fresh air.

Xue Li, Blood Fiend Ten Elders, Xing Yumiao and the others all descended from the sky and returned to the island.

A long distance away, the boundless blood Jiang Zhuzhe had conjured quickly withdrew unto itself until even Jiang Zhuzhe’s blood demon had vanished from sight.

Qin Lie, who had been utilizing the Limit Sublimation Art to cultivate regained a portion of his soul energy and spirit energy during this time, slowly opened his eyes.

The moment he did so, he saw a wisp of bloody light approaching from the distance like lightning.


The bloody light landed on another island close by and transformed into Jiang Zhuzhe. He stood right in the middle of Xue Li and Blood Fiend Ten Elders.

Meanwhile, Jiang Zhuzhe’s Blood Drinkers were continuing their mission, hunting down all Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families’ martial practitioners, sucking their blood.

Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island’s martial practitioners had not only suffered terrible casualties during this prolonged battle, but also completely exhausted after the fact.

Jiang Zhuzhe, possessing a two-level Soul Altar and having defeated the two Gongye brothers had brought with him a terrible pressure when he finally showed up before Xue Li and the others.

“Senior Brother, give me the progenitor’s remains. Your soul is too weak, and your former realm is too low. It will take you too long to fuse with the progenitor’s body, and that will keep Blood Fiend Sect from rising quickly.” Jiang Zhuzhe’s eyes were scarlet, but his tone was pretty sincere. “If I can get the progenitor’s body, not only will I lead Blood Fiend Sect to glory, I can even guarantee that Blood Fiend Sect will become the ultimate ruler of the Land of Chaos! I can recreate the golden age that our first sect master, Li Xin, first enacted!”

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