Chapter 641: Powerful

Chapter 641: Powerful

Upon learning of Duan Qianjie’s intention to destroy his Soul Altar, Pu Ze was shocked into suddenly losing his mind. Defined crystalline chains appeared atop the Soul Altar beneath him, tightly winding around the Soul Altar as they suddenly produced an energy which could warp space.

Various colors of light began to flow from the edges of the Soul Altar as it seemingly tried to flee into the void and escape from the Setting Sun Islands.

“Do you really think you can escape?”

Duan Qianjie sneered as he took out a translucent jade ruler and struck towards Pu Ze’s Soul Altar.

The jade ruler was about one arm long and two fingers wide, giving it a very frivolous appearance. Despite the ruler’s appearance, Pu Ze’s whole body trembled as the ruler descended towards the Soul Altar.

As the jade ruler passed through space, Pu Ze could see the ripples fluctuating off from it as numerous luminescent spots invisible to the naked eye appeared one after the other. Each of these luminescent spots represented a hole in space.

Due to the emergence of these spatial holes and their effect on Pu Ze’s surroundings, Pu Ze, who was attempting to escape with a secret technique, was unable to do so.

With the descent of the jade ruler towards Pu Ze, Pu Ze began to have increasingly less space to move as well.

Even an expert like Pu Ze would inevitably feel fear if the space surrounding them began to enclose them like a cage.

Finally, the jade ruler struck the Soul Altar below Pu Ze.

The moment the ruler touched the colorful glass-like crystallic Soul Altar, the altar suddenly began releasing millions upon millions of streaks of brilliant light in all directions.

This continued for several seconds before the crystalline Soul Altar shattered into countless dazzling crystal shards. The shards were then all devoured by spatial holes which Qin Lie couldn’t see.

As for Pu Ze, his appearance suddenly became very ancient looking, as if he had suffered a thousand years of aging in just the last couple of moments.

Due of the destruction of his Soul Altar, Pu Ze’s hair had turned completely white, and his skin had become saggy and full of wrinkles as if he had suddenly entered his final moments. It seemed like he would pass away at any moment.

The Soul Altar was where the soul energy of an Imperishable Realm practitioner would concentrate and be stored. To a practitioner of Imperishable Realm, the destruction of their Soul Altar was more terrifying than death itself.

“You should leave,” Duan Qianjie said as he impatiently waved his hands.

Pu Ze seemed lifeless as his eyes clouded over. It seemed like he was unable to discern his surroundings as he desperately tried to gather the spirit energy which was quickly leaving his body.

Suddenly, his body trembled as his eyes snapped open and he glared at Duan Qianjie, shouting in a hoarse and powerless voice, “You are so vicious! Destroying my Soul Altar, why don’t you just directly kill me!”

“Scram!” Duan Qianjie waved his hand.

A streak of soul energy engulfed Pu Ze, sweeping him tens of thousands of meters away in just one instant. Pu Ze quickly disappeared from their sight.

Sheathing the jade ruler, Duan Qianjie frowned as he critically observed Qin Lie and asked, “So you are the boy who freed the beasts of the land of profound ice, the one who helped them escape?”

Qin Lie slightly nodded.

Duan Qianjie continued observing Qin Lie as he muttered something to himself and then said, “This jade tablet can be used to save your life. Moreover, I will guarantee your safety, but only yours. I will have nothing to do with this messy fight.”

“I understand.” Qin Lie said.

At this moment, the crystalline chains which were imprisoning the eight god corpses gradually dissipated into shards of light at a speed visible to the naked mortal eye.

Like ice melting, the remnants of Pu Ze’s restricting energy within Qin Lie’s body also quickly lost its solidity.

Because Pu Ze’s Soul Altar had been destroyed, all of the sealing and restraining energies he applied were losing their effectiveness.

This allowed Qin Lie and the eight god corpses to regain their freedom without having to move a single finger.

