Chapter 633: Black Voodoo Cult Pope

Chapter 633: Black Voodoo Cult Pope

Black Voodoo Cult, Bog of Myriad Poisons.

The Bog of Myriad Poisons has been forever shrouded in Rainbow Poison Cloud. Man-eating plants grew there, and countless poisonous bugs hid inside its multi-colored water.

There were black iron cages hanging from gray-brown trees covered in thorns. In each, one to three naked martial practitioners could be seen.

There were both females and males of different cultivation levels. They were all screaming as they endured bone-aching pain.

If one looked closely, they would find that there seemed to be living things moving under their skin as though these things were eating their innards.

In this Bog of Myriad Poisons, there were hundreds of such trees, almost a thousand cages, with more than two thousand people imprisoned inside.

Occasionally, a vicious and savage voodoo insect would fly out of the body of a martial practitioner.

Those were voodoo insects that were just born.

Voodoo insects used the blood and flesh of the martial practitioners as food. They used the martial practitioners’ energy and souls to gain extraordinary intelligence.

When they flew out, all the inner organs of the martial practitioners including the intestines and brain had been completely consumed.

The birth of a voodoo insect meant a complete death of a martial practitioner, only a bag of skin was left behind in the cage.

The newborn voodoo insects would then leap towards the bog that boiled with poisonous water and let out ear-piercing howls, to which the voodoo insects were attracted to. Those that were newborn immediately started to fight against others of their kind.

In the pool that contained great poison, dozens of voodoo insects bit and fought, consuming one another.

In the end, only the strongest voodoo insect that had eaten the bodies of all others would survive this round of battle.

These voodoo insects would be the ones that Black Voodoo Cult considered useful and, using secret arts, would merge with their disciples, connecting their flesh and souls.

Each Black Voodoo Cult disciple would use their blood to nurture the voodoo insect that had survived the gruesome battle royale.

At this time, deep within the Bog of Myriad Poisons, the body of the Voodoo Progenitor that had left the Graveyard of Gods floated with its limbs facing the sky on top of a green part of the bog.

Inside the bog, noxious green poisonous smoke wafted through the air.

It attracted the strongest newborn voodoo insects that survived the selection and caused the ones within to go mad.

Dozens of rare and strange voodoo insects flew out, howling as they charged there, like wolves that smelled fresh blood.

They furiously chewed on the body of the Voodoo Progenitor.

Yet, despite being consumed, the eyes of the Voodoo Progenitor flashed with a miniature soul shadow of the Viridian Blood Toad.

Soon after, the bodies of the voodoo insects that were eating the body of the Voodoo Progenitor started to wither.

A while later, the flesh of the Blood Progenitor seemed to split and create countless sharp mouths that swallowed those voodoo insects.

Then, from the neck, navel, abdomen, and waist of the Voodoo Progenitor came hair-raising sounds of chewing.

There seemed to be numerous sharp teeth moving in unison inside the Voodoo Progenitor.

As dozens of voodoo insects were completely eaten up, the soul shadow of the Viridian Blood Toad in the eyes of the Voodoo Progenitor grew clear.

At this time, the Voodoo Progenitor started soul summonings.

An old black-robed person as thin as a bamboo stick suddenly appeared with a dark expression.

He sat facing the Voodoo Progenitor.

Threads of dark light came out of the Voodoo Progenitor’s eyes and wove countless characters formed by various voodoo insects, that then flowed into the old person.

After continuing this for a few minutes, the Voodoo Progenitor floated back over the bog to continue luring voodoo insects and gathering power.

After digesting various voodoo insects again, he would sit up, and pour a portion of the inheritance and knowledge into the thin old person.

The thin old person was the pope of Black Voodoo Cult, Jiang An.

After receiving the knowledge and inheritance from the Voodoo Progenitor once again, Jiang An’s body flashed, appearing in the Voodoo God Hall.

“Pope.” The two brothers, Gongye Zhuo and Gongye Qing, called softly from the side.

Gongye Zhuo and Gongye Qing, respectively fat and thin, were twin brothers and the two Vice Popes of Black Voodoo Cult.

These two served Jiang An from a young age and were extremely loyal to Jiang An, being his most trusted aides for many years. He even entrusted the two brothers with managing the Black Voodoo Cult and all its affairs.

“What is it?” Jiang An sat down.

Threads of eerie light flashed through his eyes. Those were the memories and inheritance of the Voodoo Progenitor that he was comprehending.

