Chapter 629: Lang Xie Returns

Chapter 629: Lang Xie Returns

Several days later, the spatial teleportation formation connecting to the ultimate blood ground was finally constructed under the Blood Fiend Ten Elders’ combined efforts.

Right now, the Xue father and daughter duo were still busy awakening Mo Lingye from her slumber and merging with the Blood Progenitor’s body. They didn’t have the time to come over and take charge of the situation.

Moreover, the Blood Fiend Ten Elders weren’t familiar with Lang Xie.

Therefore, Qin Lie and Feng Rong were requested to pass through the spatial teleportation formation and return to the ultimate blood ground. They would then transfer Lang Xie and the rest of Blood Spear over to the Land of Chaos.

“This teleportation formation is working properly, right?” Qin Lie looked a little anxious as he stood on the round platform.

The round platform was built using many kinds of spirit stones and smelted crystals. The Scarlet Spirit Turtle’s refined blood was used to draw crisscrossing lines that formed a complicated, web-like picture on the platform.

Qin Lie and Feng Rong were standing at the center of the web right now.

“Qin Lie, this teleportation formation is only connected to the ultimate blood ground. We’ve tested it repeatedly, and we are sure that there will be absolutely no problems whatsoever!” Mo Jun guaranteed confidently.

“Are you absolutely sure?” Qin Lie asked anxiously.

“Yes, I’m absolutely sure! I guarantee it with my integrity on the line!” Mo Jun said seriously.

“Instructor Feng, are you fine with this?” Qin Lie asked again.

“If you’re fine, then I’m fine too.” Feng Rong broke into laughter after her initial surprise.

“Alright then,” Qin Lie finally relaxed and urged, “Activate the formation!”

This was a teleportation formation that was connected to the ultimate blood ground, and this was the first time it’s ever performed a teleportation. There was no guarantee that it would completely succeed, and Qin Lie was worried that they would be torn to shreds by the power of space in case of an accident. That was why Qin Lie was so cautious and worried.

He was well aware of how terrifying the power of space was.

“Relax, it’ll definitely be fine!” Blood Fiend Sect’s Hong Bowen chuckled and walked into the formation too. “I’ll come with you. Although we will expend a bit more energy this way, I believe you’ll feel more at ease and relieved if I were to come along with you, won’t you?”

“That will be best.” Qin Lie smiled.

The fact that Hong Bowen himself had dared to step into the teleportation formation meant that they were absolutely confident that the spatial teleportation formation would work perfectly. It was only then Qin Lie finally cast away the doubts inside his heart.

Mo Jun nodded slightly after the trio had stepped into the spatial teleportation formation.

Meng Feng pressed his left hand onto a blood-colored, cloud-like button. He abruptly clenched his fingers together.

Blood colored light shone brightly in response.


A layer of bloody light shaped like a giant umbrella enveloped the round platform and a bizarre, distorted, and chaotic energy instantly burst into existence.

The silhouette of the three people inside the formation turned elusive and dim. They looked like blurry figures that were facing down the violent winds of a hurricane. The trio quickly vanished into thin air.

Beneath the Scarlet Tide Continent, on a floor of a strange passage that connected it to the Nether Realm, lay a fiendish and scarlet land of blood.

A small, triangular shaped platform sat on top of a blood lake that looked like blood crystals. The platform was built using translucent blood jades.

Right now, three faint figures had suddenly appeared on top of that platform without warning. The three elusive shades twisted and swayed continuously like ghosts.

A blood guard was posted by this platform all year round. Right now, he was cultivating with his eyes closed as thick, bloody mist flooded his entire body.

He abruptly opened his eyes.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

The three blurry figures turned clear as the odd sounds resounded.

“Instructor Feng! Qin Lie!” The Blood Spear guard jumped on his feet as he danced and shouted, “Aren’t you guys supposed to be at the Land of Chaos?!”

“Xiao Kai!” Feng Rong was pleasantly surprised as she cried out happily, “It worked! It really worked!”

