Chapter 636: Black Scaled Poisonous Centipede!

Chapter 636: Black Scaled Poisonous Centipede!

Xue Li flew to the sky under everyone’s gazes as rays of bloody light surged out of his body like streams and waterfalls.

In an instant, the thick stench of blood had spread to every corner of the Setting Sun Islands.

The islands looked like they were enveloped by bloody light. All Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families’ martial practitioners had the terrifying feeling that they were flooded by a sea of blood, and that their breaths were about to be stifled.


The Bloodthirsty Dragon roared angrily as many dragon souls and the bloody light merged to form a great number of sinister looking giant blood colored dragons.

The giant dragons roared and unleashed a ferocious flame that reached the sky. They charged madly towards the luan bird and the phoenix flying spirit artifacts in attempts to kill Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families suspended high above the Setting Sun Islands.

Xue Li had lost his cool almost instantly after a series of provocations. He had attacked the enemy in fury.

Next to Qin Lie, Mo Hai and the others, Lang Xie frowned slightly and said, “This isn’t too good.”

“Xue Li, oh Xue Li, I can’t believe the you after a thousand years couldn’t summon the strength of an Imperishable Realm expert even after you’ve merged with the Blood Progenitor’s body,” Guan Xian was actually shaking his head effortlessly as he watched the bloody sea flooding towards him and the bloody dragons charging madly at the flying spirit artifacts, “To be honest, you’ve disappointed me!”

“Bzz zzz zzz!”

The sound of a voodoo insect flapping its wings suddenly came from Guan Xian’s heart. In an instant, the cloth around his chest area was torn to shreds.

A twelve-winged centipede that was pitch black in color and possessed hundreds of feet was sunk deep inside Guan Xian’s heart. It was flapping its wings rapidly and letting out a shrill howl.

The centipede was only palm-sized. It was wrapped in pitch black scale armor that look like they were forged of refined steel. The scales gleamed with a cold, metallic luster.

The twelve wings were like sharp blades that were as thin as cicada wings. They gave off the feeling that they were indestructible and that they could pierce through any barriers or defensive light shields.

Black starlight began to fall like raindrops as the centipede howled.

The black dots stank terribly. It was obvious that it contained a terrible poison!

The voodoo insect nurtured with Guan Xian’s flesh and blood was called a Black Scaled Poisonous Centipede. It was the terrifying form Ye Yihao’s Eight-winged Centipede Queen assumed after evolving twice.


The clothes behind Guan Xian was torn as twelve pair of wings that looked like twelve broadswords shining with a cold light eerily grew out of his back.

Surprisingly, the twelve pair of wings on the Black Scaled Poisonous Centipede lodged inside Guan Xian’s heart had mysteriously disappeared.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

When Guan Xian flapped his twelve wings ferociously and caused countless black, phosphorous light to fall, the stench of the black rain actually overwhelmed the stench of blood in an instant.

At the same time, the silhouette of a giant Black Scaled Poisonous Centipede abruptly flew out from the top of Guan Xian’s head when he spread his arms and roared fiercely.

The Black Scaled Poisonous Centipede that looked like a fusion of Guan Xian’s heart, the centipede’s soul, and blood abruptly appeared and charged toward the bloody dragon shadows created from blood and dragon souls.

The dragon shadows that were about to reach the luan bird and phoenix flying spirit artifacts were caught up by the Black Scaled Poisonous Centipede’s silhouette. It moved its numerous feet and killed the dragon shadows with countless sharp slashes. The shadows were cut into shreds of bloody light.

The dragon souls crumbled under the attack.

Guan Xian who currently possessed twelve wings had black skin that made him look like he was poison. In his pupils, one could see a Black Scaled Poisonous Centipede howling madly from inside.

A pool of thick, black light spread outwards from Guan Xian’s body as the entire area was instantly flooded by toxin.

In the next moment, Guan Xian and the pitch black light transformed into a pitch black sea that suddenly charged towards the vast sea of blood Xue Li was in.

