Chapter 635: Bad News

Chapter 635: Bad News

Another three days passed by, but Mo Bei still hadn’t sent any messages to them.

Gold Sun Island was still completely embroiled in deathly silence.

By now, even the most optimistic person had noticed that something must have happened to the land Blood Fiend Sect had slumbered for a thousand years and Gold Sun Island.

Their guesses were quickly confirmed.

On the fourth day, Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families’ ships and many giant artificial luan birds and phoenixes finally appeared from the distant clouds.

A gigantic mirror that looked like it was made out of clear lake water soared out of a flying spirit artifact shaped like a luan bird. It was suspended high above the Setting Sun Islands.

Guan Xian’s cold and icy voice rang at this moment, “Excuse me, and sorry to have kept you all waiting. Our journey had gone a little slower than we thought. But we weren’t dilly dallying while we were away, hehe. We have some images to share with you all.”

Standing high above the sky, Guan Xian chuckled in a strange tone and snapped his finger once beside the mirror.

A bright image abruptly winked into existence from inside the mirror that was as clear as lake water. Every person inside that mirror looked unbelievably clear.

The first image to show was Gold Sun Island.

It was a gigantic island bathing under the afternoon sunlight. Many magnificent stone made buildings and some Xing Family clansmen were located on the island.

Seven late stage Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners dressed as members of the three great families roared fiercely and appeared suddenly on the island like evil gods.

A brutal carnage immediately ensued!

Wherever the seven martial practitioners went, all Xing Family branches and Gold Sun Island martial practitioners were smashed into bits. Blood rained on Gold Sun Island as bodies were left decapitated wherever they went.

The slaughter last for only one hour.

After that, there was no longer a single living person on the entire Gold Sun Island.

If someone were to look closely into the mirror, they would discover that the grand buildings had all crumbled too.

Gold Sun Island was almost razed to the ground.

“Xing Yan, Xing He, Xing…”

On the Setting Sun Islands, the eyes of Xing Yuyuan, Xing Shengnan and many other Xing Family clansmen had all turned bloodshot with anger. They bit their lips so strongly that they were bleeding from the corner of their mouths. But even that wasn’t enough to describe their emotions.

Xing Yao trembled like a candle flame blown by the wind. Deep fear appeared inside her eyes.

Right now, every Xing Family clansmen had the feeling that the horror that happened a thousand years ago was going to repeat itself once more.

A thousand years ago, it was also the Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families who had attacked the Xing Family, took many lives and slaughtered their experts.

That nightmarish scene back then had became the devil in the Xing brothers’ hearts. They couldn’t help but grief in sadness every time it was quiet in the night.

Now, the sadness that was once inflicted upon the Xing Family had repeated itself on Gold Sun Island once more.

Although the Xing Family clansmen on Gold Sun Island were just offshoots of the Xing Family, and although their numbers weren’t many, all Xing Family clansmen still cried in sadness as they watched them being slaughtered one after another.

Xing Yumiao’s face was ashen, and his eyes were ice cold. He panted heavily as he fought to regain his calm again and again.

It was his idea to leave a part of the Xing Family clansmen on Gold Sun Island. The island had many buildings the Xing Family took much effort to build, and there were plenty of operating mines and spirit herb gardens in that place.

All these resources needed to be guarded, or any surrounding forces could just come over and deal a severe blow to Gold Sun Island.

In Xing Yumiao’s opinion, Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families would definitely come after the Setting Sun Islands since they had concentrated most of their wealth and manpower in this place, not to mention that all Blood Fiend Sect experts had stationed themselves here too.

As long as the Setting Sun Islands fell, Gold Sun Island would be cleaned out swiftly by the invading forces.

Therefore, he naturally assumed that the Setting Sun Islands was the opponent’s main target.

He never thought that the enemy would suddenly change directions and slaughter everyone on Gold Sun Island before attacking the Setting Sun Islands.

Xing Yumiao suffered a terrible psychological blow because of this.

“Gold Sun Island was dragged into this.” Guan Xian’s evil pupils gleamed with darkness as he said leisurely, “In reality, we hadn’t planned to attack Gold Sun Island. We were planning to take out Gold Sun Island in passing after we’d slaughtered all living beings on the Setting Sun Islands.”

Guan Xian continued to explain after chuckling once, “But to our surprise, Jiang Hao’s daughter Jiang Yan sent us a message and told us the exact location of where Blood Fiend Sect had been hiding for the past thousand years. We would need to pass by Gold Sun Island if we are to head towards that direction, so we just took it out along the way.”

While saying this, Guan Xian pointed at the mirror beside him, saying, “Let’s take a look at Blood Fiend Sect’s old haunt.”

The image inside the huge, bright mirror changed once more and many bloody and cruel scenes gradually became clear.

Five Nirvana Realm experts belonging to Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families had led several dozens of Fragmentation Realm experts to attack a hidden valley wantonly.

There were many elderly, the infirm and women. Inside the valley littered with dried up blood pools. They were all people of Blood Fiend Sect.

The Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families slaughtered every along the way as voodoo insects whistled and hunted down every Blood Fiend Sect member inside the valley.

The voodoo insects penetrated those people’s bodies and consumed their innards completely while they let out bloodcurdling screams.

Mo Bei, the man whom Qin Lie saw back at Black Cloud Mountain Range had a few voodoo insects entering his eyes and nostrils. The pain was so terrible that he rolled on the ground while his pores bled with rotten blood.

It didn’t take long before Mo Bei was slowly consumed until all that was left was a human skin.