“The teleportation formation! You guys have come over through the teleportation formation!” Xiao Kai immediately came to realization after he got through his initial shock, and he couldn’t help but tremble in excitement. “Instructor Feng, you guys came from the Land of Chaos, right? So… you’re here to take us away, aren’t you?”

Feng Rong smiled and nodded under his expectant gaze. “That’s right. The reason we came back from the Land of Chaos this time is to take you guys over to the Land of Chaos!”

“Hehe! Hehehehe!” Xiao Kai was so excited he forgot what he wanted to say. He just laughed foolishly again and again.

Meanwhile, Hong Bowen of the Blood Fiend Ten Elders wore a stunned expression on his face the second they’d reached this place.

Hong Bowen had a feeling that he was in an unrealistically wondrous dream as he stared at the bloody sky that was dark red in color, sniffed the pungent stench of blood, and perceived the refined and powerful blood spirit energy that was present everywhere in this place.

“...The ultimate blood ground. It really is the ultimate blood ground! This is the best place to cultivate the blood spirit art! Even during the time Blood Fiend Sect had dominated the Land of Chaos for several hundred years, they still weren’t able to find a true ultimate blood ground despite spending all of their energy in search of it all over the world!” Hong Bowen was so overjoyed he could go mad. His fat body trembled like he was experiencing an epilepsy. “The blood spirit energy in this ultimate blood ground is at least a dozen times thicker than the blood spirit energy at the Blood Cloud Mountain Range! This land is literally the land we sought in our dreams to build our sect on!”

Hong Bowen was mad with joy.

The ultimate blood ground contained an extraordinarily thick and refined amount of blood spirit energy, and it was eternally enveloped in a great mist of blood. If the Blood Fiend Ten Elders had been able to cultivate here for the past thousand years, more than half of them would’ve been able to enter the peak of Nirvana Realm at minimum!

If they were able to accumulate the necessary spirit materials to build and ascend their Soul Altars, then some of them might even be able to become a super Imperishable Realm expert!

The ultimate blood ground was a treasured land that Blood Fiend Sect wasn’t able to find even when they were at the peak of their strength. They never thought that they would find it after a thousand years and at the lowest point of their existence.

“The god of destiny truly enjoys making fools out of people…” Hong Bowen was overwhelmed by emotion.

It was at this moment a bloody aura so thick that it couldn’t be chased away swiftly approached from the distance.

In the next moment, Lang Xie’s magnificent body appeared in front of Qin Lie and Feng Rong.

It had been many years since they’d seen each other, but Lang Xie’s violent and bloody aura hadn’t faltered in the slightest. In fact, it had became so powerful and rich that standing beside him was like standing beside a great sea of blood.

Before Qin Lie, Feng Rong, and Lang Xie could converse with each other, Hong Bowen shook yet again, “What a powerful and pure stench of blood! I haven’t smelled something like this for a thousand years! This scent and obsession for blood is even stronger than Big Brother Xue’s a thousand years ago!”

The way Blood Fiend Sect identifies a disciple’s talent was determining if the smell of blood on his body was sufficiently thick and refined.

The scent of blood Hong Bowen sensed from Lang Xie’s body was so refined and thick that surpassed even Xue Li’s from a thousand years ago!

Back then, Xue Li was called the most talented genius in Blood Fiend Sect!

The reason the old sect master of Blood Fiend Sect and Mo Lingye’s father, Mo Yunwu, had married Mo Lingye to Xue Li and made him his direct disciple was because Xue Li’s scent of blood was thick, pure, and the proud proof of his amazing talent.

Many years had passed since then. The moment Hong Bowen entered the ultimate blood ground, he immediately sensed terrifying talent from Lang Xie that surpassed even Xue Li’s back then.

This thick and pure scent of blood was almost comparable to the first sect master of Blood Fiend Sect who dominated the Land of Chaos for many years and eclipsed all other experts of his time, Li Xin!

“Are you Lang Xie?” Hong Bowen asked while shaking all over.

Lang Xie frowned and nodded in acknowledgement.

