Chapter 623: Come at Me!

Chapter 623: Come at Me!

The three Flowing Gold Fire Phoenixes belonging to Blue Moon Valley flew above the island as numerous rhombus-shaped war chariots and flying spirit artifacts that resembled meditation mats left its wings and completely filled up the sky.

Whether it was in terms of might, wealth, or even quantity or quality of martial practitioners, Blue Moon Valley surpassed Gold Sun Island in every regard.

This was why Blue Moon Valley’s Second Valley Master Miao Wenfan was full of confidence when facing Xing Yuyuan.

Furthermore, Miao Wenfan himself was in the late stage of the Fragmentation Realm. His realm was higher than Xing Yuyuan’s, who was in the middle stage of the Fragmentation Realm.

“How dare a dog raised by Blue Moon Valley snatch food from its master’s food plate! Gold Sun Island sure is audacious!” Miao Wenfan’s words were blunt and derisive. The moment he said this, every Gold Sun Island martial practitioner looked blue in the face. Their expressions were as ugly as one could imagine.

“Second young master, wasn’t the Xing Family… related to us in the past?” a Miao Family martial practitioner sneered at just the right moment.

“Related to us? People like them?” Miao Wenfan smiled coldly and turned back to look at someone.

“Little Hui!” he exclaimed loudly.

All of a sudden, Miao Hui emerged from behind them, looking cool and handsome.

Miao Wenfan’s gaze landed on Xing Yao as he disdainfully said, “Little Hui, that Xing Yao… is right over there. What do you say?”

In that instant, everyone’s gazes, be they from Gold Sun Island or Blue Moon Valley, focused onto Miao Hui and Xing Yao.

Just a month ago, these two people were intimately discussing the details of their wedding.

Everyone could still remember how close and sweet the two of them were in the past. They even thought that they were a good fit for each other.

Plenty of Gold Sun island martial practitioners didn’t know that the engagement between Miao Hui and Xing Yao had been canceled. In fact, most Miao Family clansmen didn’t know about this either.

The fact that Miao Wenfan had suddenly brought up the matter of their engagement clearly meant that something was going on.

They couldn’t help but look at them.

“B-Broth…” Xing Yao said with trembling lips and a pale face. She looked at Miao Hui expectantly.

“Miss Xing, please conduct yourself properly!” Miao Hui said with cool and indifferent eyes. “I’ve already sent your father a letter to cancel our engagement the last time he came to Blue Moon Valley. From today onward, you and I are not even friends. Please don’t claim that you’re connected to me from now on, Miss Xing.”

Everyone was dumbfounded the moment he said this.

Xing Yao blankly stared at Miao Hui. This blow was so heavy that she couldn’t endure it, and she actually fainted right then and there.

Xing Yuyuan’s face was ashen as he harshly exclaimed, “Miao Hui! You were the one who begged my brother in the past, saying that you genuinely admired Yao’er and swearing that you would treat her well. That was the only reason my brother agreed to have her marry you! Who do you think you are, and what talent do you possess? If you weren’t a young master of the Miao Family, you never would’ve deserved Yao’er! How utterly shameless!”

“Xing Yao’s cultivation talent is a little better than mine. It’s just… who does she think she is?” Miao Hui didn’t get angry. Instead, he calmly said, “In my eyes, Gold Sun Island is simply a vassal force of the Miao Family. I was only willing to marry her because you served us loyally in the past. Yet now that you have betrayed us and disobeyed our orders, why would I give you any face and take a woman from a vassal force as my wife?”

“A vassal force! So the Miao Family has always thought of Gold Sun Island as their vassal force! Today, I have finally seen through your facade!” Xing Yuyuan was absolutely furious.

“What else did you think this was?” Miao Wenfan sneered. “Gold Sun Island can barely be considered a Copper rank force, so you couldn’t possibly be thinking of becoming the Miao Family’s equal, could you? Do you think the Xing Family is still one of the five great families back in the Heavenly Calamity Continent?”

Miao Wenfan paused, then snorted and said, “Even back when we were in the Heavenly Calamity Continent, the Miao Family was the greatest among all five families a thousand years ago, and you, the Xing Family, were the weakest, were you not?”

Xing Yuyuan was so furious he trembled all over. His earlier joy had completely vanished in an instant.

“You will put down every valuable, every crystal, and even every single blade of grass you’ve taken from Black Cloud Palace!” Miao Wenfan grew impatient and mocked them, “After that, you will get your asses as far away from here as possible! Don’t let me see you in Blue Moon Valley’s domain ever again!”

“Oh, right. Black Cloud Palace, Heavenly Sea Pavilion, and the Pan Family all belong to Blue Moon Valley from now on. Please don’t forget that,” Miao Hui reminded everyone with a smile.

Miao Wenfan looked at him carefully and said, “Little Hui, your talent might be average, but you are good at seeing the bigger picture. That is a rare quality.”

“You praise me too much, Uncle.” Miao Hui looked humble. “My surname is Miao, and everything that’s mine belongs to the Miao Family. It is only natural for me to follow in the Miao Family’s footsteps.”

“Mn, very good, very good.” Miao Wenfan nodded repeatedly before saying, “All Gold Sun Island martial practitioners who entered the three islands down there shall relinquish all of their spatial rings! Your lives will be spared if you obey, but if you do not... then you will be killed on the spot!”

The Gold Sun Island martial practitioners still present on the three islands all went pale at the warning.

They looked up at Xing Yuyuan.

Xing Yuyuan’s expression was grim, and he was absolutely furious on the inside. However, he still wore a hesitant look on his face.

They had rushed over to take Black Cloud Palace’s mines and accumulated wealth for themselves before Blue Moon Valley took action.

