Chapter 640: Duan Qianjie

Chapter 640: Duan Qianjie

Ignoring the cries of Qin Lie’s soul, the Spirits of Void and Chaos transformed into six streaks of light and emerged one by one from the midpoint between Qin Lie’s brows.

The tiny six Spirits of Void and Chaos suddenly appeared, each in their own distinct form. They curiously observed their surroundings while constantly crying, “Yiyiyaya.”

Quickly, their gazes all gathered onto the figure of Qin Lie, their different colored pairs of eyes reminiscent of various shiny gemstones continuously spinning around as they watched him.

It seemed like they had noticed Qin Lie’s poor state.


Pu Ze exclaimed as he stared at the six Spirits of Void and Chaos, a curious glint suddenly appearing in his eyes.

The appearance of the six wriggling and constantly shape-shifting spirits which shifted between void and reality suddenly caught Pu Ze’s attentions.

Perhaps Pu Ze didn’t know the Spirits of Void and Chaos, or maybe he just didn’t recognize them, but he was unable to identify the six strange spirits. Thus, although his eyes gleamed with a curious light, his brows also furrowed in a confused manner as he seemingly tried to determine where the six little spirits had come from.

Qin Lie was also worried.

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos had not been easy to obtain. They had consumed almost all of Qin Lie’s acquisitions from the Graveyard of Gods and had also required Qin Lie to imbue their bodies and souls with his own soul energy and blood essence.

If the six spirits were imprisoned by Pu Ze and taken away, it would deal a great blow to Qin Lie.

As Qin Lie became extremely worried, the six Spirits of Void and Chaos all suddenly rushed towards his body after a moment of pause.

Six streaks of light disappeared into Qin Lie’s body.

Like six pure streams of water, the warm, refreshing energies of the spirits suddenly flowed through all of Qin Lie’s arms and organs.

With his mind and consciousness, Qin Lie could sense the Spirits of Void and Chaos destroying the restrictive powers applied by Pu Ze.

They were destroying the crystallic chains which had been condensed by Pu Ze using his energy of the Imperishable Realm which contained his understandings of the universe.

These crystallic chains were like a spider web which had enwrapped every corner of his body, stagnating his the circulation of his blood, restricting his bones and muscles, and suppressing all of his living functions.

Qin Lie had been completely unable to destroy the restrictions on him by himself as he was unable to utilize his spirit energy or blood power at all and his digits were completely unable to move.

He had never even considered the possibility of the newborn Spirits of Void and Chaos being able to destroy the restrictive crystallic chains created by a powerful practitioner of the Imperishable Realm.

Until … the Spirits of Void and Chaos bit on the crystallic chains.

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos were like six clusters of lights with different colors as they diverged and spread across his body, opening their tiny mouths and biting on the crystallic chains in different places.

Afterwards, they remained still.

They began to slowly secrete a liquid from their mouths.

A faint chill emanated out from the liquid secreted by their mouths and sunk into every crystallic chain.

Miraculously, the crystallic chains restricting Qin Lie gradually began to lose their terrifying power as they became immersed in the liquid.

Qin Lie realized that the mysterious glowing symbols inside the crystallic chains were quickly vanishing after being immersed by the liquid.

The symbols were just like shards of ice being melted by a fierce raging fire.

“Wow!” Pu Ze shouted out in surprise.

A shocking gleam suddenly emerged in his eyes as he sensed the six Spirits of Void and Chaos erasing the mysterious symbols within the crystallic chains using the liquid secreted from their mouths through the destruction of the chains.

“How magical! It’s truly unbelievable!” Pu Ze’s entire body began to show his excitement.

“Guan Xian, I don’t want the god corpse anymore!” He looked back at the far side where the Black Voodoo Cult and the Blood Fiend Sect were fighting. “I only want the six little things inside this boy’s body! As long as you agree, I will immediately help you get rid of the people from Blood Fiend Sect!”

Pu Ze didn’t know what the Spirits of Void and Chaos were. However, just from his observation of the liquid secreted by the Spirits of Void and Chaos, he was able to realize their preciousness.

Compared to the god corpse, the Spirits of Void and Chaos were living things with intelligence, causing their value to suddenly increase a whole level.

In Pu Ze’s mind, the value of the six Spirits of Void and Chaos were way higher than the four god corpses!

Guan Xian and Xue Li were fighting with all they had. He didn’t know what Pu Ze wanted.

Upon hearing Pu Ze’s offer, Guan Xian, only thinking about getting rid of the problematic Blood Fiend Sect as quickly as possible, practically immediately accepted it without thinking about it any further, “Come help me defeat Xue Li and the Blood Fiend Ten Elders and I will give you everything that you request!”

“Okay!” Pu Ze became more and more excited.