The pitch black energy and blood red energy instantly clashed against each other. One of the energy was as violent as a volcano, and the other was as cold as a glacier. The terrifying energies of different attributes instantly intersected and clashed against one another.

Ripples of light erupted wildly from the sky with resounding booms of exploding energies.

Spirit energy ripples that could destroy the world itself transformed into black or red meteors that soared in every direction after they were scattered.

For a time, all forces, be it Black Voodoo Cult, the three great families, Blood Fiend Sect or Gold Sun Island had gathered their spirit energies to construct thick shields of light to defend themselves against those scattering energy beams.

A fierce howl resounded from inside a ray of smelly pitch black light that was descending towards where Qin Lie’s group was.

Hong Bowen had been watching over the group all this time, and with a cold hmph he made a grabbing motion with his left hand.

The pitch black ribbon of light abruptly exploded.

“Watch out!” Song Tingyu suddenly screamed.

When the black light was destroyed, countless thumb-sized centipedes suddenly emerged in an eerie fashion and let out a shrill howl. They charged and attempted to bite the group.

Almost at the same time, several dozens of voodoo insect emerged from every ray of black light that were scattered to the surroundings.

While howling, the voodoo insects landed among Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island and began killing the people around them fearlessly.

Wisps of thin, black smoke were spread to the surroundings continuously from their wings as they flew.

The three islands where the martial practitioners of Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island were gathered were quickly flooded by the clumps of poisonous, thin black smoke. The voodoo insects seized the opportunity to enter the groups of martial practitioners.

“Watch out for the voodoo poison!” Hong Bowen roared.

“Everyone watch out!” Xing Yumiao also yelled angrily.

Unfortunately, the spread of the voodoo poison wasn’t something they could stop at all.

While Guan Xian and Xue Li was fighting in midair, the voodoo insects that had flown out of the black lights began releasing the voodoo poison and caused massive confusion among their enemies’ ranks.

Caught off guard, there were plenty of Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island martial practitioners who were poisoned by the voodoo poison.

Their bodies had turned black and numb in just a short amount of time. Their True Souls were crawling with toxin and their eyes were losing the ability to see.

As compared to the voodoo poison unleashed by Ye Yihao’s Eight Winged Centipede King back then, this Black Scaled Poisonous Centipede was far, far scarier.

When one Gold Sun Island martial practitioner clutched his neck and howled in pain, bleeding pitch black blood out of his seven apertures, more and more martial practitioners began displaying signs of being poisoned and collapsed on the ground.

Several hundred voodoo insects turned into pitch black dots that were scattering voodoo poison all over the three islands.

Even if a large majority of those voodoo insects were instantly killed by the martial practitioners of Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun island, they still completed their mission very successfully by unleashing the voodoo poison.

If a martial practitioner were to come into contact with even a tiny bit of the voodoo poison, if a martial practitioner were to inhale it into their lungs, the poison could instantly seep into their flesh and bloody and spread all over their True Souls.

The only way to isolate oneself from it was to cover one’s body completely in a light shield and stop breathing altogether. Only then the effects of the voodoo poison could be prevented.

There were at least dozens of martial practitioners who were caught up by the voodoo poison on the three islands filled with Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island martial practitioners. They were all bleeding out their seven apertures and dying that way.

“They didn’t possess a great sect protecting formation, so they couldn’t even keep out this type of voodoo poison. How pathetic.” Xiahou Qi hadn’t acted yet. He simply watched the scene with cold eyes while shaking his head in ridicule.

“With the Xing Family’s level of wealth, it is only natural that they didn’t possess a great sect protecting formation. The Xing Family… is doomed to walk through death’s door today.” Su Zhi smiled.

Guan Xian and Xue Li’s clash was the only battle that had taken place so far. While they seemed to be evenly matched when the black light and bloody light had clashed against one another, Guan Xian had seized the opportunity to unleash the voodoo insects and cover the three islands beneath them with voodoo poison. This caused dozens of Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island martial practitioners to perish from the voodoo poison.

It was obvious that Guan Xian’s abilities were more useful to the situation.