If they had succeeded, then even after taking over the mines, the Miao Family would have had to mine the spirit materials themselves from the beginning to slowly obtain a supply of spirit stones.

In reality, Xing Yuyuan didn’t wish to clash with the Miao Family and worsen the situation.

One reason for that was because Blue Moon Valley was far stronger than Gold Sun Island. The other reason was that Blue Moon Valley had Illusory Demon Sect’s support. Xing Yuyuan feared that clashing with Blue Moon Valley now would be detrimental to the relationship between Blood Fiend Sect and Illusory Demon Sect.

That was why he continued to hesitate despite Miao Wenfan’s ruthless command.


A tall, bulky figure jumped down from a rhombus-shaped war chariot and strode toward a female Gold Sun Island martial practitioner. He chuckled in a strange tone and said, “Throw down all your spatial rings and let me give you a full-body inspection. Only then will you be allowed to leave the island!”

This person was none other than Miao Tai, the leader of the Miao Family’s young generation. He cultivated in Illusory Demon Sect when he was young and was at the peak of the Netherpassage Realm.

Everyone’s gazes instantly fell on him, watching him anxiously.

A look of approval appeared on Miao Wenfan’s face.

“Miao Tai truly is overbearing,” he thought. “He understands my intentions well.”

“Second island master!” The Gold Sun Island female martial practitioner had a voluptuous figure and a relatively beautiful countenance. As Miao Tai approached her in an overbearing manner, she couldn’t help but look up at Xing Yuyuan, anxiety on her face.

The joy that the Gold Sun Island’s martial practitioners experienced when they robbed Black Cloud Palace blind earlier had completely disappeared with the arrival of the Miao Family.

As of this moment, every Gold Sun Island martial practitioner burned with anger as they glared at Miao Tai.

Miao Tai ignored all of the furious gazes and laughed loudly. With his head held high, he walked toward the sexy female martial practitioner and reached straight for her round, full breasts.

Xing Yuyuan’s eyes were bloodshot. He was about to give an order, bear all the consequences that order entailed, and fight the Miao Family to the death.

However, just when all hell was about to break loose, a figure that brimmed with turbulent, violent energy fell from the sky like a meteor, hurtling straight toward Miao Tai.

“Qin Lie!”

Miao Tai’s expression changed as he conjured the Purple Illusory Heavenly Mirror as quickly as he could.

Purple moon symbols flew out of his palms and weaved together to form a glittering purple shield of light.


Qin Lie crashed heavily against the purple shield of light like a giant rock, igniting the thunderous energy within his body in an instant.

The purple shield of light suddenly shattered, allowing Qin Lie’s knees to ram into Miao Tai’s brawny body.

“Krik kra-krak!”

The sound of bones breaking erupted from Miao Tai’s chest, and purple light scattered everywhere.

Miao Tai, formidable body and all, staggered backward repeatedly as if he had drunk himself silly. Blood bubbled and flowed from of his mouth like springwater.


Only then did Qin Lie land on the ground, standing still beside the sexy Gold Sun island martial practitioner. He instantly attracted everyone’s eyes.

Turning around, Qin Lie glanced at the woman and said, “Give me what you got from Black Cloud Palace.”

The girl’s eyes glittered with emotions as she pursing her lips softly and gave three spatial rings to Qin Lie.

When her fingers touched Qin Lie’s, she visibly trembled as her cheeks flushed bright red. She bashfully said, “I… I am called Yi Man. I work under Enforcer Qi Jing. You can come find me whenever you want from now on.”

Her words left Qin Lie momentarily dumbfounded. Then he smiled at her and said, “Alright.”

Qin Lie then turned around and put the three spatial rings on his own fingers. After staring at the bleeding Miao Tai and up into the air at the malicious-looking Miao Wenfan, he arrogantly yelled, “I have these materials, and I’m standing right here! If you want them, come get them yourselves!”

“You seek death!” Miao Tai roared.

In that instant, his imposing figure shrank and withered at an unbelievable speed.

This was Illusory Demon Sect’s secret art—Illusory Demon Reversal!

By paying a price of their own blood and flesh, the user could bring out their latent potential and instantly increase their strength to a frightening degree. This spirit art allowed Miao Tai to obtain the terrifying combat power of a Fulfillment Realm expert in a short time.

Back when they were fighting at the entrance to Blue Moon Valley, Miao Tai was going to activate this secret art and either severely wound or outright kill Qin Lie.

However, Miao Meiyu had ordered him to stop and Xing Yuyuan had interrupted him at a critical moment. That was why he couldn’t use his killing move back then.

Today, Miao Meiyu wasn’t around, and Miao Wenfan wore a dark, malicious expression. He clearly didn’t want to stop Miao Tai from using it.

After being humiliated by the Miao Family so many times, murderous thoughts had also sprung into Xing Yuyuan’s mind. He simply watched the battle with cold eyes.

“Do your best!” the voluptuous Gold Sun Island beauty behind Qin Lie cried, boldly cheering for him.

Qin Lie grinned and laughed loudly.

“I want you to die!” Miao Tai suddenly roared furiously.

Miao Tai, whose figure had almost entirely withered and now resembled a mummy, moved his arms swiftly.

Numerous cold, dark purple moon symbols that looked like crescents abruptly appeared in his hands. They surged toward Qin Lie, radiating a sinister, gloomy aura.

Miao Tai howled non-stop after unleashing so many many purple moon symbols, wailing like a wraith. His aura continued to grow more and more powerful.

“Come! Attack me! I’m standing right here, waiting for you to give me that full-body inspection.” Qin Lie smiled savagely.


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