His horrific appearance was literally too appalling to watch.

In just a short time, the elderly and infirm that numbered almost a thousand inside the valley were completely consumed by the voodoo insects.

As compared to Blood Fiend Sect’s fate, the slaughter the Xing Family clansmen faced on Gold Sun Island was obviously far more “merciful.”

At the very least, the Xing Family clansmen’ corpses were still intact.

As they bloody and cruel acts happening to the people they were close with inside the mirror, the Blood Fiend Ten Elders, Xue Li, Mo Lingye and plenty of Blood Fiend Sect elders couldn’t stop themselves from roaring like vicious beasts that were facing extinction

“They worse than animals!” The usually calm Mo Hai inhaled deeply and exclaimed this.

Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan’s faces were ashen. Their eyes were frigid as a murderous aura surrounded them both.

They had both suffered from the voodoo poison before. When they saw the Blood Fiend Sect disciples being devoured by the voodoo insects one after another and recalled their own horrific past, they all felt fury towards their common enemy.

Qin Lie was standing between them and Mo Hai. As he watched the cruel, bloody scenes happening on the bright mirror hovering on top of the sky, he felt like the violent madness and fury would erupt like a ten thousand years volcano at any moment.

“All Black Voodoo Cult disciples do not deserve to be called human! I regret now, I truly regret now that I have not added the Dark Corrosive Rain into more Blazing Profound Bombs!” Tang Siqi waved her fist and clenched her teeth tightly.

“They are truly lower than low!” Lian Rou’s face was just as dark.

Hovering above the sky, Guan Xian calmly pointed at the mirror that was still playing those atrocities.


Suddenly, the mirror turned into a clear stream that flowed back into the flying spirit artifact that was shaped like a luan bird.

Guan Xian chuckled once more, “We Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families had been searching for Blood Fiend Sect’s hiding place for a thousand years. Unfortunately, Illusory Demon Sect did their best to protect you, and we weren’t able to confirm which valley you were hiding in even though we knew that that mountain range was the hiding place you’ve chosen to hole yourselves in.”

All Blood Fiend Sect disciples were wearing bloodshot eyes right now.

Even Mo Lingye had lost her usual cool temperament as her eyes gleamed with bloody light. It was obvious that her real anger had been brought to the surface.

“Can you guess why we were able to home in on Blood Fiend Sect’s exact location just before we attack the Setting Sun Islands?” Guan Xian’s eyes were taunting, “When Jiang Yan sent us the message using a secret art, she didn’t know that the transmission stone we Black Voodoo Cult created would expose her location to us during the transmission process.”

“From where did she send you the message?” Mo Lingye suddenly asked.

“Blue Moon Valley!” Guan Xian chuckled non-stop.

When they heard this, all Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island martial practitioners shuddered greatly.

In the next moment, hatred that was strong enough to penetrate the heavens appeared in everyone’s pupils.

“Surprising, isn’t it?” Guan Xian chuckled and shook his head with a joyful look on his face, “Forget the lot of you, even I… hadn’t expected that the Miao Family would do this. As the leader of the five great families, the Miao Family was quite loyal to you back then. But no one could’ve known that the Miao Family would sell you out without hesitation and tell us the location of your old haunt a thousand years ago. They are the ones who enabled me to clean out the part of the threats in Gold Sun Island and Blood Fiend Sect! Hehe, how entertaining, the mere thought of it entertains me greatly!”

“Once we’ve taken care of you, Blue Moon Valley will be annihilated by Blood Fiend Sect, and the Miao Family will be crossed off from the list of five families!” Xue Li said word by word.

“In my opinion, the Miao Family is the wiseman here. They may have a shot at becoming a Silver rank force just like the Xiaohou Family, Lin Family and Su Family!” Guan Xian laughed eeriely, “And you… will be utterly annihilated!”

“I’ll show you annihilation!” Xue Li roared.

Rays of bloody light gushed from above his head like a waterfall that was flowing in reverse, causing a bloody tide that surged up to the heavens.

Amidst the bloody sea, Blood Fiend Sect’s ultimate treasure roared angrily and entered the battlefield. It unleashed a boundless amount of vicious might from its humongous body.

Xue Li himself was standing above Bloodthirsty Dragon and unleashing the Blood Progenitor’s tremendous blood energy its fullest.

“Heh, unfortunately for you, you are the one who had fused with the Blood Progenitor’s body. This is actually a good thing for Black Voodoo Cult.” Guan Xian was calm despite this as he shook his head, “If it was your junior brother Jiang Zhuzhe who had fused with the Blood Progenitor’s body instead, then the person who will attack the Setting Sun Islands today will be my pope and not me!”

It was obvious that Jiang Zhuzhe was far more threatening in Guan Xian’s eyes than Xue Li.

Just like Jiang An, he also believed that Jiang Zhuzhe was the most terrifying person in all of Blood Fiend Sect. If Jiang Zhuzhe had been successful in obtaining the Blood Progenitor’s body and fusing with it, forget Guan Xian, even Jiang An… wouldn’t be able to eat or sleep without worry!

“Whether or not you’re willing to admit it or not, Xue Li, you are inferior to your junior brother Jiang Zhuzhe. It is impossible for Blood Fiend Sect to exceed their former glory in your hands. Jiang Zhuzhe is the true hope of Blood Fiend Sect! Hehe!” Guan Xian continued to ridicule him.

He knew very well that Jiang Zhuzhe was the devil in Xue Li’s heart. Xue Li would definitely lose his cool judgment and go crazy if he were to use this weakness against him.

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