Chapter 630: Unprecedented Pressure

Chapter 630: Unprecedented Pressure

Lang Xie and the Blood Spear’s arrival excited the Blood Fiend Ten Elders greatly. They felt like the future of Blood Fiend Sect’s revival was within their grasp.

Originally, they all thought that Qin Lie was the key to continuing Blood Fiend Sect’s glory. But the moment Lang Xie showed up, they immediately put all their hopes on him.

For the next few days, the Blood Fiend Ten Elders would seek out Lang Xie from time to time and imparted Blood Fiend Sect’s ancient history, former glory, intimidating power when they dominated the Land of Chaos, traditions, and so forth to him.

They didn’t care if Lang Xie himself was willing to listen.

The Blood Fiend Ten Elders who had not recruited a disciple for many years looked as excited as if they were high on drugs. They immediately split the Blood Spear martial practitioners they thought to possess limitless potential amongst themselves.

And so the ten extraordinarily talented youths who possessed a pure scent of blood immediately gained a Nirvana Realm master to themselves.

Five days later, six Spirits of Void and Chaos appeared simultaneously while Qin Lie was cultivating in silence!

The three new Spirits of Void and Chaos were in the shape of an unrefined gold beast, a pangolin, and a spirit snake. Their respective attributes were metal, earth, and water.

All six Spirits of Void and Chaos treated him as their closest relative. The moment they appeared, they immediately cried out and asked him for food.

Thankfully, the spirit materials of the six attributes Xing Yuyuan had delivered to him after robbing Black Cloud Palace and Heavenly Sea Pavilion were enough to sate the appetite of the six.

While he was playing with them, Hu Yun came over as a representative of Gold Sun Island to summon him to the giant bone ship Blood Fiend Sect was sailing toward his island.

Qin Lie immediately figured out that Xue Li had probably succeeded in awakening Mo Lingye.

Sure enough, the moment he arrived on the bone ship, he immediately discovered that Lang Xie and the Blood Fiend Ten Elders had already showed up. Xue Moyan had a white dress on, and she wore the first unreserved smile that sprung from the bottom of her heart in a long time on her beautiful and outstanding countenance.

Several hundred Blood Fiend Sect martial practitioners were standing on the two sides of the deck.

Their gazes were all centered at the stairs leading to the cabin. All of them were waiting for a certain group to arrive in silence.

A few minutes later, Xue Li, who had successfully merged with the Blood Progenitor’s body appeared from the stairs while supporting a beautiful, middle-aged woman.

Xue Li hadn’t exuded an impossibly thick blood fiend aura like Qin Lie did when he fused with the Blood Progenitor’s body.

It was obvious that Xue Li possessed greater control over the Blood Progenitor’s body due to his realm and and strength of his soul. He was able to hide the terrific blood aura inside the Blood Progenitor’s body.

The beautiful woman looked to be about forty years old. She was petite in form and had a bit of white hair on the two sides of her head. Even the corner of her eyes were wrinkled. She looked quite fragile as she was supported by Xue Li as she said to Mo Jun and the others, “I didn’t think I would be able to see all of you again.”

“Well met, sister-in-law!” Hong Bowen grew excited.

“Well met, sister-in-law!” Mo Jun and the others were also incredibly moved.

“Which one of you is… Qin Lie?” Mo Lingye suddenly asked.

“It’s that kid over there!” Xue Li pointed at Qin Lie before laughing loudly.

The woman’s kind gaze instantly moved to Qin Lie. She nodded repeatedly, “Good child. You are truly a good child. You are the benefactor of our entire family, and without you this old hag here wouldn’t have been able to break through Jiang Zhuzhe’s seal, and Moyan… would’ve died in the Graveyard of Gods. I would’ve lost all of my life force over the next dozen or so years and died, too.”

“You praise me too much, Aunt Mo,” Qin Lie said respectfully.

“The reason our family can be together again is all thanks to you, so we can never thank you enough.” Mo Lingye looked deeply at him.