“When Pope was receiving the inheritance, Guan Xian sent a message and told us that Nan Zhengtian sent him a message saying that this Blood Fiend Sect boy, Qin Lie, was his direct disciple. Guan Xian asked for your advice.” Gongye Zhuo bowed slightly. “I replied to him and told him to temporarily spare the boy’s life to not ruin our relationship with Nan Zhengtian.”

Jiang An’s face darkened. After thinking for a moment, he nodded and said, “You were right to do this.”

Gongye Zhuo and his brother bowed their heads.

“Nan Zhengtian is already at the peak of the Imperishable Realm. His three-level Soul Altar is the most complete, without any dent. In order to enter Void Realm, he is willing to fight anyone in the Land of Chaos that is his match to find that sliver of a chance for a breakthrough.” Jiang An’s gaze was deep, his gaze hoarse and low. “I also have a three-level Soul Altar, but it’s not as stable as his, and also has small cracks. If I fought against him now, there is a high likelihood that I would lose.”

Gongye Zhuo and his brother continued to keep their heads bowed and remained silent.

“However, after I fully comprehend the inheritance of the Voodoo Progenitor and when the first voodoo creature has recovered, even if Nan Zhengtian doesn’t search for me, I will still go to him to ask for a battle,” Jiang An said calmly.

“Pope, we received news that Jiang Zhuzhe had left the Heavenly Fissure Continent,” Gongye Qing said.

Jiang An’s eyes darkened. A moment later, he said, “Of the present Blood Fiend Sect, Jiang Zhuzhe is the biggest threat. This person had been hiding for many years among the eastern barbarians. He has accumulated much power in secret and should not be underestimated.”

“Then we?” Gongye Zhou asked.

“Yes, make a trip.” Jiang An ordered.

The two brothers were shocked.

“I just told you to not underestimate Jiang Zhuzhe!” Jiang An snorted. “If I am not wrong, the present Jiang Zhuzhe should have finished building the second level of his Soul Altar.”

The expressions of Gongye Zhuo and his brother changed.

“In the past Blood Fiend sect, Xue Li and Jiang Zhuzhe were of astounding talent. If these two fellow disciples didn’t choose different paths and had a difference of opinion between them that caused inner conflict in Blood Fiend Sect, we would not have found a chance to destroy Blood Fiend Sect in one blow.” Jiang An’s expression was serious.

“In my view, Jiang Zhuzhe is more terrifying than Xue Li. This can be seen from Jiang Zhuzhe winning and Xue Li being trapped for a thousand years. Jiang Zhuzhe can do anything in order to pursue power. This is something that Xue Li cannot do! Also, the path that Jiang Zhuzhe has chosen, consuming human blood to quickly accumulate power and increase his cultivation, is exactly what is terrifying about Blood Fiend Sect!”

“That year, the reason that I could persuade the major Silver forces to participate in massacring Blood Fiend Sect was because everyone could see that if Jiang Zhuzhe used that method to develop Blood Fiend Sect, Blood Fiend Sect would have reached incomprehensible level in a very short period of time!”

“The path that Jiang Zhuzhe has chosen is an extreme method, but it can strengthen Blood Fiend Sect at the fastest speed possible!”

“No one wanted to see already powerful Blood Fiend Sect become unstoppable and dominating all of the Silver rank forces! This was why everyone quickly reached an agreement and destroyed Blood Fiend Sect before they resolved their inner conflict.”

After Jiang An’s explanation, Gongye Zhuo and his brother reassessed Jiang Zhuzhe, and now thought of him as an expert on the same level as them.

“The Land of Chaos is large, but there aren’t many that truly have enough power, ability, ambition to give up everything for success, even their morals.” Jiang An took a breath. “But Jiang Zhuzhe is one of those! If he enters the late stage of Imperishable Realm, and successfully builds the three-level Soul Altar, he will become even more troublesome than Forefather Terminator, Nan Zhengtian!”

“What about Xue Li?” Gongye Zhuo asked.

“Xue Li?” Jiang An shook his head. “Maybe he could have been a threat in the past, but after he fell in love with Mo Lingye and had a daughter, not anymore. Xue Li has something to worry about, something hard to abandon. Jiang Zhuzhe is different. He only had his son, Jiang Tianxing in order to get the trust of the eastern barbarians. For him, the son was but a chess piece that could be abandoned at any time. Thus, Jiang Zhuzhe is more terrifying than Xue Li.”

“Understood.” The Gongye brothers answered, completely convinced.


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