“Good! What a Lang Xie! What a Lang Xie!” Hong Bowen exclaimed crazily.

“Who is this old man, Qin Lie?” Lang Xie’s expression was dark as he asked coolly, “Look at him ranting incomprehensibly to himself. Is there something wrong with his head?”

The mad laughter of the overly excited Hong Bowen abruptly turned into a series of violent coughs. He looked so embarrassed he wasn’t sure what to say.

“Lang Xie, what is your realm right now?” Feng Rong asked loudly.

“The middle stage of the Fulfillment Realm. I am only one step away of moving on to the next stage. Mm, I’ll probably enter the late stage of Fulfillment Realm in another half a month’s time.” Lang Xie’s expression was calm as he said this.

“What an amazing speed.” Feng Rong smiled wryly.

She had only entered the early stage of Fulfillment Realm not long ago. She hadn’t stayed inside the ultimate blood ground to cultivate because she had accompanied Mo Hai to many places. That was why the gap between Lang Xie and her was growing wider and wider.

She also cultivated the blood spirit art, so she knew just how valuable the ultimate blood ground was for any Blood Fiend Sect disciple.

If she wished to pursue greater strength and realm, then staying behind at the ultimate blood ground was without a doubt the best choice.

But she still went away despite knowing this. It was all because of… Mo Hai.

She couldn’t bear to part with him.

“Lord Lang Xie, this person here is… Hong Bowen. He is the elder of Blood Fiend Sect.” Qin Lie hurriedly interjected into the conversation and introduced Hong Bowen when he saw that Feng Rong was feeling a little gloomy. “We now have an establishment at the Land of Chaos, and the reason we constructed this teleportation formation and came here was in hopes that you can exit the ultimate blood ground and take a look at the outside world.”

“So you finally remembered us.” Lang Xie snorted softly.

Qin Lie looked embarrassed. “How could I possibly forget you guys? See, I’ve immediately constructed the spatial teleportation formation the second I settled in the Land of Chaos. I’ve even come over personally to invite you guys over. Is that not sufficient proof of my sincerity?”

“The ultimate blood ground is extremely important for Blood Spear. We can leave for a while to improve our experience, but we still need the ultimate blood ground to accumulate and temper our spirit energy. So…” Lang Xie hesitated when he said this.

“Don’t worry, the teleportation formation connecting the ultimate blood ground and Flaming Sun Island isn’t one-way. If anyone wishes to build their strength and temper their spirit energy, they can still return to the ultimate blood ground!” Qin Lie guaranteed.

“That is good.” Lang Xie finally relaxed.

He quickly sent down the order for all Blood Spear martial practitioners to gather at one place. Fifteen minutes later, more than three hundred young Blood Spear martial practitioners came from all over. The majority of them were in the Netherpassage or Manifestation Realm. They all looked spirited and carried with them a powerful aura of blood.

“Very good! Very good! You will all become the central pillar of Blood Fiend Sect! In the future, some of you will even become the Blood Fiend Ten Elders!” Hong Bowen praised repeatedly.

At first, he thought that Lang Xie was the only talented kid that the likes of Scarlet Tide Continent could possibly produce.

But contrary to his expectations, there were at least a dozen or so youths among these three hundred or so practitioners who cultivated the pure blood spirit art who were extraordinarily talented. There was a chance they could climb to the level of the Blood Fiend Ten Elders in the future.

Perhaps it was because they had been cultivating at the ultimate blood ground all this time without any distractions, but the stench of blood he sensed from all these youths was rather pure. The aura they displayed made him feel like he could see the bright new future of Blood Fiend Sect!

“Let’s go! Enter the teleportation formation in order!” Lang Xie ordered.

Flaming Sun Island.

Mo Jun and eight other elders gathered around the teleportation formation and stared closely at the round platform.

“Big Brother Xue once told me that he had high hopes for that Lang Xie fellow. He said that his talents were extraordinary. I do hope that this… Lang Xie won’t disappoint us.” Mo Jun sighed softly.