With the assistance of his Soul Altar, Pu Ze was priorly uncontested atop the Setting Sun Islands. As long as he made any moves, Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island would quickly be completely routed and ruthlessly forced to retreat.

In fact, if Duan Qianjie hadn’t come, Pu Ze would have immediately annihilated Blood Fiend Sect because of the deal he had made with Guan Xian in hopes of obtaining the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

If so, the bloody battle which had already lasted for quite a while would have quickly ended due to Pu Ze’s interference.

Instead, Pu Ze, who was at the Imperishable Realm, unexpectedly had his Soul Altar shattered into pieces by Duan Qianjie just a few sentences following Duan Qianjie’s arrival.

As a foreign delegate of Black Voodoo Cult, Pu Ze had used all of his life’s savings to exchange for enough spirit material to construct his Soul Altar. To him, his Soul Altar was the core of his life and spirit. He absolutely did not have enough capital to construct another one.

Although Duan Qianjie didn’t kill Pu Ze and instead destroyed his Soul Altar, the resulting pain experienced by him was more terrifying and unacceptable than if he had directly been killed.

With the destruction of his Soul Altar, Pu Ze’s cultivation and soul and spirit energy would continuously decline if he couldn’t quickly reconstruct another Soul Altar.

During this time, if there wasn’t enough available spirit materials for him to use to rebuild his Soul Altar, the declining would not stop.

In fact, if Pu Ze remained incapable of rebuilding his Soul Altar, he would eventually be forced to return to his original form of an ordinary mortal without any spirit energy.

Even worse, once the news of his Soul Altar being destroyed spread, his old enemies would come from all directions and make use of this opportunity to hunt him down.

That was to say, his miserable fate following the destruction of his Soul Altar was truly just beginning.

After the destruction of one’s Soul Altar, very few could quickly gather enough spirit materials to rebuild their Soul Altar, especially while being chased by enemies.

For someone like Pu Ze who was only a foreign delegate of Black Voodoo Cult and not a core elder, there was no one who would be willing to protect him and provide him assistance following the destruction of his Soul Altar.

In other words, the destruction of Pu Ze’s Soul Altar meant that his life was practically over already.

In the sky, the countless experts of Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families had managed to obtain an advantage.

However, at this time, almost all of them discovered the appearance of Duan Qianjie and the destruction of Pu Ze’s Soul Altar,

Thus, Guan Xian, Xia Houqi, and Su Zhi were all very nervous and unable to focus—they were all worried that Duan Qianjie would interfere.

To their surprise, Duan Qianjie had directly stated his attitude and intentions following his destruction of Pu Ze’s Soul Altar—he would only guarantee Qin Lie’s safety.

This caused Guan Xian and the others to all silently release their breaths.

They silently observed for a moment longer and then, only after concluding that Duan Qianjie truly had no intention to join the fight, continued their bloody fight against Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island.

As for Qin Lie, after regaining his freedom and receiving the promise from Duan Qianjie, he could not hold back any longer as he watched the bitterly fighting experts of Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island.

Qin Lie began to send killing orders to the god corpses once again!

Equipping his Astral Thunder Hammer, he himself also joined the fray.

With the help of the god corpses, Qin Lie jumped onto the boats of the three great families and began fighting against practitioners from the three great families alongside the practitioners of Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island.

With his cultivation of the late stage of the Netherpassage Realm, his three spirit arts of thunder, ice, and earth, and the power of blood, Qin Lie began to massacre all of the practitioners of the three great families around him.

Sharp shards of ice flew as gravity continuously changed and thunder explosively rumbled while Qin Lie adeptly used, and changed between, the three different spirit arts.

Practitioner after practitioner resentfully died at the hands of Qin Lie. Among the practitioners of the same cultivation as him, he was unparalleled.

Not to mention the practitioners below the Netherpassage Realm, who were even less of an opponent and were mostly one shot.


Following a fierce strike from the Astral Thunder Hammer, a late stage Netherpassage practitioner of the Lin Family had all of the bones in his smashed as blood uncontrollably spurted out from his mouth, nostrils, and a gaping hole in his chest.

