Chapter 637: Bloody Battle!

Chapter 637: Bloody Battle!

The Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island martial practitioners gathered on the three islands had all came to realization after hearing Mo Lingye’s reminder. They hastily spread towards the outskirts.

Qin Lie was among them too.

While gripping the five loaded Blazing Profound Bombs Tang Siqi had passed to him, he jumped right into the sea and swam towards the direction of the three great families’ ships immediately.

Those who had reached Fragmentation Realm flew into the air while covering themselves in colorful light shields, attacking the flying spirit artifacts suspended in midair.

Those whose realm were weaker sat on small boats like the Sword Leaf Boat or swam in groups like shoals towards the boats of the Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families.

The voodoo poison enveloping the three islands weren’t able to unleash its full destructive might because they had scattered from the island.

However, the thousands and tens of thousands of voodoo insects were still howling fiercely and chasing down Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island’s martial practitioners.

The Setting Sun Islands instantly turned into a confusing mess.

“Encircle them with the voodoo insects!” On the sky, a dark looking elder from Black Voodoo Cult ordered calmly.

Many Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioners clad in black robes charged down from the sky on crystalline war chariots.

These people were unafraid of the voodoo poison and were able to get in and out of the poisonous smoke whenever they wanted to. They weren’t afraid that the voodoo poison would corrode their soul at all.

Inside the thick poisonous mist, they sought out Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island martial practitioners who weren’t yet able to leave the area enveloped by the voodoo poison in order to stop them from and wear them down to death slowly.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The Blazing Profound Bombs shocking booms erupted non-stop on the three islands. Plenty of Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island martial practitioners had thrown out their Blazing Profound Bombs the second they saw Black Voodoo Cult disciples charging towards them.

In an instant, those Black Voodoo Cult disciples were blasted into bloody pieces as their bodies were flooded by thick flames.

Some of these Blazing Profound Bombs also contained the rainbow miasma. After the miasma had spread, the Black Voodoo Cult disciples all felt dizzy and weak.

While they were immune to the voodoo poison, they weren’t immune to the rainbow miasma Mo Hai had concocted. After they were poisoned, they would lose all ability to fight for an extremely short amount of time.

More Black Voodoo Cult disciples were blasted into many pieces because they were at the center of the Blazing Profound Bombs’ explosions.

The first group of Black Voodoo Cult disciples who flew down from the sky numbered around three to four hundred people. At least half of them had been killed outright by the Blazing Profound Bombs.

For the past few days, Tang Siqi, Lian Rou and Mo Hai had been doing their best to forge more Blazing Profound Bombs through day and night. As expected, they had unleashed tremendous destructive power at a critical moment!

“Is… is this the Terminator Sect’s Terminator Profound Bomb?!” Xiahou Qi’s expression changed in shock.

The three great families and the Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioners all wore pale looks on their faces as they stared at the area that was covered in blazing flames and shocking lightning.

The Terminator Profound Bomb’s infamy had long since intimidated all forces on the Land of Chaos with its sheer power. Anyone who had come into contact with the Terminator Profound Bomb knew just how scary this item was.

Violent explosions, dense webs of lightning and blazing flames occurred repeatedly on the three islands. For a time, the invaders were all stunned.

“No! This isn’t purely a Terminator Profound Bomb, but its power is quite strong!” Su Zhi observed for a moment before his face gradually darkened, “Poisonous miasma is also spreading from the scattering flames as it explodes. Anyone who inhales the poisonous gas immediately experiences a decline in spirit and swift loss of combat power!”

“I didn’t expect that Blood Fiend Sect to learn such a despicable and malicious method!” Lin Bin snorted coldly.

While the trio were talking to each other, the Blood Fiend Ten Elders roared fiercely and charged towards them while covered in bloody light shields.

Their conversation came to an abrupt end.

Beneath the sea.

