Chapter 628: The Magical Uses of the Spirits of Void and Chaos!

Chapter 628: The Magical Uses of the Spirits of Void and Chaos!

The Qilin transformed vividly on the spirit tablet again and again while unleashing turbulent waves of flames.


Under the urging of the flame energy, the spirit tablet suddenly whistled and erupted into flames. It was as if a burning fireball were flying all over the place while causing the temperature to skyrocket, instantly turning the cultivation room into a furnace.

Qin Lie felt extremely uncomfortable even with his current cultivation and realm. He had no choice but to circulate the frost spirit art and cover the surface of his body with white, frosty mist to balance out the threat presented by the high temperature.

Suddenly, the Spirit of Void and Chaos in the form of a Fire Qilin let out a shocking bestial roar from the spirit tablet.

Many fiery meteors flew out of the spirit tablet in all directions while carrying brilliant tongues of flame behind them.

At first glance, it looked as if a flame goddess had waved her arms and conjured fiery ribbons.

However, these ribbon like flames contained great flame energy that could turn most Netherpassage Realm martial practitioners to ash in an instant.

“Don’t!” Qin Lie couldn’t help but cry out.

Amazingly, the meteors that had flown out of the spirit tablet flew back into the spirit tablet suddenly after his cry.

In an instant, all the flames had returned to the spirit tablet like a peacock that had shut its colorful feathers close.

It was obvious that this spirit of Void and Chaos in the shape of a Fire Qilin could understand his thoughts. Its manipulation of fire was also top notch, which was why it was able to withdraw its flames at first notice.

“Come out.” Qin Lie smiled cheerfully.

A mote of fiery light that looked like the Qilin’s refined soul flew out of the spirit tablet and transformed back into the fire spirit of Void and Chaos in midair.


The pocket sized Fire Qilin kicked its limbs repeatedly while hovering in midair. It swam around excitedly, its eyes filled with the light of joy.

It looked like a kid who had just found a new toy.

The other two Spirits of Void and Chaos were also flying up and down around the spirit tablet, looking eager to give it a go themselves.

Qin Lie stared at the three little fellows with odd eyes before saying, “Be patient.”

The Asura Race’s Hester hadn’t informed him about the secrets, uses, and various mysteries behind the Spirits of Void and Chaos because he wasn’t willing to let the Asura Race raise them.

Therefore, he had no choice but to explore their secrets step by step.

But now, he had figured out one of the uses of the Spirits of Void and Chaos, and that was as an artifact soul!

A spirit of Void and Chaos could be used as an artifact soul without any problems whatsoever!

Moreover, once they were used as artifact souls, the Spirits of Void and Chaos could increase a spirit artifact’s power by an amazing degree and literally change its grade!

This discovery caused Qin Lie to feel much more motivated.

For the next few days, he spent all of his energy on inscribing the ancient Soul Sealing diagram. After hundreds of sessions of practice, day and night, he finally mastered the Soul Sealing diagram.

He quickly discovered that the three Spirits of Void and Chaos could enter a spirit tablet inscribed with the Soul Sealing diagram whenever they wanted to. They could also unleash attacks such as surging flames, violent thunder, and ancient thorns according to their attributes.

After multiple tests, he finally confirmed that a spirit of Void and Chaos that was used as a soul artifact could grant soulful intelligence to a spirit artifact.

Today, he suddenly had an idea to inscribe a Soul Sealing diagram on his Astral Thunder Hammer. He also attempted to put the spirit of Void and Chaos in the shape of a Thunder Crystal Beast into the weapon.

When the thunder attribute spirit of Void and Chaos transformed into a bolt of lightning and entered the Astral Thunder Hammer, he felt as if he could hear a series of thunderous rumbles resounding from the hammer.

He casually grabbed the Astral Thunder Hammer and injected thunder spirit energy into the weapon, conjuring astral lights into existence.


A series of blue thunderous balls of light had condensed themselves into around him before erupting.

