Chapter 643: The Limit Sublimation Art!

Chapter 643: The Limit Sublimation Art!

Sure enough, the instant Xiahou Tao’s protective light shield had exploded, Qin Lie immediately rammed into his chest like a steel war chariot.

Xiahou Tao instantly flew backwards while stained in blood.

Small, dense lightning wrapped around Xiahou Tao’s body like ropes as thunder boomed and ice bits also sputtered from his skin surface.

The abrupt change of gravity caused Xiahou Tao’s body to slam fiercely to the ground.


Xiahou Tao’s bones were crushed due to the impact. He bled madly after he hit the ground.

Qin Lie himself was hurt all over and bleeding madly. He looked like he had spent every ounce of energy in his body and was unable to stand steadily.

However, a vicious aura appeared from every pore on his body.

Feeling his blood boil, Qin Lie withstood the pain that was piercing every inch of his body and clenched his teeth tightly. He focused on sensing the minute changes in his body.

“Glug glug!”

His blood boiled like a volcano had erupted. New energy seemed to appear in every drop of his blood!

The eruption of this newly born energy seemed to urge his very life to evolve further. Pain pierced his body like lightning that continuously tempered his physical body.

Clumps of thin spirit clouds condensed into whirlpools and circulated wildly inside his long depleted dantian.

The spirit energy that was present in every inch of the world surged inside him as if they were attracted by a powerful force.

In the blink of an eye, mist shaped spirit energy surged towards him and flowed wildly into his dantian spirit sea through his pores.

The depleted spirit energy inside his spirit sea was being slowly replenished. The feeling of his strength coming back to him was so wonderful that he almost cried out in pleasure.

It was an extremely wonderful feeling!

It was like a thirsty traveller who found an oasis after being trapped in a desert.

Or like a man who saw countless delicious delicacies after being starved for a hundred years and was devouring them all like crazy.

“The natal palaces will only absorb the world’s spirit energy at an abnormally high efficiency when the dantian spirit sea is completely depleted without a bit of spirit energy in them!” Duan Qianjie’s indifferent voice rang from above the sky, “The human body is the world’s greatest and most mysterious treasure. Its potential is limitless. Only by pushing yourself into a dead end and squeezing every drop of power from your own body would you be able to unleash its full potential! However, most martial practitioners be it at the Refinement Realm and Natal Opening Realm, or the Nirvana and Imperishable Realm wouldn’t be able to unleash even half of their body’s full potential even if they were to live for an entire lifetime!”

“Human potential is the deepest secret of life energy. Those who can sense it and use it are very, very few!” Duan Qianjie said with a proud look, “The martial practitioners who are able to squeeze out their potential again and again and truly unleash them as combat power are all venerable experts no matter the height of their realm!”

Qin Lie shook.

His wobbling body slowly steadied as he listened to Duan Qianjie’s wholehearted teachings attentively and inspected the interior of his own body.

To his surprise, he discovered that his body wasn’t doing as bad as he thought even though he was supposed to have completely exhausted himself and blackout after all these battles.

His blood was circulating madly, and his dantian spirit sea was absorbing spirit energy at an insane speed. Even the soul energy that was most difficult to recover was slowly regenerating itself since his mind was at peace.

There seemed to be an invisible energy that was growing between his skin and flesh, acting as a catalyst that urged his trembling body to evolve at a biological level.

He didn’t know what was happening, nor did he know what made the abnormality happen. But he did know that he was sublimating and evolving in full through a certain method!

It was at this moment, Duan Qianjie abruptly descended from the sky.

His left hand moved downwards and lay gently on the top of Qin Lie’s head. He said calmly, “I’m feeling quite good today, so i shall teach you a certain art. I have created it myself and called it the ‘Limit Sublimation Art’. I will only guide the flow of energy inside your body one time. It is up to you how much you can learn.”

When he was done, countless tendrils of mysterious energy instantly filled up Qin Lie’s entire body like a spread of electricity.

Qin Lie suddenly began to convulse as an unspeakable numbness and pain came from every pore of his body. He almost fainted because of it.

He endured the pain and ignored the blood bubbling out of the corner of his mouth as he breathed. He inhaled deeply and worked hard to sense the tiniest changes that was occurring inside his body.

“This Limit Sublimation Art can only be executed at moments like these when your physical energy, soul energy, and spirit energy had almost been fully depleted. You may use this to urge out your potential and evolve yourself!” Duan Qianjie exclaimed as his words entered Qin Lie’s mind like words of enlightenment.

Countless swimming tendrils rampaged inside Qin Lie’s body like passing meteors.

When Qin Lie looked inside his body with his soul consciousness, he was surprised to find that the meteor like tendrils had formed what looked like rivers of stars inside every corner of his body, and was circulating through a mysterious method that contained a certain law of the world.

His mind shook, and Qin Lie felt as if his soul had escaped his mortal body and entered into the vast rivers of stars. He had a strange feeling that he had transformed into a wisp of soul and was watching the evolution of the world.

Countless light flashed across his pupils as an immeasurably deep and profound rhyme appeared from his eyes.

He was doing his best to learn the experience.

But Duan Qianjie had withdrawn his hand since a long time ago.

Duan Qianjie had silver hair that touched his shoulders. Right now, he was standing in front of Qin Lie and frowning at him, pondering.

Around them, the martial practitioners of the three great families, Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island were still battling each other fiercely. People were dying every passing moment.

However, no one dared to take a step into the area within a hundred meters of the deck where Duan Qianjie was!

The bloody battle was stuck in a deadlock. The Black Voodoo Cult had not been able to gain a decisive advantage after Pu Ze’s Soul Altar had shattered.

Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island weren’t able to display any surprising trump cards either.

If nothing happened, then this stalemate might last for a day or two.

It was at this moment a ship in the shape of a hundred feet centipede gradually appeared from the depths of the clouds. Many flags unique to Black Voodoo Cult fluttered in the air as many powerful black robed martial practitioners on the centipede shaped flying spirit artifact appeared.

A fat Gongye Qing and a slim Gongye Zhuo appeared on that centipede.

The moment they appeared, they immediately looked at Duan Qianjie. They never paused to look at anyone else among Blood Fiend Sect, Gold Sun Island or even at the eight god corpses.

“Duan Qianjie!” The Gongye brother cried out in unison.

They waved their hands and stopped their disciples from acting temporarily. Then, they headed towards Duan Qianjie at first moment.

“Duan Qianjie! Why have you appeared!” Gongye Qing inhaled and asked seriously, “Why exactly have you shown up?”

“I owe this kid a favor, and I am here to protect his life. That is all.” Duan Qianjie said coolly.

“Is that really all?” Gongye Zhuo asked seriously.

Duan Qianjie nodded and repeated impatiently, “That is all!”

The Gonye brothers exchanged a glance with each other and let out a sigh of relief. They were both counting their lucky stars that Duan Qianjie wasn’t going to be an obstacle.

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