Unlike most Blood Fiend Sect martial practitioners, Mo Lingye’s gaze was calm, collected, and lacked any trace of violence or arrogance.

When she looked at him, Qin Lie felt as relaxed as if he were in a green bamboo forest, listening to the melodious, peaceful sounds of shaking bamboo.

It was a warmth that one could trust very easily.

“Alright, alright, let us finish with the formalities already. I never thought of him as an outsider anyway.” Xue Li withdrew his smile and asked, “Mo Jun, how much longer will it take before Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families’ ships arrive at the Setting Sun Islands?”

“Ten days at most.” Mo Jun straightened his expression.

“Ten days. So we still have ten days to prepare.” Xue Li narrowed his eyes and pondered for a moment. “If the enemy does not send over an Imperishable Realm expert, then we should be able to withstand them with our current strength.”

“From what we heard of the latest news, the Black Voodoo Cult member who will be leading the assault is Guan Xian, and the leaders the three great families are Xiahou Qi, Su Zhi, and Lin Bin. Out of these four, Guan Xian is the only one who is at the late stage of the Nirvana Realm, while the remaining three are at the middle stage of the Nirvana Realm,” Mo Jun explained.

“Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families will send at least ten Nirvana Realm experts after us this time. They will definitely have greater numbers than we do!” Xue Li frowned. “The three great families have too few Imperishable Realm experts, so they may not send one after us this time. But Black Voodoo Cult is different. As a powerful force on the Land of Chaos, Black Voodoo Cult conceals many Imperishable Realm experts in their ranks. They would definitely send at least an Imperishable Realm expert to accompany their invading group in secret to ensure that the battle goes in their favor.”

The moment they heard the title “Imperishable Realm,” all Blood Fiend Sect martial practitioners fell silent.

To most forces, an Imperishable Realm expert was an absolutely devastating presence.

Not a single member in Blood Fiend Sect was currently in the Imperishable Realm. If the enemy really were to send out an Imperishable Realm expert, then there was probably no one who could stop them.

Everyone felt pressure that was as heavy as a mountain.

“If I were to unleash the Bloodthirsty Dragon with the Blood Progenitor’s body and fight with my life on the line, I should just barely be able to hold back such a foe,” Xue Li said while frowning. Then, he immediately added, “But that is only if the enemy is at the early stage of the Imperishable Realm.”

The crowd’s faces were still downcast.

“If, and this is just speculation, but if...” Xue Li inhaled deeply and said seriously, “If the enemy has more than one Imperishable Realm expert, if one of them is in the middle stage of Imperishable Realm…”

Xue Li looked at the Blood Fiend Ten Elders and said, “You will activate the blood demon art together. You will use your refined blood to create the blood demon’s body, and you will use your souls to create the blood demon’s soul!”

The Blood Fiend Ten Elders nodded slightly.

All Blood Fiend Sect disciples shuddered at this moment.

Qin Lie was also stunned by this.

He had read through the blood scripture closely, and he knew that the creation of a blood demon using the refined blood and souls of ten Nirvana Realm experts was one of the cruelest secret arts in existence.

The ten Nirvana Realm experts who executed this secret art would lose all their cultivation after the blood demon was created. Their thousands of years of cultivation would turn to nothing, and they would instantly fall from a Nirvana Realm expert to a mere mortal. After that, they would at best have around five years left to live.

This meant that the moment the Blood Fiend Ten Elders executed this secret art, they would gain a blood demon that had the potential to kill a middle stage Imperishable Realm expert, but they would die a slow, certain death later.

“I need time to fuse with the Blood Progenitor. As long as we survive this, as long as I have more time to fuse with this body, the power I will be able to unleash will soar by leaps and bounds!” Xue Li said through gritted teeth. “Ten years later, Blood Fiend Sect will be able to truly establish themselves on the Land of Chaos. A hundred years later, I am confident that I can restore Blood Fiend Sect to its former glory! Three hundred years later, I will make Blood Fiend Sect reach the heights our first sect master Li Xin had!”