In an instant, thunder enveloped the cultivation room, stone building, and the area around him completely and rampaged like they would destroy the world.

Thunder boomed and lightning raged, causing all the stone buildings within the area to erupt.

The Blood Fiend Ten Elders constructing the spatial teleportation formation also heard the earthshaking explosion from another corner of Flaming Sun Island. They immediately flew in the direction of the noise.

When they descended at the stone building Qin Lie was at, they immediately noticed that Qin Lie was inside the area enveloped in thunder and lightning, and that he was escaping the collapsing stone building above his head while screaming. He cut a sorry figure, and his entire body was covered in lightning.

The Astral Thunder Hammer Qin Lie was carrying continued to buzz with intense thunderous energy and thunderous might that sent chills into people’s heart.

The Blood Fiend Ten Elders were speechless at this sight.

“What’s going on?” Mo Jun’s expression was odd.

“It’s nothing, I ran into a small problem while I was cultivating. Don’t worry.” Qin Lie smiled and waved them away, “Go busy yourselves and just ignore me. Hehe, I’m still waiting for you to build that teleportation formation of yours as soon as possible so I can quickly summon Lang Xie and the rest into the Land of Chaos.”

“Qin Lie, the spirit artifact you’re holding… I sense a soul inside it,” Hong Bowen suddenly cut in.

The moment he said this, all of the Blood Fiend Ten Elders were startled as they trained their bloody gazes on the Astral Thunder Hammer.

The Blood Fiend Ten Elders narrowed their eyes and perceived the weapon with their soul consciousness. They clearly noticed that there was a strong soul energy overflowing with life inside the Astral Thunder Hammer.

A few seconds later, the ten elders looked at him with shock and desire.

Their knowledge of spirit artifacts was quite profound.

Any spirit artifact that had soul energy inside it could almost always be classified as a Heaven Grade spirit artifact.

All the Heaven Grade spirit artifacts currently present in the Land of Chaos could be counted on two hands. They were usually the ultimate guardian treasure of a sect and were valuable beyond words.

Blood Fiend Sect’s Bloodthirsty Dragon, Illusory Demon Sect’s Illusory Demon Orb, and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain’s Ten Thousand Beast Token were all famous Heaven Grade spirit artifacts that could greatly enhance their users’ combat strength.

A top class Heaven Grade spirit artifact could become the central pillar that supported an entire sect. They were objects of great power that intimidated all other forces just like an Imperishable Realm expert.

One of the measures that defined a Heaven Grade spirit artifact was whether or not it contained a soul inside it.

Right now, the Blood Fiend Ten Elders could clearly sense strong life energy and an active soul inside that Astral Thunder Hammer.

How could they not be surprised by this?

“It’s a little different from what you think.” Qin Lie smiled and didn’t explain things further. He urged, “Go finish your own work.”

The Blood Fiend Ten Elders all assumed that Qin Lie wanted to keep this a secret and nodded in response. They didn’t say anything more in front of Qin Lie and left as hastily as they came.

It was only when they had left Qin Lie’s side that they began to heatedly discuss among themselves.

“The soul activity inside that spirit artifact is extremely clear, and its life force is extremely powerful too! That soul must be pretty intelligent!”

“This Qin Lie kid really is as mysterious as Big Brother Xue claims. He even possesses a Heaven Grade spirit artifact at his current level. No wonder he was willing to pass the Blood Progenitor’s body and the Bloodthirsty Dragon back to Big Brother Xue. This kid is truly amazing!”

“And this is just what we saw on the surface. What we haven’t seen… who knows how many more secrets he’s hiding.”

“He is at the Netherpassage Realm, but his soul is well refined and his physical body is as tough as steel. He may cultivate a diverse collection of spirit arts, but every one of them is of great power. When you add that to a Heaven Grade spirit artifact… amazing! He really is amazing!”


Qin Lie didn’t know how shocked the Blood Fiend Ten Elders were.

