Chapter 642: Infinite Potential!

Chapter 642: Infinite Potential!

Duan Qianjie’s name was spread only among true experts. Anyone who had heard of this name was a reputable person on Land of Chaos that was not to be trifled with.

Duan Qianjie’s legend was also a trail of bloody history.

This man was famed for his thirst for battle!

From the day he started cultivating, Duan Qianjie had been constantly challenging martial practitioners at his level or higher. His goal was to accumulate strength and experience through bloody battles, and he was able to break through his limits again and again to reach a whole new height.

Every time he reached a new realm, Duan Qianjie would challenge several dozens of famous martial practitioners to battle. The number of martial practitioners who suffered severe injuries or died a horrible death in his hands were countless.

While he wasn’t able to win every battle—in fact, he would often lose, suffer grievous injuries and hover between the line of life and death...

He was always able to survive in the end.

He was like a bloodthirsty beast who would vanish for a while every time he was seriously hurt. He would lick his wounds and recover in silence.

But when he had recovered, he would proceed to challenge stronger martial practitioners with increased combat power and a greater realm. He would defeat those legendary martial practitioners who seemed undefeatable in the norm!

It was through thousands of bloody battles that he ultimately earned the name ‘Qianjie’ (Thousand Calamity) and was called the nightmare of all experts.

Duan Qianjie’s entire life had been spent in a loop of fighting, recovering, breaking through to a new realm, and fighting again.

Right now, as he sat in midair and stared at Qin Lie who had collapsed to the ground while covered in blood, Duan Qianjie had the strange feeling that he was watching a memory of himself licking his wounds alone after he had gone through a bloody battle.

A rare light of appreciation appeared in his eyes.

“Not bad. Li Mu is Li Mu. He always had a good eye for people.” Duan Qianjie nodded to himself.

“Phew…” Qin Lie slowly adjusted his breathing.

When the six Spirits of Void and Chaos had used their saliva to melt the runes of the crystalline chains that had shackled his bloody and muscles, they had gone back into the Soul Suppressing Orb and slumbered in exhaustion.

Therefore, he hadn’t borrowed an ounce of outside help in all the battles he fought later.

From the moment he started fighting until now, he had killed every martial practitioner he encountered with his own strength.

After that final battle, he had expended almost eighty percent of the spirit energy in his dantian’s spirit sea, and he had almost used up all of the power in his blood too.

A Netherpassage Realm martial practitioner was nothing to him. It was those Fulfillment Realm martial practitioners whom Duan Qianjie had allowed to come after him in the end who were truly capable of hurting him.

The three waves of Fulfillment Realm experts had came one after another without much pause in between. He wasn’t allowed even a moment to rest and adjust his breathing, and he really felt like he was going to use up all of his energy.

Right now, Duan Qianjie hadn’t arranged more experts after him while he was maintaining his silence. He had obtained an extremely rare moment of respite.

He needed to focus all his power in recovering as soon as possible.

In reality, he didn’t know that those Fulfillment Realm experts who had popped up just now had been purposely arranged to encounter him by Duan Qianjie.

He only knew that the bloody battle between Blood Fiend Sect and Black Voodoo Cult was far from reaching its end.

Every person he killed was a bit of burden off Blood Fiend Sect’s back, and a new bit of hope towards victory.

He believed that he could hang on.

That was why he was doing his best to recover his strength.

The silent Duan Qianjie was narrowing his eyes and staring deeply at Qin Lie, pondering.

From Qin Lie’s even breathing, Duan Qianjie could sense a tremendous amount of life force from him even though the young man was hurt and bloodied all over. It was a sign of Qin Lie’s pure fleshly power.

Although Qin Lie had greatly depleted his spirit energy reserves and lost the majority of his soul power, Qin Lie’s steel-like body obviously still had strength in it.

This meant that Qin Lie’s potential hadn’t been fully excavated, and that he hadn’t really been pushed to his limits.

“Perhaps this is not the end of this kid’s potential. Perhaps I can force out more potential from him…” Duan Qianjie pondered for a moment before he spoke to himself, “The brightest sparks in life can only come from a true desperation, kid. That is when one’s future growth can be seen most clearly! So allow me to dig deeper into your potential!”

Duan Qianjie’s eyes hovered about as he searched for a new target. When he finally made his choice, he locked his gaze onto the figure of a middle stage Fulfillment Realm martial practitioner named Xiahou Tao!

Xiahou Tao had just entered the middle stage of the Fulfillment Realm not long ago, and he had been doing his best to kill Gold Sun Island’s martial practitioners since the start of the battle. He had also fought against people like Qi Jin.

He had also used up about fifty percent of his spirit energy.

But even then, he was a middle stage Fulfillment Realm martial practitioner. The density of his soul, the strength of his physical body and his recognition of spirit energy far exceeded an early stage Fulfillment Realm martial practitioner!