Qin Lie took out the Demon Sealing Tombstone and summoned the god corpses with his mind. Before long, the god corpses’ gigantic bodies slowly floated from the deep sea.

He dashed towards them and landed steadily on a god corpse’s head. He patted its huge head once softly with his palm.

The eight god corpses’ minds were connected to him. They hadn’t tried to surface on the sea immediately and simply swam swiftly beneath the sea.

Qin Lie had made up his mind to temporarily forget the intense battle that was going on above the sea surface. He focused all of his concentration beneath the sea.

There were ships several hundred meters long that sat on the sea surface like giant, ocean beasts where the eight god corpses were headed.

At the bottom of the ship, there were transparent crystalline walls and the martial practitioners of Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families. They could observe for activity beneath the sea through the crystalline walls.

These people were here specifically to prevent someone from attacking them from beneath the sea. There were Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners hanging around on the ships.

“The god corpses! Eight god corpses!”

“The god corpses that had vanished from the Heavenly Fissure Continent are attacking us!”

The Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families’ cries could be heard from the bottom part of the ships. The news were immediately spread.


Giant crystalline doors suddenly opened from beneath the sea as several dozens of experts of the Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families clad in special armor swam out as agilely as fishes while looking to kill.

“Kill them!” Qin Lie’s eyes were cold.

The eight god corpses hiding beneath the sea opened their bloody mouths and inhaled strongly at the first moment.

Like giant whales inhaling water into their mouths, the sea water before the eight god corpses gushed into their mouths.

The Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families’ martial practitioners who came attacking were sucked into the god corpses’ mouths alive like fishes and prawns who wouldn’t resist against the rapid water flow.

The god corpses’ shark like teeth moved up and down as they chewed.

All the martial practitioners who were devoured by the god corpses were dead. They had all became a tasty meal inside the god corpses’ stomachs.

Every time the god corpses consumed the flesh and blood of martial practitioners, the vitality inside their bodies would grow a bit stronger. The divine light in their eyes had also became more dazzling.

These stomachs of these eight god corpses seemed to possess unbelievable purification power that were capable of refining the essences of strength inside a martial practitioner’s flesh and blood and turn them slowly into nutrients that restored their strength.

After the first group of Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families’ martial practitioners were devoured by the eight god corpses, the martial practitioners hiding behind the crystalline walls all wore fearful looks on their faces.

Some people were even screaming non-stop.

“Bang!” Another door had opened from the crystalline walls.

It was an extraordinarily thin Black Voodoo Cult elder clad in pitch black robes who came through the water alone.

The moment this old man entered the sea water, his cold and evil eyes were locked onto Qin Lie’s figure immediately.

Qin Lie had the terrible feeling that he was being stared at by a nether ghost from hell. Every pore in his body had shrunk unconsciously as a vague chill climbed up his back.

An ice cold soul consciousness suddenly seeped into Qin Lie’s pupils following the old man’s gaze like a sharp sword or spear that pierced through the heavens.

A huge gold scorpion several thousand meters appeared abruptly in Qin Lie’s mind and swung its glittering, gold pincers.

The giant scorpion suddenly charged towards Qin Lie’s Soul Lake and swung its pincers at Qin Lie’s True Soul, attempting to destroy his soul in one go.

This was the old man’s attempt to wipe out Qin Lie’s soul!

Extinguishing the opponent’s True Soul with one’s unparallelled soul was one of the most efficient and simplest way to kill a lower realm martial practitioner.

The old man had figured out instantly that Qin Lie was the master of the god corpses, and that was why his objective was just as clear—he would kill Qin Lie right here!

That was why he had sent his soul consciousness directly into Qin Lie’s mind!

The huge, gold scorpion was the culmination of his consciousness and the voodoo insect’s soul consciousness. He would use the giant scorpion to tear Qin Lie’s True Soul to shreds.


Countless lightning and booming thunder appeared abruptly in Qin Lie’s mind.