The man had died instantly.

Completely covered in blood, Qin Lie was like an incarnation of the slaughter god as his eyes gradually reddened and he hunted enemies with his Astral Thunder Hammer.

Besides him, upwards of fifteen warriors had been killed by his hammer. As they lay on the ground, their blood slowly seeped into and stained the deck.

Duan Qianjie’s face was indifferent, his silver hair fluttering in space as he floated above the ships and coldly looked down like a god watching from above.

He was focusedly observing all of Qin Lie’s actions.

If any warrior above the Netherpassage Realm were to express any killing intent towards Qin Lie and charge towards him, Duan Qianjie would slightly interfere for a moment.

As a result, any time an expert of the Fulfillment Realm or Fragmentation Realm was about to wound Qin Lie, they would become dazed until they suddenly entered the range of a similarly strong Blood Fiend Sect practitioner.

As a result, Qin Lie was only surrounded and attacked by opponents at or below the Netherpassage Realm.

However, as the number of bodies around Qin Lie gradually piled up and an increasing number of Netherpassage Realm practitioners were easily killed by Qin Lie, even the coldly observing Duan Qianjie was secretly surprised.

He realized that although Qin Lie only had a cultivation of the late stage of the Netherpassage Realm, the combat power which he displayed was far beyond that.

“It looks like I can make it more interesting,” Duan Qianjie thought.

Consequently, Duan Qianjie slightly relinquished his control over two Su Family cultivators of the early Fulfillment Realm and allowed them to enter the battleground occupied by Qin Lie.

The two Su Family cultivators went mad upon seeing Qin Lie and the ground full of corpses around him, of which many were wearing Su Family attire.

They immediately charged towards Qin Lie.

Feeling a bit more interested, Duan Qianjie fully focused on the fight below. He wanted to see if the late stage Netherpassage Realm Qin Lie would be able to leap levels and battle against two cultivators at the early stage of the Fulfillment Realm after killing a countless number of practitioners with a similar cultivation.

With two fingers on his left hand, he pointed at the crowns of the two Su warriors from far away, ready to forcefully intervene if the situation went wrong.

After a few minutes...

His body covered in blood, Qin Lie risked his own life and suffered wounds on his shoulders and stomach in exchange for the lives of two Su Family practitioners!

The damage caused by the two wounds would have been lethal for an ordinary Netherpassage Realm practitioners, directly penetrating through their body in one go!

However, the weapons only inflicted shallow flesh wounds on Qin Lie.

Although they were at the early stage of the Fulfilment Realm, the two practitioners of the Su Family lost their lives just like that.


Duan Qianjie subconsciously moved his shoulders, adjusting his posture. His eyes became increasingly filled with excitement as if he were an explorer who had discovered a new continent.

Continuing onwards, another two early Fulfillment Realm practitioners were intentionally directed toward Qin Lie by Duan Qianjie.

This time, the fight lasted around fifteen minutes.

At its end, of the two practitioners who had been sent, the one which had mastered soul suppressing was smoking from his orifices as he died following the destruction of his True Soul by repeated strikes of lightning. The other practitioner was killed in a direct melee after his neck was fractured by Qin Lie’s fingers.

As for Qin Lie… he was missing a large piece of skin on his right leg and had a bloody finger-sized hole on his right chest.

“Impressive, very impressive!” Duan Qianjie’s eyes were brighter than ever.

After that, three more early stage Fulfillment Realm practitioners from the three great families were manipulated to appear besides Qin Lie yet again.

This time, the fight lasted for an entire half an hour.

The three early stage Fulfillment Realm practitioners were all killed by Qin Lie just like the prior ones, their bones completely shattered.

As for Qin Lie, numerous new wounds had appeared atop his body. He fell to the ground, limp and bruised all over as he began to breathe heavily. From a distance, he looked like a beast covered in fresh blood.

All this time, Duan Qianjie remained silent as he looked at Qin Lie, the admiration in his eyes becoming ever more evident.

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