The threat he represented was in fact bigger than the three early stage Fulfillment Realm martial practitioners Qin Lie last fought!

Xiahou Tao’s body was suddenly gripped tightly by an invisible hand. The grip was so tight that he was dizzy and unable to breathe.

A gust of wind later, Xiahou Tao finally regained his balance and felt his blurry eyes turning clear.

He immediately saw a blood drenched Qin Lie breathing evenly as he leaned against a couple of corpses.

Qin Lie left not a single person alive within a twenty meter radius.There were several dozens of corpses around him that Xiahou Tao had identified to be the three great families’ martial practitioners from their uniforms.

Xiahou Tao’s expression abruptly turned serious.

This person had killed several dozens of martial practitioners on his own, and some of these people were even at the early stage of Fulfillment Realm. Qin Lie had suddenly skyrocketed in terms of danger level in Xiahou Tao’s eyes!

At the same time, Qin Lie, who was doing his best to recover felt his pupils shrink when Xiaohou Tao had suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

He immediately noticed that Xiahou Tao was at the middle stage of the Fulfillment Realm!

From the moment he began fighting, everyone he killed was beneath the middle stage of the Fulfillment Realm. The early stage Fulfillment Realm experts that popped out last time made him realize just how difficult they were to fight since a while ago.

Every wound he suffered right now had came from those last few enemies!

But those people were only at the early stage of the Fulfillment Realm. At the time, he was still fairly healthy and possessed a fair amount of spirit energy...

But now he was almost at the end of his ropes. The sudden arrival of a middle stage Fulfillment Realm expert had created such a tremendous pressure around his chest that it practically stifled his breathing.

Like a beast facing destruction that was seeking that final ray of hope, Qin Lie growled in a low tone and opened his scarlet eyes. He clenched his teeth, readjusted his stance and stood up once more.

When he faced Xiahou Tao squarely, the only thing left in his eyes were the determination of battle, the will to bath in blood, and the loss of all hesitation.

On the sky, Duan Qianjie nodded on the inside when he saw the look in Qin Lie’s eyes.

Xiahou Tao’s eyes turned panicky for an instant when he saw Qin Lie’s eyes, however, and his momentum was stalled for an instant because of it too.

It was at this moment the massively hurt Qin Lie actually attacked first and charged towards Xiahou Tao while roaring!

A vicious aura naturally surfaced from Qin Lie’s body, and it combined perfectly with the smell of blood on his body to create an intimidating front that would terrify even a person’s soul.

The blazing fighting will and the confidence that would never be extinguished seemed to have fused together to form a completely new and tangible energy after he had garnered so much momentum from the previous battles.

Under the urge of this power, Qin Lie felt as if every blood in his body was boiling or burning. Even the dried out spirit sea in his dantian suddenly absorbed spirit energy wildly like a sponge that was dipped into water.

A new and tremendous energy seemed to have appeared out of nowhere from his limbs, skeleton and muscles!

Qin Lie fought as if he was igniting his own life’s potential.


Having his momentum robbed, Xiahou Tao’s mind trembled as a sense of terrible fear that felt very much like facing the charge of an ancient beast assaulted him.

He actually subconsciously gathered all of his spirit energy to create a light shield and defended himself passively.

Although he was at the middle stage of Fulfillment Realm and he still possessed fifty percent of his spirit energy, he actually didn’t dare to forcefully attack a bloodied Netherpassage Realm martial practitioner or meet his clash head on. He had chosen a defensive action that only a weakling would use.

Xiahou Tao had already lost his drive and firm confidence before he even started fight.


Thanks to this, Qin Lie was able to run right in front of Xiahou Tao without any resistance and attack Xiahou Tao’s light shield madly with his ridiculously powerful physical body and accumulated momentum.

Xiahou Tao simply defended with every bit of strength he possessed.

Qin Lie had given up all of his defenses and focused his mind in unleashing all of his physical body’s potential. He gathered all the strength he could gather and struck Xiahou Tao’s protective light shield heavily again and again as if he didn’t know what fatigue was.

The battle immediately became an prolonged war of attrition. It was a battle between wills and amount of spirit energy.

Xiahou Tao’s light shield was battered by incessant thunder, swimming lightning, shattered ice blades, surprising rainbow light, and fearless bloody snakes created from Qin Lie’s blood, charging towards him again and again...

Time passed second by second.

Xiahou Tao’s spirit energy gradually depleted as they were all used to strengthen his light shield and defend himself against Qin Lie’s endless attacks.

Sometimes, Qin Lie’s spirit energy obviously wasn’t too strong, and sometimes Qin Lie was only attacking him with his physical body.

But Xiahou Tao just kept defending passively.

When the first crack appeared on the light shield, when the light shield finally shattered, and when Qin Lie and Xiahou Tao finally stood within inches of each other… Duan Qianjie knew that Qin Lie had won yet again.

That was because he knew just how scary Qin Lie was in close combat.

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