All these thunder and lightning had come from Qin Lie’s True Soul. They went through his Soul Lake and mind to erupt inside the vast and boundless domain of the mind!

While his mind was in great pain, Qin Lie wildly circulated Heavenly Thunder Eradication and used the thunderous power inside his True Soul to intimidate the evil inside him.

The giant gold scorpion that was several thousand meters long was blasted constantly by thunder energy inside Qin Lie’s Soul Lake.

Thunder and lightning were the bane of all souls, and that giant gold scorpion had vanished into nothingness almost instantly amidst the lightning blasts.

The old man who unleashed the soul consciousness couldn’t help but let out a dull grunt as blood flowed out of his seven apertures.

“Charge them!” Qin Lie transmitted with his mind.

The eight god corpses went full throttle and instantly appeared beside the ships like eight deep sea sharks.

The god corpse carrying Qin Lie on his head emerged from the sea and caused huge waves on the surface.

Qin Lie tossed out all the dark red color metallic balls he possessed towards the ships in front of him.

All of the Blazing Profound Bombs he possessed be it the one containing the dark rain corrosive poison, the rainbow miasma or the normal ones had been expended in an instant.

“Let’s go!”

The god corpses evacuated with even greater speed back into the sea with Qin Lie.

“Boom boom boom…”

Destructive booms rang continuously from the ships and enveloped that entire sea region in an instant.

The seven ships that were several hundred meters long were flooded by crisscrossing lightning, blazing flames, dark rain corrosive poison and rainbow miasma.

Bloodcurdling screams, painful cries, ugly abuses and furious roars erupted from that region that now looked like the apocalypse had descended on them.

Many martial practitioners of the three great families had died horrifically.

On the other side, Lang Xie had also charged into the Black Voodoo Cult’s ships and detonated the Blazing Profound Bombs.

The area where the Black Voodoo Cult was was enveloped by violent thunder and blazing flames that looked like they would destroy the world. Dense clouds of toxin were among them as well.

“Hunt down all of them!”

Qin Lie reappeared on the sea surface and ordered the seven other god corpses to attack while he stood on a god corpse’s head.

The seven god corpses rampaged on the sea surface like furious sea gods and stirred gigantic waves. They slapped and struck the enemies who had fallen into the water or the enemies who had flown away from the ships like flies.

Any martial practitioner whose realm was lower than Fulfillment Realm instantly burst into bloody bits when they were touched by the god corpses’ gigantic hands.

Only the experts at Fragmentation Realm who were capable of flying in the sky could defend themselves against the god corpses’ arm attacks at the cost of their protective light shields.

Qin Lie looked up to the sky.

In the sky, the Blood Fiend Ten Elder, Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families’ Nirvana Realm martial practitioners were embroiled in intense battle. Xue Li and Guan Xian were enveloped in dark and red colors that didn’t look like they would end in a while.

Crystalline war chariots filled the sky and slaughtered each other like locusts. From time to time, crystalline war chariots would burn in flames or shatter into bits in midair.

Black Voodoo Cult, the three great families, Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island had all suffered some losses of life.

On the sea, there were many small-sized Sword Leaf Boats that were embroiled in intense battle as they attacked their enemies like shoals.

Colorful spirit light were clashing against one another and causing beautiful sparks of fire both on the sky and on the sea. Many high grade spirit artifacts also soared loudly through the air as they were used fiercely against the voodoo insects.

The curtain of a bloody and cruel war was drawn on this sea region.

Martial practitioners were dying at every second and every moment. They either exploded into pieces, got penetrated by sharp weapons, or got their True Souls extinguished.

Expensive crystalline war chariots, sword leaf boats, luan birds, phoenixes and ships were exploding non-stop and blazing flames and violent thunder destroyed them into crystalline or wooden bits.

This was the first time he was involved in such a large and terrible war as far as he could remember.

“So this is the truest portrayal of a bloody battle between powerful forces!” Qin Lie couldn’t help but sigh.

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