“Don’t worry, Big Brother Xue. We know what to do for the sect’s future!” Mo Jun said calmly.

“I promise you that I will eliminate Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families in the future without fail!” Xue Li said heavily.

Qin Lie’s calm mind was disturbed once more by the conversation between Xue Li and the Blood Fiend Ten Elders.

It was only now that he realized the consequences the unprepared Blood Fiend Sect was going to face before the impending invasion of Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families.

“If we really can’t beat them, then… can’t we just retreat for now?” Xue Moyan said softly.

Xue Li cast her a glance and sighed, “My girl, every Land of Chaos martial practitioner and force has set their eyes on us. Illusory Demon Sect, Terminator Sect, and Heavenly Sword Mountain have already acknowledged our existence, and even Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Celestial Artifact Sect are maintaining a rare, neutral silence. This means that we only need to face the assault of Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families, and not one from all the powerful forces in the Land of Chaos.

“This battle is Blood Fiend Sect’s chance to attain our proper name. This is also a chance that Qin Lie and all of you had barely won by obtaining the ancient remains from the Graveyard of Gods.

“Therefore, we cannot back down from this battle. If we back down again, then we will never be able to establish ourselves on Land of Chaos with honor!”

Mo Lingye also softly interjected, “Your father is right. This is not an easy opportunity to come by, and it is not like we don’t stand a chance at all. That is why we must fight. Back then, all the silver rank forces had joined together and fought their way into the Blood Cloud Mountain Range while we had to deal with a traitorous Jiang Zhuzhe in our midst. But even then the previous generation of Blood Fiend Ten Elders chose to stay back and fight to the bitter end. Although Blood Fiend Sect was destroyed in that battle, all forces who participated in that attack paid the price of at least one Imperishable Realm expert!”

All Blood Fiend Sect disciples grew impassioned upon hearing her words.

“Compared to the despair we faced a thousand years ago, I can at least see a chance at victory in this upcoming battle.” Mo Lingye smiled faintly and added, “We would fight even if there was no hope of victory. So how can we possibly surrender a hopeful battle that we can win?”

“I understand.” Xue Moyan nodded slightly.

“You grew up in Illusory Demon Sect. You are still a little lacking in your knowledge of Blood Fiend Sect.” Mo Lingye smiled kindly.


Suddenly, a shocking explosion rang out from the island where Tang Siqi and Mo Hai were.

As thunder boomed and lightning slithered, fire also surged out of the blast zone like meteors.

There was also poisonous miasma in all sorts of colors spreading silently from the thick flames, turning that area into a complete mess.

“What’s this?” Xue Li was surprised.

“It’s the Blazing Profound Bomb. That Tang Siqi girl is probably testing the Blazing Profound Bomb’s power.” Mo Jun grew spirited as he began to explain in excitement, “Big brother Xue, that girl is incredible. Not only does her Blazing Profound Bomb possess all the characteristics of a Terminator Profound Bomb, it can also produce powerful blazing flames as well. As of late, she and that Lian Rou girl were trying to add poisonous miasma into the Blazing Profound Bomb, and from the looks of it… I think they have probably succeeded.”

“It has the characteristics of a Terminator Profound Bomb? Can they amplify one another then?” Xue Li’s eyes lit up.

“They can!” Mo Jun nodded strongly.

“Good girl!” Xue Li exclaimed in excitement, “Let’s head over and take a look!”

Qin Lie was also clicking his tongue in wonder as he watched the poisonous miasma that rose from the blazing flames.

Lian Rou was good at using poison, and she was trying to mix dangerous poison into the Blazing Profound Bomb. When the bomb exploded, the poison inside the bomb would instantly spread to the surroundings. This meant that the Blazing Profound Bomb’s power had gone up another level.

Suddenly Qin Lie counted his lucky stars, grateful that Tang Siqi and Lian Rou had chosen to stay behind in the Setting Sun Islands.

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