He was ready to kill Xue Li.

By this time however, the mysterious symbols within the crystallic chains had already been thoroughly erased by the spirits’ liquid, greatly reducing the restrictive forces suppressing Qin Lie.

Qin Lie was finally able to move!

Without hesitation, his fingers immediately touched his spatial ring, quickly retrieving a jade tablet with the symbol “段” from within. Then, he began to concentrate as much soul energy as he possibly could before forcefully injecting it all into the jade tablet.

One side of the jade tablet was engraved with a “段” symbol while the other side had the image of a hornless dragon etched onto it. In his palm, the tablet suddenly began to release a blindingly brilliant glow.

An overbearing distortive energy tore the nearby space as surged out from within the jade tablet and became increasingly fierce and unstable as it continuously gathered.


Suddenly, the tablet exploded into a cluster of blinding lights which condensed together to form a portal of light in the depths of the sky.

The portal was originally the size of the mouth of a well and continuously shrunk as if it was going to disappear.

Qin Lie kept fixedly stared at the portal of light.

He was nervous to the point that his heart felt as if it were about to jump out of his chest. He was afraid that the light portal completely disappear.

He was aware that the portal of light was a spatial pathway which connected him to the true owner of the jade tablet!

As long as the portal didn’t fully close, the owner of the jade tablet would be able to step onto the Setting Sun Islands through the portal and help Qin Lie resolve his issues.


As Pu Ze looked at the trembling portal of light, his face began to twist as he realized that something was not right.

Each and every person who was able to construct a void passage and travel across it with their mortal body was a figure who had reached the peak. Even Pu Ze was still extremely far away from such a level.

He hadn’t cared much about the explosion of the jade tablet. However, when the light portal appeared, he gave up helping Guan Xian kill Xie Li and instead turned all of his attention towards the light portal.

The portal of light was still shrinking!

Gradually, the originally well-mouth size portal of light shrank until it was only the size of a bowl. Moreover, it was still shrinking.

Qin Lie suddenly felt extremely dispirited.

Meanwhile, Pu Ze let out a deep breath as he finally believed that regardless of who was attempting to come, they would no longer be able to arrive due to the seemingly inevitable closure of the portal of light. They would have no way of passing through the void passage.

”Brat, who did you try to summon? I never expected that you, a mere person at the Netherpassage Realm, would know such an expert figure,” Pu Ze said.

Qin Lie’s expression became gloomy as he remained silent. He knew that with the current circumstances, the person surnamed Duan, the owner of the jade tablet, would not show up.

At this moment, a pair of slender hands suddenly emerged from within the portal of light with their backs to each other.

With the appearance of the hands, the portal of light was no longer able to shrink any further, as if it was a beast whose mouth had suddenly been hindered by a giant stone. Regardless of how hard it tried, it was unable to close.

Pu Ze’s face froze.

The pair of hands, as if tearing apart the mouth of the beast, forcefully pushed outwards.

Miraculously, the bowl sized portal of light began to gradually expand again as the owner of the hands continuously exerted force.

A short few seconds later, the light portal was forcefully expanded back to its original size by the hands.

An elegant, cold-looking middle aged man with silver hair falling to his shoulders walked out of the portal of light.


As he walked out, the shaking portal of light behind him immediately shrunk into a single dot and then disappeared from sight.

The man’s gaze landed on Qin Lie’s figure as he contemptuously sneered, “The soul energy you used to summon me was so weak it couldn’t even maintain the stability of the spatial passage long enough. I almost didn’t make it through!”

Qin Lie smiled bitterly and said, “ I’ve been sealed, and can only release so much soul energy.”

“Duan, Duan Qianjie!” Pu Ze shrilly screamed in fear.

After his initial screams, Pu Ze immediately bit the tip of his tongue without hesitation and spat a mouthful of blood onto his Soul Altar.

Covered in his blood, a huge amount of energy suddenly concentrated atop the colorful crystallic Soul Altar.

Another wave of strange energy fluctuations emerged from the void and surged out from within Pu Ze’s Soul Altar. Without another thought, he immediately tried to escape at the as quickly as he could—regardless of the cost!

“Is it him?” Duan Qianjie asked while looking at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie nodded.

“Should he live or die?” Duan Qianjie asked again.

“Brat, there are no conflicts between us, and I have never wanted to take your life. I am just a foreign delegate of Black Voodoo Cult, and have no deeper connections with them!” As Pu Ze used his secret technique, he had begun jumping side to side atop his Soul Altar.

After pondering for a moment, Qin Lie said, “Do as you see fit.”

“Alright.” Duan Qianjie nodded, then turned towards Pu Ze and said, “Your gaudy Soul Altar is much too unsightly. Let me destroy it for you so that you can rebuild it.”

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