“Scarlet Tide Continent is only a Copper rank continent. It should be impossible for a small place like that to produce anyone who is extraordinary.” Meng Feng shook his head slightly.

The rest of them echoed his sentiment.

It was at this moment when Xiao Kai and a few Blood Spear martial practitioners showed up in a flash of bloody light.

The nine elders quickly probed them with their soul consciousness.

“They’re not bad. Their blood fiend aura is very pure, and their talent is pretty good.”

“Mm, they’re all pretty good practitioners. But if Lang Xie is only at this level then… big Brother Xue’s claims are obviously exaggerated.”

“Let us wait and see.”

After Xiao Kai and the others had appeared on the round platform, they immediately walked away from the teleportation formation and waited at a particular side under the beckon of Mo Jun and the other elders.

It wasn’t long before a dozen or so young Blood Spear martial practitioners appeared on the round platform once more.

More and more groups of Blood Spear martial practitioners began to appear in succession. They curiously examined their surroundings before moving to the side and standing still in obedience.

The nine elders of Blood Fiend Sect never looked away from the round platform.

Gradually, surprise began to surface bit by bit from the nine elders’ eyes.

As more and more Blood Spear martial practitioners showed up, the nine elders grew more and more excited.

By now, more than one hundred Blood Spear martial practitioners had appeared from the teleportation formation, and they could sense at least seven people whose talents weren’t actually weaker than theirs a thousand years ago!

They, the Blood Fiend Ten Elders, were all at Nirvana Realm right now. If they managed to accumulate enough spirit materials, then they might even be able to enter the Imperishable Realm in the future!

More than a thousand years ago, Blood Fiend Sect had scoured the entire Land of Chaos for people who had the talent to cultivate the blood spirit art. Blood Fiend Sect had used the blood cocoons and blood pools to test tens of thousands of excellent youths before it finally selected just the nine of them.

One could say that Blood Fiend Sect had spent many years searching throughout the Land of Chaos before they finally found the nine of them, people who possessed an extraordinary amount of talent in cultivating the blood spirit art.

However, they had already found seven Blood Spear martial practitioners, a small branch of Blood Fiend Sect hailing from the small Scarlet Tide Continent, whose talents were comparable to theirs just today!

What did it mean?

The Blood Fiend Ten Elders could no longer stay calm.

In the end, more than three hundred Blood Spear martial practitioners walked out of the spatial teleportation formation and stood quietly to the side.

The extraordinary discipline, the violent aura accumulated through countless slaughter, the thick stench of blood that was impossible to hide, and the dozen or so “Seeds of Blood Fiend” who possessed extraordinary talent made Mo Jun and the others inwardly tremble.

The nine men exchanged glances with each other as their eyes shone with a bloody light that made them look like nine terrifying blood demons.

“The heavens have blessed Blood Fiend Sect! The heavens have blessed Blood Fiend Sect!” the nine elders cheered loudly inside their hearts.

When the final teleportation was done, and Lang Xie walked out of the teleportation formation with Qin Lie, Feng Rong, and Hong Bowen, the nine elders looked like they were struck by thunder.

“He, what is his…?” Mo Jun stuttered as he stretched out his hand and pointed at Lang Xie, lips trembling.

“Lang Xie! His name is Lang Xie!” Hong Bowen exclaimed.

Mo Jun and everyone else shuddered greatly.

It was a person whose blood fiend aura was purer than Xue Li’s, a person who could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Li Xin. If Lang Xie continued to delve deep into the blood spirit art and cultivate assiduously, if Blood Fiend Sect could provide him sufficient resources...

In the future, Blood Fiend Sect might produce an ultimate existence that could exceed the peak of the Imperishable Realm and reach the heights the very first Blood Fiend sect master, Li Xin, had attained.

At this moment, the Blood Fiend Ten Elders all had a bizarre feeling that Blood Fiend Sect had slumbered for a thousand years for this one moment.

They all thought that Lang Xie’s appearance was a gift the heavens had granted them as compensation for the torment they had suffered for a thousand years.

What the Blood Fiend Ten Elders saw from Lang Xie was a thing called future.

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