“Come out.”

He transmitted a wisp of mind consciousness, and the spirit of Void and Chaos in the shape of a Thunder Crystal Beast immediately flew out of the Astral Thunder Hammer happily.

All three Spirits of Void and Chaos looked tired after playing around for a bit this time.

They waved their limbs and transformed into three rays of light, settling inside the Soul Suppressing Orb once more.

Qin Lie gripped the Astral Thunder Hammer and rubbed it with the pulp of his fingers. He perceived it carefully with his soul consciousness.

A while later, Qin Lie’s eyes lit up bit by bit.

The Astral Thunder Hammer had been damaged before, and some of its interior components were cracked a little. These cracks had appeared when it was tempered and in battle, so it was all too difficult to fix them after the fact.

However, when the thunder attribute spirit of Void and Chaos had gone inside the Astral Thunder Hammer and fooled around a bit, the cracks had somehow mysteriously vanished.

It was as if the spirit of Void and Chaos could subconsciously adjust a spirit artifact’s interior components to be more suitable for staying in, based on its own talent.

The spirit of Void and Chaos in the shape of a Thunder Crystal Beast was created from a worldly crystal of thunder. After it was born, it consumed a large amount of thunder attribute spirit materials and crystals, and the Astral Thunder Hammer happened to be a spirit artifact that was tempered using thunder attribute spirit materials too. Therefore, it was able to fix the flaws inside the Astral Thunder Hammer after it had gone in and given it a second tempering.

Therefore, the cracks inside the Astral Thunder Hammer were all gone, and it was a pure thunder spirit that had acted as its artifact soul. This enabled the thunder attribute components that made up the Astral Thunder Hammer to overperform and unleash a violent thunder storm, instantly destroying that stone building Qin Lie had been staying in.

After the spirit of Void and Chaos had entered the Astral Thunder Hammer, this already extraordinary spirit artifact had unleashed an unimaginable amount of power!

From this, one could deduce that the five remaining Spirits of Void and Chaos could definitely unleash a terrifying amount of strength if they could enter another spirit artifact like the Astral Thunder Hammer.

The most amazing thing was that the spirit of Void and Chaos didn’t need to bind itself permanently to an artifact like an artifact soul.

It was fundamentally different from most artifact souls.

For example, the dragon soul inside Bloodthirsty Dragon could never escape the container itself. It had long since merged with the container to became one whole entity. If the spirit artifact were to explode one day, the Bloodthirsty Dragon’s soul would be completely extinguished. There was absolutely no chance it was escaping its container.

From the moment an artifact soul appeared on the day a powerful spirit artifact was forged successfully, it was forever bound to the spirit artifact.

That was because the spirit artifact was the artifact soul’s body.

The destruction of their body meant the destruction of their soul, too.

The Spirits of Void and Chaos were different, however.

They were strange lifeforms that could continuously change between a physical and incorporeal body. Even if they transformed themselves into an incorporeal body and entered a spirit artifact as its artifact soul, they could come out of the spirit artifact at any time and assume a physical body once more.

This miraculous trait meant that a spirit of Void and Chaos could become the artifact soul of almost every spirit artifact of the same attribute. If one day Qin Lie found a thunder attribute weapon that was even better than his current Astral Thunder Hammer, the spirit of Void and Chaos could transform into the artifact soul of that new spirit artifact.

This was something other artifact souls could never achieve.

What was even more important was that the Spirits of Void and Chaos themselves could evolve again and again.

These three Spirits of Void and Chaos were just at their infancy. They were still at the stage of accelerated growth.

If these three Spirits of Void and Chaos rose a level some day, and they entered the sixth or the seventh stage, just how much power could they unleash if they entered a powerful spirit artifact and acted as an artifact soul?

Qin Lie inhaled deeply. He finally noticed that he had gotten a true treasure, and he was gradually realizing just how precious and amazing the Spirits of Void and Chaos were.

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