The true battle hadn’t even begun yet, but the three islands where Qin Lie and the others were gathered were already covered by the voodoo poison.

From the sky, one could see that the three islands had turned dark in an instant. Covered by the voodoo poison, the martial practitioners of Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island could only protect themselves by summoning their light shields.

“Unleash the Hundred Poison Voodoo Insects!” A Black Voodoo Cult elder ordered in a dark tone.

Suddenly, thousands and tens of thousands of voodoo insects were scattered from the luan and phoenix flying spirit artifacts hovering on the sky.

Those voodoo insects consisted of pitch black centipedes, green pocket-sized snakes, fist-sized spiders, scorpions and toads too. Every voodoo creature that was flying down towards them were unleashing colorful poisonous smoke.

The voodoo insects were as many as rain, and the poisonous smoke looked like a heavenly curtain descending upon them from the sky.

The three islands where the Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island martial practitioners were gathered were almost fully flooded by the voodoo insects and poisonous smoke. They had turned into a world covered in poisonous bog.

The martial practitioners of Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families’ simply watched from the sky and didn’t charge down to the islands to fight.

The three great families’ martial practitioners were also trembling in fear as they watched the thousands and tens of thousands of voodoo insects descending upon their enemies.

They didn’t belong to Black Voodoo Cult, and they weren’t immune to the voodoo poison at all. If they had charged down to the islands in a fit of passion just now, they would’ve fallen to the voodoo poison and faced the same fate as those Blood Fiend Sect disciples.

That was why they simply waited quietly to see how many people would be left alive after the first round of voodoo poison attack by the voodoo insects.

Those survivors were their true targets.

“Don’t stay on the island! Those voodoo poison is extremely corrosive, and it will corrode our spirit energy light shields! We must leave the island as soon as possible!” Mo Hai immediately cried out in shock the second he saw the colorful poisonous bog descending upon them.

As the number one artificer in Artifact Forging Sect, Mo Hai had researched into various types of deadly poisons. He immediately noticed that the voodoo poison was deadly just by observing the way it was falling, and he warned everyone in time to leave the area covered by the poisonous smoke.

“Don’t gather in one place! We must attack them head on and penetrate into the Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families’ ranks so that they can’t release the voodoo poison however they liked!” Mo Lingye’s calming voice rang while everyone was confused.

The Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island martial practitioners who had no idea what to do to save themselves were enlightened by her words. They immediately discovered the way to resist the voodoo poison.

Then, the Blood Fiend Ten Elders howled angrily and led many Blood Fiend Sect martial practitioners out of the area covered by the voodoo poison. They instantly escaped the island.

The Xing brothers were also shouting loudly for all Gold Sun Island martial practitioners to evacuate and avoid the falling voodoo poison. Their next step was to attack the Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families’ ships parked on the sea surface.

If they were gathered together, then Black Voodoo Cult could unleash the voodoo poison to their hearts’ content and cover them all with it.

The only way they could stop Black Voodoo Cult from unleashing the voodoo poison so wantonly was to slip into their own and the three great families’ ranks. Only then they could fight without worrying about the voodoo poison slipping into their bodies at every moment.

“Qin Lie, take these Blazing Profound Bombs with you. They have all been supplemented with Dark Corrosive Rain.” Qin Lie was holding up an ice light shield, and Tang Siqi passed him five Blazing Profound Bombs just as he was about to leave the dark island, “I was going to use these for my own protection, but now I’m giving them all to you!”

“Lord Lang Xie, please hold these three Blazing Profound Bombs. They also contain the Dark Corrosive Rain!” Lian Rou said through gritted teeth.

Both Qin Lie and Lang Xie had gotten a few special Blazing Profound Bombs before they left the islands.

He exchanged a glance with Lang Xie, and they both saw the cold, murderous intent in each other’s eyes.

“Qin Lie, you go attack the three great families’ ships while I attack Black Voodoo Cult’s ships!” The bloody light shining in Lang Xie’s eyes was intimidating.



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